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Government At large — Mike Hamsher (R), chairman of Planning Committee, 12/31/17. At large — Paul Vance (R), President Pro-Tempore, chairman of Health & Safety Committee, 12/31/17. Clerk — Jeanne Feudo; appointed without term by council,

by council, two elected by the fire department, and one elected by the other four. Members — Robert Ballentine, William Earnsberger, Jonathon Gresser, Edward Hershey and Chuck Back.

Board of Zoning Appeals

Term – 1 yr., expires 12/31/15 Members – Steve Knox, Chris Conway, vacant

Meetings — Third Monday, 6:30 p.m. Terms — Three years, appointed by mayor; safety-service director is a permanent member. Members — Lauri Besancon, 12/31/16; Dave Mower, 12/31/15; Troy Higgins, 12/31/16; Al Lehman, 12/31/17; Kevin Domer, 12/31/17.

Income Tax Review Committee

Nuisance Abatement Committee

Term – 1 yr., expires 12/31/15 Members – Troy Bisesi, Alicia McDonald, Rich Corfman, Ron Dessecker, and Safety Service Director Steve Wheeler

Civil Service Commission

Meetings — First Thursday, 7 p.m. Terms — Six years, appointed by mayor. Members — Steve Seifried, 12/31/15; Arlin Steiner, 12/31/17; Carol Pleuss, 12/31/19.

Design Review Board

Meetings — Second Thursday, 7 p.m. at City Hall. Term — Three years appointed by the mayor. Members — Todd Wallace, 12/31/16; Mike Hamsher, 12/31/17; Darin Johnson, 12/31/16; Barb Weaver, 12/31/15; Audrey Merckle, 12/31/15; Steve Snyder, 12/31/17; Sue Ann Werntz, 12/31/17.

Planning Commission

Meetings — Third Thursday, 3 p.m. Terms — Five years, appointed by mayor; the mayor and safety-service director are permanent members. Members — Robert Snyder, chairman, 4/30/15; Norman Hibinger, 4/30/16; Jim Davis, secretary, 4/30/17; Jen Phillips, 4/30/18; Ned Hostetler, vice-chairman, 4/30/19; David Handwerk, Mayor; Steve Wheeler, Safety Service Director.

Public Utility Board

Meetings — Second and fourth Monday, (excluding August), 6:30 p.m. at City Hall. Terms — Five years, appointed by mayor. Members — Russ Miller, 12/31/15; Jon McGuire, 12/31/16; Don McFarlin, 12/31/17; Brad Strausbaugh, 12/31/18; Gary Gossard, 12/31/19

Wayne County Board of Health Term — Three years, appointed by mayor. Member — Carl Forrer, 2/29/16.

Street Tree Commission

Meetings — As needed, at City Hall. Purpose — Monitors the planting and replacement of shade trees on city streets. Terms — Three years, appointed by mayor; Safety-service director is permanent member. Members — Steve Wheeler, Safety Service Director; Matt Plybon, 6/15/15; Gene Pouly, 6/15/16; Susan Vernon, 6/15/17; Esther Leggett, 6/15/17.

Volunteer Firemen’s dependency Fund board

Term — One year; expires 12/31/15, two members elected

415 N. Elm, Orrville

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Orrville Today: The 2015 Community Guide  

A guide to services and life in Orrville, Ohio, published by Spectrum Publications, a division of The Daily Record.

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