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Research & Development As a group we researched into copyright within the film, music and gaming industry as this is a market in which is highly affected by copyright. The next stage of the research and designing process consisted of thinking of ideas that will positively portray awareness to copyright infringement. We came up with many different ideas an concepts for informative videos . However we settled for the idea that would be more appealing to the 16-25 year old male target audience. So our concept would be a game which encourages illegal downloaders to download legally. The design process started off by drawing different versions of our icons we will need for our game. We then used photoshop and illustrator to create these icons digitally- ready to be used in after effects for our final design proposal idea.

Concept & Final Design

The concept of our idea is to portray the message that downloading illegally leads to consequences such as reduction in the amount of sales in stores and legal purchases online. We both worked on designing the layouts and making the mock up of the actuall game in after effects. The basic outline of the game is that everytime you buy a legal download you are able to build the next floor/block of your building, if an illegal purchase is made the blocks are retracted and your building gets smaller. The motivation of the game is that you can recieve perks by legally purchasing music.

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