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Adult psychiatrist NYC

Our treatment for adults takes a variety of forms, depending on the needs of the client. For deeper emotional issues, we recommend a traditional supportive therapeutic relationship, looking at the roadblocks that prevent real change. For others, a pro-active goal-oriented coaching relationship may be more effective. A Sachs Center ADD evaluation is a targeted comprehensive assessment of childhood and current symptoms, designed to diagnosis (or rule out) ADD/ADHD. The evaluation consists of three sessions: The first session is a clinical interview to gain a better picture of your childhood and current problems. At the second session, a computer assessment is given, along with other tests of memory, processing speed and executive functioning. Finally, all the data is compiled and your therapist will provide you with the results in the third session. If you do meet criteria for ADD/ADHD, different treatments options will be provided. Call our testing specialists now at 646-807-8900 to get an accurate picture of the problem. The Sachs Center is New York City’s premier center for the evaluation and treatment of ADD/ADHD in children, teens and adults. Our team of clinicians specialize in Autism Spectrum Disorders, (e.g., Aspergers), Anxiety, Depression and social skill deficits. We believe in holistic approach that includes therapy, testing, medication, nutritional and organizational coaching.

Parent Coaching Are you children winning the war of whining? It might be time to bring in a coach. Parent coaching can be very effective at reducing acting out and oppositional behaviors in children. Learn new strategies for getting your children to listen, follow directions, and stop fighting you or siblings. Our caring therapists can work with you in person or on Skype to improve your existing skills and develop new ones. Call our specialists now and be the best parent you can be.

Play Therapy Often young children don’t possess the skills to express their emotions. Play has been used effectively to help young children share their thoughts and feelings in a safe supportive environment. With the expression of feelings, inevitably comes change. Your Sachs Center therapist will assess your child’s developmental level and tailor the play to their unique interests.Call our play therapists now and help your child express their deepest feelings. Contact Us :-

Sachs Center 235 West 76th Street, Suite 1B, NY, NY 10023 Contact Us :- (646)807-8900 Email

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Adult Psychiatrist NYC We specialize the evaluation, testing and treatment of neuropsychological testing & psychological testing in New York City.

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