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Mumbai Share Market News In Marathi, Sensex

Mumbai - gold and silver bull market that is less sheen. Both are valuable dhatum on kuraghodi wealth of investors in securities during the year of nearly eight per cent growth. During the year of SENSEX eight percent of positive returns is given. 2.14 per cent increase in gold prices, but silver prices have slipped to only one percent.

IPL-7 Match: Hyderabad Vs Delhi T20 At Dubai, Divya Marathi

IPL-7 games in the 12th sanarajarsa in the Hyderabad team captain Kevin Pietersen Delhi Chasing a 184-run challenge (0) and Kartik (2) Playing on the run. At the end of the run, has a team of over 12 105.

Mumbai Election Analysis In Mara

Although this percentage had increased to 11 seats in Konkan Mumbai call Congress to vote on a large number of aghadiviruddha does not seem likely to. At least 7 seats 11 seats will be won by the Congress aghadica, the picture can be paradyata of the remaining space mahayuti.

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