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A familiar story.

Lets start with a familiar story. One that everyone knows. One that we all believe. And one that we all follow.

Everyone Everyone wants wants to to bebe better. better.

Everyone Everyone wants wants to to bebe sombebody. sombebody.

Everyone wants to live happily every after.


A new story.

We thought itʼs about time that the story changed a bit. So we added a new character, a new plot, a new direction and mixed them together just right…then handpicked a new twist. And the end result is success.


A new character.

PRIVIE is simply a pun for privy and vie. Privy meaning “to be in the know” and vie la vie meaning “to live the good life”. And so the pun PRIVIE - to know the good life. It is something that we all want and we spend our entire lives pursuing it.


million sq. ft. of construction

25000 47

years in the industry

125 25 01

satisfied customers

completed projects

ongoing projects

new luxury brand, Privie Residences

A new plot.

To live life to the fullest, you must live life on your own terms and script your own story. That is the greatest luxury. It is with this understanding and legacy of over 47 years that we at Kumar Properties, decided to conceive a brand that embodies this sentiment. The PRIVIE RESIDENCES brand caters to luxury in its true sense. It provides individuals the ability to not just own luxury, but in fact live it. And ultimately a lifestyle that allows you to live life to the fullest.

The right mix.

In order to live luxuriously you can始t just own a luxury apartment. Living luxuriously dosen始t just needs to make it happen. In fact it is like making the perfect cocktail. It始s about understanding mixology and how different ingredients come together to produce the desired effect. Here始s some ingredients that we believe blend together to create a luxurious concoction: One part locale, Two parts of comfort, Shaken with recreation, And just a dash of privacy. Hopefully this can quench your thirst for luxury.

The big question.

Time to ask yourself... Should your address be a location? Or Should your location be an address? It始s quite black and white really. Let us help clarify. There are locations and then there are addresses. What始s the difference? A location is one that you can easily have a home in. An address is where not everyone can have a home in. A location is where everyone lives. An address is where somebody lives.

The The address. address.

Every Every locale locale is good is good in its in its own own way. way. ButBut there there areare ones ones that that clearly clearly stand stand out. out. It始sIt始s notnot easy easy to to find find a place a place in these in these localities. localities. Some Some think think youyou need need luck. luck. WeWe think think youyou need need foresight. foresight. SoSo wewe handpicked handpicked ourour properties properties and and waited waited forfor thethe right right time. time. We始re We始re now now selectively selectively creating creating signature signature homes homes in in these these neighbourhoods. neighbourhoods. Now Now youyou handpick handpick thethe one one youyou want. want.

The twist. Every great story, has a great twist. The twist changes everything. It's usually unexpected but delightful. So here's the twist to this story.

A wise A wise man man once once said... said...

Sometimes Sometimes lifelife makes makes decision decision for for you. you. Sometimes Sometimes youyou Sometimes Sometimes thatthat decision decision is your is your home. home. So So be be wise wise about about your your choices. choices. And And make make sensible sensible decisions. decisions.




Privacy is the highest form of luxury. Nothing could be truer. Your home is intimate. It is a representation of who you are. That始s not something to take lightly. It始s not something we take lightly. Your privacy is our priority.




Comfort can be defined in many ways. There are no fixed rules. In the end, you始re either comfortable or you始re not. To us, the later is not an option. Your comfort comes first, we始ve made sure of that.




It feels good to be looked after, to be pampered and to have privileges. It feels even better when you get exactly what you expect. It始s not often that it happens, but when it does there始s nothing like it. Whether it始s work, recreation or lesuire, our properties cater to convenience in all walks of life.


Get to work on time. Get back from work in time. No need to rush. You始ll never be so close, yet so distant. When you come back home, you始ll forget that you had ever left. So work it, in style.


There始s so much to do and so little time, right? Wrong. Who says you can can始t do it all. You can. All you have to do is be in the right place at the right time. Our projects are placed to perfection, so every form of recreation from shopping to the cinemas are just around the corner.


Unwind, relax, rejuvenate. There始s no reason you can始t feel renewed everday. Indulge in lesuirely activities. Our properties have an array of them. Indoor, outdoor and even ones on the rooftop.

…and back to the story.

The climax. No story is complete without a climax. It's where it all comes together. And is the point of make or break.

Success. Success.

Success Success cancan be be measured. measured. And And itʼsitʼs rather rather simple. simple. YouYou either either accomplish accomplish your your goals goals or or youyou donʼt. donʼt. Youʼre Youʼre better better or or worse. worse. Youʼre Youʼre somebody somebody or or nobody. nobody. Youʼre Youʼre happy happy or or unhappy. unhappy. ItʼsItʼs your your decisions decisions thatthat determine determine your your success. success. Not Not luck. luck. Not Not chance. chance. ThisThis is the is the story story of success. of success. What What willwill your your story story be?be?

Your story. Not everyone can script their own story. Not everyone has that privilege. But there are some that do.

And And it it is is the the ultimate ultimate luxury. luxury.


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