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The Bluetown Law Firm Spills the Beans on Divorce This press release provides information that is not obvious in respect of divorce process, procedure and facts. Divorce is a result of a breakdown in marriage to the point that the marriage becomes irreparable and thus the option becomes divorce. It is easy to assume that divorce is a basic procedure and can be accomplished without much fuss or work. However, there are a number of factors and aspects of divorce that each spouse ought to know about when going through their own divorce. To assist with explaining such factors an attorney and spokesman from the Bluetown Law Firm provided comments. The spokesman pointed out that while there were basic facts that are common knowledge relating to divorce some other legal aspects were not so obvious. He further, mentioned that most people are aware that there are three grounds for divorce which are separation, adultery and cruelty. However, he pointed out that while people may be aware of these grounds; out of all of them separation was the easiest to file for a divorce as the basic requirement is to live apart and separately from one’s spouse for one year. Further, divorce may only be filed at the onset of the separation. He further noted that a less known fact was that during the separation period if spouses reconciled for a consecutive ninety day period or a sum of ninety days and still felt the need to get a divorce thereafter, the spouses would need to restart the one year period again. The spokesman also stated that, “another interesting factor is the assumption that the grounds of divorce have a direct bearing on the determination of child custody and access. People assume that if a spouse committed adultery he or she is punished for their infidelity by way of infringing on their child custody and access. However, this is not an automatic thing; a parent will be allowed access to his or her child despite the grounds for divorce unless there is a direct link between the grounds for divorce and how this could affect the spouse’s ability to parent. For example, where the grounds for divorce are physical cruelty whereby the spouse is disposed to violence toward both the spouse and child; the court would take this into consideration when deciding on matters in respect of child custody and access. Another aspect that is misunderstood is the assumption that as a result of adultery a spouse is entitled to more spousal support as a result of infidelity however, this is not the case spousal support is determined by other factors which do not have a direct bearing on the grounds for divorce.”

Another aspect pointed out by the spokesman was that, “most parties to a divorce are not aware that it may take the court more than a year to decide on the issue of adultery of which the parties to the divorce will have completed the required separation period for a no fault divorce.� For a person who is looking to begin the divorce process why not find family lawyer in Toronto to provide advice and represent your interests. About the company: The Bluetown Law Firm is a firm of renowned professionals who have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in family law. In order to get foreign divorce opinion letter contact the Bluetown Law Firm.

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The Bluetown Law Firm Spills the Beans on Divorce  

The Bluetown Law Firm is a firm of renowned professionals who have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in family law. In order to get...

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