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The Advantages of an Amicable Divorce More often than not people speak about on amicable divorce being undergone by divorcing spouses, however, most people wonder how it is possible to have an amicable divorce as it is a divorce after all. This article will discuss the advantages of an amicable divorce with regards to other areas of the divorce process. One article states that, “no, amicable divorce does not mean that you need to like each other or even agree with each other. Amicable simply involves keeping emotions in check and consciously working at de-escalating conflict. This keeps the power of decision-making between your partner and yourself (as opposed to the courts) and avoids escalating the divorce process.” In addition, opting for an amicable divorce requires that you are able to communicate well enough with your spouse so as to negotiate and for this to succeed it will take work and maturity. There are a number of areas that stand to benefit from an amicable divorce process these areas include the following: Your children - most divorce professionals concur that “children tend to do well if their mum is doing well”. While this is a generalization it does not mean that it does not matter how dad is doing rather it means that mutual respect is beneficial to your children while you are transitioning through a divorce. Therefore, it is advisable to go through your negotiation process in a way that minimises any further pain to your children.  Saving money - when a divorce goes to court things start getting expensive, the main reason for this is that going to court requires additional lawyer hours, court costs and filing fees. Basically, it is correct to understand that by going to court someone else is going to make the decisions for you with regards to the most important things in your life. Therefore, a better and more cost effective way of going through a divorce is through a mediator or collaborative lawyers. Through such processes this will help you and your spouse come to a viable separation agreement together and both routes are generally faster and less expensive than going to court.  Privacy and confidentiality - it must be noted that the more contested and emotional your divorce is the more other people are going to need to be involved. When more people are involved, the more your personal life goes on public display. By working together and keeping your divorce amicable the more likely your privacy remains intact and personal matters are limited to only those you choose to involve. It must be noted that only statements that are filed with the court are accessible to the public, therefore, separation agreements, personal 

terms, negotiations and conditions may be kept between divorcing parties and out of the public eye.  Creating a lasting agreement - how you choose to proceed with your divorce now sets the tone for what happens years into the future. By working together and trying to keep the divorce amicable this creates the possibility for healing and forgiveness. Therefore, by making good choices and decisions with regards to your divorce today this will result in an agreement that ‘sticks’ tomorrow. For cheap divorce lawyers providing high quality services contact a reputable law firm. About the company: The Bluetown Law Firm is a law firm of renowned professionals who specialise in divorce and family law. For a simple divorce in Ontario contact the Bluetown Law Firm today. Contact Information: Address: Bluetown Law Firm 45 Sheppard Avenue East Suite 412 Toronto ON M2N 5W9 Email: Tel:416 792 5400 Fax:416 792 5401


The Advantages of an Amicable Divorce  
The Advantages of an Amicable Divorce