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Reasons for Divorce This press release discusses the three reasons for divorce and provides explanations as given by a Bluetown Law Firm spokesperson. Reasons for divorce vary and if you are considering divorce it means something has gone wrong in your marriage and the assumption is that the only way out is divorce. The law in Canada allows spouses to find relief in divorce only under one of three reasons:  The spouses have been separated for at least one year  One spouse committed adultery or cheated on the other spouse  One spouse treated the other with physical or mental cruelty to the point that living together is no longer possible of the mistreated spouse. To explain more on the above three reasons for divorce an attorney and spokesperson for Bluetown Law Firm provided the following comments. In respect of the first reason for divorce the spokesperson stated that, “basically by living apart the spouses do not intend on living together anymore or be part of each other’s lives. In respect of living in separate homes this ensures that the spouses have fewer challenges of proving that they were living apart. However, if they do live in the same house they will need to provide proof that they were living separate lives and they can do this by showing that they:       

Live in separate rooms of the house Have no sexual relations Hardly or barely talk to each other or not talk at all Do not do any house chores together Buy their own groceries separately Do not eat together Have separate social lines

However, while they may provide this proof it is at the judge’s discretion to decide as to if the couple were indeed living separate lives.” For the second reason for divorce the spokesperson stated that, “committing adultery is defined as having sexual relations with a person other than your spouse. Therefore, things like flirting do not constitute adultery and are not grounds for divorce. There must be a sexual act(s) done by one spouse, however if the cheated spouse forgives the act of adultery then he or she cannot use adultery as a reason for divorce. Further, spouses cannot jointly file divorce based on the grounds of adultery”.

In respect of the third reason for divorce the spokesperson stated that, “there are two types of cruelty that is: mental and physical cruelty. Physical cruelty is cruelty based on bringing physical harm or injury to the spouse and can include beating, hurting and/or sexually abusing one’s spouse. While mental cruelty was based on hurting or harming one’s spouse in a way that is not physical but instills mental harm to them. Such mental harm could result from humiliating one’s spouse in public or private, insulting or harassing the spouse, threatening the spouse or his or her family and/or having an affair. Because of the grave damage and seriousness of cruelty to an individual in general there must be proof that the cruelty occurred. By being able to prove such cruelty only then can a spouse be granted a divorce. The key to cruelty as a reason for divorce is that the conditions that the victim was suffering were intolerable for the victim. For such cases there is need for the best divorce lawyer in Toronto to help you. About the company: Bluetown Law Firm is a law firm of renowned professionals where you can get divorce in Toronto at an affordable price without compromising the quality of the service.

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Reasons for Divorce  

Bluetown Law Firm is a law firm of renowned professionals where you can get divorce in Toronto at an affordable price without compromising t...

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