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Visual Report

Physician Engagement Event

South Island Division of Family Practice (SIDFP) May 4, 2011

Event Start Up

To kick off the day, colleagues enjoyed breakfast together and visited community partner information booths. A list of community partners represented is included in Appendix A. 


Community Partners



Opening Comments

Dr. Martin Collis livening things up with a tune!

Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades, SIDFP Co-chair, welcomed participants and set the focus for the day. Keynote presenter, Dr. Martin Collis, then spoke about the M.E.L.L.O.W. Approach --- a caring path to high-level wellness.

Brian Evoy (presenter) and Sue Davis (facilitator) – Divisions of Family Practice Representatives 




Dr. Martin Collis provided an entertaining talk followed by Brain Evoy, (Executive Director, Divisions of Family Practice), who spoke about opportunities for involvement in SIDFP and provided an overview of what is happening with Divisions across BC.


Care Pathways Case – Navigating Patients Through the Healthcare Maze Following presentations, physicians engaged in a case study dialogue. They discussed 3 patients interconnected by family relationships. In breakout groups, they considered and reported back responses to the following questions: • What options are available to you presently for patient management? • What are the barriers? • What system changes might help you with patient management?



Care Pathways Case - Amber

Care pathways case facilitator, Sue Davis (Divisions of Family Practice).


Case Study - Joan Each break-out group discussions was supported by a table facilitator.



Case Study - Frank

Recognizing the complexity and interconnectedness of the patients, physicians expressed several key focus areas. 


Care Pathways Case Discussions



Case Studies (whole view)



Close In closing, physicians were challenged to consider opportunities for creating some of the systemic changes discussed.

Andrew Hume (SIDFP Coordinator) and Jay Boulet (SIDFP Administrative Assistant). 


About Get The Picture 
 Lisa Arora works as a graphic facilitator and a graphic recorder. A professional through and through, she prides herself on creating meaningful visual imprints of each meeting. Her ability to achieve a high level of group interaction, with humour and style, make her a driving force throughout the meeting process.

With more than 10 years of facilitation experience Lisa’s solid background in public and private sector workshop delivery give her the high level of expertise required to engage group participants to increase both interactivity and productivity. Being a professional graphic facilitator takes more than just the ability to draw pictures. It requires a unique set of skills. The ability to manage group dynamics, high level multi-tasking and intense focus is essential. A master of these skills, Lisa listens intently, extracts relevant information from participant input, guides the group and at the same time organizes the data into a visually meaningful graphic. Her drawings display key content, important stages in the group’s collective thought processes and multiple points of view, all building consensus and group memory. Lisa is trained in the field of graphic facilitation by well-known experts in the field, Christina Merkley and David Sibbet and is a member of the International Association for Visual Practitioners.

 lisa arora


p 250-216-6440




Appendix – Community Partners CHARD

Kristofer Nielsen Brendan Abbott

Diabetes Education

Yvette Thompson Mary Giudici

Diabetes Society

Jane Glen


Robin Stewart Dr. Brian Winsby Nichola Manning

Health Match BC

Margaret Kennedy

Heart and Stroke

Caroline Macey-Brown Stuart Mungar Pam Marchand

Chronic Disease Self Management Clinic

Llweyn Friars Gary Kaiser John Scattergood


Terry O’Brien Rob Hughes

Quit Now BC

Meriel Randerson


Terry Manzo Esther Stevens Jean McKinnon

Division of Family Practice

Sarah Whiteley Brian Evoy Sue Davis

Ministry of Health

Linda Low



South Island - Physician Engagement Event Graphic Summary - May 2011  

South Island - Physician Engagement Event Graphic Summary - May 2011

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