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2010 Annual Report Ridge Meadows

Ridge Meadows Division Board of Directors (from left to right) Drs. Ken Burns, Bob Harrison, Frank Lim, Shiraz Mawani, Danny Wong, Cilliers Marais and Al Neufeld. Missing is Dr. Virin Bhatti.

Message from the Physician Lead Martin Luther King Jr. famously said that “Life begins to end when we become silent about things that matter.

Dr. Ken Burns Physician Lead

What matters to us at the Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice? Our patients matter. We work every day to find ways to help our patients become healthier and enjoy better lives. Our colleagues matter. We look around us and see dedicated family physicians providing amazing care to their patients in our community. They work in their offices, our hospital and in the community to find ways to maximize required health care services. Our community matters. The Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows community is a close-knit caring one that excels in so many ways, characteristics also shared by our medical community. Supporting and strengthening these things that matter to us, through good primary care, is our main goal. Through the establishment of the Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice, family doctors in the Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows communities have the voice and influence to make a difference. I’d like to acknowledge and thank some of the many people who have helped us get to where we are today. The list of thank yous is huge and I am sure I will forget to mention everyone. Brian Evoy, Executive Lead, Divisions of Family Practice sat down for breakfast almost three years ago with me to describe the concept of the Divisions of Family Practice. Since that time he has never ceased to amaze me with his talent and energy and belief in family physicians everywhere in B.C., including Ridge Meadows. Without his tremendous effort I find it hard to believe that we would be anywhere close to where we are today. The current board, including Drs. Neufeld, Harrison, Wong, Bhatti, F. Lim, Mawani and Marais has been amazing in terms of the directors’ effort and enthusiasm for our Division and its success. Jim Mactier has always been there for us, our go-to-person about everything. His representation of the provincial Divisional office, GPSC and the Ministry has been key to all our efforts. Our administrative staff members, Allyson Petersen and Rishan Knox, are essential. Without them we would not have the time nor talent to do what needs to be done. And a final thank you to the GPSC for giving me the opportunity to attend the SFU Leadership and Management Development Program. It was an extremely enjoyable and worthwhile experience. We have a tremendous amount to do BUT we also have a tremendous opportunity to do it - which we have never had before! Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report


Achievements of the Ridge Meadows Division to date The Division had an eventful first fiscal year. It has taken advantage of an opportunity presented to family physicians by the BC Medical Association (BCMA), the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC) and the Ministry of Health (MoH). The Divisions of Family Practice is a new model that allows the grassroots family physicians to work with one another, the Fraser Health Authority (FHA) and MoH to meet the local needs of patients and primary care physicians. The Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice is a non-profit organization that was created in August 2010. This followed several meetings between GPs in the community and the hard work of a core group of dedicated family physicians, who formed the inaugural board of directors. Over the next few months, the initial members of the Division canvassed the GP community to enlist 97% of family physicians as members, in addition to some hospitalists and ER physicians. In November 2010, the Division held an engagement meeting facilitated by Brian Evoy, Executive Lead of Divisions of Family Practice. Based on member input received at this session, the Division established a list of priorities that includes: • Improved communication between hospitalists, consultants and community family physicians regarding the care of patients in Ridge Meadows Hospital (RMH) • Improved training and increased functionality for Electronic Medical Records • Creation of a locum holiday relief service • Introduction of a physician recruitment program. The board meets regularly to address these priorities and respond to other opportunities. The Division has also been working hard to forge working relationships with other health care providers and leaders in the community. For example, it met with mayors Ernie Daykin, of Maple Ridge, and Don MacLean, of Pitt Meadows, to make them aware of the Division and start to work together on mutual needs and interests.


Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report

The Division has established its Collaborative Services Committee (CSC), which created a bi-monthly forum for discussions between representatives of FHA, the GPSC, MoH and the Division executive. Representatives are Diane Miller (FHA), Dr. John Hamilton (FHA), Jim Mactier (Divisions of Family Practice provincial team), and Kelly McQuillen (MoH). This committee presents an opportunity to build a mutual understanding and trust that will enable the Division to work effectively with its partners in health care. Building community within the Division’s membership is another important focus. In March, the organization hosted a dinner meeting for members and guests. It invited HealthMatchBC representative, Jan Goode, to give a presentation on the services the organization provides, information that is being used to augment the activities of the recruitment team. The Division continues to build community amongst its members, with other informational, social and fundraising events planned for the coming year.

Future Direction of the Division This report focuses on the period from the Division’s establishment until the end of its first fiscal year in March, 2011. Since that time the Division has held several more social events, and made additional progress on programs that will improve the well-being of members and bridge primary care gaps in the community. The next important focus is the first Annual General Meeting on September 25, 2011. At this time, the Division will vote in a new board and begin a new page in the evolution of the Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice. Over the next year, the organization expects to see the opening of a divisional office, which will be located in the same building as the Ridge Meadows Maternity Clinic. The hiring committee will seek a project manager to assist in these many exciting endeavours.

Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report


The Year in Review – Highlights of 2010/11 August 2010 Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice established October 2010 Membership reaches 97 per cent of all Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows area family physicians November 2010 Member engagement session, facilitated by Brian Evoy, to establish Division priorities December 2010 Initial meeting with Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services January 2011 First meeting of the Collaborative Services Committee January and May, 2011 Hired Division administrative staff, Allyson Petersen and Rishan Knox March 2011 Member networking event, with guest speaker from HealthMatchBC April 2011 Presentation by Dr. Grace Park, resulting in Division’s commitment to participate in FHA Home Health realignment initiative

Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report


Report on Locum and Recruitment Initiative The Division’s recruitment team is led by Dr. Danny Wong, along with Dr. Kandas Gounden and Rishan Knox. The team’s mandate has been expanded, and in addition to recruiting new family physicians to the community, it is now assisting with obtaining locum physicians and helping new physicians arriving in the community. To reflect this – along with work that is done to help existing doctors in the area move into new areas of practice – it has been re-named the Navigational Team. In the past months, Dr. Wong has met and corresponded with interested physicians from areas as diverse as Arizona and England. The Division has also established a formula for locum subsidies. However, in order to provide interested doctors with the full information and encouragement they need to consider a locum or associate position in the community, the team is finding that they need more information from those interested in securing this kind of assistance. Specifically, they need to be able to communicate with interested parties about the work conditions, the method of calculating overheads, the hours of work and the rewards. Those interested should contact Dr. Wong or Dr. Gounden, so that the Navigational Team can assist in attracting new physicians to the community and improving the work-life balance of those practicing here.

Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report


POI Project to Improve Information Sharing The Physician Office Integration (POI) project is a Fraser Health Authority initiative designed to send acute-care patient visit information to subscribing physician EMR systems. When a patient visits an FHA acute-care site and identifies the physician as the attending, the family or the admitting or subscribing physician will be able to download the patient laboratory, pathology, pharmacy and other results directly into their EMR system. When the testing with the Chilliwack Community of Practice (COP) is complete, then the physician offices of Ridge Meadows COP will be invited to join and evaluate the POI solution. This system has the potential to address two of the Division members’ identified priorities: improved communication and enhanced functionality of the EMR system. In February, the board met with Doug Barton from FHA to provide information flow from the RMH information technology system to the Community of Practice (COP) electronic medical record (EMR) system (Profile). The POI project will enhance the ability to provide safe and effective care to patients by improving communication and information sharing between the Ridge Meadows Hospital (RMH) acute care facility and community GPs. Specifically, the benefits of the system will include: • Community GP input into a solution that will meet the needs of physicians • A comprehensive patient record within physician EMR systems • Fast, electronic delivery of patient results from Fraser Health acute-care facilities • Reduction in both paper and fax.


Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report

Medical and Community Partners Pilot Project Launched In December 2010, the Division had the first of several meetings with Vicki Kipps, Executive Director of Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows Community Services. The outcome of this mutually beneficial relationship is a pilot program to increase the awareness and utilization of the many valuable local services available through this organization. The 18-month Medical and Community Partners Pilot Project will be funded through the Ridge Meadows Hospital Foundation. The project’s overall purpose is to develop greater awareness, communication and referrals between community Family Physicians and Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Community Services, primarily through enhanced electronic communication. Patients will benefit because, through their existing relationships with their family physicians, individuals and families will have information about and access to existing resources and programs in the community that will positively impact their overall health and well-being. Physicians will also benefit, through the creation of meaningful connections that assist in meeting the needs of their patients. The pilot program will begin with: • • • •

Information sharing, effective communication and relationship building Development of promotional material that is relevant and useful for patients Newsletter articles that promote the use and impact of community programs Electronic communication and referral systems between physicians and Community Services • Evaluation and measures of success.


Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report

Home Health Integration In April, a large number of Ridge Meadows Division members attended a presentation by Dr. Grace Park from FHA Home Health on home health integration. Home health integration is part of the Integrated Health Network (IHN), a Ministry of Health and Fraser Health initiative which aims to enhance primary care and help GPs provide more efficient, comprehensive and coordinated care for their patients. The IHN will make Health Authority services like home health and mental health more accessible to GPs and their patients. Specifically, patient registries for the home health case managers will be realigned so that each GP has one case manager assigned to his/her practice. The patients involved are often frail seniors, many with co- morbidities who require assistance to continue with independent living. The Division has agreed to participate in this initiative, making it the fourth of 11 Divisions to get involved. Home health integration will begin in Maple Ridge in October/November 2011. Case managers will be setting up meetings with GPs at their offices, to review the list of such patients in the practice and establish a schedule for regular meetings at mutually agreeable times to proactively review patients and plan their future care. Case managers make home visits and will address patients’ social, functional and medical issues, becoming increasingly valuable members of the GP’s office team. Concerns raised in an office visit by the patient or the family can be forwarded to the case manager for follow-up in the home setting. Through this collaborative approach, patients will benefit from services such as home support, rehab and dietary consultations that will allow them to continue living in their homes. Medical concerns such as medication compliance, assessment for respite or move to residential care facilities can also be provided. Having this partnership will allow GPs to call one familiar case manager for all their patients’ service needs and help build a multidisciplinary team in their office practices. Although Ridge Meadows’ work on this initiative is just beginning, the experience of other participating Divisions in the FHA area indicates that it will have a very positive impact on patient care in the community. From Chilliwack, where the Division has been working with FHA since 2010, there are many success stories: In one case, a patient refused a residential bed when it became available, saying she had changed her mind. The home health case manager was alerted by the family, visited the patient at home and got her to agree to move into the residential care facility. The case manager then called the GP’s MOA and arranged to have the necessary forms filled in as quickly as possible. She picked them up and delivered them to the care facility, and the patient was able to be admitted the very same day. In another case, the case manager was alerted by the GP about a patient’s declining status with CHF. She made a home visit to help the patient understand the directions to optimize her medication management and put in short-term home supports. As a result of this communication between GP and home health case worker, and the proactive intervention, the patient improved and did not require hospitalization. Members will be updated on this initiative in the coming months.


Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report

Community Healthcare and Resource Directory (CHARD) In May, Division executive, including Drs. Al Neufeld, Bob Harrison and Ken Burns, met with a group representing the consultants at RMH to work on improving communications. Subsequent to this initial meeting, the Division members coordinated a joint meeting of consultants and GPs which was aimed at improving awareness of the developing CHARD (Community Healthcare And Resources Directory) health services database. CHARD is a secure, web-based directory that provides BC health care providers with accurate, timely and relevant information to assist them in making appropriate referrals. The CHARD directory contains detailed referral information on practitioners and services within BC, including descriptions of the services offered, contact information including map and hours of operation, up-to-date referral forms and procedures, patient eligibility criteria and instructions, fee structures, and practitioner specialties. CHARD contains information on cancer, cardiac, mental health and addiction, musculoskeletal, neuro-degenerative, palliative, renal and respiratory resources in British Columbia as well as listings for all specialist physicians. Additional topics will be added over time. CHARD is sponsored by the General Practice Services Committee (GPSC), jointly chaired by the British Columbia Medical Association and the Ministry of Health. It is operated by HealthLink BC and builds on the directory of health services already accessible to the public through 8-1-1. For more information on HealthLink BC please visit CHARD is managed by HealthLink BC, with funding is provided by the GPSC.


Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report

Annual General Meeting – September 25, 2011 A subcommittee composed of Drs. Frank Lim, Virin Bhatti and Ken Burns has been formed to plan and organize the Division’s first AGM, to be held September 25. Nominations for new members of the board to take over from retiring board members will be organized and elections will be conducted during the AGM. As this is the first AGM, all members are encouraged to attend. Spouses will be invited, and the event will feature a keynote address by Christopher Gaze, the director of Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach.

AGM planning committee (from left to right) Dr. Frank Lim, Dr. Ken Burns, Rishan Knox and Dr. Virin Bhatti.

Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report


Financial Statement The following is the unaudited financial statements of the Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice for the 13 months ending March 31, 2011.

Income Government Funding

$ Total Income


$ 64,411.00

Expenditures Office Supplies






Total Office & Communication Expenses



Honorarium / Sessional









Business Meetings



Total Meeting & Conference Expenses









Total Professional Fees & Services



Total Expenses


$ 64,411.00

Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report


Office Supplies Miscellaneous Total Office & Communication Expenses Honorarium / Sessional Meals Transportation Business Meetings Total Meeting & Conference Expenses Consultants Marketing Total Professional Fees & Services

Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice 2010 Annual Report


Board of Directors Dr. Ken Burns - Chair Dr. Allen Neufeld - Vice Chair Dr. Robert Harrison - Secretary/Treasurer Dr. Cilliers Marais Dr. Frank Lim Dr. Shiraz Mawani Dr. Danny Wong Dr. Virin Bhatti Division Staff Allyson Petersen and Rishan Knox - administrative support Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice Photographs of the Ridge Meadows area courtesy of: Dr. Ken Burns Cover - the Golden Ears Mountains across the Meadow Gardens Golf Course. Page 2 - the Ridge Meadows Division Board of Directors and the Division’s roadside sign. Page 17 - AGM Planning Committee. Page 6 - family at the lake. Page 8 - cyclist in the forest and the golf course. Page 11 - lady with a horse and Pitt Lake. Page 13 - walking on the dikes. Page 15 - Pitt Meadows Museum and Pitt Meadows Airport.

The Divisions of Family Practice is an initiative of the General Practice Services Committee, a joint committee of the BC Ministry of Health and the BC Medical Association.

Ridge Meadows

Ridge Meadows Division Annual Report 2010  
Ridge Meadows Division Annual Report 2010  

Ridge Meadows Division of Family Practice Annual Report 2010