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South Okanagan Similkameen


New supports for electronic medical records The electronic medical record support system familiar to most local physicians (formally called PITO) is transitioning to a new collaborative service model. Supports for EMR will be co-designed and managed by both PSP (Practice Support Program) and the SOS Division of Family Practice. Although the model has changed, peer mentoring and user groups will still be available for physicians and MOAs. In addition, Small Group learning sessions will take place. These Small Group learning sessions will include support for EMR optimization as well as other areas such as clinical quality improvement. In the South Okanagan Similkameen, 92 percent of family physicians use electronic medical records. Of this

“The collaborative approach to EMR and practice efficiency support is an opportunity. It will allow us to design support that meets the needs of our local physicians and allows us to better align with the work of other initiatives such as A GP for Me Practice Efficiency.” — Terrie Crawford number, 61 percent use Med Access, and 21% use Osler. Divisions is interested in accomodating these different EMR and users. To do that most effectively, we’d like to hear from you as we expand the current EMR working group (CoP), which is currently MedAccess focused. The agenda of this working group will soon be broadened to look at ways to include Osler and other EMR platforms as requested by physicians.

Osler users also have an opportunity to connect their EMR to the Physician Data Collaborative (PDC) network, which will allow for practice reflection and the ability to share results. The first project will focus on polypharmacy. To become involved in this EMR working group, to learn more about the PDC and the Osler polypharmacy project, or if you need a peer mentor, please contact Julie Young: member.services@sosdivision.ca.

Full steam ahead: A GP for Me has five projects on the go 1

Practice Efficiency Project

Twenty-one physicians are participating, and will be offering training in office efficiency (including topics such as billing support and EMR usage) to both family doctors and MOAs.


Recruitment and Retention

Retiring doctors and locums continue to be interviewed to explore ways to strengthen retention efforts, and to support and assist retiring physicians with replacement recruitment.


Mental Health and Substance Use Stabilization Clinic

The Clinic officially opened its doors at 487 Martin St., and greeted its first patient on May 15, 2015.


Community Worker Project

This project offers 2 community workers (CWs) to the towns of Princeton, Oliver and Osoyoos. In Princeton, the CW works collaboratively with local physicians and provides psychosocial support and resource coordination to vulnerable patients. In Oliver and Osoyoos, the CW will be focusing on coordinating and identifying services and resources designed to support patients with chronic pain.


GP Patient Matching System

Unattached patients living in Oliver and Osoyoos: this project is underway with a number of physicians volunteering to be on a rota of accepting physicians for a 3-month pilot period. South Okanagan Similkameen

Stay tuned for future A GP for Me activities, including an invitation to participate in the expansion of the GP Patient Matching System, a clinical non-dispensing pharmacist resource located in family practices throughout the region, and a GPSC provincial physician evaluation survey to measure the impact of projects in the SOS region, and throughout the province. For more info or to participate in any of the A GP for Me projects, please contact: Dr. Ron Gans: gpforme@sosdivision.ca


Local Residential Care Initiative is now Family Practice Residency students being rolled out across British Columbia welcomed to our area Three years ago, seven care facilities in a requirement that patients receive “I’m confident that having residents train and work with us will have a significant impact on our recruitment and retention efforts.” — Dr. Murali Venkataraman Dr. Murali Venkataraman and local family physicians are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the first four medical students who will be participating in the South Okanagan Similkameen family practice residency program. Starting in July 2016, residents will experience semi-urban (Penticton/ Summerland), semi-rural (Oliver/Osoyoos/Keremeos) and rural (Princeton) sites, which will broaden their exposure to the diverse nature and richness of family practice.

Penticton and Summerland were part of a prototype project, which aimed to provide proactive care, reduce barriers to good residential care, and decrease avoidable visits to emergency departments. Now, the province is funding communities across BC so that they can design and implement local solutions to support residential care and the following best practices: 24/7 availability and onsite attendance when required, proactive visits to residents, meaningful medication reviews, completed documentation, and attendance at care conferences. The Residential Care Medical Care Prototype implemented in Penticton and Summerland includes a Most Responsible Physician, who is supported by the Doctor of the Day when urgent care is needed. It also includes

two physician visits from their MRP every six months. Quality improvement activities have improved care conferences, communication as well as made sure that facilities have additional resources — such as suture kits — to reduce avoidable ED visits. Penticton and Summerland are continually working to improve their care model. In Oliver and Osoyoos, Residential Care Initiative design is set to start in late June. We will also be engaging with physicians in Keremeos and Princeton to help them design a locally responsive model to their communities. For more information about designing local residential care programs and about available funding, please contact Arlene Herman or Julie Young at SOS DoFP or visit the GPSC website: www.gpscbc.ca.

Annual General Meeting

SOS Division of Family Practice

Call for nominations for new directors

Interior Health is currently rolling out

a new program that aims to standardize the framework and documentation process for conversations around advanced care planning. The program, called MOST (Medical Orders for Scope of Treatment), will help care providers deliver care and minimize unnecessary or unwanted treatment by having critical information accessible in electronic health records. Access to this information will help support time sensitive decisions such as whether or not to transfer a patient to hospital, initiate intubation or attempt resuscitation. MOST is an Interior Health initiative, but ties in to the Residential Care project and other SOS Division initiatives. Watch your mailbox for information packages or contact Judy Nicol: (Judy.Nicol@interiorhealth.ca)

Sept.16th 5:30 - 9pm Penticton Lakeside Resort (Includes a CME)

The SOS DoFP Board is seeking physicians to join the board as directors Please contact current chair Khati Hendry (pictured above) to submit a nomination (khatihendry@yahoo.ca 250-770-0531). Nominations must be submitted no later than August 16th. Nominations will not be accepted at the AGM.

Current board of directors: Drs. Khati Hendry, Murali Venkataraman, Ron Gans, Brent Harrold, Tim Phillips, Ella Monro, Cathy Rooke

For more information, please contact: Terrie Crawford SOS Division of Family Practice Executive Lead tel: 778 476 5628 email: terrie.crawford@sosdivision.ca

Julie Young SOS Division of Family Practice Member Services Coordinator tel: 778 476 7696 email: member.services@sosdivision.ca 4

Profile for Divisions of Family Practice

Summer 2015 Division Initiative Updates  

South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice initiative updates June 2015

Summer 2015 Division Initiative Updates  

South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice initiative updates June 2015


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