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More specialists travelling to Princeton A fter almost 40 years, it seemed like Frances La Brash might have to move from her home town, Princeton. She loves the rural community, but without access to specialists, she and her husband, Merv, were faced with repeated travel to Penticton for care. Now the La Brash family and many other patients are able to receive more care closer to home. In 2014, Shared Care, a joint partnership of the Doctors of BC and Ministry of Health, supported a project to bring more specialists to Princeton. Since its inception, the Shared Care Princeton Access to Specialist Care Project has increased the number of specialists travelling to Princeton from seven to twelve. Physicians now going to Princeton include: Drs. Mark Baillie (GP addictions), Vijender Balain (psychiatry), Timothy Bell (orthopaedics), Neil Crofts (urology), Ryan Drew-Scott (psychiatry), Brian Forzley (nephrology), Richard Hooper (cardiology), Karen Lannon (paediatrics), Manoj Parameshwar (paediatrics), Jacqueline

Princeton patient, Frances La Brash, pictured with her husband, Merv, and family doctor, Ella Monro (back).

Stewart (rheumatology), Cameron Taylor (orthopaedics), Bryan Tighe (general surgery), and Shannon Walker (respirology). The specialists travel to Princeton General Hospital one or more times per year to host one-day clinics. So far, 98 percent of patients have shown up to their appointments, and speak highly of the care. “This is a real bless-

ing to have the specialists coming to Princeton,” says Frances’ husband, Merv. Travelling to either Penticton or Kelowna for care can be a substantial burden on patients — often expensive and difficult, especially for seniors who no longer drive and must rely on friends or take an all-day bus journey. “It’s easy to forget as a doctor what people go through for a routine visit when they’re coming from out of town,” says Dr. Brian Forzley, who hosts nephrology clinics and sits on the project advisory committee. The increased access to care means much to patients, but also to their family doctors. “I’m grateful for the support the Shared Care Project has provided so that I can continue to provide confident and comprehensive primary care to this rural community,” says Dr. Ella Monro. Family physicians link their patients to better care, and through lunchtime CMEs on clinic days, also have a chance to learn more and share information with the travelling specialists.

Cafe doors opened for family doctors to meet local specialists Ask a Specialist, Tell a Specialist, a recent CME event went world cafe style, providing family doctors with a chance to have quick chats with local specialists. Hosted at Linden Gardens in May, eight specialists sat at individual tables and hosted rotating 10 minute talks with the 41 family physicians in attendance. The specialists present were: Drs. Tim Bell (orthopedics), Trevor Connolly (emergency), Neil Crofts (urology),

Jose Goncalves (obstetrics/gynecology), David Kincade (cardiology), Joel Post (ophthalmology), Michelle Teo (rheumatology) and Shannon Walker (respirology). “It was a beautiful setting with great food,” says family physician, Barbara Main, who attended the event presented by Shared Care. “The idea of short interactions with a number of specialists was fun and, more than that, extremely useful.” South Okanagan Similkameen

Family physicians (from left) Drs. Kathy Harrold, Heidi Ingram and Barbara Main chat with respirologist, Dr. Shannon Walker, about her specialty at a cafe-style event connecting local physicians.


Shared Care in our Community ... what’s happening

PROJECTS ON THE GO... Princeton Access to Specialist Care Specialists responding to rural proximity-to-care challenges and supporting rural physicians

AECOPD Care Pathway Transitioning patients with acute exacerbations of COPD from hospital back to the community

Primary Maternity Care Bringing together primary maternity care provider groups to find ways to work together for a sustainable model of care

ON TRAC: Youth Transitions Helping improve the transition from BC Children’s Hospital to adult care for youth with chronic complex conditions and disabilities, and their families

Palliative/Oncology Improving information flow between Oncology, Palliative Care, and family physicians for more seamless patient care

End of Life Advanced Care Planning Exploring ways to make patient advance care plans more accessible and attainable

PROJECTS COMING SOON... Emergency Department Transitions Diagnostic Imaging Shared Care is seeking physician input on these and all other Shared Care projects

Ensuring specialist outreach clinics continue after the end of the project 15% of Princeton patients wouldn’t have seen a specialist without outreach clinics


32% reduction in re-admissions for COPD

Enabling expectant mothers to connect with the right provider in the first 10 weeks

Local doctors engaging with representatives from BC Children’s Hospital to improve transitions from youth to adult physician care Exploring a weekly half-day palliative symptom management clinic for the South Okanagan

Refining project goals, scope and evaluation criteria

...how to get involved Physicians wanting more information or to get involved in Shared Care projects can contact Tracy St. Claire, or talk to a doctor on the Shared Care Steering Committee (listed below)

Shared Care Steering Committee: Drs. Brian Forzley, Shannon Walker, Glen Burgoyne, Marius Snyman, Elizabeth Watters, Lori Motluk (IH), Maureen Thomson (IH), Susan Brown (IH), Greg Cutforth (IH), Aman Hundal (Shared Care Provincial Lead), Terrie Crawford (SOS Division), Tracy St. Claire, Lisa Needoba, Ida Keller (Shared Care staff )

... and who’s involved Drs. Mark Baillie, Vijender Balain, Timothy Bell, Colleen Black, Neil Crofts, Ryan Drew-Scott, Brian Forzley, Richard Hooper, Karen Lannon, Ella Monro, Manoj Parameshwar, Devinder Sandhu, Jacqueline Stewart, Bryan Tighe, Shannon Walker; (IH) Darla Biagioni, Susan Brown, Lori Motluk, Tanya ter Keurs, Cherie Whittaker; and (MOAs) Trish Lyver, Rachelle Sanderson Drs. Glen Burgoyne, Brent Harrold, Shannon Walker; and (IH) Wendy Boyer, Chris Danby, Orysya Fetterly, Scott Frymire, Sharry Hodgson, Anne Morgenstern, Patricia Park, Patricia Rattée, Jack Swoboda, Dana Thomas, Maureen Thomson Drs. Jose Goncalves, Manoj Parameshwar, Greg Selinger; (IH) Lori Motluk, Patricia Park, Maureen Spinks, Elaine Stetsko; and (midwife) Alyson Jones

Drs. Sarah Broder, Katherine Gross, David Paisley, Karen Papay, Cathy Rooke, Jaqueline Stewart, Elizabeth Watters; and IH representatives to be identified

Drs. Alan Nixon, David Paisley, Elizabeth Watters; and (IH) Patricia Breakey, Tanya Castillo, Jeffrey Dias, Tania Linning, Anita Moench, Andrea Turner

Drs. Bill Caskey, Brian Forzley, Marina Louw, Bob Mack, Margaret Myslek, Alan Nixon, Elizabeth Watters; and IH representatives to be identified

...why get involved? “Being involved was an opportunity to make a real difference in how we care for our patients.”


—Dr. Brent Harrold, AECOPD Care Pathway committee member

Shared Care Staff: Tracy St. Claire (Shared Care Project Manager): 778 476 5694 tracy.stclaire@sosdivision.ca Lisa Needoba (Shared Care Project Coordinator): 778 476 1881 lisa.needoba@sosdivision.ca Ida Keller (Shared Care Project Assistant): 778 476 5896 ida.keller@sosdivison.ca

Shared Care initiatives enable family and specialist physicians to work together within their communities to improve patient care

Profile for Divisions of Family Practice

Fall 2014 Shared Care Project Updates  

South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice Shared Care project updates

Fall 2014 Shared Care Project Updates  

South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice Shared Care project updates


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