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Sharing the Press Family Physicians & Specialists working together

Developing better flow between FP offices and the ER Dept.

New group helps family doctors provide better COPD care

Pictured above: Dr. Perold Louw speaks to Dr. Johan Boshoff (left) and IPSI group members.

Coming soon: A Shared Care working group will look at improving patient flow to and from the Emergency Department and family physicians. If you’re interested in getting involved, contact Dr. Jeff Plant or Dr. Brent Harrold.

Thompson Division. Thompson physicians will go through a similar exercise this fall, and will align practices and resources where applicable. Once the tools have been trialed, PSP and PITO will combine resources to roll out improvements to doctors in the South Okanagan Similkameen.

A Shared Care initiative is looking at ways to improve access for Princeton patients to specialist care. Some concepts being explored: maximizing patient time in Penticton with morning investigations and afternoon specialist appointments; one-day specialty clinics in Princeton for high-demand health issues; and lunchtime CME for Princeton staff. Questions and suggestions about this project can be directed to Dr. Forzley or Dr. Walker.

A new project called the Integrated Practice Support Initiative (IPSI) will focus on helping family doctors care for their COPD patients. The formation of this group is the next step following a recent Transitions in Care project, which developed better treatment and follow-up for AECOPD patients. The IPSI focus group includes ten family physicians, a respirologist, two MOAs and representatives from PSP (Practice Support Program), PITO (Physician Information Technology Office), and Shared Care. The group met in June to discuss more than 40 COPD-related resources, choosing a few key tools for use in family physician offices, including in their EMRs. This GPSC-sponsored initiative has SOS Division of Family Practice and Shared Care collaborating with the

Child and Youth Mental Health Practice Support coming to Penticton

New working group to discuss care for unattached patients

Physicians can learn more about supporting children and youth mental health patients in their practices with a Practice Support Module learning session to be held Sept. 24th in Penticton. The information sharing will include collaborating with school counsellors and CMYH clinicians. Physicians will be compensated for participating in the program. For more information, please contact Wendy Boyer: 250 488 9807.

The SOS Division of Family Practice will be organizing physician working groups to assess attachment and primary care needs in the Okanagan. The focus will be on assisting populations typically without a family doctor such as mental health/substance use patients, patients with chronic conditions, and residents newly retired to the area. For more information or to join a working group, contact the Division office. Attachment will be discussed at the Oct.29 CME.


Princeton gains improved access to specialist care

Terrie Crawford

Executive lead Tracy St. Claire

SOS Divison of Family Practice 778 476 5628 (terrie.sosdivisionfp@shaw.ca)


Pre-printed orders improve care for AECOPD patients With the development and use of AECOPD pre-printed orders, patients are more likely to receive COPD education and follow-up with their family doctor. All patients with PPOs have become involved in the community respiratory program. PPOs are available on the ward and in the Emergency Department, and their use is currently spreading to other regions in Canada.

Save the date

Upcoming events in your area Fall CME event Oct 29th, 5pm to 9pm Ramada Inn Dr. V Balain, psychiatrist (addictions) And discussion of A GP for Me

RSVP: Deb Wood, Division Office 778 476 5696 (dwood.sosdivision@shaw.ca)

Practice Support Program: Child and Youth Mental Health Sept. 24th

More info: Wendy Boyer 250 488 9807 (wendy.boyer@interiorhealth.ca)

SC Project lead Arlene Herma

Shared Care Initiatives 778 476 5694 (tracy.sharedcare@shaw.ca)

RC Project Lead

Residential Care Project 778 476 7696 (arlene.sosdivisionfp@shaw.ca)

Profile for Divisions of Family Practice

Fall 2013 Sharing the Press  

South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice Shared Care project updates

Fall 2013 Sharing the Press  

South Okanagan Similkameen Division of Family Practice Shared Care project updates


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