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District Term 2016-2017 First Edition

Leading Toward Legacy

Newsletter Contents  District 20 Director welcoming message


 Division K Director welcoming message


 Know your Division chart


 Area Councils


 Division K, Area 10 clubs


 Division K, Area 15 clubs


 Division K, Area 35 clubs


 Division K, Area 39 clubs


 Club officers training


 Judging and Chief Judging workshop


 Live streaming of Toastmasters International World Champions of Public



 Lessons for the World Championship of Public Speaking


 DTM Sanjib K. Mohapatra - Journey to DTM


 DTM Vilas Deshmukh - My Journey: from RTM… to DTM!!!


 DTM Alex Ginete - My Mango Tree


 Area and Division contest plans


October 16


Welcoming message form DTM Ali Shahbaz District 20 Director Greetings Division K Toastmasters… “When I learn something new and it happens every day, I feel a little more at home in this universe, a little more comfortable in the nest”- Bill Moyers Until a member learns and enjoys the environment in the club, it’s their comfort zone, But Toastmasters International program is design so well, Someday this individual has to explore beyond the club. One of the elements of Success, When we adapt ourselves very well in the club and next in the Area Level and higher, Then we are sure to grow as a leader. The playground or the lab to wonderfully experiment and stretch our capabilities keeps growing from there on. We can only measure a club success by observing the meeting environment and work done on the “Club Success Plan”. When all Clubs are successful in term of quality and organic growth, we have a collection of family members which is a Successful Area and Division.

Let’s make our clubs a great learning nest for members, so they fly high to serve other clubs in the Areas and Division. DTM Ali Shahbaz Ali District 20 Director

October 16


Leading Towards Legacy Welcoming message form TM Thuraya J Abdulla Division K Director (Part1) My vision this term is to lead initiatives to unify and build a distinguished, exemplary division in order to further develop exceptional clubs and outstanding areas. We need to commit to working closely, as one team, to both maintain and increase membership by promoting the benefits of Toastmasters and its core values: integrity, respect, excellence and service.

Dear fellow Toastmasters I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the new Toastmaster year 2016-2017. I am privileged to serve you as Division Director and with this privilege comes responsibility. Responsibility to ensure that each area and club achieves its mission and fulfils its member’s needs. To accomplish this, the division will provide support, resources and training to clubs and members through area directors.

October 16

We are fortunate that Toastmasters clubs provide: a supportive atmosphere, enriching and empowering experiences, beneficial constructive feedback, insights in to effective communication and leadership skills as well as the most valuable component which is learning in moments of enjoyment. My role is to encourage all areas within our division to work closely with the clubs, Excom and members, in order to achieve our goals, improve membership and enhance educational programmes to ensure we develop the skills required to be leaders and top communicators. This will lead the clubs to be President’s Distinguished.


Leading Towards Legacy Welcoming message form TM Thuraya J Abdulla Division K Director (Part2) The Division council comprise of the following dedicated members: o Area directors: TM Shiva Shanker

o o o

o o o

Kamath (Area 10), TM Dr. Salman Alfardan (Area 15), TM Sarah Faqihi (Area 35) and TM M.B. Reddy (Area 39) PQD: TM Ajay Jaiswal (WMC) Club Growth: TM Chacko Jospeh (Indian Club) Treasurer: DTM Dattatraya Ghadga (BIMA) Admin Manger: TM Ruth Orense (FC Mabuhay) PR Manager: TM Khalid Abdulla (Bapco) Arabic clubs coordinator: DTM Najla Almehri (Basma)

Our mission statement is: ‘Leading Towards Legacy’. Our team will work together towards this mission statement to ensure a memorable year for all members. We are determined to take this division to a higher level, and to do that, we need the support of every member and club. With your help, I am confident that we can exceed these goals. In this first newsletter we will introduce the areas within our division. We will share the achievements and progress so far and celebrate our success in corporate, open, mixed and closed clubs who function in both English and Arabic. I am looking forward to a memorable enriching and engaging year for all members, clubs and areas. I hope that we can look back, in June 2017, with pride at our success and achievements.

Sincerely, TM Thuraya J. Abdulla (ACB, ALS) Division Director 2016-2017

October 16



TM Dr. Thuraya Juma (Content Supervision) Dear fellow Toastmasters It gives me a great pleasure to be the Division K Public Relation Manager and I’m pleased to be part in designing the first newsletter for the division in the term 2016-2017. The newsletter will introduce to you areas within the division along with clubs within. It will later feature workshops and initiatives done in the past few months. It will then highlight few individual achievements in the division.

DTM Alex Ginete (Proof Reader)

I hope you enjoy the issue and I look forward to your feedback. TM Khalid Abdulla Division K PR Manager 2016-2017

October 16

TM Abdulla Hijazi (Issue Designer)


Know Your Division District 20 Division K

Area 10

Area 15

Area 35

Area 39

Indian Club Toastmasters

Bahrain Toastmasters

WMC Toastmasters

BIMA Toastmasters

TASCA Toastmasters

Bohra Toastmasters

BAPCO Toastmasters

Krypton Advanced Toastmasters

Palakkad Toastmasters

MJS Toastmasters Club

FC Mabuhay Toastmasters

Kingdom Arabic Toastmasters

Basma Arabic Toastmasters

The Laughing Toastmasters

Banagas Toastmasters Club

Indian Academy Toastmasters Krypton Innovative Toastmasters

October 16


Know Your Division Division K, Area 10 Council

Division K, Area 35 Council

Division K, Area 39 Council

October 16


Know Your Division Division K, Area 10 Clubs TM Shiva Shanker Kamath Message (Area Director):It is a privilege to be the director of AREA-10 which comprises of three of the strongest toastmasters clubs in the island. This Area has the home club of three past District Governors (all of them from district 79) who are active toastmasters till date. It is an enormous challenge to continue the legacy. but, with concerted efforts of all we shall do well this time too.

Indian Club toastmasters was Founded in the year 1989 by a group of enthusiastic leaders. Later, in 1991 when the mother club changed its name to Indian Club, the Bahrain Sports Club Speakers’ Forum became Indian Club Speakers’ Forum. And, subsequently the name was changed to Indian Club Toastmasters in 2002.

Palakkad Toastmasters Club Bahrain was chartered on 9th Feb 2011 with 35 charter members under the able guidance of its founder President TM Madan Mohan Ambat CC/ALB as Mentor and DTM Krishnadas Nair & DTM PB Dinesh as Club Sponsors. Currently has 31 active Members.

October 16


Know Your Division Division K, Area 10 Clubs

TASCA Toastmasters Club was founded on February 11, 2002. Visionary leader DTM Ponnuchamy is the Sponsor and Mentor of TASCA. The first lady toastmaster in GCC, DTM Gitarani Ponnuchamy was the founder President. DTM Ponnuchamy was the District Governor for the year 2002-03 for district 79 and led the district to No 1 in the world.

Basma Arabic Toastmasters Club established in 2016 with 25 members seeking to develop leadership & communication skills. Current President is DTM Najla Almehri.

October 16


Know Your Division Division K, Area 15 Clubs TM Dr. Salman Alfardan Message (Area Director):Quality comes from simplicity, and so quality in Toastmastering. Simply we toastmasters need to align to TMI mission by applying what I call the 3Ls formula. The first L is for learning , the second L for loving and the last L is for leading.

People join TM clubs to learn, to provide the environment and the space to learn. They also find it a social place to network, you can only enforce relationship through a loving atmosphere. More important, the clubs need to lead effectively to achieve the objectives of people joining them. With this approach, you as clubs can ensure growth and quality of deliverable, and reflect the mission of TMI.

BTM club is the house of quality and champions, naming some Raed Alnasir, Mohomed Isa, Mohamed Abdeen, Mohamed Hasan. And some served in highest posts in the district, Ex district director TM Khalid Alguood an example. Since established in 2002 attained so many rewards, for instance, held the President's Distinguished Club for consecutive 9 years.

MJS Toastmasters club is the corporate club of Mohammed Jalal & Sons Company and held its first meeting in May 2009. The driving force behind the club was MJS Internal Audit Manager, DTM Philip D’Mello who has been a Toastmaster for over 25 years. He and TM Madhavi Tiwary are the Club mentors.

October 16


Know Your Division Division K, Area 35 Clubs TM Sarah Faqihi Message (Area Director):It is indeed my pleasure to address you today as your Area 35 Director. We have kicked off the term with great enthusiasm and efforts and I look forward to see more achievements from each and every club in the area. We all have the opportunity to help create a positive change, we may not be able to change the entire world, but at least we can change a small part of it. With efforts of each member, collectively we can create a huge difference. For “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.�

Bapco Toastmasters Club (BTMC) was founded and chartered in early 2007 under the direction and guidance of Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) management for the purpose of developing its employees public speaking and leadership skills.

WMC Toastmasters Club [WMC-TMC], chartered in 2003, as part of the Toastmasters International movement is the second largest Toastmaster Club in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

October 16


Know Your Division Division K, Area 35 Clubs

Filipino Club Mabuhay Toastmasters or FCMT was formed out of friendship by 3 people, TM Willy Carpio, TM Julie Dizon& TM Alex Ginete. It was TM Alex Ginete who inspired and encouraged his close friends to form what is now well known as FC Mabuhay Toastmasters. 2009 was the year when FCMT was chartered.

Division K Council

October 16


Know Your Division Division K, Area 39 Clubs TM M.B. Reddy Message (Area Director):Formula of Synergy : 1+1 = 3 It is the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Synergize is the habit of creative cooperation and team work. . Area 39, consists of 5 clubs and a kind of mixed of varieties. It is a big challenge for all of us to improve and sustain the membership. This year we planned many variety meetings with the support of all clubs. We all believe with our synergy we can definitely excel in what we do.

You will find all professionals under one roof. Leading by finance and management professionals, lawyers and Doctors are members of the club. The club chartered in the year 2010 and meet monthly twice on first and third Tuesday evenings from 07.30 to 09.30 hrs. in Ahlia University.

One of the best corporate clubs in Educational sector, benefiting the teachers and students at the same time. The club chartered in the year 2014 and vibrant in conducting meetings along with lunch. Indian Academy toastmasters conducts meetings on First and Third Friday of every month from 12.00 to 2.00m.

October 16


Know Your Division Division K, Area 39 Clubs

A new club chartered in the year 2015. Sponsors of the club DTM Raghunadha Babu and TM MB Reddy, mentors of the club, TM Ahmed Shukri and TM Anand Nair. Although the club is new but it is profound to conduct the meetings in a professional manner. They meet monthly twice on first and third Friday in Adiliya, TKS premises from 04.30 pm to 06.30pm.

One of the best advanced club chartered in the year 2010. Conducts very innovative and creative meetings. If you are looking for variety in meetings please visit Krypton Advanced toastmasters club. They meet monthly once on every first Wednesday in Premier hotel, Juffair from 07.30 to 09.30 pm.

You don’t believe this is current DTAC 2017 Chairman DTM Ali mother club. After chartering in Year 2013 the club excelled in developing the Bahraini nationals in communication and leadership skills. They meet monthly twice in Muharraq,

October 16


Club Officer Training (COT) Jointly organized by Division A, C, K & M

Divisions A, C, K, & M Directors, jointly, conducted the club officers training (COT) program on Friday June 24, 2016 for club officers the term 2016-17. Some of the benefits of attending/conducting the COT 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Give leaders a firm foundation for their term of office Provide the tools to achieve distinguished club distinguished area, distinguished division and distinguished district status. Encourage participants to read, review, and use handbooks, manuals and other materials, important to succeed as a club leader. To learn from what other officers have to offer. Opportunity to learn how to use the TMI Website to leverage benefit

October 16


Judging and Chief Judging Workshop Cordially organized by Division A, C, K & M

Division A, C, K & M organized a Judging and Chief Judging Workshop on Friday, 23rd September 2016 at Al Ayam Newspaper Auditorium where highly experienced and exceptionally skilled presenters from the Bahrain Toastmaster community provided the audience with the required skills and the knowledge which will help them during the upcoming contest season.

October 16


Judging and Chief Judging Workshop Cordially organized by Division A, C, K & M The workshop was divided in two parts: 1. The criteria of judging for all the four contests presented as follows: TM Moh'd Shukri (International Contest), TM Ahmed Shukri (Evaluation Contest), TM Arasan NT (Humorous Contest) and TM Meenakshi Sundaram (Table Topics Contest) 2. Judging Training by DTM Joel Indrupati and Chief Judging Training by TM Madhavi Tiwary

October 16


Live Streaming of Toastmasters International World Champions of Public Speaking 2016 Krypton Advanced Toastmasters Club - TM Ahmed Shukri 20th August 2016

Division K and Bahrain Toastmasters extend their gratitude for Krypton Advanced Toastmasters Club and to TM Ahmed Shukri specifically for successfully broadcast the live streaming of Toastmasters International World Champions of Public Speaking Contest from Washington DC on the 20th of August 2016.

October 16


Lessons for the World Championship of Public Speaking 2016 (Part1) By TM Ahmed Shukri, ASC/CL In continuation of the recent tradition at the world championship of public speaking, the 2016 instalment of TMI’s most coveted prize concluded on August 20th with the crowning of 27 year old Darren Tai Win Jai, the Singaporean lawyer who joined the movement in 2008, as the World Champion of Public Speaking for the year 2016. His speech, “outsmart, outlast”, is based on his real life struggle with bullying. Here are the main lessons from this year’s championship:


The 3-act story telling model is still popular among speakers: apparently, the time frame of 7 minutes is very much suitable with the time-tested technique of building the material based on the 3-act method, where the main question of the speech is answered through an inciting event that comes at the end of act 1, then the climax of the main story concludes with the end of the 2nd act, whereas the release of tension and the lessons learnt are concentrated in the 3rd and last act.

October 16


Lessons for the World Championship of Public Speaking 2016 (Part2) 2.

Speakers are trying new methods at being creative: This year, the speakers stretched the boundaries of imaginative thought by introducing new gimmicks into the classic presentation format. The world champion wore his underwear inside out during the speech, whereas the second place winner Aaron Beverly had a title that consisted of 57 words, giving the contest chair a hard time just to make the proper introduction of the speech. It looks like the sky is the limit when it comes to the next creative stunt that will be tried next year.


It is all about making it personal: once again, personal stories proved to be the best tool to deliver the most powerful messages, and it was clear from the majority of the speakers that life failures were the main source of inspiration behind the main messages of the speeches.


The winning speeches are once again based on the entertainment factor: gone are the days where speakers were judged based on their selection of dictionary level words and deep theories of life and mankind. This is the era of new speakers who understand what the new generation of audience members need and look for. For the 3rd year in a row, the winning speech was simple in concept and delivered with a real sense of laughter and enjoyment. I guess David Brooks, the 1990 World Champion is thinking how can he bring back the old days of oratory sophistication.


Toastmasters International is becoming more international: For the third year in a raw, the title goes to a non-English negative speaker. TMI is becoming more international as membership growth in clubs outside the US is increasing each year. It is very good for the whole organization to have more non-native speakers join the competition and winning on the last and most important stage of the world championship of public speaking.

October 16


DTM Sanjib K. Mohapatra Journey to DTM (Part1) From CC manual he owns 7 speeches as best speakers at his home club as well as from outside of his home club and during advanced journey so many. He has also completed CL by 09.07.2011 within 10 months of getting the membership in toastmasters. From that time he never looked back and set the goal to be a DTM within 5 years. He was the winner of various contests at Club, Area and Division Level. He holds so many leadership positions at club, area, division and district level. DTM Sanjib K. Mohapatra visited ICAB (Indian Chartered Accountants Bahrain) Toastmasters Club during September, 2010 as a guest. In that meeting he won the ribbon of best Table Topics Speaker and joined as member. On 29th September 2010 he delivered his first Ice Breaker Speech in ICAB Toastmasters and completed CC by 02.05.2011 within 6 months of getting membership in toastmasters.

October 16

He has presented so many workshops and served to so many toastmasters clubs, areas and division as Judge, Chief Judge, Contest Chairman and in other leadership rules. During his 5+ years journey in Toastmasters he has sponsored more than 50 members to various clubs in Bahrain. He formed 2 new clubs in Bahrain and served as Mentor, Coach and Sponsors for the clubs.


DTM Sanjib K. Mohapatra Journey to DTM (Part2) Some of his achievements are highlighted below. 0 Area 78 Director for the year 2015-2016 completed on 30.06.2016 0 Founder, Organiser and Sponsor of Ahlia University Toastmasters, Bahrain chartered

on 21.06.2016 0 Sponsor and Coach of FED Toastmasters Club, Bahrain completed as coach for the year ended 30.06.2015. 0 Mentor of Speakeasy Toastmasters club, Bahrain completed his mentorship by 31.12.2011 His great challenge in toastmaster’s journey was to get the position of Area Director, because for Area Directorship position always 3-4 persons used to nominate for election. Finally he achieved his goal as a Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) on 23rd July, 2016 which is the top award in toastmaster’s journey. We wish him all the best for his next journey.

October 16


DTM Vilas Deshmukh My Journey: from RTM… to DTM!!! (Part1) from the 99% of Toastmasters who have yet to put forth that effort! Toastmasters is a fantastic organization, where the members are ready to support you and help you be more successful, whether you just want to overcome your fear of public speaking, or you want to become a DTM and beyond! Hence it is incomprehensible that about 1% of all Toastmasters ever finish their DTM requirements!! I wish to call upon the fellow Toastmasters, to strive their best to reach the DTM destination, with passion and enthusiasm! Trust me…. it’s worth the efforts!! In the month of August 2016, I made it…..Yes, I achieved my Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) award!

Firstly, it gave me a sense of fulfillment… the satisfaction of getting there!!

When I had first heard about the Toastmasters, I felt it would be great for my Son, then a teenager, to join a Gavel club and learn some public speaking skills! As for myself, I thought it wouldn’t be of much help…..only to prove it otherwise, once I embarked upon my Toastmasters journey, with Bahrain Toastmasters Club!!

Secondly, it gave me a sense of pride! I am a DTM - not because I am the best, but because I have distinguished myself

So, the journey that started as an RTM (Reluctant Toastmaster) has reached its destination, DTM!!

My DTM journey has been satisfying, in more ways than one!

October 16


DTM Vilas Deshmukh My Journey: from RTM… to DTM!!! (Part2) Initially I was comfortable in my Communication track and enjoyed delivering prepared speeches in different clubs that I have been member of, viz. Bahrain Toastmasters, Vision Advanced Toastmasters and MJS Toastmasters Clubs. The Leadership track was left dormant, after my ALB! However, I reckon the most enjoyable and challenging part of the journey was when I took up the role as Area 59 Director, leading to my ALS goal! My role as Area 59 Director, for the term 2015-2016, was truly satisfying and challenging, followed by the fulfilling and rewarding experience of coordinating the “Youth City 2030 Speech craft program”, for the Bahraini youth, under the patronage of Ministry of Youth & Sport Affairs, in August 2016… that marked the culmination of my DTM journey, having attained the ALS and ACG goals!! The DTM status is a nice accomplishment and carries with it earned recognition. The real motivator for me however was the challenge and growth it would bring me. The Toastmasters Program has been transformational for me…

October 16

wherein I have learned a lot about the effective leadership, communication and listening skills, encouraging evaluations, coaching, mentoring and training a group. Whilst I felt elated, having achieved the DTM award, I am grateful to the number of acclaimed Toastmasters, that I came across, during my Toastmasters journey! Without their valuable support and cooperation, I couldn’t have reached my DTM destination! I wish to sincerely thank each one of them!! Frankly speaking, I enjoyed the journey than the destination, per say… where I simply arrived, after my fruitful educational journey in Toastmasters! I wish to quote Helen Blanchard, “If you get out of Toastmasters all there is to get out of Toastmasters, you’ll never get out of Toastmasters!!!” I would like to sum it up with my favorite African custom of expressing gratitude……the ‘Ubuntu’ way, “I am what I am, because of who you are!”


DTM Alex Ginete Past District 20 Director DTM Experience My Mango Tree (Part1) a beautiful luster stream in the east. In the middle of the village is a network of roads and walkways where we, as young children run and play.

“Mango trees with mangoes sweet, grow high along our street. I can’t reach them all, for I am small, and mango trees are tall.” These are the beautiful lines of a poem that grab my attention every so often. It reminds me growing up as a young boy in a small village so far away from the nearest town. Life was simple and unsophisticated. There was a nearby school, a chapel, a number of homes and a playground. The neighborhood is surrounded by the highway in the north, a stretch of rice field in the west, a mixture of coconut and banana spread in the south and

October 16

We frequently took our baths in the nearby stream. The short walk to the river was always a fascinating journey, if not enchanting. Along the way is a beautiful, tall, enormous and gigantic mango tree. I always looked up with sheer amazement and admiration. Most times, I found my eyes searching for a glimpse of what seemed to be a reflection of something that will make my tongue dribble and drool—the sight of a green mango fruit. During weekends, we spent the afternoons running around and gathering, talked about practically anything. But we never failed to spend the later part of the day to play around the mango tree. My mango tree! All through the years, “my mango tree” witnessed a lot of happenings; the children’s laughter, adult exchanges and debates and people seeking shelter from the rains or the scorching sun. I believe even lovers exchanged their glances and sweet nothings under “my mango tree”.


DTM Alex Ginete Past District 20 Director DTM Experience My Mango Tree (Part2) In the intervening years, we all grew up, time to go to college. Since then, I hardly had any opportunity to visit “my mango tree”. Many years passed and eventually, I spent my last youthful vacation before embarking to join the working world. Before I let, I visited “my mango tree”. A lot has changed. The branches I used to climb were not there anymore. The luster green appearance seemed to have lost. It became so old. But underneath that old tree is a trunk that resembles age and wisdom; a witness to the circles of life; of storms and sun. Surprisingly, when I turned my head around, I saw several new young mango tree offspring. “My mango tree” had shared its immortality. It gave me a big and a tearful smile. Fast forward decades later; in May 2000, I found another protective and nurturing tree with beautiful branches.

October 16

I found those branches in the form of a new set of friends in Toastmasters. It gave me a new shelter to learn life’s predicaments, breakthroughs, triumphs, love, peace and blessings through the lives and stories of my Toastmasters friends. And with those stories I have also learned to share mine. Through the years, I did not only gather branches, but I had the opportunity to help plant many more trees in the form of Toastmasters clubs— and I found myself a friend and colleague to many. I had once counted over a hundred friends, I consider as a family; later, more than a thousand. Since then, I stopped counting. Because, I know that wherever I go, I will find my mango tree in my Toastmasters family. My Mango Family.





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