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Division K District 20 Newsletter issue # 2 Term 2016-2017

Born To Win

Division K Director Message TM Dr. Thuraya Juma

I am delighted to welcome you to the second issue of Division K newsletter where we will be celebrating the commitment and dedication of our members, Club Presidents, Area Directors and Division Leaders who all endeavor to perform their roles to the best of their abilities. Our theme of this term and Division contest is ‘Leading Towards a Legacy'. Indeed, the Club President and Area Directors have worked tirelessly to leave a lasting legacy and to create excellent, professional and well-organized contests. I would like to acknowledge their hard work and extend my thanks and appreciation to them. I would also like to express my gratitude and thanks to the organization committee of BTAC-K 2017 which lead by TM Dr. Babu Ramachan- dran and the members in this Division who have worked extremely hard to ensure the success of BTACK –K. In this contest season we have been able to take advantage of excellent opportunity to work with International Champions in order to develop winning Public Speaking skills. All Toastmasters, including Area Level winners, have been able to take advantage of a number of workshops, particularly TM Josephine Lee and her mentor TM Munjen workshop, in order to further enhance their skillset and to develop engaging, persuasive and informative speeches which will hopefully take them to the next level which is DTAC 2017. I wholeheartedly thank you all for supporting the Division and our members and wish you all an inspiration, enjoyable learning. 2


TM Dr. Thuraya Juma (Content Supervision) Dear Follow Toastmasters It gives me a great pleasure to be the Division K Public Relation Manager and I am pleased to be part in the second newsletter for the division in the term 20162017. The newsletter will introduce to you areas within the division along with clubs with in. It will later feature workshops and initiatives done in the past few months. It will then highlight few individuals achievements in the division . I hope you enjoy the issue and I look forward to your feedback TM Khaild Abdulla

TM Abulla Hijazi (Issue Designer)

Division K PR Manager 2016-2017 3

Past District Governor Message By DTM Philip D’Mello,

Greetings Division Director Madam Toastmaster Thuraya Juma and Members of the Division K. It is once again the Contest season. A time, Toastmasters come together to select the best of the Speakers. To do that, there is a lot of preparation and hard work from the officials and volunteers. My sincere thanks to all those who sacrificed their valuable time to organize this event.

Toastmasters is an amazing movement which brings in series of benefits to every member, provided we take active part, be it Communication or Leadership track. The more we give, the more we benefit from it. Share your experience with other members and help them to change for better and make this world a better place to live with peace, love and friendship. Nelson Mandela once said “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the World”. Our main business in a Club meeting is education. But, education without quality will be just a process without adding any value. Members leave and Clubs close down, if we do not conduct quality meetings. Retention of members is one of the biggest challenges in the present times. Let us work together to meet members requirements, so that, they get the best out of Toastmasters. Congratulations Division Director Madam Toastmaster Thuraya Juma and Division K Officials. My best wishes to all the Contestants.


Area Contests

Dear fellow members of Division K Toastmasters,

First of all, congratulations to Division K Director Dr. Thuraiya Juma and the team members of the Or- ganizing Committee of BATC-K 2017. I am proud and privileged to be a part of this vibrant Division. Every individual has joined this movement with some purpose. Most for improving their communication

TM Shivashanker Kamath, Area 10 Director (2016-17)

& leadership skills and some aiming to be professional speakers, Majority of them would vouch that the programme has worked for them and they are able to achieve their objectives. Members who have continued for long in the toastmasters movement believe that the driving force behind their long association is the simple pleasure of being in the company of good natured human beings. I am beginning to feel the same way. These days the world is passing through very challenging times. Economic turmoil is unending and its consequences are having cascading effect on every aspect of life. It is important to make oneself as valuable as possible. Strive to be an effective leader. Most companies value those with leadership abilities than those who follow. Dozens of books are available on leadership. Mere reading of these books will not help someone conquer his nervousness. Without doubt, Toastmasters is the right platform to attain this vital skill. Countless hours of thought and preparation have gone into organizing this event by many committed individuals. Result of this participation is that of great learning experience and also an immense sense of satisfaction. Best wishes to all contestants.


Area Contests


Area Contests


Area Contests

Dear Toastmasters,

With the approach of the last quarter of this term 2016-2017, it gives me great pleasure to address you once again. In spite of what we have achieved so far, the road is well paved ahead of us to progress further and for others to come on board.

TM Sarah Faqihi Area 35 Director (2016-17)

Remember Montry Roberts who held on to his dream of owning his own ranch and house, defying all comments and remarks of not ever making it. That success was never meant for him, he proved all wrong. Remember, we as Toastmasters always have a dream of becoming a better person and help others to do so. We always work and progress to achieve the best in us, to shine and strive to be better speakers of what we were yesterday. Take the lesson of this story with you. Never let an obstacle, a negative remark, a failure to stand in your way to success. Remember, you have to follow your heart and never ever let anyone take your dreams away.


Area Contests


Area Contests

Dear Leaders, My sincere appreciation goes to the Division K Director TM Thuraya for leading Division K and hav- ing a fabulous team to organize Division K annual contest in a mammoth way. It is a difficult task to anyone to continuously inspire others to get job done. Same time it is important for the team to get motivated. All the best to the contestants and I wish our winners win in DTAC as well.

TM M.B. Reddy Area 39 Director (2016-17)


The champion and the champion maker By TM Meenakshi Sundaram Hariha When I got the call from District 20 Director to take the role of the Chairman of the Event “The Champion and the Champion Maker”, I was humbled by the gesture. I started working on the project with the support of the Division K Director TM Thuraya Juma Abdulla to put on a team to work on this event. I thank almighty for providing with a team of great leaders in TM Anil Menon, DTM Raghunadha babu, TM M B Reddy, TM May Quitevas and TM Khalid Abdulla. There is no surprise that the event turned out to be a huge success with such stalwarts on the team. When I reflect on the experience in handling this event as a person in the middle of such great personalities, I ended up benefitting from each of their expertise. I have tried to jot down my learning.

TM Josephine Lee

Devil lies in the Details :

Great Leaders, they say, care about details. Steve jobs is one who looks not only in Big picture but also the details. This is something I noticed and learned from TM Anil Menon. He took up the Logistics and Stage Management for the event. He sat with me to understand the Big picture by asking relevant questions, then by defining in detail as to how he want to manage the event. TM Anil defined the event step by step in detail. He also communicated the details very clearly to his team and made sure they delivered the results. Every day, he will send a list of action pending from each of us and made sure we were on the toes always. He reignited the urge in me to follow the idiom “Devil lies in the Details” 11

Leadership is about Influence :

All the leaders need not be animated. Some of them don’t make their presence felt by action. But their stature is felt. They are silent influencers. DTM Raghunadha Babu is one of them. I realized that one need not show to the world that I am a leader to be a great leader. He was heading the sponsorship committee, rather he was one man army. He could extend his influence silently in bringing so many sponsors and he has not made any noise in the process. The lesson that I picked up from DTM Raghu is that one need not be animated to show your influence on others. Great Leaders influence people by mere presence and not necessarily by action.

Clarity :

Division K Director TM Thuraya showed me that a great leader always depicts clarity on what they need. She has been a great support throughout the event. Like how a board defines the expectation to a CEO of an organization, she has defined with ultimate clarity about her expectation from this event as Division K Director to me, the chairman of the event. She has never stopped from speaking her mind in the process. Great Leaders not only give clarity about what they expect but also don’t hesitate to speak their mind in instilling the clarity to the team.

Commitment :

Great leaders show their commitment, every time. TM May Quitevas who has taken up the registration fits in the definition commitment personified. Despite her official commitments clashing with the event responsibilities, she made sure the job was carried out with perfection. Great Leaders show up despite the difficulties. TM May is a great leader that way. Great Leaders also excel in what they take up. She has defined excellence in the way she handled the registration starting with the mail sent to every registrant to the way she ensured smooth handling of the registration at the day of the event. 12

Creativity :

Great leaders are creative. Steve Jobs could not have turned Apple into a great story but for his creativity. The PR machine for the event handled by Area 39 Director TM M B Reddy and Division K PR TM Khalid Abdulla proved that they are upto the task. The daily updates in the Facebook with different and eye catching posters every day. Their daily creativity generated a huge response for the event. When I reflect on the event, I have gained more insight into the leadership from each and everyone involved in the team. As a Chairman, I have hugely benefitted by learning how to handle a team of talented leaders. This whole experience can be put in simple terms “It is a humbling experience”.


Always say “Yes” to Leadership Role By DTM A. Ponnuchamy The sides of the mountain sustain life, not the peak. This is where things grow, experience is gained and technologies [techniques] are mastered."

Always say ‘yes’ to leadership. As you take on the responsibility of a leader, be it as club President, Area Director , Division Director, District Director, Area Contest Chairman or Chairman of any committee, your learning potential and the resulting confidence are bound to skyrocket. Accomplishing your mission as a leader might seem to be a Herculean task if you want to shoulder all the responsibilities by yourself. If you believe in the power of motivation, delegation and team work, then nothing can compare to the sense of satisfaction and elation when your team achieves your goals progressively. Of course, it is bound to be as trying in the process as it will be rewarding in the end. President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam says success in any endeavour is like climbing a mountain. It is pointless to leap to the peak "without experiencing the sides.

As we are inundated with responsibilities, from every quarter – family, friends, work and other social commitments, the going might get tough; team members may not come up to our expectations; we might run behind schedule. To avoid such frustrations, while delegating responsibility identify the strengths of your team members and assign work accordingly, so he/she will take pride in their achievement and the team can accomplish its mission, too.

One sure tonic that will boost you along the way as you slog, prod and struggle to achieve your goals is enthusiasm. Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Enthusiasm is contagious. If you exude enthusiasm, other members cannot but respond in a similar fashion.


As you toil for success, if your willingness to work for your goals remains steadfast, and in true Toastmasters’ style if you evaluate your successes and failures every step of the way and learn from your mistakes, you are sure to succeed. It is also extremely important to recognize the accomplishments of your team members, however small the accomplishment may be. Be generous and genuine in your praise of each member’s achievements. A word of thanks by email or a phone call or a round of applause at the meeting ought to go a long way in achieving the remaining goals. It is vital not to steal the credit from someone else. As a Chinese philosopher once said, “a good leader is one who when the task is accomplished says, we have achieved together.”

Leading your team is going to be a truly life-altering experience, as our International President DTM Jon Greiner says: “Toastmasters - changing lives, one at a time.” The challenges this role is going to present are sure to enhance your personality, changing your life, leaving you charged and confident, turning you into a dynamic leader ready to extend the benefits of toastmasters to your family and friends, helping them change their lives, too. Enjoy your leadership experience!


Bahrain Toastmasters Annual Contest BTAK-K 2017 Winners Division K heartily congratulates the winners of Bahrain Toastmasters Annual Contest BTAC-K 2017 which held on March, 24th. The list of the winners in The 4 contests categories in both English & Arabic are:

Evaluation Speech Contest Winners:English:


1) TM Ahmed Shukri 2)TM Nikitha Krisnadas 3)TM A. Redha Nawrooz

1)TM Ahmed Naser 2)TM Eman Almuqla

Humorous Speech Contest Winners:English:


1)TM Kamal Al Shehabi 2)TM Sivaraj P. N. 3)TM Rashid Ahmed Maymoon

1) TM Ishaq Al Kooheji

Table Topic Speech Contest Winners:English:


1)TM Neenu Mary George 2)TM Anagha AjayKumar 3)TM Nikitha Krisnadas

1)TM Faisal Msameh 2)TM Naser Alomari

International Speech Contest Winners:English:


1)TM Kamal Al Shehabi 2)TM Biljana Davceva 3)TM Fatima Husain

1)TM Basem Alsharji 3)TM Safa Hasan




Honoring of the Women of Division K Toastmasters By DTM Alex Ginete The “Honoring of the Women of Division K Toastmasters” was a brainchild of Division K Director Thuraya Juma. Division K Director Dr. Thuraya, was brought this idea during the initial committee meetings and was instantly reinforced and supported by the event Chairperson DTM Babu Ramachandran and Education Chairperson DTM Alex Ginete. Incidentally, In 1973, Toastmasters began officially admitting women, and in 1985, the first Lady Toastmaster Helen Blanchard was inducted—a good 12 years. Similarly, Toastmasters has been in Bahrain since early 1960s, but it was only in in the 1990s that women joined Toastmasters—30 or so years afterwards.

DTM Alex Ginete

One of the most fundamental ways that Toastmasters brought to our midst is empowering women to identify their strengths and abilities, and move towards contributing to create a better world to live in. On this Division K Conference, we were privileged to have got the chance to honor the braved to the frontline and lead others in proving that alongside Toastmasters gentlemen are similarly competent ladies can be as effective speakers as well.


DTM Dr. Gita Ponnuchamy is the first lady Toastmaster in Bahrain.

A truly transformational leader with the ability to lead colleagues through change. An effective trainer; have successfully trained school teachers in teaching/learning strategies such as differentiating instruction, collaboration, inter-disciplinary teaching, making learning fun, etc.; have trained school administrators in strategies for enhancing student achievement; have conducted more than 30 professional development workshops. A teacher with passion for helping students have ‘aha’ moments in the classroom

• • •

A highly motivated professional committed to helping students, teachers and school administrators excel

A Distinguished Toastmaster, who has been in Toastmasters for over 20 years, having joined as the first lady Toastmaster in the Middle East.

• • • • • • •

Division Governor of 24 Toastmasters clubs Presenter of a number of presentations Winner of several speech contests Winner of debate competitions. Attendee at several Toastmasters Conventions in the USA & Canada. An avid traveler; have visited 50 countries. A dedicated yoga trainer.

Her goal in life is to start a school for poor children in her home town in India. 20

Director of Quality Assurance Office at College of Science, University of Bahrain.

• •

Ph.D., Department of Mathematics Imperial College, University of London,

A Mathematician, Higher Education Educator, Quality Assurance specialist and a mentor

A Farmer and a toastmaster.

Joined Toastmasters in 2009.

• •

Took different roles in club excom. Member in several clubs and community societies.

Past Area 3 Governor

A highly motivated professional committed to helping students, teachers and school administrators excel A Distinguished Toastmaster

• •

She loves meeting people, reading books, nature, animal, travelling & collecting mugs.

She is fluent in Arabic and English, and speaks basic Spanish and Mandarin.

• •

Behind the remarkable credentials----is a Toastmaster of over 8 years. A truly admirable, humble, dedicated, commendable and definitely fabulous Lady Toastmaster.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s give a resounding applause to our very own Division Director, Lady Toastmaster Dr. Thuraya Juma


DTM Fatima was the first Bahraini Female Toastmaster from a Corporate Toastmasters Club to obtain her Distinguished Toastmaster Title. She is considered a true loyal and a hard working Toastmaster since 2007 who served Toastmasters Clubs whether in the Kingdom of Bahrain or outside Bahrain. Served and helped in many Toastmasters Leaderships Programmes , events and annual contests at all levels whether clubs , Areas , Divisions and District levels; including:

Chartered Member of some Arabic and English Toastmasters clubs in Bahrain.

Ambassador Toastmaster for Annual Conference for District 79 , DTAC-2012 in Kuwait.

Served many Toastmasters Annual Contests up to District level for years whether as Chief Judge or as a Judge.

Certified Coordinator for Youth Leadership Program ( YLP ).

She received and continues to obtain many leaderships awards, certificates and trophies for her unwavering energy in her Toastmasters engagements—and always, with a smile.


Rekha Utham, who joined the work place after 18 years of being a home maker, very quickly reached the top of her career in the very demanding Airline Industry. Rekha left a Business Development job in the highly competitive airline industry to start a career with a multinational insurance firm in their human resource and admin department. This was the beginning of a rewarding career in the business of managing people and organizational dynamics Rekha today is Head of HR, Admin & Training in a leading insurance company in Bahrain. An avid Toastmaster Rekha as a member of WMC Toastmasters has been its President served as Area Governor for Area 35 and has been part of several speech craft programmers such as the ones for BAPCO & Zain. Has always been involved with the youth leadership programmers conducted by the club. Rekha has directed two short plays and one full length play for WMC Toastmasters in their pursuit to varied forms of communication. She has also been part of the organizing team of WMC events like Faces Phases and Massrahiya – short play contest, Cinergy Film festival and Exponent professional forum. She is a guest lecturer at CIPD, teaching HR courses to aspiring practitioners. Her interest in people has led her to her other major pursuit of counseling people to help them resolve their problems. She is a certified counselor well known in the community for her commendable work. Rekha also has a deep and abiding interest in teaching spoken English especially to laborers and women from the Indian subcontinent. Passionate about language and literature she also conducts workshops for children and adults in Reading and Creative writing. A creative personality and an avid reader Rekha writes poetry and prose in her spare time. With over 3 decades of work experience, Rekha has a Masters degree in English Literature, is an ACIPD from CIPD, UK, has higher Diploma in Counseling from ICM & Oxford College, London and is currently pursuing her second masters in Psychology & Counseling. A dedicated person with two daughters both of whom are professionals in their own right, Rekha attributes her success to her ability to change, adapt and re-invent herself to the times and environments she exists in. 23

First Arabic DTM lady in Kingdom of Bahrain

President of Ofooq and Basma Club.

Mentor of Southern Club.

Member in Misk , Areej, VOI, Kingdom.

Arabic Contest Coordinator - DTAC-2017.


• • • • • •

Past Division K Governor, Past Area 15 Governor, Past District 20 Secretary, Member of TASCA Toastmasters Club, Bahrain Advanced Toastmasters Club, And Krypton Advanced Toastmasters Club

Distinguished Toastmaster Premlatha is a very active person both with family and friends, the community spending time for good causes and in Toastmasters.

A mother of two loving children Shibi and Jeeva.

She completed her bachelor in Engineering, Masters in Business Administration (International) and works as a planning engineer in an international Engg Consultancy in Bahrain. She was an independent councilor in Sulur Town Panchayat - 11th ward(1996-2000); Founder of Sulur Women and Child Development Organisation(SUWACDO), which was awarded the state best award in 2001 by youth affairs Ministry of Central Govt of India.Helped many women to stand on their own leg.

She helped established RMN computer center & services and spread computer literacy a decade ago itself in and around sulur through govt. aided programs; resulted with many of my old students are in good jobs now. Also, was active Youth consultant of NYK,coimbatore &worked with many youth projects of NYK, in and around coimbatore. Awarded district Best Youth Award for Social Services in 2000.

She has an array of involvements with Toastmasters, including: President of TASCA Toastmasters (for Tamil community members) in 2009-2010; Asst. Division Governor for Education & Training for Division K (2010-2011); Vice president Education in Bahrain Advanced Toastmasters, Mentor for Krypton Advanced Toastmasters; Asst. Area Governor Area15; and as Division K Governor, amongst many others.

She strongly believes that Toastmasters is for developing Leadership and public speaking skills!


January Club Officers Training The Club officers training 2 (COT2) program was conducted on Friday , 13 January 2017 @ 3:3pm, @ Pakistan School in Isa Town



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Division k newsletter no2 2016 2017  

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