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Qatar Toastmasters

Vol 9 Issue 2 February 2014

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TM Williams Antony


TM Samanthi Gamage

Proof Reader

TM Sarita Jacob

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Qatar Toastmasters Club, Doha, Qatar

am glad to be back with another fruitful issue of QTM Newsletter

Qatar Toastmasters Club Office Bearers 2013-2014

and overwhelmed as it has been dedicated to the fairer sex of QTM. February QTM Newsletter dedicated to all the QTM Mademoiselles, is a high note of appreciation of the existing madam Toastmasters by the Excom. We appreciate the contribution of all of you and encourage more ladies to join the club to take it to greater heights. Having been privileged to be the only female member in the Excom, let me share my story about the treasures I discovered in QTM


TM Williams Antony

VP Education

TM Thomas Joseph

VP Membership

TM Jayaraj K . R

I am the quietest person among all the members in my family and relatives. However, I used to deliver speeches at the school assemblies and they were always appreciated by my friends and teachers. Those days I never felt stage fear or butterflies in my stomach. However, later in my life, I understood that I found it very difficult to speak in front of work colleagues or the superiors unless it was a one on one interview.

VP Public Relations TM Samanthi Gamage Secretary

TM Biju Mathew

I was advised and sometimes warned to be more social or simply in other words to “Talk More� to get out of the fear or the discomfort.


TM Saad Ghosn

Sargent At Arms

TM Eranga Wijeyawardna

But, my idea throughout has been a different one. "In ancient times, when men were out hunting wooly mammoth, women were left behind to tend and befriend, so they had to be better communicators in order to survive as a group. Better according to me never meant that somebody has to TALK MORE. In my opinion, a better communicator is a person who has a lot of empathy for his audience (can be one or hundred) and who can deliver what the audience needs. So, all what I thought was to speak when necessary and according to the needs which arise at times. Joining QTM has assisted me to learn the art of communication. Even though, I am still the quietest person, like I used to be, my communication skill in public has become better than what it was. I learnt how to speak, the best words to use and the best tone to use by being a member at QTM. What I learnt at QTM is strength and it is a blessing to my life. I encourage the ladies out there to explore the world of public speaking and leadership by being with QTM. I salute all the members of QTM for your contribution and the sacrifice you made to the present in order to bring the club to its level today.

TM Jais Thomas







February 2014 Volume 9 Issue 2

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District 20 Governor Visits Qatar Toastmasters - Page 4

Women Power (Cover Story)- Page 5

Club Contest - Page 7

Expectations (By Hissa Al Nassr)- Page 11

Insight (By Nevine Kamel) - Page 12



Superpower ( By Sarita Jacob)

QTM in news– Page 13

A Brit Abroad (By Belinda Yare)- Page 14

Distinguished Club Program– Page 15

The Ultimate Makeover( By Rukhsana Khan) – Page 16

Attend Toastmasters and Stay Healthy - Page 17

On a lighter note– 18

Mrs. Ayesha Rahuman bids farewell– Page 19

Upcoming Events– Page 21


District Governor Visits Qatar Toastmasters


Cover Story: Women Power


Ladies make a clean sweep in the Club Contests


Attend Toastmasters and Stay healthy

Register for TACQ 2014 see page 21 for more details.


Honorable District 20 Governor and our very own Victoria M. Ferrer, DTM visits Qatar Toastmasters Club on 5th January 2014 (first meeting for the year 2014.

The ladies of Qatar Toastmasters club seated with the District 20 Governor. A group photo taken on 5th January 2014.



A salute to the ladies of Qatar Toastmasters

By TM Williams Antony,CC, CL




By TM Williams Antony,CC, CL

It is said that “Behind every successful man there is a woman”.

What about a successful

organization? Are the women in that organization equally responsible as the men for its success? Do they contribute as much as their male counterparts do? It can be a topic for a heated debate!! As the President of Qatar Toastmasters Club which has 14 ladies out of a 54 strong membership base, I would say that the ladies of our club have contributed equally, if not more, for the success of not only our club, but our Area, Division and the District too. It is for this very reason that this edition of our newsletter has been dedicated to the QTM Eves. When I joined the club back in April 2009, there was only 1 lady. In 2010, 2 more ladies joined and then a few more and now we have 14. These ladies have brought name and fame to our club. They are a source of strength and inspiration in the running of the club, even if only one of them is a part of the club executive committee for this term. Whether it is the regular club meetings, Qatar Open Youth Public Speaking Championship, Area Contest, Division Contest or the Division conducted workshops, they are there to support. More credit is required to be given to them because unlike men most of them also have their children and / or husband to look after, other household chores and their professional career. In spite of all that the many hours they devote for Toastmasters convey their true dedication and commitment. So far the year 2013 – 14 has been special for these ladies: Out of 8 educational awards achieved by the club, 5 are by the ladies. Out of 5 DCP points for educational goals, 3 are from the ladies. The club Humorous Contest Winner is a lady. The club Table Topics Contest Winner is a lady. The 2nd and 3rd place winners are also ladies. The club International Speech Contest Winner is a lady. The 2nd place winner is a lady. The club Evaluation Speech Contest Winner is a lady. The 2nd place winner is a lady. This year all the contestants from our club for the Area contest are Ladies. That in itself is a remarkable achievement. In the present world where women are fighting for their rights we at Qatar Toastmasters Club can proudly say that we have Madam Toastmasters in our ranks who are among the best in the business and who we are sure will bring home glory for our club. We are proud of you Ladies of QTM. Williams Antony President















International Speech Contest

Humorous Speech Contest

1st Place— TM Nevine Kamel

1st Place— TM Sheikha Al Nassr

2nd Place— TM Belinda Yare

2nd Place— TM Nilesh Oturkar

3rd Place— TM Seymur Rasulov

3rd Place— TM Bilal Khan

Table Topics Contest

Evaluation Contest

1st Place— TM Rukhsana Khan

1st Place— TM Belinda Yare

2nd Place— TM Nevine Kamel

2nd Place— TM Nevine Kamel

3rd Place— TM Samanthi Gamage

3rd Place— TM Jais Thomas TOASTED TIDINGS




International Speech Contest (From left) : TM Thomas Joseph (VP Education), TM Stefan Goedeke, TM Seymur Rasulov, TM Nevine Kamel, TM Sarita Jacob (Contest Chair), TM Eranga .W, TM Rajesh Nair, TM Belinda Yare, TM Clarivic Vistal and TM Williams Antony (President)

Humorous Speech Contest (From left) : TM Williams Antony (President), Raghavan, DTM( Chief Judge), TM Nilesh Oturkar, TM Eranga. W, TM Shaikha Al Nassr, TM Belal Khan, TM CIpriano Collado and TM Thomas Joseph ( Contest Chair)

Table Topics Contest (From left) : TM Williams Antony (President), TM Sanjay Rao (Contest Chair), TM Rukhsana Khan, TM Senthil Kumar, TM Nevine Kamel, TM Fathima Sajitha, TM Samanthi Gamage and Raghavan, DTM ( Chief Judge)

Evaluation Contest (From left) : TM Thomas Joseph( VP Education), TM Saad Goshen, TM Belinda Yare, TM Samanthi Gamage (Contest Chair), TM Nevine Kamel, TM Jais Thomas, TM Biju Mathew and TM Williams Antony (President) TOASTED TIDINGS



This group photo was taken after the International and Evaluation Contest on 16th Feb 2014. Division E Governor Saquib Raza Khan, Area 18 Governor TM Juttas Paul, Assistant Division E Governor for Education and Training TM Nasimudheen Hameed, and Assistant Division E Governor TM Shyam Sundar (seated: center) were the dignitaries present to grace the occasion.

This group photo was taken after the Humorous and Table Topics Contest on 19th January 2014. Assistant Division E Governor for Education and Training, TM Nasimudheen Hameed, was present to grace the occasion.



Expectations By TM Hissa Al Nassr

Success story of Hissa

Volunteering with the Sand committee was one of the best experiences. We donated food and clothes to poor people before Eid festival.

We donated I remember one Ramadan. It was 50 degrees and scorching sun rays. I handed an old, wrinkled lady a package of rice, sugar and dates. She kept staring at me. She smiled at me and said “Thank you, you are so generous, God bless you, I will keep praying for you” I really have never felt such joy from any job I have ever done. Volunteering helped me to set new goals.

“Hissa, What are you doing? Why are you wasting your time by doing volunteer work? Life is money! Do something in your life to gain money!” This is what my family, friends and people around me kept telling me 4 year ago when I was at university. But for me volunteering means three things:  Doing something from my heart .  Putting a smile on someone’s face.  To do good things without expecting anything in return.

“I was awarded a volunteer award from Social Development Center. Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad Al-Thani the daughter of His highness – The Father Emir, gave my award at the ceremony at QNCC.”

My journey as a volunteer started when I was at University. I attended a workshop on selfmanagement. The coach was speaking about organizing your time and setting priorities in life; he asked all the attendees to write their goals.

I worked hard and focused on my role at Doha Youth Center conference. I accepted the chief editor position of a youth magazine to improve myself in media field. I discovered myself. I love conducting workshops and lectures to share information, knowledge and experience. Now I have the answers for what my family and friends told me. My life has changed for the better. I have friends who support me. I have discovered myself and my passion. I have joined the best Toastmasters club in Qatar and I have expanded my horizons. I was awarded a volunteer award from Social Development Center. Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad AlThani the the daughter of His Highness – The Father Emir gave my award at the ceremony at QNCC. My family has started to see the difference that volunteering has made in me. Now, they are no more negative but very proud of me.

Everyone started writing their goal except me; I didn’t know what to write, I had no goals. So, I decided to change my life, to find myself and write my goals. I started volunteering at different centers and on different occasions. Kemm Club, Hemem Club, Qatar Career Fair and Injaz Qatar are some of the places that I spent my time and energy.

TM Hissa Al Nassr works for RAS GAS. She is a Qatari National. She is very dedicated and sincere when it comes to taking up any roles or doing her project speeches.



Insight How it all began for Nevine

By TM Nevine Kamel, CC,CL

Four years ago, I was attending a workshop in KSA when the word “Toastmasters International” entered my world for the first time ever. My mentor recommended it to me and highlighted the importance of public speaking and how he himself benefited a lot from it. As soon as I returned home on that day, I registered for my first meeting in one of the prominent clubs in Jeddah, KSA. My journey so far has been an exciting one, it has positively changed both my personal life and career. Toastmasters has developed my self-confidence, my communication with people around me, and my leadership skills. Now I can think on my feet and speak impromptu about any topic I come across. When I landed in Qatar, my top priority was to join a prominent club, and that I did after finding out that Qatar Toastmasters Club is one of the oldest and most successful clubs in Doha. In that club, I saw in action the seniors of my club setting examples of dedication, commitment and excellence. As a member of that big family, my understanding of diversity, inclusion, and community service came into action, I learnt that a toastmaster has to give back to the community in terms of supporting younger generations and mentoring new TM Nevine Kamel, CC, CL is a champion members to help each other grow and make the world a better place speaker from Qatar Toastmasters . In the by fostering communication and mutual understanding. past she has represented Qatar After four years of awards and trophies from Toastmasters International, I have to thank each and every one who supported me and gave my voice the chance as an “EVE” to reach the world. And above all, thanks Toastmasters for being in my life.

Toastmasters at the Division Level in International and Evaluation Contests. She is an experienced HR Consultant with 15 years experience in talent management & development.

Superpower By TM Sarita Jacob, CC

Words of wisdom to all women

The phrase ‘Woman Power’ brings a lot of vim and vigour to me. The female members of Qatar Toastmasters have a special strength – the strength of being a woman. Every woman is born with a natural power. The power to lead! This power is within us all our lives. We have this light shining in our hearts all the time. What will you do about this power you possess? Are you going to bury it, or will you choose to put it into action? “If you want to see what eagles see, you must be willing to do what eagles do” - Gail M. Hayes In order to live an empowered life every day, let’s remind ourselves about our inner strength, let’s compete with our own potential, let’s challenge our previous efforts, let’s all be a positively positive force in Toastmasters, in our families, in the workplace and everywhere giving true meaning to the multifaceted ‘Woman Power’. We should not choose to settle for less than our best. Let’s move forward, come on! Let the light within us shine brilliantly.

TM Sarita Jacob, CC works as the Group HR Manager at MAS Holding, Qatar. She completed her Competent Communicator at an outstanding speed and is already pursuing her advance level speeches.




“MARKET YOUR CLUB” DONE RIGHT Qatar TV's report about Qatar Toastmasters Club. It was recorded on 19/1/2014 during the club humorous and the table topics contests held in Radisson Blu Doha. This video was run on 27/1/2014 as part of a program called "Noun Al-Newsa" [A program hosted by females] and this episode was talking about the importance of self-confidence and how to build it, and toastmasters was one of the tools mentioned to develop that particular trait. The video gave a glimpse of what was happening on that day with special appearance of several members of the club.

Click to view the video







A Brit abroad Title says it all….. Before coming to Qatar in April 2013, I had three months left to

By Belinda Yare, DTM lated by men proved to be accurate, which is not surprising given the ratio of men to women in the population of Qatar as a whole. One could make the assumption that the presence and activities of women in these clubs would reflect the ratio. But not so! The women I have met at various clubs and events stand as giants. They are strong, intelligent, eloquent and determined. They see themselves as equal and contribute amazing talents to their clubs and TM in general.

complete my term as Area Governor, having been Assistant Area Governor for two years as well as Club President for two years and VPE for two years, and a founding member and VPE for a new corporate club for a year and a half. I liked to keep busy. I had researched TM in Qatar and was amazed to see so many clubs in such a small area. I read the websites and newsletters of various clubs (there were so many), looked at the pictures and It was an amazing experience to see and I am glad my initial misgivings were cut short. In District 71 the ratio of men to perused the articles. I was excited to see my hobby women is roughly equal, but strangely when it comes to and passion was active and incredibly busy in what “My initial competing, I would say around 70% of the contestants was going to be my new home. observation are male. They hold the annual contests in the autumn I visited a few clubs in my first couple of months and spring; Humorous and Table Topics in September to here. My husband and I quickly realised that traffic that most TM November and International and Evaluation in February was a nightmare and so I wanted to join a club that clubs here are to May. Each set concluding at a biannual conference. I would be easy to get to, where I could I feel valued attended four of these conferences before leaving the heavily and my skills and experience would be of use to UK and attended one as a Table Topics Contest finalist. people. All the clubs I visited treated me exception- populated by Each conference would have a theme, a fancy dress parally well and my soon to be DTM status was ty, a gala dinner and dance, workshops, activities and men proved to acknowledged. If funds would have allowed me to Excom meetings. Between three and five hunbe accurate, breakfast join them all, I would have. It was a tough decision dred people would attend, It was exhilarating yet exwhich club to join, but eventually I made my which is not hausting. choice. surprising Yes, I do miss my old District, I made some fabulous In District 71 (which covers the UK and the whole friends through TM and I still support my old club with of Ireland), there are over 250 clubs sharing be- given the ratio their IT needs (they use an online system for meetings tween them nearly 8,000 members. My home club of men to organisation and tracking and recording members of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, was the longest achievements; it reduces the work for the VPE by 50%). running club in District 71 having chartered in women in the However, I am glad and very grateful for such a strong 1956. population of TM presence here in Qatar. Again I have met some amazing people, inspiring leaders and speakers and inA small club with just over twenty members, we Qatar as a valuable experience of speaking to and working with all would meet in the Stoke Mandeville Sports Stadiwhole.” the different cultures, backgrounds and live experiences. um; this was also home to the birth of the Paralympics many years ago. It has been very interesting for me to visit clubs in different places and see how clubs carry out meetings. For example, at a club meeting in Ireland, members would stand by their chairs to respond to table topics, it was timed and any member could interject and carry on with the topic. Every member would also write a short speech evaluation for each speaker, so at the end of the evening, a speaker would go home clutching twenty or so evaluations of their speech. In District 71 nearly clubs evaluate the table topics session, which doesn’t happen here in Qatar. Some table topics sessions here have had 7-8 speakers (which would make for a very long evaluation session!). Another difference here is introductions. Initially I thought this was too time consuming and a bit too formal, but it was pointed out to me, that it’s an excellent way of networking, which is incredibly useful in a city of strangers. And wow, everything in Qatar is photographed! There are some very keen photographers at all the meetings I’ve attended.

Belinda Yare, DTM is a skilled Coach, Trainer and Award winning Public Speaker who gets the job done and engages with people. Her passion and enthusiasm was contagious from the start.

My initial observation that most TM clubs here are heavily popuTOASTED TIDINGS


Why You Should Care About the Distinguished Club Program

A must read for any toastmaster...

By Joe McCleskey


If you’ve been a member for more than a few months, chances are you’ve heard of the Distinguished Club Program, or DCP. You may also know that each year, clubs that perform well in the DCP are recognized for their efforts and can proudly display a Distinguished, Select Distinguished or President’s Distinguished ribbon on their club banner. But what’s in it for you, the individual member? Here’s why focusing on your club’s performance in the DCP should matter to every Toastmasters member: • The DCP promotes club quality. Clubs that perform well in the DCP provide a higher-quality club experience for all of its members. Each aspect of the DCP, from membership to education awards to club officer training, is designed to enhance and reinforce the enjoyment and supportive atmosphere for each member, every time the club meets. • The DCP ensures productive meetings. Focusing on the educational goals of the DCP will keep members moving through the education program. When people earn communication and leadership awards, they gain much more than just a certificate or points toward the DCP; they gain the satisfaction and confidence that comes from completing a goal. They also provide an inspirational example for other club members, who can see the transformation that has occurred as a direct result of Toastmasters training. Other aspects of the DCP help keep meetings productive, too. Keeping club membership at or above 20, for example, will fill club meeting roles and maintain the energy level needed for a

successful meeting. • The DCP provides structure and guidance. Clubs that perform well in the DCP always know who should be doing what and when they should be doing it. The club officer training requirements of the DCP, for example, help to ensure that club business is conducted fairly, efficiently and in accordance with Toastmasters policy. Similarly, the educational goals of the DCP provide direction and incentive for all members to achieve individually as well as collectively. • The DCP increases the enthusiasm of the club. The goal is not for clubs to compete against one another; it’s for all clubs to strive to achieve the same standards of excellence. Nonetheless, striving for achievement in the DCP is a way to engage the spirit of friendly competition that can help motivate club members to perform their duties with gusto. So remember: When you work hard to help your club achieve in the DCP, you’re not only helping your club – you’re helping yourself as well. Joe McCleskey is the Manager of Educational Development at Toastmasters World Headquarters in Rancho Santa Margarita, California



The Ultimate Makeover By TM Rukhsana Khan, CC,CL

An interesting read... JUT

Last week I was sitting in the lobby of a 5-star hotel when an


attractive looking woman caught my attention. She was walking towards me. I recognized her instantly. We had known each other for many years through work, but we had not seen each other for months. As she drew closer I stood up to say hello. When she opened her mouth to reply all I could focus on was her facial expression - or rather her lack of facial expression. She had no worry lines. No laughter lines. No lines whatsoever. Her face was void of expression. It was filled with botox instead. It’s an increasingly common sight. More and more women – and AFTER TOASTMASTERS BEFORE TOASTMASTERS men – are undergoing all kinds of cosmetic procedures to “fix” their flaws, “improve” themselves, and make themselves more “attractive”. They may attract our attention but even laugh. Laughter is anti-aging. A warm smile is the attracting attention and attraction are not the same. “Being best accessory you can wear. It takes years off your For a moment I felt uneasy in my own skin. I have attractive is face. A sense of humour and a positive attitude make lines and I have flaws. I asked myself: am I as atmore than skin you doubly attractive. tractive as her? all, as Toastmasters we learn to accept, respect deep. I believe Above But then I told myself: Rukhsana, you can still turn and appreciate one other for who we already are. There that heads at any age! is nothing “wrong” with us, and together we can work I have Toastmasters to thank for that belief in my- Toastmasters on improving ourselves from the inside out, to become self. Being attractive is more than skin deep. I be- is the ultimate the best that we can be. Fortunately there are no needles, no knives and there are also no shortcuts. It still lieve that Toastmasters is the ultimate makeover. makeover. Let takes courage to change. Thank goodness the ToastmasLet me tell you why. ters treatment is enjoyable, effective and a lot safer than me tell you surgery! First, being a Toastmaster helps boost your confidence. I used to be very unsure of myself. I doubtwhy” If you ask me, Toastmasters is more than just a program ed my abilities and my worth. Many women – and to improve our communication and leadership skills. It men – face the same problem. is the ultimate makeover. Anyone who wants to “fix” their flaws, Since joining Toastmasters my insecurity has slowly turned into “improve” themselves, and make themselves more “attractive” does security. I am less fearful, and more poised. I have noticed a not need to undergo painful procedures or spend lots of money, only huge rise in my self-confidence. Guess what, others have noticed to get temporary results. There is a better way... it too. Confidence is like the “X” factor, that je ne sais quoi. By all means speak to a cosmetic surgeon, but visit a Toastmasters Confidence makes you attractive. club first. It’s much more affordable, way more fun, and it delivers Second, being a Toastmaster redefines you if you are willing to permanent results that speak for themselves. I am convinced that work hard at it. The harder I have worked to shed the excess Toastmasters is the ultimate makeover- For women and for men. weight of my fears through public speaking, the more I have reDear Toastmaster: You are beautiful inside and out. Look in the mirshaped myself. Each time I have lifted the weight of responsibilror and you’ll see what I mean. ity in a leadership role I have discovered muscles I never knew I had. Strength of character makes you attractive. Third, by practicing the tips from speech projects, you stop performing and start acting naturally. Toastmasters has taught me how to project my true personality. I feel like I can genuinely connect with people. Now I can look you in the eye and hold an engaging conversation, with many of you, a few of you or just you. My body speaks too. Being yourself makes you attractive. As Toastmasters, no matter what we look like, when we speak people listen. We learn to listen. Our once straight faces start to relax and smile more. Eventually we make others smile, and

TM Rukhsana Khan, CC, CL is a well known lawyer in Qatar. She works at the law office of Gebran Majdalany, Qatar. Many new members look up to her for her contributions and achievements in the club. She is the past secretary and immediate past VP Membership.



Attend Toastmasters and Stay Healthy By TM Vinod Mehra

Sure to intrigue you…..

unexplained pain, and low tolerance for pain.


OXYTOCIN deficiency causes generalized depression and anxiety, social isolation, phobias, panic attacks, sleep difficulties, and other common stress related ailments. So what has the above hormones to do with Toastmasters? Here is what happens in a Toastmasters meeting that impacts physiological changes in your body and it’s all towards your healthy well-being.

M edical

Let’s evaluate what happens when you visit science says that human body produces 4 your Toastmasters club? types of happy hormones/neurotransmitters. And when You network and participate in the meeting. You menour body is underproducing or not producing those tor, evaluate or general evaluate the meeting. And all hormones, medical practitioners prescribe external the said activities help you to bond and bonding credrugs to supplement those happy hormones. They are; ates a surge of OXYTOCIN. ENDORPHINS: These are strain, pain and fear maskWhen you attempt speaking roles – Project speech, Table ing hormones or neuro -transmitters. When a marTopics or Evaluation; there is a surge of fear and exathon runner is competing Endorphins masks the citement and that’s the time body repain creating a high to complete the run. That’s lease ENDORPHINS. why runners feel the pain next day or after some hours of completing the run. When you finish delivering your speech, evaluation or table topics that’s the time you feel the surge DOPAMINE: Dopamine controls the brain’s reward of DOPAMINE. and pleasure centers. Dopamine enables us not only to see rewards, but to take action to move And when you receive applause and accolades for your towards them. Such as when we complete the performance that’s the time the body releasmarathon. es SEROTONIN. SEROTONIN: You feel the surge of Serotonin when Those two hours and 30 minutes you spend in a you receive applause for your achievements. The Toastmasters meeting are filled with a healthy dose o f good thing is that the receiver and provider both organically produced hormones. feel the surge of Serotonin when applause takes place. Serotonin is a mood enhancing neurotransAttend Toastmasters and stay healthy. mitter/hormone. OXYTOCIN: This hormone/neurotransmitter is responsible for creating bond between friends, family and loved ones. You feel a surge of Oxytocin when you are among the loved one. The happy hormones are very important for our bodily function and deficiency of these in our body is disastrous. DOPAMINE deficiency in PARKINSON’S Disease.


SEROTONIN deficiency symptoms are Fatigue when you should feel rested and energized; Negative thoughts with no apparent cause; Mood swings and more. ENDORPHINS deficiency causes depression, chronic

TM Vinod Mehra is a passionate toastmaster. He is the managing director at Neev Consultancy, Dubai. He helps the business increase brand visibility and close more profitable sales. TOASTED TIDINGS





NEWS QATAR TOASTMASTERS FELICITATES MRS. AYESHA RAHUMAN “Mrs. Ayesha Rahuman’s name is reminded along with Qatar Gavel Club, I will never forget the lady who helped us to start it in the school that she worked for” Area 12 Governor TM Thayalan stated the above lines of appreciation in his felicitation speech to Mrs Rahuman who recently left Doha after her retirement. QTM conducted the Youth Leadership Programme 2 years ago at Stafford Sri Lankan School and later initiated QGC to the students. With Mrs Rahuman’s permission QTM was able to expand QGC not only to students of Stafford but to other students in Doha as well. She was a motivator and an enthusiastic participant of the QGC meetings held in school. She encouraged the Gavelliers to be productive and the other students in Stafford to join QGC. We believe that she is a true leader who inspired others. We wish her all the best in her life and hope she will continue her service to the younger generation.

Mrs. Ayesha Rahuman receiving the “Plaque of Appreciation” from the Immediate Past International Director George Thomas, DTM TOASTED TIDINGS



Adieu to one of our well wishers

Warm greetings to the members of Qatar Toastmasters Club!!

Qatar Toastmasters Club is a long-standing organization that works towards enhancing public speaking skills of various individuals and opening doors to adults from all walks of life. As a Principal, I feel that this is a tremendous service rendered to society in general. I myself am an ardent enthusiast of public speaking and promote it in school as and when possible. You are true leaders, guiding through exemplary effort and sheer passion. The ability to mesmerize audience with motivational speeches, sharing thoughts and obtaining invaluable experience in retrospect, is a wonderful feeling. It fills one with a sense of achievement, pride and above all joy at having conquered one’s fears. The service that you continue to render to the community in Qatar must be considered with utmost respect. You have under your wing numerous achievements but your crowning glory is your undeterred dedication towards this one cause- enhancing public speaking. I wish to take this opportunity to acknowledge the work carried out by Qatar Toastmasters Club to promote public speaking among youth by way of establishing the Qatar Gavels Club. The healthy number of aspiring young speakers who have joined the club, from our school and several other schools in Qatar, is a marvelous sight to behold! I salute you for this yeoman service for the benefit of the future generation. I can say with joy that one of my dreams has been realized through this club. You have undoubtedly paved the way to leave behind your legacy; today you celebrate your success story that will be engraved in the annals of history in Qatar. I wish Qatar Toastmasters Club the very best of luck in all their future endeavors!

Sincerely, Ayesha Rahuman Former Principal Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha, Qatar






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TACQ 2014 stands for Toastmasters Annual Conference Qatar 2014 which will be held on 25th April 2014 at Al Dostur Hall, Dukhan and 26th April 2014 at Grand Hyatt Doha. It is the highest level of speech contest in a Division. It will showcase some of the best speakers in Humorous Speech, Table Topics, Evaluation and International Speech categories who went through club and area level contests. It is not just another speech contest but a celebration of the hard work and dedication a toastmaster puts in through the year. It showcases cultural shows and entertaining sessions to keep the audience at the edge of their seats from start to the end. (click here to register)

Muscat, the capital city of Oman welcomes you to DTAC 2014. The city of colorful minarets in the backdrop of brown pleated Al Hijar mountains is described as “Arabia’s jewel”. With its largely untouched coastline, mountains, deserts, forts, palaces and the old walled city Oman is bundle of joy for any tourist. We assure you that the kitty of Annual District Toastmasters Conference 2014 will be inspiring, warm, fresh & fabulous. The unconditional support of our District leaders has fueled our efforts to set the best stage for all the 700 delegates whom we expect for this mega event. The three day conference, which is scheduled from May 15th to 17th will be held at the pride of Muscat – Al Bustan Palace – a perfect blend of old & new. Festival of knowledge of District 20 Toastmasters has got all the ingredients to become one of the greatest Annual conferences of all time. We urge every one of you to register yourself for this special event. Share your knowledge& get enlightened by the competent Roleplayers. Learn invaluable new lessons through highly rewarding educational sessions. Increase your network & sharpen your communication skill. Let’s come together because Together We Excel. (click here to register) TOASTED TIDINGS


VISION “Toastmasters International empowers people to achieve their full potential and realize their dreams. Through our member clubs, people throughout the world can improve their communication and leadership skills, and find the courage to change.”

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Toasted tidings february 2014  
Toasted tidings february 2014