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Yours in Service, Rosa Lee

Hey Division 3C! Can you believe it’s almost the end of 2018? December is a packed month of finals, trips, holidays, but also a whole bunch of great festivals to volunteer at. Let’s finish 2018 with another awesome month of service! One very important event coming up is the Divisional Election Conference in January. Although the DEC is not until next year, Division 3C will elect the next Lieutenant Governor for the 2019-2020 Key Club year! For those running, this gives you a whole month to prepare. I can’t wait to see who will be leading 3C next!

Reminders Contact Information: Here is the club directory for the 2018-2019 Key Club year! This directory contains all of the contact information for this year’s officers of active clubs. I am still missing information for Lee, Memorial, Second Baptist, and Sharpstown High Schools! If you belong to any of these clubs, please update the 3C Officer Contact Information spreadsheet!

Monthly Reports: Don’t forget monthly reports are due the 5th of every month, unless it falls on a Sunday - then they are due the next day. ● If you have not turned in past reports, still turn them in. They can be blank or have very minimal activity. We just want to see that you are active! SECRETARIES! Join the District Secretary Remind : Text @tokcsec to 81010


Newsletters and Articles: Newsletters/ articles are also due on the 5th with the same exceptions. ● Send out 5 articles with at least 400 words and a picture for each article. ● Check out my October Divisional Update for a sample article ● Start promoting DCON in your newsletters! ● **Email to the District editor, governor, treasurer, and secretary. ● **Please also cc me, Ms. Judy Pomorski, Ms. Megan Iselin, and Mr. Steve Peters. **All contacts can be found on page 14-15

Dues: The Early Bird and On-Time deadlines have passed! If you want to be eligible to attend DCON in April, pay your dues!!










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24 Christmas Eve

25 Christmas

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31 New Year’s Eve


The DEC for Division 3C will be sometime in the first week of January. In the Divisional Election Conference (DEC), we will elect the new Lieutenant Governor for the next Key Club year. Only one member or officer is allowed to run for each club and your club needs to have paid dues in order to vote. Along with the DEC, we will have our January DCM. I will go over important information regarding DCON. If you would like to run, please contact me with your school name!


The Challenge of a Big School for our Key Club Our Key Club is one of the 110+ clubs at Bellaire High School, which is home to 3500+ high school students. Many of these students join many of the clubs that Bellaire has to offer. Even though this wide diverse range of clubs is one of Bellaire’s trademark characteristics, it can be challenging for clubs to attract members, due to all the other clubs that students can to consider. Bellaire Key Club is one of the clubs that faces these challenges. Even though the school is home to 3500+ students, we have struggled in the past to have little more than 20+ members by the end of the academic year. Our club faces stiff competition with other volunteer and service clubs such as Leo Club, UNICEF, Red Cross Club, and more. Many students have difficulties choosing between the many clubs Bellaire has to offer. As a result, the school holds 2 club jamborees each year, which allows any club to show incoming freshman what their club has to offer, and to attract new members. Clubs put up booths advertising their club, and hand out candy and other sweets to try to bribe freshman to join their club. Because many incoming freshman are overwhelmed by the amount of clubs our school has to offer, and can be unsure about which clubs they should join, it is very easy for them to get lost in the shuffle of the clubs Bellaire offers. At these club jamborees, we easily get 100+ freshman to sign up on our interest forms, which allows them to get access to our Key Club emails and updates once the school year starts.


However, when it is time for our meetings, the majority of the freshman who signed up, do not show. While this can be frustrating for our club and our officers, our Key Club board this year are optimistic and working hard to retain members throughout the year. We will be marketing and advertising our club as hard as we can, and we are optimistic that we will be able to solve the problem of low membership that has plagued our club in the past. One thing we are doing to retain membership this year is to have specific requirements club members have to fulfill in order to stay in the club. We are hoping that these requirements will not only promote club activity, but also spurt membership growth. -

Simon Baek Bellaire High School

Bellaire Key Club’s 2nd meeting of the year in the 2018-19 academic year. Photo taken by Johnny Lin.





Contact Information T-O Website:

T-O District Governor: Addi Duerksen Email:

T-O District Treasurer: Addie Flores Email:

T-O District Secretary: Bunsri Patel Email:

T-O District Editor: Kyra Burke Email:

T-O Convention Liaison: Nadia Rodriguez Email:

T-O Tech Producer: Aina Sebastian Email:


Division 3C Lieutenant Governor: Rosa Lee Email:

Contact Information Region 12 Advisor: Judy Pomorski Email:

Region 12 Assistant Advisor: Megan Iselin Email: region12assistant@tokeyclub@gma

Cy-Fair Kiwanian: George Crowl Email:

Greater North Houston Kiwanian: Steve Peters Email:

T-O Kiwanis Division 3 Lieutenant Governor: Louis Iselin Email: Houston Kiwanian : Banita Ramirez Email:


Key Club Division 3C November 2018 Newsletter  
Key Club Division 3C November 2018 Newsletter