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Official Newsletter of Key Club  Pacific Northwest District  Division 66  Volume 1  Issue 7  October 2013

TABLE OF Clackamas | Corbett | Dalles Wahtonka | Damascus Christian | Gladstone |

Message from the LtG....4 Divisional Editor....5 Social Media....6 September DCM Recap….8 DCM/PCM Information….11 Key Club Dues....12 Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF....12 Key Leader....16 2

Important Dates....16

CONTENTS Gresham | Oregon City | Portland Luther | Reynolds | Sam Barlow | Sandy

Eliminate Merchandise....17 “Spot” Light....18 Club Visits….20 Seattle Sounders....22 Dcon 2014….23 “Spot” Update….24

Club Officers....28 Contact Information....30

Cover Photo Credit to Brian Le

Key Club Week….26


Words from the LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR Hello Division 66, Having been back in school for almost a month, I hope that all is going well with balancing homework, extracurricular activities, and for some of you, working on college apps. Remember to never give up, and that we are all here for one another, because we’re a family, an ohana. We, the D66 family, have each other for support and to lean on. Many of us set goals at the beginning of the year. Focus on those goals and see what you can accomplish daily to achieve your goals. You can do anything you want to do as long as you set your mind to it, space things out, and use your time wisely. To everyone that came to the September DCM, thank you for making this DCM the most successful DCM I’ve had yet. Key Clubbers, you are the reason that I strive everyday be the best LtG I can be. I can’t wait to see the difference that all of you make in your community as you continue to inspire others. One thing you can do is start telling your friends about Key Club and getting them to become a member. In love and service, Emilee Huey


Words from the DIVISIONAL EDITOR Hello Key Clubbers! We have just made it past one month of school. Congratulations on making it through! I hope all of you are doing well in school and other activities. Within September, most, if not all, of us hosted our first Key Club meeting, and maybe even hosted an event or two. Whether this first month went better or worse than you anticipated, I challenge you all to take a step back and reflect on how things went and where you want to lead your clubs in the future. Think about the things you are doing to keep your clubs strong and also the problems that could be holding you back from reaching your full potential. One of the greatest ways to brainstorm ideas to revamp your club is to attend the next DCM—Division Council Meeting. The September DCM was a huge success, possibly one of the greatest in our division’s history. A big thank you to all of you who came! I look forward to seeing more Key Club members and officers at the coming DCMs to talk about ways we can improve each other’s Key Club experience to make it the best it can be. Last reminder: Let’s get those dues in everyone! The Early Bird Deadline is November 1st, so enter your members into the Membership Update Center and money turned in ASAP. I hope to see you all again very soon! In caring service, Brain Le

Photo Credit to Brian Le

“No person was ever honored for what they received. Honor has been the reward for what they gave.” —Calvin Coolidge



Pacific Northwest @PNWKey Club @pnwkeyclub


MEDIA Key Club International @Key Club

Division 66 66KeyClubbers/?bookmark_t=group


SEPTEMBER DCM MINUTES Division 66 September DCM September 27, 2013 – 5:15 PM 1. Call to Order a. I officially call this DCM to order at 5:15. 2. Attendance a. Clackamas: Emilee, Arthur, Brian, Sydnie, Edward b. Corbett: Marina, Madison c. Gresham: William, Sophia, Keely, Emily, Andrea, Rafael, Nick, Sabrina, Hannah, Kaitlyn, Victoria d. La Salle: Michael, Yen e. Portland Lutheran: Olivia f. Reynolds: Cynthiana, Sue Ming g. Sam Barlow: Sydney h. Sandy: Madie, Moriah i. Special Recognition: Kim, Angel, Sylvia, Anthony 3. Club Events a. Benson: carwash, b. Gresham: Christmas Caroling, recruitment, Kiwanis Golf Tournament, Seattle Rally c. Reynolds: club fair d. Corbett: serve at a soup kitchen, e. Portland Lutheran: first official year f. Sam Barlow: g. Sandy: Harvest Party, h. Clackamas: carwash, carnival 4. Club Visits a. Duty of a LtG is to visit clubs b. Meet members and tell them about Key Club c. Done: Clackamas, Oregon City d. Video chat, service project/event, e. Please email to set up a time 5. Membership Dues a. Very important! b. Early Bird Deadline: November 1st c. Dues no higher than $18.50 d. Minimum is $12 i. $6.50 to international ii. $5.50 to district 6. Secretary Reports a. Each month, secretaries need to do a Secretary Report b. Due the 5th of every month c. Allows the district to know what’s going on and provide help if needed d. Can be found on Facebook, in emails, and newsletter 7. Trick or Treat of UNICEF a. Order the boxes




10. 11.

12. 13.

b. Raise money for UNICEF c. Link posted on Division 66 page d. Send them around the school to teachers DCON a. April 4-6 in Seattle @ the Seattle Convention Center & Sheraton Hotel b. Officers learn about their positions c. Meet other Key Clubbers d. Learn service projects e. $230 f. Fundraisers i. Kiwanians 1/3, club 1/3, individual 1/3 g. Spirit Gear i. $20-25 ii. one source by division iii. bandanas – bright/neon iv. giraffe headbands h. T-shirt i. colors 1. Blue, teal 2. Black ii. Neck up and face only, tail on the back iii. Giraffe print iv. GIRAFFE ONSIES v. Divisional Theme vi. Shirt contest Key Leader a. Camp Collins b. Learn leadership skills c. Deadline: October 5th i. After that: LATE FEE of $25! YOF a. Opportunity to get money for a service project for your Key Club b. Due October 15th Key Club Week a. November 4-8 b. Each day of the week, show what Key Club means to you in different ways c. 4: d. 5: Kudos to Key Players: thank people who help your Key Club e. 6: Connect with the K’s: connect with others in the Kiwanis Family f. 7: Bring a friend to Key Club: introduce someone to Key Club g. 8: Your Way: do whatever you’d like to show that Key Club spirit! Problems/Issues a. Not involved in the Division/District i. Too far Club Updates a. Clackamas


SEPTEMBER DCM MINS CONT CONT i. Past 1. UCP, carnival, carwashes ii. Upcoming Events 1. Tennis Tournament b. Gresham i. Past 1. Test drive a car  get $10 to school, $10 to club ii. Upcoming 1. Teddy Bear Parade 2. Dividing Freshmen/Sophomore, Junior/Senior a. In charge of planning a project in a two month period c. Sandy i. Past 1. Sandy Mountain Festival  helped out at Kiwanis booth 2. Informational meeting ii. Upcoming 1. Harvest Fest  funds for UNICEF d. Corbett i. Past 1. Planning projects 2. Kitchen (Serve the homeless) e. Reynolds i. Upcoming 1. More projects, recruitment f. Portland Lutheran i. Past 1. First meeting ii. Upcoming 1. Raffles at volleyball games to help cover dues for members 2. TOT for UNICEF 3. TOT for handicapped kids and adults g. La Salle i. Upcoming 1. Get permission for a dance to raise money 14. Eliminate Gear a. Shirts and Tanks for $15 – S, M, L, XL b. Lanyard for $5 c. Contact Emilee to order d. Find form online at D66 page 15. From Clackamas Key Club: Thanksgiving Food Boxes a. Help disadvantaged families get food for the holidays b. Help with food drive, raise money, etc. c. Get other clubs involved d. Friendly competition with local schools 16. Ideas a. For far events – provide a bus


OCTOBER DCM & PCM The Key Date for the month of October

October President Council Meeting (PCM)  When: Friday, October 25th, 2013 from 4:45-5:00pm 

Where: Frenzi Frozen Yogurt (234 N Main Ave. Gresham, OR)

 What: Club presidents have the opportunity to meet up with me to discuss any issues you might have or tasks you might need help on. October Divisional Council Meeting (DCM)

 When: Friday, October 25th, 2013 from 5:00-7:00pm  Where: Frenzi Frozen Yogurt (234 N Main Ave. Gresham, OR) 

What: At this DCM we will discuss past and upcoming Key Club service projects, membership dues, Key Club Week, and much more. **Please, remember that it is MANDATORY for at least two people from each club to attend the DCM.**

Picture Credit to Brian Le


Membership Dues, Dues, How big of a club membership goal does your club have this year? How many members have you recruited this year? Those are some questions to think about when doing club membership. I’ve seen dues deadline for your clubs on social media. Everyone seem to be aiming for early bird deadline of November 1st, which means that D.66 will have a better chance of receiving front row seats at Dcon 2014. All of your advisers should have received an email containing your email and password, if they haven’t, please contact me as soon as possible or email

Membership Update Center Link:

Membership Update Center Video Tutorial:

Dues Deadline October 1st – Membership Update Center Opens st November 1 – Early Bird Deadline for Dues st December 1 – Deadline for Dues


Dues Break Down $6.50 – International +$5.50 – District $12.00 – Total

Update Center & More Dues Login Information The email should be your facility adviser’s email and the 20122013 Key Club officers should have decided the password. Step 1: Update Key Club Officers Step 2: Click on “Membership Update Center” Step 3: Click on “Bulk Add members”

Send Dues to: Key Club International PO Box 6069 – Dept 123 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6069

Click on “Fiances” to print your invoice. If mailing in dues remember to send in a copy of your invoice. Do NOT send cash


Why is Treat of Treat for UNICEF fun? “It's so much fun! You get to spend time with key clubbers, dress up for the holiday, and save babies each donation at a time! Now, we all know you don't want to miss out on that!” –Hakikat Bains, PNW District Secretary


Don’t know how to help out the Eliminate Project in a fun way? Then try participating in Trick-OrTreat for UNICEF this Halloween! Instead of going door-to-door for candy, carry your Trick-Or-Treat for UNICEF boxes asking for donations. Any amount, no matter how small or big, makes a huge impact. Tell your neighbors that great causes UNICEF helps out, such as the Eliminate Project. On this night, you can raise money to help rid the world of Maternal/Neonatal Tetanus—helping save a mother and all her future babies from an excruciating disease. Order your boxes online now—free of charge. Hand them out at your next Key Club meeting. Motivate your members to dress up, go out, and raise money together for a fantastic cause!



Camp Collins  October18-20th, 2013  Gresham, OR Price: $200 Key Leader Video Link: - !i=2449666604&k=gSqVNjL

Registration Link:

Photo Credit to Dave McMillan Key Dates to Remember For the Month of October    


October 5th o Club secretaries report October 10th o Monthly Newsletter October 18th-20th o Key Leader October 25th o DCM/PMC October 28th o Kiwanis DCM

 October 31st o Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF  November 1st o Early Bird Dues  November 4th-8th o Key Club Week  November 17th o World Prematurity Day  April 4th-6th o District Convention 2014


Eliminate gear is here! Help support the Eliminate Project by purchasing a shirt, bro tank, lanyard or all three! If you are interested in purchasing one be sure to contact your lieutenant governor or attend one of the summer rallies.

Picture Credits to Kiwanis Cambodia/2011/Hale


$5 \5

$15 17

“SPOT” CLUB MEMBER & Sydnie Chen Grade: Senior School: Clackamas HS Position: CHS Key Clubber


Picture Credits to BMH Photography and Brain Le

Sydnie was one of Clackamas’ most devoted members last year, and this year is no different. She has tons of enthusiasm for helping others. Sydnie is always willing to serve our community, and does so with a positive spirit and smile. She is being an excellent role model for our new incoming members, as well as current members. Good work and congratulations Sydnie! -Edward Yan, IP CHS Presdident

LIGHT CLUB OFFICER of the month Emily Smart Grade: Senior School: Gresham HS Position: Club President

way she possibly can. -Kaitlyn Franklin, GHS Club Secretary

Picture Credits to Emily Smart and Brain Le

Emily is a smart and talented girl who has a bright future ahead of her. She manages to maintain a 3.8 GPA at Gresham High School while balancing IB classes, and presents her leadership skills through being a Co-President of Key Club, a chairman in Renaissance, and a member of the National Honors Society. Emily spends her time playing varsity soccer, and organizing and perfecting the meetings and volunteer opportunities for our Gresham Key Club. She also spreads her community service internationally through mission trips to Mexico with her church. Emily is dedicated, in all ways, to supporting her community and helping in any


Picture Credits to UCP Walk, , Roll, ‘n’ Run

Club Visits x


Club visits are a great time to allow me to see how your club is functioning, meet your home Key Clubbers, and see your fellow officers in action. Please note that club visits do NOT have to be actually club meetings, they can be service projects that your club hosts. This month I was lucky enough to visit Oregon City HS and Clackamas HS Key Club’s first meeting of their school year. This allowed me to see how many Key Clubbers are in Division 66 and how the clubs are doing. Thank you for allowing me to attend your club meetings.

To schedule a club visit (club meeting or service project) please feel free to call or email me. I’d love the opportunity to come out and see your clubs.


Seattle Sounders Photo Credit to Reene Louckes

The Seattle Sounders and Key Club International have partnered up to support the Eliminate Project. A regular ticket costs $26.00, but as a special deal, Key Clubbers only have to pay $18.00 for a ticket. Six out of every $18.00 will go to fight maternal natal tetanus. On October 27th the Seattle Sounders will be playing LA Galaxy. If you’d like tickets for this game, please fill out the online order form at: mI?l=EN&team=seattlemls&owner=244&group=586&err =&event=&customerID


District Convention 2014 When: April 4-6th, 2014 Where: Seattle Convention Center, and Sheraton Hotel Who: PNW Key Clubbers What & Why: A celebration of a years worth of service, where you can meet new people, learn and share service project ideas, install the District Board, and have fun. Bonus:  No overflow room  District Board has a goal of 3,000 Key Clubbers  Theme is announced: “Level Up in Service”  Some noise makers allowed

District Convention also known as DCON, is a time for PNW Key Clubbers to have a memorable weekend that involves attending knowledgeable forums, voting for your District Executive Board, and attending a governors banquet and dance. Ask anyone what District Convention was like and everyone single person will say it was FUN! I encourage all of you to attend or at least send one club representative to DCON. I highly recommend you start fundraising now for DCON 2014.



Reminder! How to earn “spots”:  Keep in communication with me (email, phones calls, texts, ect.)  Attend monthly DCMs & PCMs  Your club or Key Clubbers gets highlighted in my newsletter  Being an active club  Being the first to respond to emails or updates  Meet all deadlines


Good Luck to all the schools during the month of September. Remember, the school with the most points at the end will receive a special prize.


Leading Club: Clackamas High School Spot Break Down:  25 spots for every time you’re “Spot” lighted in the newsletter  1 spot for every person that attends a DCM and/or PCM  50 spots for turning in your club contact information  10 spots for every time your respond or communicate with Brian or I  15 spots for each time your Club Secretary turn in a Secretary’s Report  20 spots for every person that attends a Kiwanis DCM  25 spots when your club turns in their club dues and 50 points if your club turns them in before November 1st.  5 spots for each person that attended a summer area rally


Key Club Monday Show your K in everyway – this is your opportunity to show people what Key Club is all about, by wearing Key Club gear and publishing about Key Club on websites, social media, and at your local school.

Tuesday Kudos to the Key players – Personally thank all of your Key Club supports: Kiwanians, club advisers, club officers, LtGs, and District Exec. Board. Write thank you cards, host a banquet, or just showing your appreciation

Wednesday Connect the K’s – Get together with all of the K-family (Kiwanis, Circle K International, Builders, Kiwanis Kids or Aktion clubs) and celebrate all the great accomplishments or join together for a service project.


Week Thursday Bring a friend to Key Club - Bring a friend, or two, or more to your next Key Club meeting. Increasing the amount of service Key Club performs increases the impact Key Club has on the world.

Friday Your way – This day allows you to show what Key Club means to you. Your local home Key Club can create a service project, but remember to make your mark and be creative.


CLUB OFFICER POSITIONS Clackamas High School: President: Arthur Bookstein Vice President: Peter Le Vice President: Ivan Vilalobos Secretary: Brian Le Treasurer: Louiza Bovaeva Bulletin Editor: Anna Co Faculty Advisor: Robert Hadley Faculty Advisor: Alysha Atma Kiwanis Advisor: Roald Berg

Corbett High School: President: Jewel Denney President: Jamie Layton Vice President: Kali Andyke Secretary: Christianna Winters Treasurer: Tadzio Dlugolecki Bulletin Editor: Lindsey Woodard Kiwanis Advisor: Pat Haffner Kiwanis Advisor: Sylvia Maly

Dalles Wahtonka High School: President: Keaton Wallette Vice President: Daniela Leon Secretary: Ale Pena Treasurer: Ricardo Perez Bulletin Editor: Nancy Reyes Faculty Advisor: Paul Viemeister Kiwanis Advisor: Sherry Munro Kiwanis Advisor: John Westhafer

Damascus Christian High School: President: Ben Wescott Vice President: Bryce Ellis Secretary: Micah Swanson Treasure: Micah Swanson Bulletin Editor: Madison Voitovski Bulletin Editor: Jonah Carpenter Faculty Advisor: Elaine Milsark Faculty Advisor: Andy McClellan Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons


Gresham High School: President: Andrea Monteblanco Vice President: Emily Smart Secretary: Kaitlyn Franklin Treasurer: Rafael Castellanos-Welsh

Bulletin Editor: Victoria Blanger Faculty Advisor: Bill Chrisholm Faculty Advisor: Jim Gardenhire Kiwanis Advisor: Dick Vaughn

CLUB OFFICER POSITIONS CONT. Oregon City High School: President: Caitlyn Van Zandt Vice President: Sinjin White Juker Secretary: Zach Merrick Treasurer: Tony Petrich Bulletin Editor: Zoe Griffith Faculty Advisor: Jeff Allen Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons

Portland Lutheran High School: President: Olivia Nyberg Vice President: Hana Laughton Secretary: Nick Lommasson Treasurer: Regan Garrett Bulletin Editor: Emily Roan Faculty Advisor: Koty Cole Kiwanis Advisor: Bill Ragsdale Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons

Sam Barlow High School: President: Ana Parvankin Vice President: Haley Coutts Secretary: Kendall Kissir Treasurer: Ashley DuPuis Bulletin Editor: Josh Crites Faculty Advisor: Annie Peterson Kiwanis Advisor: Laura Parsons Kiwanis Advisor: Bill Ragsdale

Sandy High School: President: Madie Smith Vice President: Rachel Hansen Secretary: Moriah Shay Treasurer: Molly Nutt Bulletin Editor: Grace Knapp Faculty Advisor: Karissa Towse Kiwanis Advisor: JJ Anderson Kiwanis Advisor: Kimberley Nelson

Still waiting for information from:  Gladstone Inactive Club:  Rex Putnam

29 16



Governor Trang Tran

Roshni Chandwani

District Secretary Hakikat Bains


District Administrator John Jay

District Treasurer Eric Grewal

Assistant District Admin Tom Saunders

District Bulletin Editor Sara Thomas

Finance Administrator Kevin Buyer

Convention Chair Denny Lim

DIVISION 66 EXECUTIVE BOARD Lieutenant Governor: Emilee Huey Clackamas High School Cell: (503) 701-4321

Divisional Editor: Brian Le Clackamas High School Cell: (503) 407-4084


Thank You for Reading

“The Giraffe Press” 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 • 317.875.8755 • US AND CANADA: 800-KIWANIS

Division 66 October 2013 Newsletter  

Here is the official October 2013 Edition of the Giraffe Press for Division 66 Key Club of the Pacific Northwest District

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