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THe montlhy howl Volume: 5 Issue: 5 Division 54

Information about Division 54 Divisional Colors: Â Blue and Gray Divisional Mascot: Wolf 447 Members 12 Total Clubs PNW Key Club Division 54

Table of Contents A Letter to the Division District Convention Workshop Important Dates Upcoming Events Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast Pie in the Park Water Follies: A Weekend at the Boat Races District Project Update

Hello! How has your summer been? This month was packed full of volunteer opportunities. I got involved with the Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast and the Boat Races and both were great experiences. Don't forget that summer is one of the best times to get out and volunteer in your community! As school starts approaching, think about your friends that would enjoy Key Club. Bring them to a meeting or a service project. I hope you enjoy the July Newsletter. Grace Hartwig Add subheading e:

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IMPORTANT DATES July 3rd- Float Decorating in Memorial Park July 4th- Pancake Breakfast at 7:00 AM at Memorial Park July 4th- Fourth of July Parade at 10:00 AM July 5th-Secretary Reports Due  -Presidential Council Meeting  July 10th- Divisional Newsletter Released  July 27, 28, 29- Water Follies  -Selling Program Books and Booster Pins 

UPCOMING DATES July 30th - August 3rd- I Can Bike August 5th- Secretary Reports Due   -Presidential Council Meeting  August 10th- Divisional Newsletter Released If you want to be featured in the Divisional Newsletter, please let me know what events you are a part of at

Fourth of July Pancake Breakfast On the Fourth of July, Pasco Kiwanis hosted a Pancake Breakfast! There were over fourty Kiwanis volunteers and Pasco Kiwanis raised fourty four hundred dollars. So many families came out to eat delicious homemade pancakes and sausage. Key Club members from Columbia Burbank came out to help decorate the Kiwanis Float for the Fourth of July Parade. Hopefully everyone had a fun and safe Fourth of July!Â

Pie in the Park Richland High School Key Clubbers helped out at the Pie in the Park event on July 28th. Members passed out pie and ice cream on the hot summer day down at Howard Amon Park.

Water Follies: A Weekend at the Boat Races On July 27th through the 29th the Water Follies host the boat races down at the Columbia River. To get a more in depth understanding of what exactly goes on behind the scenes of the Water Follies, I talked to Pasco Kiwanis member Barbara Keltch. Barbs' in laws have been a part of this event for over fourty years and now Barb is even on the Board of Directors for the Water Follies. Most people that attend the three day event don't realize that there are countless hours that go into the 

 planning. The area that Barb works with starts reaching out to volunteers in May. Pasco Kiwanis brings in about 30 volunteers but there are still 90 spots to fill throughout the three days. The major problem that Barb faces is making sure that volunteers that sign up show up to the event. Richland High School and Columbia Burbank High School showed up to help pass out Program Books and Booster Pins. 

District Project Update     The Water Follies is a great transition into talking about our District Project! As many of you know, this years District Project is the Thirst Project where the entire Pacific Northwest District raises money to build wells in Swaziland. This month, members of the District Board participated in the Squats for Swazi Challenge where members do eight squats with whatever water container they can find to represent the six to eight miles that women and children have to walk to obtain drinking water. I nominated Division 54 members to participate so I look forward to your videos!

The Monthly Howl Volume: 5 Issue: 5  
The Monthly Howl Volume: 5 Issue: 5