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September 2013 Volume 2 Issue 5

Division 5


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My Monthly Message Conference Agenda Key Clubbin’ Correspondence Awards Eliminate Goals Spotlight in Pictures Checklist for the Month FALL RALLY Governors Project Update Monthly Reporting Info. Division 5 Social Media and Email YOF FALL TRAINING CONFERENCE District Staff Contact Information

Monthly Message from your Div.5 Lt. Governor: Hope Carter

Hello my Lovely Key Clubbers! I absolutely loved this month and helping y’all get the year started! Seeing all the clubs put in all this hard work makes my heart happy. With that being said, we got to continue our strong start, bring in members, and retain them! I sent emails on promoting your club, how to have a good first meeting, and start to the year! Use these and me as a resource. I know division 5 can be the strongest it’s ever been if we do so! Also, please please please understand the importance of the Fall Training Conference! If you cannot attend I understand but it will have to be made up by Nov. 14th if that is the case. I promise it will be lots of fun! See y’all soon and stay in

communication. Yours in service,

Hope Carter

Fact of the month: I joined Key Club my sophomore year of H.S. and have loved it ever since!

Here is the agenda for conferences this month. Each president should email me a date and time that is good for a conference by the 20th of each month. If you have not emailed me by that date I will start calling. I want to have a conference with each president by the 31st of each month. I promise calls won’t last long and I just want to do this so that there is a stream of communication with all of my clubs. These contribute to Key Clubbin’ Correspondence awards (KCC Awards) so please participate. Agenda -How are you? -How are officers, advisors, and Kiwanis working together? -Does your club send in reports and newsletters? -Have you updated contact info. on TO website? -How did your first meeting go? or What are your plans for the first meeting? -Do you want to work towards DCON? -Do you understand the importance of FTC? -Are you aware of the dues collection and turn-in process? -Are you participating in the YOF? -Do you want to help with the divisional project? Does your club have interest? -What can I do for you?

Key Clubbin’ Correspondence Awards The Key Clubber Correspondence Awards is an incentive and recognition program for key clubbers in Division 5 that do an outstanding job communicating with me throughout the year. At my last PCM probably at the end of March or beginning of April the key clubber and club with the highest points will earn a prize. Point System Event Attendee (ex. PCM, social, DCON): Worth 5pts Club Visit: Worth 4pts Phone Call (including conferences): Worth 3pts E-mail: Worth 2pts Other (FB like, FB message, Twitter action): Worth 1pt Tips: -cc me in all emails! -attend events!!! -Respond to emails -Invite your club to my FB page, they earn points too

Leaderboard Clubs: 1st: JECA—269 2nd: Health Careers—113 3rd: Johnson—99 4th: Bandera—71 5th: Steele—33 Members: 1st: Linda Reyes (JECA)—73 2nd: Navya Kartha (Johnson)—60 3rd: Larissa Markum (JECA)—59 4th: Madi Beavers (Health Careers)--47 5th: Rachel Barker (Bandera)—36

ELIMINATE In my last newsletter I told everyone about the Eliminate project so this month I have a challenge…

I want each club to try and raise at least $250 plus dollars toward eliminate all the way till DCON at the end of April. If we can do that we would raise $3000 dollars as a division for Eliminate and save $1666 babies and their mothers! I promise to help along the way! Be on the lookout for ideas to raise money for the project. I will post mini ideas here each month.

This month’s idea… Create a piggy bank to raise funds for eliminate that people can drop money in at your meetings. You could even have a drawing and those who donate could be entered to win a prize! Shout out to Bandera for the lovely eliminate jar they made!

Spotlight in Pictures

Featuring: -Health Careers -Bandera -JECA -Johnson Thanks for the awesome work!

 Check List for the Month  RSVP for the FTC- --Make sure 100% of officers attend the FTC and at least 2 Fall Training general members! Conference!

 Plan for YOF

 Plan for Fall Rally  Get your password and user for the TO website  Have an awesome first General Membership meeting!  Start collecting $15 dues from members

--Apply for YOF- Youth Opportunity Fund before October for an opportunity to help your club and community. --Fall Rally will happen on Sept. 28th. Make plans on that. --Please get you password and username from Walt so that you can fill out you contact info. at FTC --Use the PowerPoint I made and sent to you as a guide and make it fun!

--refer to the email I sent on how to turn them in. Please be organized and do not lose any dues.

FALL RALLY: For more information and the registration form go to

Governor’s Project Update This year the governor’s project is to spread awareness about bullying. th On Monday October 7 the Texas Oklahoma district is going to wear blue to spread awareness about bullying. If your school wears blue to spread awareness you can receive district recognition! More details to come.

(YOF) YOUTH OPPORTUNITY FUND Use the Kiwanis YOF to help fund one of your club’s community service projects. YOF will donate $200 to $2,000 to assist your club in any service project. I have reached out to San Antonio charity organizations and Haven for Hope is interested in working with Key Club on this. Please email me if you want to work with them! First come first serve basis. You can also talk to your Kiwanis and see if they have ideas.


Application due/ postmarked by October 15. Find more info online at The application is currently being updated. I will send an email with a current link.

Fall Training Conference! Lunch and Remember: Breakfast will Conference! be served! Bring $1 dollar, paper&pen, and your Key Club Spirit. Come at 9:30am for sign in Club Gen. Members are invited. Invite them! RSVP ASAP. You can say you’re going on the FB event page. It will be fun!


me know if you need a vegan meal.)

When: 10am to 3pm on Sat. Sept. 14, 2013 Location: San Marcos H.S. at the address- 2601 E McCarty Ln, San Marcos, TX 78666 Who: All officers, interested and active members, and faculty advisors as well as interested Kiwanis For: To learn how to be the best Key Clubber you can be of course! Bring: pen and writing material for notes, super hero attire, a dollar for lunch and materials cost Theme: Superhero’s! RSVP: let me know if can come as soon as possible. Call/ Text: 210-279-5444 Email: Or on the FB event page posted on the Div. 5 page.

Service Saves!

Texas Oklahoma 2013-2014 District Staff Contact Info.

T-O District Governor: Luke Broussard (325) 998 – 1384 T-O District Secretary: Usman Hyder (817) 715 - 5111 T-O District Treasurer: Isaiah ValleQuinones (580) 458 - 1432 T-O District Editor: Tashrima Hossain (713) 505 - 2252 T-O District Convention Liaison: Grace Liu 817-953-6328 T-O District Administrator & Region 11 Advisor: Walt Roetter (830) 733 – 0008

Texas-Oklahoma Division 5 Key Club Thank You for all you do! Bandera Canyon Judson Early College Academy Samuel Clemens Health Careers Center Point


Johnson New Braunfels Our Lady of the Hills Reagan Steele

Newsletter 5 September 2013  

Please read! Look at the KCC's and remind your club to participate :). See y'all at FTC!