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C. OC Children’s Book Festival

Opening Business A. Call to Order at ____:____


B. Invocation: VanAnh Nguyen

Where: Orange Coast College

C. Pledge of Allegiance: Jesse Gil

Times will vary depending on

D. Key Club Pledge: Christal Vo

which shift your President asked

E. Roll Call & Club Updates


CC: ____ E: ____ FV: ____ G: ____ HB: ____

D. Region Training Conference

M: ____ MD: ____ OV: ____ S: ____ SF: ____

F. II.


When: Sunday, September 29th


Special Guest(s):

Date: Saturday, October 12th Time: 1PM-5PM. Please arrive by

Old Business

11:30AM for our DCM and lunch!

A. Car Washes: Monica Law

Where: Bolsa Grande High

B. Beach Boomba: Christina Tran


New Business

Why: Learn all about Key Club!

A. Division Car Wash: LAST ONE!!

Invite new members to get them

1. When: Sunday, August 25th

more involved. :)


Who: REGION 3! (OC area)

Where: Mobil Gas Station on

E. Recognition

Warner and Brookhurst


Club of the Month

Why: Raise money for PTP!


Officer of the Month


Member of the Month

B. Light the Night Walk 1.

Date: Saturday, September



Time: 5PM (DCM starts). Ends


depending on how quickly you

Division lanyards only $5 each.

G. Spirit

walk :) Where: Angel Stadium

Division Gear

1. IV.


Closing Business

Why: Support the Leukemia &

A. Questions, Comments, or Concerns?

Lymphoma Society. Try to bring a

B. Meeting Adjourned at ____:____

donation if you can!

DCM Date, Time, Location: Saturday, August 24th 2PM Downtown Disney (near Rainforest Café): 1313 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802

Contact Information: Katrina Nguyen Division 04 West |Region 3 |Cali-Nev-Ha 2013-2014 Lieutenant Governor (714) 933-8117

Hey, did you know that Nickelodeon is a part of the Kiwanis family as a Vision Partner? Believe it or not, yes they are. They focus on the Big Help initiative; this focuses on addressing issues in service, education, the environment and health. So to celebrate Nickelodeon’s 10th annual Worldwide Day of Play, we are encouraging YOU and children to get out of the house, get some fresh air, get moving and participate in active activities. The day is on Saturday. Which Saturday you ask? September 21st! Get pumped to keep moving. There is an innumerous amount of fun activities you can do! They can involve jump roping, basketball, soccer, and so many more. What fun activities can involve those you may ask? Well, you can host a jump-rope-a-ton, basketball shoot-out, and any sport tournament you so happen to desire. Other than that, there is also the possibility of a dance marathon! This raises money for a really good cause and it gives children the opportunity to wiggle their booties all day. (You can go to to watch a video on how one Key Club division’s dance marathon raised approximately $10,000!) When you start planning your fun day full of activities, make sure to work with other Kiwanisfamily members so you can make this year’s event the best it can possibly be. Ask any members of the Key Club family and Circle K clubs near you to give a hand to run the event. Last and definitely not less, DO NOT forget to publicize the event to the community. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your Worldwide Day of Play today! For more information, please go to to learn more and register your event.

Hello Dragons! School is starting very soon for us, and I hope you are all still able to make time for Key Club on the weekends! If you're reading this, I want to encourage you to help out your club during Club Rush, so your club, our division, the CNH District, and Key Club International can grow. :) Bring your friends to Key Club meetings/events and hunt down all those incoming freshmen to lure them into this life-changing organization. With summer ending in just a week or so, I want to thank you all for the service you have done in the past few months. Thank you to everyone who continued to show their dedication to Key Club even when school was not in session. Your help was/will be appreciated at each event, starting from the Fountain Valley Summerfest at the beginning of summer to our very last car was on August 25th (where I know we will continue working hard!). Your GOLDEN service inspires me each and every day, and I know our division will continue to grow stronger in all aspects. Good luck with the 2013-2014 school year, everyone! I hope to see you all at our August DCM/Scavenger Hunt on August 24th and our last summer car wash on August 25th. :) With much love,


Katrina Nguyen 2013-2014 Lieutenant Governor

Well, it’s that time of the year again, the early mornings and the late nights. I hope these past couple of months has brought you some well-deserved rest. Unless some of you like to pull all-nighters… Think about all of the good things about school. You get to see your friends and your secret crushes every day. (; Also, try not to put the PRO in PROcrastination. Work hard and it will all pay off in the future. If you’re feeling stressed out; take a break and come back. Remember, high school is a time for YOU to find yourself. Don’t be so afraid to experiment with new things and I mean it in a good way, don’t do stupid stuff. “You only miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” So smile because you have an amazing year ahead. (:

Hello Dragons! I can't believe summer is ending soon. Time really does fly when you're having fun. Along with spending with friends and family, I hope you all had a summer filled with service. There's only a few more events in the summer before school starts. Make sure you attend them to bond with your fellow dragons. As you are planning for this upcoming school year, remember to save some "me" time because you're going to need time to reflect and rest. I know times will get rough with academics and balancing your schedules but always remember to strive for the best of your abilities and relax when necessary. I BEElieve in all of you dragons. I am always here to lend a helping hand if you need so don't hesitate to message, e-mail or text me. May the force BEE with you and good luck with this upcoming year!

As the final month of comes to a close, there were a lot of Key Club events to attend! So far club members have participated in the final Division Car Wash and Beach Boomba. The long awaited Beach Boomba was a success! Everyone had a great time meeting new people, enjoying the festivities, and participating in the competitions against 4 North and 4 South. Also, the "Summer Lovin" dance hosted by FVHS was defiantly a highlight of the summer for many key clubbers. Finally, members are excited for the Downtown Disney DCM, this will be a great way to end Summer 2013 on a high note! In order to balance your priorities of school with your passion for Key Club, it is helpful to be organized. Delegate your time accordingly while also leaving some time on weekends for events, socials, or gatherings. This past month, my club focused on attending the weekly Concerts in the Park to help set up and clean up the event. For the majority of this month, our board worked together to plan and execute the first dance of the summer and the first dance of our term. Because our Summer Lovin' Dance was a success, we hope to be able to plan more dances throughout the year to fundraise for our preferred charities and District Convention as well. Stay tuned for our upcoming dance in a few months! It will be even better because it will be on a weekend! This year we plan to focus on inclusiveness within our club, even though it is the largest club on campus. We hope double our funds for charity and raise enough money to lower the price of DCON so that many of our members can attend. Make a list so that you can know what you need to finish on time so that you can attend Key Club events. Or just go to Key Club events then do homework at night:)

. . . . . . Last month, HB Key Club members participated in Beach Boomba, the two division car washes and various Kiwanis meetings. We are actually planning our Kiwanis takeover meeting on August 20th! This school year, we are looking forward to fundraising for PTP and Project ELIMINATE through bake sales, food nights and socials. We are also working on becoming closer with our Kiwanis sponsors, or Huntington Beach Kiwanis. In addition, we are planning a dance with the Ocean View, Mater Dei and Edison Key Clubs for this fall. To balance school and Key Club, members should allot a time slot to homework so that they finish it on time and do not procrastinate, therefore, enabling them to volunteer at events! Overall, I am really excited for this school year and for all of the volunteering opportunities! :)

. . . . . . In the past month, Marina Key Club has strengthened its bond with the division through events like division car washes and Beach Boomba. This summer has given our club a lot of time to prepare for the upcoming school year, and we have plenty in store for the upcoming year. We have come up with many new and old ideas for fundraisers, socials, and service events, and we anticipate all of the future members that will be joining our club :) One tip on how to balance school and Key Club is to NEVER procrastinate! If you get all of your school work done on time (or even before it's due), you'll always have time for Key Club! Mater Dei Key Club has been preparing for the new school year, planning for Club Rush and looking forward to getting back to our service commitments. We kicked off the month of August by helping out at the division car wash. This school year, our focus is to entice new students to join the club and stay with us for all the fun and service to the community. In order to balance club commitments and schoolwork together, I think the best thing is to set priorities. School always comes first, but when homework is frazzling your brain, a break can help--and what could be more productive than to take a break with Key Club business? For a club officer, handling monthly business is routine and quick, so the work is doable while taking a breather from math or English. As for a regular member, service events are typically on weekends, and attendance is optional. It'd be great to spend a day, rather than hanging with friends, coming together to make other people happy. Who knows? Maybe he or she will end up making a new friend and discovering his or her love for service!

. . . . . .

This past month Saddleback attended Beach Boomba and the car washes. We plan on raising money for fall rally, PTP. One way to balance your schedule is an agenda. Always know your weekly plan ahead of time.

Key Club is the oldest and biggest high school service organization is existence but even with us, most schools must constantly outreach and advertise their club in order to recruit new members. This is the plan for Ocean View Key Club. Coming from the smallest school in the division (aside from Calvary Chapel) it is extremely difficult to recruit new members but we are putting forth our best efforts. Ocean View Key Club plans to actively participate in service projects every Saturday once the new semester begins. In past years, this strategy has recruited several extremely dedicated members because it shows our commit- In the ending months of summer, Segerstrom Key ment to service. Although more Key Club Club has been about actively participating in many events come with the new year, school community projects and raising money for PTP. The also comes with it... sad I know. I recomclub has hosted it's very first Kiwanis take over meetmend anyone who is struggle to baling and was able to get involved more with the Santa ance Key Club and school to become more active in their academics and go Ana Kiwanis. We look forward to coming back to school with a stronger dragon spirit and meet new poto Key Club events whenever possitential key clubbers. We are working on a few projects ble. Please remember that you are a student before you are Key Clubber. I in the next few weeks and hope to end the summer in wish you the best of luck because if a great way! you are like me, you will be drowned Always keep in touch as its a great way to balance in a sea of papers once the dreadful your key club life with school. first day of school begins.


School’s just around the corner!! Get ready for another GOLDEN year of service â˜ş Read the reflections for tips on balancing school and Key Club!

Mark your calendars for the biggest event of the year! Fall Rally South on November 9th! Attend to have the time of your life at Six Flags WHILE helping others. What more can you do while having fun?

Last car wash of the summer! August 25th at mobil! Be there to help ptp â˜ş

***Keep collecting pop tabs!!! All proceeds will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House! ♼

August DCM & Scavenger Hunt @ Downtown Disney you & Key club♼ August 24th @ 2pm-5pm ****Bring your cameras/phones to take pictures of the things you need to look for :)

Upcoming Events:

Date: Saturday, October 12th  Time: 11AM-5PM (lunch provided!)  Location: Bolsa Grande High School  Who: Region 3! (4E, 4N, 4W, 30N, 30S, 41S, 41N) Why: LEARN ABOUT KEY CLUB! Get updates on events such as Fall Rally, Rose Float Decorating, Conclave, DCON, and more! Bring your friends and new members to RTC to give them a better idea of what we do. 

Upcoming Events:

Fall Rally South (FRS) Date: Saturday, November 9th Time: ARRIVE AT FVHS AT 7AM AT THE VERY LATEST (or buses will leave without you!) Location: MEET AT FVHS. We will be going up to Six Flags Magic Mountain together on buses! What/why: This is one of our BIGGEST EVENTS OF THE YEAR! Fall Rally is meant to be a fundraiser for Pediatric Trauma Program because part of what you pay is a donation to PTP. This is probably one of the best fundraisers ever because you get to spend the day at Six Flags with thousands of Key Clubbers AND cheer your heart out during the Spirit Battle. Bring your division spirit to Fall Rally, which means you should be DECKED OUT IN RED! :)

Upcoming Events:

District Convention (DCON) District Convention is from April 11th, 2014 to April 13th, 2014 up in Sacramento, California. This is another one of our largest events because at DCON, we celebrate the bittersweet conclusion of the Key Club term. You get to be around Key Clubbers from California, Nevada, and Hawaii for 3 days and 2 nights. You will get to meet some of the greatest people ever, attend general sessions where you cheer with your club, dance the night away at Governor's Ball, and MORE! Our DCON 2014 theme is "Your Golden Ticket." The official logo has been released, and it is absolutely beautiful! The bee is winking at you. ;) I hope you all consider attending DCON 2014 because it truly enhances your experience as a Key Club member.

Division 4 West September 2013 Newsletter  
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