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Official Newsletter of Division 4 – Thundering Waters of the Eastern Canada District of Key Club International

A New Year and a New Start! Letter from LG Katherine

Volume 1 Issue 1 April Newsletter

In this issue! Letter from LG ............. 1 DCON ........................... 2

Hi everybody! My name is Katherine Gall, I’m a grade 11 student at A.N. Myer, and I’m a Key Club member. I am also the newly elected Lieutenant Governor of Division 4 Thundering Waters, and currently sit on the Eastern Canada District Board of Key Club International. I congratulate all our new officers on the ECD Board, and our new club executives of each Key Club within Division 4 and across Eastern Canada. I look forward to seeing what we will do this year, and sincerely believe all will work their hardest to serve our local and global community. Joining Key Club has become a huge and wonderful part of my life. Being a member of Key Club opened my world up to new opportunities to serve others around the world, as well as a new community of people who have become my friends. As LG of my division I want to build communication between clubs in the

ICON ............................. 3

division, and help others to experience this inspiring community. Plans are in motion to see this happen, but we need to work together to see them through. Collaboration and cooperation will be necessary this year to make sure that we, as a division, will see our goals met. I have faith that this year will be wonderful, fun, and inspiring! If anyone has any questions in regards to Division 4 or my plans for this year, then please feel free to talk to me! I want to talk and visit the members of Division 4 and be the best LG I can be this year! Cheers, Katherine Gall, A.N. Myer High School Lieutenant Governor –District 4 Eastern Canada District Key Club International H: (905) 353-8265 E:

ELIMINATE Week .......... 4 Monthly Reports .......... 5 Pictures ......................... 6 Divisional Meets .......... 6

DLTC: Queenston Heights Park June 1st Food will be ready at 11:30am and Call to Order will be at noon. Information has been posted on various Facebook pages, and all executives and advisors should have a copy of the planned agenda. If you have any questions regarding DLTC than please talk to myself, a club executive, or an advisor. See you there!


District Convention 2013 DCON 2013 was amazing this year, as expected! There were many highlights from the weekend; the inspiring speaker, interesting workshops, free time to explore Ottawa, fun dances, and the opportunities to network with Key Clubbers from across the Eastern Canada District. DCON gives the opportunity to Key Club members of the Eastern Canada District to meet each other and have fun, and to learn of opportunities and develop skills they can take back to their clubs.


Record Breaking Attendance!!!

If you did not have a chance to go to this years’ DCON, than no worries because next years will be better than ever! DCON 2014 will be held in the beautiful PEI. DCON will last 4 days, and members from Ontario and Quebec will be flying out there.

Division 4 was represented by two clubs, A.N. Myer SS and St. Paul Catholic HS. Both schools won several awards, and proved themselves to be dedicated Key Clubbers.


District Board District Governor: Annu Puri International Trustee: Ratan Manohar District Administrator: Shelley Des Cotes District Secretary – Treasurer: Puru Panchal District Webmaster: Simon Huang LG of Division 2: Jennifer Dunlop LG of Division 3: Lars Chen LG of Division 4: Katherine Gall LG of Division 5: Jessica Kim LG of Division 8&9: Jeff Zhang LG of Division 10: Neyssa Philoctete LG of Division 11&12: Olivia King

District Board Support District Eliminate Chair: Kerui Yao District Translator: Hanna Bonneville District Membership Development Committee Chair: Jacqueline Sue


KEY CLUB Division 4 Newsletter

International Convention 2013 The Eastern Canada District of Key Club International would like to cordially invite you to ICON! This year ICON is getting held in Washington, DC from July 3 – July 7, 2013. ECD will be travelling with Michigan and we will be there from June 29 - July 9, 2013.


I plan on attending, and would love to be joined by any other fellow division 4 members.

SPEAKERS And Entertainers

Costs: $760.00- Quad $840.00- Triple $1005.00- Double $1475.00- Single

Hotel: Washington Hilton 1919 Connecticut Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20009 If Interested: If you would like more information and/or are interested in attending, then please get in contact with a club executive, advisor, or myself. The sooner we register the better!

Key Note Speaker: Elizabeth Smart

LEADERSHIP Her abduction was one of the most followed child abduction cases of our time. Elizabeth will be sharing her incredible story of perseverance in the face of unimaginable adversity, and discussing topics such as overcoming extreme adversity, the importance and process of recovery, and not allowing your past to dictate your life's future. Entertainer: Michael C. Anthony

A hypnotist who will boggle your mind. He has been nominated as Entertainer of the Year 7 times and been seen on CBS, ABC, NBC and Fox.




Key Club International Website Home > Events > International Convention


The ELIMINATE Project Week May 6, 2013 to May 10, 2013 Similar as to how Key Club week is done to celebrate and promote KC within our schools (more than normal) Key Club International will now hold the Eliminate Project Week. This week will be used to spread awareness on Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus to the general public, and gain support for our fundraising efforts to combat MNT. #Elimin8 - This is the official hash tag created by The Eliminate Project. Use it to spread awareness and to remind people of what we are trying to do – Eliminate MNT. Some suggestions as to how the week could go: (This is a breakdown of The Eliminate Project Week Manuel)

Monday, May 6

Tuesday, May 7

Wednesday, May 8

Thursday, May 9

Friday, May 10

Spread the Word, Save a Life

Around the World in 540 Minutes

Advocate to Vaccinate

Give-it-up Day

Eliminate YOUR Way

Contact local news media, stations, newspapers to have them spread awareness.

Kiwanis International has set a goal to raise $5.40 per member for The Eliminate Project.

Target your student body, faculty, staff, administrative, neighbourhoods – get them in the know.

Create your own idea and your own day for this campaign.

Handout flyers, and hang posters.

Save the money you would normally spend on a pack of gum, a cup of coffee, or on that new pair of shoes, and donate it instead.



Get your teachers involved. (ex. get your history teacher to discuss the geographic areas in which Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus still kills).

Emphasize that this money will be used to save mothers and their babies to those around you.


Spread. The. Word. On. - Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Tumblr. Flickr. YouTube. ETC.

Advice: Give the media time to develop its story; news articles don’t happen overnight! Share your favorite project that raised funds for it, your clubs Eliminate goals this year, etc – not only what The Eliminate Project is.

Try to get every member to raise $5.40 in under 9 hours. It will save 834,000 mothers and their babies. Advice: Make it a competition between members. Reward the member who raises the most – food and treats are always a good go to for rewards.

Be Creative!

Purchase blue plastic cups and insert them into a fence to form a word that describes The Eliminate Project.

Share information!


Key Club International Website Serve > The Eliminate Project > Celebrate Eliminate Week

Club Monthly Reports: What’s your club doing? St. Paul Key Club – April Report Written by Andrew Wyslocky (President 2012/2013) We had three meetings, April 1st, 8th and 22nd. Our attendance was between 20 and 30 for those meetings. We had an out of uniform buyout with another club on April 4th; we raised approximately $800. Convention: We won 3rd in Video, Early Bird Award, Strive for 5 Award We had an executive training where the former execs talked about their roles and their responsibilities to the incoming execs on April 22nd Kiwanis Dinner on April 22nd. Our club had 2 parents there, about 12 from our club attended.

A.N. Myer Key Club – April Report Written by Stephanie Philpot (Co - Preseident) Service Hours: Our club did not complete any fundraisers this month. Total Number of Meetings: 3 Club meetings and 2 Pre-DCON Subcommittee meetings. Meeting Attendance: Regular- 10-15 and Subcommittee- 3-8 What we did: This month A.N. Myer Key Club sent 9 of its members to DCON. At this event our Key Club won many awards, including The MEP Award, the Scrapbook award and the Trick or Treat for Unicef patch. A.N. Myer Key Club was proud to see their outgoing secretary Katherine Gall become the new LG of District 4! We believed in Katherine all the way and we were exuberant to see her get the accolades she so deserved for her hard work. DCON was an amazing and exciting experience. A.N. Myer Key club has already begun fundraising for PEI this coming year. We are selling lollipops in our school and have opened an online magazine shop. Our Key Club has also begun planning and registering for this year’s Relay for life at Brock University. We plan to fundraise for this event throughout the month of May. Finally, Myer Key Club has elected their Eliminate chair, Courtney Geyer! WOSS Key Club – April Report Written by Rohan Adel (Secretary) Service Hours: A total of 8 hours have been accumulated for each member from Key Club meetings, and 5 hours from all the events that the White Oaks Key Club has hosted. This makes for a total of 13 hours total that has been accumulated for each member in the White Oaks Key Club this year. Total Number of Meetings: White Oaks Key Club has held meetings every Monday. However, due to the activities of the Teacher’s Union during the teacher’s strike White Oaks has only been able to hold 16 meetings in total. Meeting Attendance: All of White Oak’s Key Club members have been in attendance for every meeting; unfortunately we lost some members due to the confusion of the teacher’s strike. Accomplishments:    

Hosted Assembly for Halton Trauma Center Fundraised in our annual Pumpkin Smash Fundraising Event Raised money for UNICEF in our Trick or Treat fundraiser Fundraised for the Eliminated Project in our Spring themed Eggliminate Race


Pictures from the Month:

See what’s happening!

Divisional Events Call for Ideas As mentioned earlier in the newsletter, communication and collaboration are going to be big this year. That being said, the goal this year is to hold more divisional meetings and events. Let’s get to know each other! Members who go to DCON are able to meet fellow KC members from all over Eastern Canada, and those who go to ICON get to meet KC members from all over the world, but I think we should also make attempt to meet people from across our division as well. Think of this as a call for ideas. What do


you want to see happen? What do you want to do? What do you want to be a part of? Brainstorm and share ideas with one another. Ideas can be for both purely entertainment events (e.g. bowling), or for fundraisers (e.g. divisional car wash). When you come up with something talk to me or your club president, so we can start the necessary planning to get things going. Our first meet up will be at DLTC, and there are a few more planned for the fall, and winter months, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t see each other at other times. Let’s start talking!


This month was quite exciting with DCON, meeting members, and getting organized for upcoming year. If anyone has any comments and/or concerns about what I’m doing, what your club is doing, what ECD is doing then please talk to me. I like talking to Key Clubbers, and want opinions. Being LG is new for me so bear with me for a little bit, but I truly believe we are capable of doing some amazing things this year! See you next time! Katherine Gall

Division 4 - Thundering Waters Newsletter April  
Division 4 - Thundering Waters Newsletter April