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Division 38 West Newsletter Volume 4 | Issue 6 | November 2013 CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West

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Greetings from our Lt. Governor HAPPY THANKSGIVING, ALL OF MY WONDERFUL OWLS! My family, friends, my pets, the life I’m living, and the most amazing Key Club division of which I am proud to serve – are what I am most grateful for in my life. Aside from the heartwarming aspects of this intro, I truly hoped all of you who were able to attend Region 5 Training Conference had loads and loads of fun and dare I say, hopefully most of you were able to get ‘turnt up’ at the dance. For those of you who were not able to, no worries! There will always be next year! 5 months left until my term and I can honestly say that I have seen quite a big difference from last year. I am proud of all of you and how most of you have evolved from the turtle-like shell you all had during the beginning of the year. So for this month, we have many service projects for you wonderful members to participate and gain many hours! Please look out for more details in our newsletter! Let's make memorable, fun-filled, service-filled memories together as one spectacular division, one amazing OHANA. So with that being said, ARE Y’ALL READY FOR FALL RALLY SOUTH? Are you all ready to be so spirited and loud like I know that you all can so we an break a record and win the oh holy, prestigious spirit stick? Are you ready to make the other division around us envious? If you are then LET'S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS! If you are going to Fall Rally, you will need to go to one of our Division Fall Rally Preparations; it is mandatory to attend AT LEAST one. Please look for more details for that in our newsletter as well as on Facebook! So to sum this introduction up, thank you so much for reading and I hope you all enjoy our OWLTASTIC, lovely Division Newsletter made by our own terrific Newsletter Editor, Jeanie Paek! I hope to see you all soon, Owls! Instead of 'Deed of Kindness' idea that we usually have, instead tell us what you are thankful for in your life and send it to me at!

Cecilia Nguyen Letter from the Editor

Hi there Owls! It is nearing the end of 2013! Hope you are all keeping up with your school work and taking part in many activities! Fall Rally South is less than a week away! Are you excited? We need to show OWL PRIDE! Following that, we have Rose Float Decorations! Our division has many fun-filled events coming up, so stay make sure to mark your calendars! In the meantime, remember to keep up with your school work as well as engage in Key Club activities. And remember, TRY NOT TO PROCRASTINATE! :) Have a GOLDEN month and until next time, Jeanie Paek 2013–2014 Division Newsletter/Technology Editor


Event Recaps The Division Council Meeting Although I wasn’t able to stay for the entire duration of the August DCM, the time that I did spend there was worthwhile. This was the first Division Council Meeting that I ever attended; I didn’t know what to expect. It was so much fun to be able to see some old friends and make some new ones by playing some interesting icebreakers! It wasn’t all about fun though; our LTG did a fabulous job of going over rules and upcoming events; such as RTC and Fall Rally! The best part would have to be seeing some of the DLT getting pied in the face with the shaving cream. I can’t wait to go to many more DCMs and make much more memories with my fellow D38W Owls! Sarah Samdin Highland

Region Training Conference It was my first time attending, and the experience surpassed all my expectations. RTC for Region 5 included many components in addition to training. There was service, a spirit rally, and even a social event! Services include fundraising for Eliminate Project, making peanut butter-jelly sandwiches, and blanket-tying. I was involved with all 3 service projects, and I can definitely say that those two hours spent involved were priceless. The spirit at RTC…I am at a loss for words on that topic; the spirit at RTC in Region 5 is unparalleled. The social event came in the form of a dance, which was a fun hour for many. I personally spent that time speaking with some members of the Region 5 Leadership Team though. I am truly grateful to have helped run RTC, and to have seen so many dedicated Key Clubbers. I truly recommend that more Key Clubbers from 38 West attend next year. RTC was an unforgettable event on par with DCON. Susan Chor Highland


Owl-standing Members of the Month The Officer of the Month for our division is Emi Hoffman!

What inspired you to join Key Club in the first place? “During our Club Rush Week at Quartz Hill High School Key Club advertised their first meeting by writing notes on clothes-pins, and pinned them onto unsuspecting pedestrians. I was one of those people, "tagged" by our beloved, retired LTG, Rashika Choudhary, to come to the first club meeting. I did not consider the invitation at first. But, I remembered how my friend, and now club president, Brittnee Bui, would always admire and tell stories about her previous Key Club experiences. After attending the first few meetings, I discovered this is more than just some ordinary school club. This has become a lifestyle for high school students across the world. Key Club is a family away from home, making a difference in other people's lives. In joining the club, I looked forward to learning, helping, and encourage others to work together to make a difference in the community. I would like to thank Rashika and Brittnee for introducing Key Club into my life.”

What are some accomplishments you have made so far in your term? “Throughout my term as the secretary for my Key Club at Quartz Hill High School, I did not receive any personal achievements. However, I assisted our officers and members in making our club successful, including: hosting car washes, planning fundraisers, encouraging friends to join, and directing general meetings. Our club is currently retaining an average of just over one hundred members. I am elated that we, the officers, inspired this many people to join Key Club. It doesn't matter how many accomplishments I make for my work. I love my job as secretary. And if my club president tells me I'm doing a good job, that is a great accomplishment for me.”


Officer of the Month Cont. What are some goals for the rest of your term? “My goal for our club is to give our members as many opportunities to receive service hours as possible and to have our members obtain at least fifty hours of service by the end of this term; while representing, serving, and benefiting our fellow student body and community. My main goal for the rest of my term is to achieve the award for "Distinguished Secretary." By aiming for this goal, I will exceed my own expectations, and learn to do my job well.”

What have you learned as club secretary? “Key Club has exposed me to the professional business world. I learned that there are times I cannot attend every meeting, every event, and sometimes meet every deadline. I can only do my best. not only as a secretary, but as an active member in this club, I learned that I can express my spontaneity and "awkwardness" freely with my other members. In certain events it is even embraced.”

What do you like to do in your free time and who is your favorite celebrity? “Outside of the numerous hours of dedication I put into my schoolwork and KEY Club, I compete in Tahitian/Samoan dance. I participate in solo and group competitions across California. Also, I am an anime/manga enthusiast. Sometimes when I find a new favorite anime, my friends and I cannot stop talking about it. On the weekends, I enjoy testing my kitchen creations on my family and friends. My favorite celebrity is Jimmy Kimmel for his dry sense of humor, humble personality, and art for ‘unnecessary censorship.’”

Congratulations, Emi! Keep up the Owl-standing work! Did YOU ever run for a Key Club Officer position? Would YOU like to have the opportunity to be featured in the District Newsletter? Then, answer a few questions HERE! 5

Owl-standing Members of the Month The Club of the Month for our division is Sherman Burroughs! “Hello to all Key Clubbers in our Division 38 West! It's an honor for Sherman E. Burroughs from Ridgecrest, California, to be nominated for Club of the Month. Burroughs Key Club has vastly matured since the start of the beginning of the 20132014 school year. Even though many of our members only knew about it's service and opportunities by word-of-mouth, many of it's members have proven to be exceptionally kind and caring towards their school, club, and community. This is my first year as president for Burroughs Key Club and to be quite honest, the first month or so was quite tough for me simply because I was still getting the ropes on how to talk and portray myself as a leading figure to the people around me. Every meeting that I led, I would constantly be fidgety and nervous, thinking I was doing a horrible job and I would no doubt be a horrible President just because I forgot to write down the agenda plan for that day's meeting or I forgot to address a small issue, even though it could have been addressed the following week. As time progressed, I learned how to be in control of my nervousness and created a system with my fellow board members that helped me get a hand – or a somewhat hand – on how to lead thirty kids in a community service project, let alone a simple weekly meeting. These past few months, the Key Club members at Burroughs raised over $380 for the PTP Fundraiser through a PTP Bake Sale, that was hosted by our chair person, Gillian Brannon, and through a PTP Car Wash, that was managed by our chair person, Courtney White. Many Key Club members assisted in the baking of cupcakes, cookies, and brownies and by giving up their lunches at least once a week to help sell for the bake sale during the school day. The bake sale itself went on for about 2 weeks and generated about $100 towards PTP. The Car Wash was at least 4 ½ hours long and with the help of 10 Key Club members and the cars of over 30 people, the fundraiser generated over $280, including donations that were made. As August turned into October, registering and participating for Relay for Life was the main focus during this time period as well as collecting change for UNICEF in our Trick-or-Treat UNICEF boxes. This fundraiser will end on November 5th for us. In the coming few months, Burroughs Key Club plans to attend Fall Rally at Six Flags on November 9th, help decorate our club's Christmas tree in City Hall, participate in the yearly canned food drive with the Burroughs Drama club and make food baskets as well as participate in the Walk-a-Thon in February with our city. The Key Club at Burroughs High School plans on staying active through-out the 2013-2014 school year, and, hopefully, we'll continue to do so in the coming years.”

Ayesha Dhar Sherman Burroughs 2013-2014 President

Congratulations, Sherman Burroughs! Keep up the Great Service!


Owl-standing Members of the Month Quartz Hill: Chrystal Romero “Chrystal is an active member in Key Club who attends most, if not all, Key Club events. She has fresh ideas and always makes suggestions to help the board members come up with new events and increase our efficiency”

New Owl Interviews Interviewer, Jasper Mc Lennan: “As new Owls, tell me your Key Club experience so far, what you're expecting from us as an organization, and what you're looking forward to.” Sarah Elgazery: “My experience with Key Club already has been really fun and I like the fact that key club is super active and outgoing I'm also really excited to participate in all the field trips we are going to do this year!” Savannah Lawson: “The Key Club experience so far has been fun. I'm expecting Key Club to cover almost all of the important causes. For example, I hear a lot about PTP. I'm looking forward to the field trips and meeting new people.”

Thank you for your participation in our interview! 7

Informative Flyer Previews Would you like to know more about the Eliminate Project and the Pediatric Trauma Program? Here are your informative flyers!

These informative documents were made by our very own Division Leadership Team Task Coordinators! A huge thank you to our Owl-standing Division Task Coordinators!

Links to these documents are available below!

The Eliminate Project Pediatric Trauma Program 8

President Contact Information Desert Sands: To the presidents who have not Eastside: received their password: please contact Cecilia Nguyen at or Highland: Jannah Villaflor at Lancaster: Littlerock: Paraclete: Pete Knight: Quartz Hill: Sherman Burroughs: SOAR: 9

Contact Information Club Secretaries Highland: Eastside: Paraclete: Sherman Burroughs: Littlerock: Desert Sands: Palmdale:

Regional Advisor

Division Leadership Team

Mrs. Alyson Palmer

Division Task Coordinators PTP Task Coordinator Fanta Sinayoko Kiwanis Family Foundations Task Coordinator Jason Barajas The Eliminate Project Task Coordinator Jazzy Mc Lennan Member Recognition Task Coordinator Amber Ramos

Lieutenant Governor Cecilia Nguyen 661-916-2896

Division Executive Assistant Jannah Villaflor 661-839-7363

Division Secretary Kelly Lee 661-802-6655

Division Newsletter Editor Jeanie Paek 310-999-3582 SOAR: AV:

Key Club International: CNH Cyber Key: D38W Reflector:

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


Division 38 West Newsletter Thank you for reading! 3636 WOODVIEW TRACE INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46268 USA • 317-875-8755 • US AND CANADA: 800-KIWANIS

D38W November Newsletter  

Volume 4, Issue 6 by Jeanie Paek

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