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Division 38 West Newsletter Volume 3 | Issue 7 | February 2013 CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West

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A Letter From the Editor…..……….………..... 1 January DCM Recap….......................…... 2 Meet the LTG Elect….................................. 2 Words from our LTG.……….....….……...........…. 3 PTP Information….….….…………………………. 4 Project Eliminate Info…………………………….. 5


About Project Jump Start……………….………. 6 Event Updates…………………………… 7 - 9   

DCON…………………………..…..….. 7 - 8 The Next DCM…...................................... 9 Macy’s Dress for Success….................... 9

Secretary Contact Information………….. 10 Contact Information……….………..……..... 11

5 CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


A Letter from the Editor Hi there Division 38 West Robots! How is second semester going? I hope you’re doing well in school! Are you excited? District Convention is coming up in less than 40 days! In the meantime, remember to keep up with your school work and grades as well as engage in Key Club activities. Plan some more service events! There is always an opportunity to serve! And as always, TRY NOT TO PROCRASTINATE! :) Until next time, Jeanie Paek 2012–2013 Division Technology Editor

Division 38 West is the best!

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


January dCM/Conclave recap On January 29th, Key Club members of Division 38 West got together at Red Robin for a Division Council Meeting. Members enjoyed each other’s company as well as some great food. The topics of District Convention, Sergeant at Arms, Conclave, elections, and service projects were discussed. Overall, the DCM was an amazing time and the division bonded together as a whole. We hope you join us at the next Division Council Meeting!

Meet the LTG Elect Meet Cecilia Nguyen, our 2013-2014 Division 38 West elect! She is a sophomore at Highland High School, a pre-IB student, Vice President of Asian American Club, a member of the California Scholarship Federation, and just loves to do service! She hopes to ignite a BURNING FIRE in the members of our division throughout her term. When you see Cecilia, go up to her and say hi! She’ll give you a high five!

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


Words from our LTG Hey D38W Robots! I hope all of you are doing well and are continuing to do lots of service and fundraising! Hopefully by now, club elections have been concluded; if you are an elect, please be sure to fill out the Google form https:// viewform ! It will help make this transition period smooth sailing! Also, District Convention is right around the corner, and I look forward to riding the million waves of service with you all! We will be ordering spirit packs, so with a $5-7 donation, you will be able to get thunder sticks, buttons, and other fun spirit items! Some upcoming events include the Joint DCM & Social at Mulligans on Tuesday, Feb. 26th from 4:00PM-6:00PM! We will go over lots of information regarding DCON, introduce the D38W Lt. Governor elect, Cecilia Nguyen, transitioning events, and much more! Afterwards, we will go have fun playing laser tag, driving the go karts, and playing arcade games! As a heads up, there is also an event on Saturday, March 16th, at Macy's located in the AV Mall. This event is called "Dress for Success", and it is a basically a fashion show that shows you what professional attire really entails. It'll definitely help you in deciding what to wear and bring to DCON, and it will benefit you in the future as well! Also, not to mention that if you do choose to buy anything from the store that day, everything will be 25% off! So be sure to bring your parents, friends, and other Key Clubbers, as it is open to the whole community! I look forward to truly making the most of what is left of the 2012-2013 Key Club Year with the wonderful D38W Ohana! Rashika Choudhary Division 38 West Lieutenant Governor 2012-2013

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


The Pediatric Trauma Progra Programm What is PTP? The Pediatric Trauma Program was established by the Kiwanis Cali - Nev - Ha Foundation in 1994, focusing on the needs for education and training in injury prevention and pediatric trauma. Their mission statement is Ęşto develop local projects, which will reduce the number of children in our district who are killed or injured by trauma.Ęş The leading cause of death among children ages 14 and under in the United States is pediatric trauma, or unintentional injury. Every year, more children die from easily be preventable pediatric trauma than all childhood diseases combined!

What Can I Do To Help? You can help your club and the division provide awareness and prevent pediatric trauma by making sure the community is educated on safety and any possible hazards, having a donation drive on items such as bicycle helmets and child safety seats, and much, much more! You can also assist the children that were involved in trauma by collecting items of comfort, such as stuffed animals and blankets, to donate. You can even make cards to help cheer up the children!

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


Project ELIMINATE Eliminating Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus

ARE YOU READY TO HELP? A birth of a newborn is a joyous event in any lifetime. However, in 38 different countries, that amazing event can quickly turn into a tragedy. With the Eliminate Project, Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus. This deadly disease takes the life of one baby every nine minutes — nearly 60,000 innocent babies every year. That’s 60,000 babies a year that will never grow up, play with friends, hear their mother’s laugh, or even dream about their future. A significant number of women also die due to maternal tetanus. The effects of the disease are excruciating — tiny newborns suffer repeated, painful convulsions and extreme sensitivity to light and touch. Learn more about The Eliminate Project at

Roughly $1.80 for 3 doses of tetanus vaccine Just $2 = Protection for mothers + future babies

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


District Project—

Project Jump start

Last year, the California-Nevada-Hawaii District began a new district project: Project Jump Start. This 2-year project is geared towards providing children from ages 0-5 a jump start during the most crucial years of an infant’s life. Project Jump Start is a great way to give back to your communities and give infants the jump start they need to succeed, one baby step at a time. The potential of Division 38 West is more than enough to make an impact on our communities through Project Jump Start. Project Jump Start allows children to have a successful childhood, and to one day grow to be competent, caring leaders like each and every one of us are today. By providing this support to young children, we are giving them the opportunity to grow and become strong-willed individuals. Not only does this project affect our communities, but it goes as far as to provide a benefit to children internationally. By focusing on children’s education, health, safety, and wellbeing – we will be giving children all around the world equal opportunities to have a fresh and vibrant beginning, a jump start. Now here’s the fun part: how to get involved. Simply, by finding a project, or even better, making your own. Working with local organizations is a great way to get involved in the District Project. Even Key Club International’s service partners: UNICEF, Children’s Miracle Network, and March of Dimes support our objectives in Project Jump Start. The amounts of service projects are endless, so what are you waiting for? I’m looking forward to hearing about your club participating in Project Jump Start. By submitting articles, visuals, and a description of your project to Jeanie Paek at, you have a chance to be spotlighted on the CNH Cyberkey for the whole district to see your involvement in the District Project. Subjects in any visuals you submit must sign a photo release form, which can be found on the Cyberkey. Together, Division 38 West can make an impact: one baby step at a time.

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


Event Updates District Convention DCON The 67th annual California-Nevada-Hawaii District Convention will be held in the city of Anaheim on March 22-24, 2013. Here is your opportunity to meet thousands of Key Clubbers from the span of three states, be recognized for your club's achievements, elect the 2013-2014 Executive Board, and dance the night away at the Governor's Ball on Saturday night. Don't miss out on the most amazing Key Club event of the year!

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


Event Updates

Are YOU ready for District Convention? If so… The 67th Annual District Convention Online Registration is now open! Please use the Online Registration Link to direct you to the registration site. If you are having difficulties navigating the site or registering yourself, the Registration Tutorial Video Link is provided as well, for your convenience. The video will take you step by step on how to navigate through the online registration process.

It is vital that you talk to our advisors about registering for District Convention AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. With only a few weeks left, we must make the most of it! Also, make sure you have the minimum requirement of service hours!

Once you have successfully registered for DCON, you MUST send Rashika a confirmation email stating you have done so.

 

Subject Line: [Insert name] DCON Confirmation Body: [Name, School, Phone Number, and Position]

Online registration link: Registration tutorial video link: Rashika’s email:

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


Event Updates The Next Division Council Meeting Are YOU awaiting the next Division Council Meeting? Well, then it’s just your luck! The next DCM is Tuesday, February 26th at Mulligan’s Family Fun Center from 4:00 to 6:00 pm! Come join us for updates on upcoming events, a great time, and wonderful bonding with the 38 West Ohana!

Macy’s Dress for Success On Saturday, March 16th, at the Macy's located in the AV Mall, there will be a fashion show that shows you what professional attire really entails. It'll definitely help you in deciding what to wear and bring to DCON, and it will benefit you in the future as well! Also, not to mention that if you do choose to buy anything from the store that day, everything will be 25% off! So be sure to bring your parents, friends, and other Key Clubbers, since it is open to the whole community!

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


Secretary Contact Info Highland: Eastside: Paraclete: Sherman Burroughs: Little Rock: Desert Sands: Palmdale: Soar: AV:

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


Contact Information Club Presidents Burroughs President Daniel Villarreal

Regional Advisors

Division Leadership Team

Ms. Jenn Skidmore

Lieutenant Governor

Rashika Choudhary 661-400-9094

Mrs. Alyson Palmer

Division Executive Assistant

Maribel Hernandez

Cecilia Nguyen 661-916-2896

Division Technology Editor

Eastside President

Jeanie Paek 310-999-3582

Highland President Jannah Villaflor Lancaster President Brentyn Hewitt Quartz Hill President Niki Bakhru

SOAR President Ashlee Davis

Key Club International: CNH Cyber Key: D38W Reflector:

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


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D38W February Newsletter  
D38W February Newsletter  

Volume 3, Issue 7 by Jeanie Paek