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CNH | KEY CLUB Division 38 West Newsletter

Volume 2 | Issue 8 | January 2011

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you believe that the Key Club year is almost over? In about three months, every club will be under the guidance of new club officers, and there will be a new LTG leading the division. This all starts right after DCON (which I know that all of you are just excited as I am for it)!

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With that said, the primary things that this issue of the newsletter will focus on are club elections and Conclave. Your elections should be coming up soon! Remember to encourage everybody to run for an office— especially freshmen! Underclassmen are the future of all of our clubs, and if they need that push and support to run for office, then give it to them! No one can ever be sure if one specific member will become the next great LTG or District Governor, so always give each other your unwavering support! For further information on elections and Conclave, please continue reading the newsletter. Remember to make the best of these final months in this Key Club year! Programmed for Service, Victor Ly Divisional Technology Editor

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West

“Caring - Our Way of Life”


What went on at Rose Float Deco? On Saturday, December 29th, 2011, we D38W Key Clubbers went by bus to the Cal Poly Pavilion in Pasadena to help decorate floats that would appear in the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. We split into two groups and worked two separate shifts of 10 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm, with a break from 1 pm to 2pm. The tasks that were delegated to us ranged from carrying supplies and food to applying glue and decorations to certain parts of the floats. There were numerous other volunteers that worked with us; they consisted of adults, Key Clubbers from other divisions, and even young children!

After we finished our respective shifts, we started our break and were allowed to get food, look at other floats, or just hang out—we were even allowed to continue our volunteer work as long as the task coordinators felt that more volunteers were needed! Regardless, we Key Clubbers were given as much time to relax and enjoy ourselves just as we were assigned time to help decorate the float. At the end of the day, nearly everyone was exhausted from working, and many fond memories were made.

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


When should elections be? Why this particular time? Anybody can run for a board position as long as they are a paid-dues Key Club member and are not graduation from high school this year. So encourage all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to run! When should elections be? Why this particular time? Ideally, clubs should be hosting their elections before the end of January so that two of the new officer-elects can be representative delegates for their respective school at Conclave. Also, officer-elects have top priority in acquiring reservations for the trip to DCON, so it’s best to give the elects as much time as possible to gather the amount of money necessary to go. What should go on during elections? There are five board positions in the club level: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Technology Editor. Candidates that want to run for one of these offices must speak with the present board first and sign up. During elections, all candidates are given a certain amount of time in which they must give their speech and partake in a caucus session. The time given is chosen by the current board, but make sure that it’s a reasonable amount! During the caucus session, the present board and advisor (s) must administer the questions and ensure that they are relevant and appropriate. For information regarding which questions are appropriate and which aren’t, please contact Ms. Skidmore, Peter Chor, or any member of the Divisional Board. While a candidate is giving his/her speech, all the other candidates that are running for that same position must wait in a different location where they cannot hear the speaking candidate’s speech or caucus questions. The candidates running for different positions may stay in the room. After all candidates have given their speeches, the audience may submit their confidential ballots in with their votes, and the winners will be announced thereafter. Please do take note that only paid dues members may vote during elections. Also, club elections are not a popularity contest! The members are responsible for electing the candidates who will most likely lead your club to success - not the candidates that are popular and have a bad work ethic.

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


 The D38 joint Conclave/DCM will be held at the Happy Golfer in Victorville.  February 4th, 2012  It will last from 5 pm to 8 pm.  There will be a banquet, so bring at least $10 for food. The LTG’s of D38 East and West dating back to the 2009-2010 term!

 Dress to impress! This means to come in either business professional or business casual attire!

Conclave is the event where the new LTG for the next year will be elected! Is this particular case, Conclave will be a joint-hosted event between both D38W and D38E. It will also be a DCM and banquet as well, so it is highly recommended that all possible Key Clubbers find a ride and attend Conclave 2012! Plus, outstanding members and clubs will also be recognized and awarded for their service throughout the year at this event. The procedure for Conclave will be similar to club elections. Candidates will go up and present themselves, give their speeches, and partake in a caucus session. However, each school can only have two representative delegates to submit their votes in. Generally, the delegates will be the club President and either the club Vice President or Secretary. Regardless, every school has to bring at least two members if they want their votes to count for the election of the new LTG!

To the left are the candidates of Conclave 2011 standing with the 2010-2011 LTG, Philip Nguyen. To the right are Philip and his Divisional Board during his term.

CNH District | Region 5 | Division 38 West


Club Presidents Burroughs President Christal Hoang 760-382-7998 Eastside President Guadalupe Hernandez 661-341-6257 Highland President Peace Sadorra 510-364-4941 Littlerock President Daniel Solis 818-583-6393 Paraclete President Veronica Cruz 661-492-1495 Pete Knight President Natalie Anderson 661-480-4109 Quartz Hill President Niki Bakhru 661-310-8059

Divisional Board Lieutenant Governor Peter Chor 661-839-6696

Regional Advisors Ms. Jenn Skidmore

Divisional Executive Assistant Rashika Choudhary 661-400-9094

Mrs. Alyson Palmer

Divisional Secretary Dennis Malabanan 661-618-7998 Divisional Newsletter Editor Victor Ly 661-317-3479

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D38W January Newsletter  

Volume 2, Issue 8 by Victor Ly