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we love our L T G !

November is going to be one HECTIC month for all of us. College apps are going to be due, we have to get our heads into our books for school, and…..oh yeah, FALL RALLY! November is going to be all about Fall Rally, and I know we will show up in our BEASTLY spirit. Let’s go for that spirit stick for a second year in a row! Also, thank you for all of those who attended the Region Training Conference in October! Seeing all that spirit that you Raccoons brought to RTC (almost) brings me to tears. To see all of the clubs unified is truly a great sight for me. I KNOW we can win that spirit stick at Fall Rally. We have to stay united and strong as a division, and only you can help be a part of that. Although Fall Rally gets us all spirited and pumped up, remember that we are still a SERVICE organization. Let’s keep on serving the community and let’s make a difference in our world! Just remember to keep on working hard to get Key Club known in our community. Please participate in all of the Key Club Week activities in the beginning of this month. ―You

get what you expect. You get what you model. You get what you reward. You get what you work for.‖ – CNH Kiwanis District Governor Richard Olmstead Keep on working hard, Raccoons!


LtG Nick

division news s l a o g district

Raise as much money for PTP as you can so we can buy Lt. G Nick Sianipar at Fall Rally South!

44,000 MEMBERS $125,000

for PTP

We don’t want any other division buying him so fundraise, fundraise, and fundraise!

750,000 SERVICE HOURS Pediatric Trauma Program (PTP) was established by the Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation the in 1994 in order to help reduce the number of children who are killed or injured by trauma. Money collected for PTP is used to provide funding to train doctors and nurses in advanced pediatric courses, to purchase much-needed pediatric medical equipment, and to support existing and new community outreach programs.



Well, I’m glad yo u


Unintentional injury is the #1 killer of children age 14 and under in the U.S.

Unintentional injury kills more children every year than any other cause - including disease, homicide and suicide!

90% of these unintentional injuries can be prevented


UNICEF? Key Clubbers have been participating in Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF since 1994. Instead of collecting candy, they collect donations. Leave a box in each classroom and have school competitions! Bee creative and think of ways to raise funds. This year, all funds raised in Trick-or Treat for UNICEF will be donated to the ELIMINATE Project. 

For more information, visit:

To date, it has raised over $160 million to provide safer drinking water, medical supplies, education, emergency relief, and many other necessities to support children in 150+ countries around the world. Key Clubbers have raised $5 million since we first began participating in 1994.

If you have not received your boxes or if you have run out of boxes, you have two options: 1. Visit your nearest Toys R Us store to pick some up 2. Visit and then order a few! It's absolutely free, but please try not to over order in order to maintain a green environment. Want to be creative and dress up as a UNICEF box? A twist to trick-or-treating for UNICEF would be to order a few life-size costume trick-or-treating boxes for members to wear on Halloween night. To order, (each costume costs $25) call 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 390 or 317-875-8755, ext. 390. The box item number is 92102.

Show people what Key Club is all about! Spread the word by wearing Key Club gear and publicizing Key Club Week in local stores, your school Web site, etc. Officially announce Key Club Week in your community with a proclamation and refer to the Key Club public relations manual to get great tips on how to publicize Key Club in your community.

NOV. 11

Key Club is the largest high school service organization in the world and is a member of the Kiwanis family. Celebrate the entire family of Kiwanis by getting the whole gang involved. Connect with local Kiwanis, Circle K International, Builders, Kiwanis Kids or Aktion clubs and team up for a joint service project.

YOUR WAY! This is your club’s chance to do its own thing and make its mark. Pick a project, plan a recruitment party or combine activities from the other Key Club Week days. Whatever idea you choose, take it and run with it.

Kudos to the KEY Players Personally thank all the Key Club supporters you know—teachers, advisors and other Key players. Write thank-you notes, host an appreciation dinner or do something uniquely your own style to recognize the contributions of these special people.

Bring a Friend to Key Club

NOV. 10

NOV. 09

Connect the K‟s

NOV. 08

NOV. 07

Show Your K in Every Way

More members = more service. Increasing the amount of service Key Club performs increases the impact Key Club has on the world. Bring a friend, or two, or more to your next Key Club meeting.

Feel fr ee to chang order e up t of the he days a you re nd ho presen w t them forget ! Don’ , it’s YO t UR clu b! :)


how to be an r e d a le le b a v e li un Know Your Facts - Since you are a Key Club leader, it would be wise to check up on your facts and knowledge. Learn about how the organization works, the service partners, our core values...basically everything related to Key Club! Some great resources are [] and [].

Set Goals - Goals are the driving forces of success. What are your goals for this upcoming year? Is it retaining membership? Having more service projects? Whatever it is, write them down and share with the club so that they can help you obtain them.

Limitless Creativity - Don’t reuse the same ideas. Try out some of your own! Bee creative. You never know what will happen if you don’t try.

Communication is the KEY - If you don’t communicate with anyone, then nothing will get done. Communicate with other board members and club members - always. They deserve to know what is going on! Service, Service, Service - Key Club is a service organization - never forget that. Make sure that your club has a variety of hands - on service opportunities for the members. Everyone has Opinions So use them! Survey the members for ideas on upcoming events, service projects, retaining members, gaining new members...the list is endless!

Priority Check - Prioritize what’s m ore im portant. Is planning this social more important than this service project? Rethink what’s important; you can even combine the two!

Identify Strengths and Weaknesses - What are your strengths and weaknesses? Maybe someone on the board has strengths that you don’t have. Use those to your full advantage - that’s what makes a board very diverse.

Get Rid of the “Beast” Procrastination is a beast - get rid of it! Everyone struggles with it. You’re not alone.

Get Help - Nobody is perfect; nobody can do everything. Get help! Delegate work to other board members or club members. Make sure you can get as many people as involved as you can. This will lighten your stress load.



The Membership Update Center (http:// is where you will be able to delete or add members and faculty advisors. You may pay in various forms: PayPal, credit card, or check. Read all directions carefully so as to not make any

mistakes. There are sample codes and passwords available in the Membership Update Center for you to practice with. Send to Key Club International Office: Key Club International PO Box 6069 - Dept 123 Indianapolis, IN 46206-6069


Dates to Remember:

Start Paying

October 1st

Early Bird

November 1st

Regular Deadline

December 1st

Dues become Delinquent

December 2nd


February 1st


February 1st


R I E S! october mrf/file name change

October MRF will be due next month by November 5th at 6 PM (early bird would be anytime on the third of the Please remember that the

month). Please remember to keep the MRFs as accurate as possible and please fill out every applicable box. Also, to make the MRF file names convenient for our Region Advisor, Mrs. Qualm, please change the name of your MRFs to


! s r e d a e l s t n a w u as

Arizona State University's Leadership Scholarship Program recognizes outstanding high school graduating seniors who have achieved excellence in leadership. The award is a $13,000 annual scholarship for nonresident students, renewable for 3 additional years (8 semesters total). Eligible students must be must be an active member of Key Club or another nationally recognized leadership organization; 3.25 unweighted GPA. To apply, please complete the application and submit it by December 2, 2011. For more information, please visit, or call 480-965-7788.


Please send in all articles and visuals to Lt. G Nick Sianipar ( and CC to News Editor, Nancy Nguyen (,

18th of every month at 8:00PM!



FAll RAlly

fall rally

from the coordinator:

HEY RACCOONS :DD Its Isabelle, your Fall Rally Coordinator, here. Fall Rally is coming up in LESS THAN A MONTH :O I hope you all are excited as I am!! First of all, I hope you all have heard, Spirit Pack info is out and its located right here on this page! Please give your money for spirit packs to your presidents before November 4th! If you only want specific things, please feel free to email me at or txt/call me at (909)773-8898 and we'll try to work something out! On November 11th, which is our spirit day, we will be making the capes and tutus, so if you want to decorate your cape, You should come! I will send out an email regarding its time and location by end of October. :D Remember to purchase the Division T-shirt too and maybe even the Division Sweatshirt because there is a good possibility it will be cold. That's all for now!! If you need anything, feel free to contact me :D Love, Isabelle ^-^

1) 1 $ ( ! s k c a p t i r spi  

Service Bandit Mask Raccoon Tail (nothing fancy, just simple tails so that we all match ;D)

Yellow Headband

Vuvuzela (specify if you want blue or yellow)

  

Drawstring Backpack (they will be yellow because our shirts are blue) 2 "Ravin' Raccoons' Glow-sticks Thunder Sticks and face paint will be provided for all

The capes and tutus will be separate. Capes will be $7 (specify blue or yellow) and Tutus will be $10 (it will be both blue and yellow).

breakdown! Who: Hardworking course!




What: Celebrate a year of working hard as a dedicated Key Clubber! Where: Six Flags Magic Mountain When: November

19th, 2011

Why: Experience Motivational Programs, Division Spirit Rally, Meet New People, Helping out Pediatric Trauma, and Key Club Spirit. How: Discounted ticket price $27 advance purchase, $31 day of event — or talk to your club president!


, buyin ting lockers n re r fo y e n Mo . ing food, etc y u b s, ir n e v sou your s! You’ll lose p ro d h g u o C voice!

October 28th — Final day to submit form for tickets (Form can be found HERE) Friday, November 11th — Fall Rally Spirit Gear Day (We will be making spirit items such as flags, posters, and etc. as a division); LOCATION: Coordinator Isabelle Chu’s house (Where?) Friday, November 18th — Pre-Fall Rally Night (We practice our cheers and get pumped up to win the spirit stick for a second year in a row! MANDATORY for all attendees!) Saturday, November 19th — FALL RALLY!

savethedate! things to bring:

ise at makes no Anything th boumakers, tam e is o n s, e tl is (wh rines, etc.) yellow! of blue and n to a r a e W

SPIRIT (mandato ry!

.. kinda)

you called it "The Wizarding World of Service" - Region 04 Training Conference (RTC) Recap Nancy Nguyen—D36E News Editor ―Hey Key Clubbers! How do you feel?!‖ The Region 04 Training Conference at UCR was such an incredible and beneficial opportunity for me to fully understand what being an officer as well as what Key Club is all about. I was given the chance to learn more about my duties as Treasurer and a Key Clubber in general. The insightful workshops that were presented there were hosted by the divisions’ Lt. Gs’ as well as our District Governor, Erinn Wong. Our attendees from Region 04 consisted of Division 6 Penguins, Division 36W Huskeys, Division 36E Raccoons, and Division 47 Krakens. Throughout the conference, there were crazy cheers, epic spirit battles, and many entertaining ice breakers. The Key Clubbers there were very friendly and inviting to one another. I got to meet so many new people from different divisions and learn more about their own goals. The RTC ended with a spirit contest in which all of the divisions participated in. Division 36 East won Erinn Wong’s vote as the most spirited division in the region. Our RTC spirit stick will just encourage us all to win that GIANT spirit stick at Fall Rally South! Unleash that beast and keep on cheering!

Regional Training Conference Johanes Santoso

Hello Key Clubbers! How do you feel this month? This month we had our RTC at University of California, Riverside. There were many great things happening there and for those of you who did not make it to the event, what can I say, you really missed out! Workshops were held regarding many different topics, like President/Vice President, Secretary, Editor, etc. After the workshop session ended we, as a region, had a spirit battle! That’s right a pre-fall rally spirit battles between the Raccoons, Huskies, Penguins and also the Krakens!! Needless to say, you know who won this battle, give it up for the Raccoons! Give yourself a pat in the back because you guys are such an awesome division and I am proud to be raccoon and I wouldn’t have it any other way!



Hello Raccoons! I’m sure you know that the month of November means that it is FALL RALLY. If you don’t know what it is, let me explain it briefly. It is a HUGE Key Club event held every year at Six Flags Magic Mountain! You can have fun riding the coasters, but that is not as fun as the spirit battle session, where the spirit stick will be given to the most spirited division. As you may or may not know, our division won the spirit stick last year, and I believe that we can do the same thing again this year. I have faith that our division will triumph over the other divisions, even though we are smaller; Our cheers will be heard throughout the park and we will own that spirit stick. So please come and enjoy the day at Six Flags where you will meet new friends and also have fun with your fellow Key Clubbers!

0 for 1 e g t pa u o k ally! R l l chec a on F o f n i more

Question of the Month

in your own words, DEFINE


A club that everyone wants to join because it is fun and does community service. Key Club is the REAL CLUB. It's when you make REAL SMILES come alive on people's faces after you've done something REALLY GREAT for them! Key Club is the REAL deal! Janna Macatangay The Definition of Key Club is family. We are a family formed through the mutual desire to help those in need. Many may call it "Asian Club," but when you look closer, there are people from every walk of life and every ethnicity and they all come together regardless of their differences to b ecome a family. Key club is where you can go to make some of the best friends you will ever have and do some of the best work you can.

Key Club means that we are a family and because we are a family, we can move mountains together. Austin Castillo

Key Club is not just a club to me, it


a family. A big family that I’ve never had before, and I am lucky and honored to be a part of it. It is one

of the best things that could happen in my high school career. Johanes Santoso

Key Club is a worldwide organizati on where all high students have the same purpose to serve their community. We co mpete for spirit, fundraising and su ch, but we all do the same thing f or our club, and that is to dedic

ate our time to others. Erin Guevara

division shirts!

$10 (crew neck)


how you doinâ€&#x; (; YUCAIPA


This month we helped prepare and youth I.D. Day. We also had our first me school year and are getting things re rest year.

Well, this is the month that we have started to emphasize getting dues in. Fall Rally is just around the corner, so we want to make sure we get as many dedicated members as possible. We are also thinking about making certain requirements for Fall Rally so that we can help with the Key Club spirit (more details soon). On the 15th, our LTG Nick Sianapar joined us for an afterschool meeting to talk about dues and Fally Rally. Our Chick-fil-A fundraiser was also advertised throughout school so we are hoping for a good return. We are planning a Car Wash for the16th of October.


This month, many Key C volunteer at events suc Boys and Girls Kids Day how much money we and how many hours o The board presented A Active Member Award great month and I can't been turning in dues alre

PACIFIC REDLANDS For the month of September, RHS Key Club focused mainly on advestising the club and beginning the fundraising process. 3 of the events was spreading the word, targeting new members. At Day for Kids, members helped the kids of the Redlands Boys and Girls Club with arts and crafts, setting up and cleaning up the event.

This month, we planned a Car Wash at the Jiffylube on Highland and Palm which was very successful. We made over $200. We're raising the money for PTP and for Fall Rally. We're currently collecting dues and announcing Fall Rally. Other than the norm, we're also starting a recycling process. We're collecting cans and bottles from classrooms to recycle and to make money for our club. As for plans, we're planning another car wash on the 9th in October and we're also looking forward to sign up for volunteering at the BelieveWalk on October 2nd.

club snapshots

d work at a eeting of the eady for the



Clubbers have come out to ch as Car Washes and the y Event. It's very amazing have earned this month of service we accumlated. Amanda Kanady with the d. This has been another t believe that people have eady!

This month we have grown as a club. Even though we did not have many events this month, we have many scheduled for October. Our carwash this month was a success. In three short hours, we raised over $100. This year for our members to go to Fall Rally, we are requiring that they go to at least two events, pay their dues, and buy a key club shirt. To encourage members to pay their dues and to raise money for our club, we are raising the club dues a dollar a week. We have had many members show up to our meetings bringing friends, which has really helped our club grow.

SAN BERNARDINO This month we really stepped out of our comfort zone in performing community service. We had a great amount of key club members at the lake clean up and it was a lot of fun too! We got to meet other people who were eager to make a difference and help the environment and their community. As a club, we got closer to the members and had a lot of positive energy as we helped our local lake look more beautiful and healthy. At the Home of the Neighborly Service dinner, we served food to the guests and attended the guests as waiters. We had a lot of fun serving our community and getting to meet very friendly and energetic people. This month was a success and if we keep our service up, we will continue to make a difference for our community and environment.

contact us Lieutenant Governor, Nick Sianipar Redlands Senior High School Cell Phone: 909.831.4226 Home Phone: 909.796.7554

Executive Assistant, Heidi Nguyen

Region 4 Advisor, Carolyn Qualm Kiwanis Division 6, Kiwanis Club Temecula Valley Home Number: 909.694.1831 Cell Number: 909.871.1773

[insert Heidi]

Executive Secretary, Isabelle Chu

Division News Editor, Nancy Nguyen

Tech Editor, Jacqueline Mayuga

on the web 


ble! they’re clicka




news editor Annyeonghaseyo, Raccoons! It’s October and that means that there’s less than 30 days until Fall Rally South! I’m very excited Fally Rally, like you have no clue. I can’t wait to reunite with my old Key Club friends and make even more new ones! This term has started out great so far my home club (woohoo Citrus:D) and the division as well. I hope we all keep it up, but I know for a fact that we all can do it! I am so proud of all of the Key Clubbers who have took on the challenge of being a leader and setting a good example for everyone to look up to. You guys make me so happy :’D Remember to recruit as many students as you can to join Key Club! You might even be the reason why Key Club helped changed their life. I convinced my one friend to join Key Club and the other day she told me how the club helped her become more outgoing and amiable. In her own words, ―I guess Key Club did make a difference in my life.‖ It’s time to take charge and show everyone why service is important! Not only are you benefiting the community and your fellow Raccoons, but you’re also becoming a leader with an everlasting impact on the world. I hope you all read the newsletter from the first word to the last as it might even help you consider new ideas to help give back to the community. Now that the sun is rising up, I think it’s best if I get some rest now. D; Stay Beasty, Nancy Nguyen(:

tech editor Bonjour, Raccoons! How are you guys?! I hope you’re all doing dandily! Did you know that there are only 29-30 days until FALL RALLY! I’m really excited for it, seeing as it’s going to be my first Fall Rally EVER! :’) I hope you guys are all thinking of cheers, attending the Committee meetings, reading all of your monthly updates, READING THE NEWSLETTER –winkwink-, and ATTENDING YOUR WEEKLY HOME CLUB MEETINGS! It’s super important that you guys attend your meetings so that you know your responsibilities as a Key Clubber! I don’t have much to say this month because it’s currently the 20th and I have to turn this in in half an hour and I’m not even done yet LOLOLOL GAAAAAAH THE THINGS I DO FOR YOU GUYS! Hahah, kidding. But I really do love you <3 - Mayuga

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The Raccoon Report  

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