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Hey there Raccoons! We started off the school year right with our August DCM and the first ever D36E Games, and words cannot explain how proud I was that day. We had an awesome attendance from ALL schools and everyone was into the intense competition. I have no doubt that this school year will be magical because all of you are doing such a great job with Key Club. Just remember to stay focused throughout the year, and don't let procrastination bite you! Don't forget that we have RTC coming up at UC Riverside, and I want to see all of your beautiful Raccoon faces decked out in our division gear, ready to dominate the competition in spirit battles. I know school is getting hectic for all of you, but remember to continue doing what Key Club is all about: service. Ask yourselves: how can I get my club to truly benefit the community? Think outside of the box; do something that

can really affect your community! Go beyond the general fundraisers, car washes, or events held by your Kiwanis clubs. Hold a service event on your own! Something as simple as making sandwiches for the local homeless people or painting a park bench; it all makes a difference. You can ask your city hall for volunteer events or go to sites like to find some service events. So I call on you amazing Service Bandits: do something great. Remember, I BEElieve in all of you!


Lt. G Nick

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rtc: regional training conference The annual Region 4 Training Conference is back and it's going to be bigger than ever! Meet Key Clubbers from Region 04: Division 6 Penguins, Division 36 West Huskies, and Division 47 Krakens! Get ready for magical general sessions, interesting workshops, and intense spirit battles! This is an RTC for members, so please spread the word and get as many members to attend this event! Also, there will be an advisor's workshop, so please get your faculty and Kiwanis advisors to attend as well. Also, DISTRICT GOVERNOR ERINN WONG will be attending our RTC as well. So let's show her how Region 4 is beast!

WHEN: Saturday, October 8th, 2011 from 10 AM - 3 PM WHERE: UC Riverside (building TBA) PRICE: $5 for lunch

DCON: BEElieve — the Magic of Service Although it may seem early, it’s never too late to start planning for next year's District Convention! It will be on April 13-15th, 2012 at the Santa Clara Convention Center! The official DCON logo is created by Kathleen Nguyen from Division 12 South. This year, the District will be giving the option of doing online registrations! The registration prices are as follows (note: this does not include hotel & transportation costs):  $160 per attendee IF this fee is received by the Kiwanis District Office by March 2nd.  $200 per attendee for all payments received by March 3rd or later

frs: fall rally south important: pre-fall rally dates

WHO: YOU and other hard-working Key Clubbers!

WHAT: Discounted ticket price $50 (advance purchase, includes ticket, bus fee, and spirit pack)

WHERE: Six Flags Magic Mountain

WHEN: November 19th, 2011 

WHY: Motivational Programs, Division Spirit Rally, Meet New People, Helping out Pediatric Trauma, and Key Club Spirit.

O C T O B E R 2 8 T H Final day to submit ticket forms N O V E M B E R 1 1 T H Fall Rally Spirit Gear Day (We will be making spirit items such as flags, posters, and etc. as a division) N O V E M B E R 1 8 T H Pre-Fall Rally Night (We’ll practice our cheers and get pumped up to win the spirit stick for a second year in a row!) MANDATORY FOR ATTENDEES. N O V E M B E R 1 9 T H Fall Rally (We will be leaving early this year so we do not have to wait for a long time like last year.)


59 DAYS UNTIL FALL RALLY! (as of 20 September 2011)

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d-news division shirt update OMG GUESS WHAT! The Division 36 East T-shirt design has been CHOSEN, all that’s left to do is digitalize it and you, little raccoon, will finally be able to see it. Like last year’s shirts, they will be printed as both crew and V-necks. Crew cuts are $10 and V-necks will cost a little bit more.

DUE you love me? (; Before telling your members anything, PLEASE CHECK WITH YOUR SCHOOL’S POLICIES ON COLLECTING ANY KIND OF PAYMENT. You do not want to get your club in trouble because you accidentally said ―pay‖ rather than ―donate.‖


article and visual changes Please send ALL articles and visuals to Lt. G Nick Sianipar ( and CC to News Editor, Nancy Nguyen (, instead of the District email BEFORE the 18th of every month by 8:00 PM!

September MRF News! Please remember that the September MRF will be due next month by October 5th at 6 PM. Please remember to keep the MRFs as accurate as possible and please fill out every applicable box. Also, to make the MRF file names convenient for our Region Advisor, Mrs. Qualm, please change the name of your MRFs to "D36E_[SCHOOLINITIALS]_MRF_2011-12"


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DON’T MESS WITH THE BEST: KEY CLUB SPIRIT Nancy Nguyen, Citrus Valley, Division News Editor

Key Club is filled with extraordinary people doing extra extraordinary things. We are Key Clubbers who give back to the community through service and love. Not only that, but we make new friends who later become part of our ohana (family). Spirit is also a very important component of Key Club because it is the glue that ties everyone together. We may not all have the same taste in music, the same viewpoints on politics, or even the same beliefs, but we all

do have one thing in common: spirit. It is not about the fights or hatred between one another, but the chance to finally represent our club/ division/district peacefully. We may not all have the same beliefs and viewpoints, but we all have spirit. With spirit, it unifies us as a whole rather than the partition between people. The next time you participate in a spirit battle or even a cheer, remember that you’re strengthening the bond between one another.

TOO BEAST: AUGUST D36E GAMES Janna Macatangay, Pacific High

The August Division 36 East Games and the DCM was a huge success! About twenty people represented Pacific High School's Key Club and participated in the fun games, including the Watermelon Eating contest, the Tug-oWar, and the Relay! Everyone had a chance to get to know other Key Clubbers in the division and learn more about Key Club.

It was an exciting experience for everyone!

KIWANIS DCM RECAP: HOWDY, Y’ALL Nancy Nguyen, Citrus Valley, Division News Editor

For those who didn’t go to the Kiwanis DCM, ya’ll miss out on so much fun! The August Kiwanis DCM was quite a showdown with the theme as Western. The Kiwanis DCM’s are very similar to our division’s DCM’s except they are for our Kiwanis. Ya’ll should cowboy up and attend the next Kiwanis DCM on Wednesday, September 21st

at 6PM! Our Kiwanis do a wagon full of help for us so we should be the buckaroo we are and give them our support! Talk to your club president or your Kiwanis advisor if you’re interested in attending. That'll be the Day.

I REALLY LOVE KEY CLUB: SERIOUSLY. Jacqueline Mayuga, Redlands Senior, Division Tech Editor

When someone asks me what Key Club is, I simply tell them that ―it’s the greatest thing you can ever do,‖ and that’s no exaggeration. Key is everything to me — I spend almost every single moment thinking about it, and I still can’t get enough… I honestly believe that no one can explain what Key Club is through words, and that it must be experienced first hand. Anyone can tell you that we’re the world’s largest student organization, or that we’re partnered with

some of the most well-respected charity groups, but it takes going to events, cheering, showing spirit, and so many other things to really… FEEL Key, to UNDERSTAND why we love what we do. So, I part with these words, if you don’t understand what all the ―hype‖ over Key Club is, join it and be active. No one can explain why it brings so much joy to them; you’ll just have to find out for yourself. ;)

BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB: A DAY FOR KIDS Johanes Santoso, Redlands High School

This Saturday the key clubbers of div 36E did a very nice job of helping out the community of Redlands by participating in the event that the Boys and Girls Club hold every year called ―A Day for Kids.‖ For you who don’t know what it is; it’s a day dedicated for kids where the community held many booths like for games, activities, magic show, and also for food! Many key clubbers were there to help with different booth the Kiwanis has provided: the snow cones, the inflatable baseball games, and much other stuff the club has given for the kids. The kids were enjoying their food and their activ-

ties yesterday! And all you volunteers that were there during your shift, or even the whole day should give yourself a pat in the back, because you deserve it. Besides helping the kids, it was a great way to build trust and friendship with the people in your club, even I made a couple of new friends yesterday, so I encourage you key clubbers out there to be more involved in your area, and to be involved in the club matter as well. In the end, this is another way for us to show what key club truly is because this event is a very great way to give back what the community has given us.

TERRIER TOWN: RHS OFFICER BONDING DAY Isabelle Chu, Redlands High School On labor day, the Redlands High School Key Club had an officer bonding day filled with fried food, shopping, and photo taking!! Originally we were planning on going to the beach but the forecast predicted thunderstorms so our plan got tweaked a little. We started out the day with Starbucks and some donut holes then set out for the LA County Fair. After we went in, we immediately went to the fried food stand where we got Waffle fries (delicious!) and lemonade. As we walked by all the booths, one in particular caught our eye: Marshmallow shooters!! Sammi walked away happily with a blue and yellow marshmallow shooter in hand (DIVISION COLORS). As the weather grew warmer we moved into the expo/shopping halls where we tried various dips, relaxed on tempurpedic beds, tried Shea butter, and stood in front of air conditioners for long periods of time.

After three and a half hours of [aforementioned] strenuous activities, we bought some more lemonade to quench our thirst as Erin drove us to banana bay for some DELICIOUS Asian food as we tried to recover from the tasty goodness we called fried cheesecake. But a day in Rowland isn't complete without getting some boba and going to cue! So we headed over to Ten Ren's before we took super cute photos, which, might I add, turned out quite nicely. We ended the day, chilling at Sammi's house to reflect on how the day's activities had brought us all closer to each other, how it will help us to work together better, and to catch up on all the latest key club news. It was a day I will never forget and I can't wait for our next bonding day!!

WE LOVE KIWANIS: KIWANIS DCM Isaiah Smith, Citrus Valley

For the first time as a Key Club officer, I went to an actual Kiwanis meeting and met the Kiwanis group that sponsors our club. It was really interesting to meet the actual people who have supported our club. They gave us a great breakfast and took interest in what was taking place in our club and school as whole. We were even lucky enough to be attending at a time when they had visitors. We were able to meet some of the members of the Kiwanis club that supports the Division 47 Krakens. They were really interested in the collaboration of our two

Divisions, and we learned about some of their interesting fundraising ideas like a golf tournament and some interesting ways to advertise. During the meeting we learned about some of the other ways that some people help in their community. It was a really great meeting in Johanes Santoso, Redlands High School general, but also very nice to communicate with the very kind people in the club. It was definitely worth missing some school. So, if your club hasn’t interacted with your local Kiwanis club yet, I encourage you to do so.

IT’S THAT TIME OF YEAR: THE BLAST OF AUGUST Yasmine Soriano , San Gorgonio High School

The month of August was a blast for San Gorgonio High School Key Club! We successfully met are quota at our August 28 Car wash, earning around $300 for PTP. It was a successful day with many members coming to support Key Club. We as well started snack sales having many members helping out the club and showing Key Club spirit throughout campus. Club Rush day helped SGHS Key Club promote the club and inform the students more about what our purpose is. August DCM showed that San Gorgonio High School Key Club is unbeatable! We came in second in the overall D36E

Games, we earned all the divisional awards, such as most funds raised, most volunteers, and also we achieved first place in the relay. Our D36E LTG Nick Sianipar came to two of our club meetings informing new incoming Key Clubbers what Key Club is all about and as well showing them the cheer! It still needs some work but they will all for sure be ready to cheer it before Fall Rally! We as well informed them about dues and are successfully being collected now every club meeting. August was a great month with more to come!



r? n 01 Septembe o F R M ir e th in rWho turned lazing heat in o b e th in S R U O alk 3 H ua Vasquez, w sh Jo r, e b m e Who had m ugust DCM? A e th d n e tt a der to ? to their division y lt a y lo d n a n o dying dedicati Who shows un




I started off this year before the year even started because I knew that in order to have a successful year; a head start is the smart way to go. My dedication to Key Club is definitely strong and apparent. Since I fell in love with it, I wanted my members to see it too and feel the same about Key Club the way that I do. I think that it rubbed off onto them because they have been attending the events whether it is car washes or DCMs, and they've been showing their spirit and learning the cheers. I'm so proud of all those members and the fact that they're contributing! They make me love my position. They make all the magic happen in the world of service! They make SGHS Key Club look AWESOME! I LOVE YOU SPARTANCOONS!!! WE STARTED OFF THIS YEAR SUCCESSFULLY! Let's keep working hard and end it with a BANG BANG BANG!!! - President, Nora Lu




“ ‽ RE




Key Club has a variety of ethnicities as jelly beans have a variety of flavors and we are both colorful and fun! - MYLINH THIEU, PACIFIC HIGH SCHOOL

You can never get enough of jelly beans. Once you start eating, you can’t stop. This is like Key Club, once you enter and serve your community and get that great feeling, you won’t ever be able to get enough. - RUBEN OLMEDO, REDLANDS HIGH SCHOOL Key Club is like a jelly bean because when you first look at it, you're not exactly sure what it is and are a little frightened. But, once you take the bite, you find out it’s really the greatest thing in the universe. - KRISTOF WAKOLI, CITRUS VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL

Key Club is like a Jelly Bean because the Key Clubbers are flavourful like all the jelly beans and we all join together to create a colourful jelly bean jar. - TYLER CHUNG, REDLANDS EAST VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL

There are lots of Key Clubs, and there are also lots of types of jelly beans. We could be fruit flavored and another club could be banana flavored. All/most should taste good and do good. - KEVIN FU, CITRUS VALLEY HIGH SCHOOL

[I]t’s really the greatest thing in the universe.

how you



I'm pleased to say that we had our first meeting of the school year! It was a great turnout, with over 118 new and returning members. During this we discussed many basic concepts about Key Club: What we stand for, our division/district, motto, expectations, officers, etc. It took about 30 minutes in total but it was all good information (+Information on the D36E Games xP). During the DCM/D36E games, our club came in third place and made a splash as one of the clubs to beat. We also obtained important event dates and are scheduling upcoming meetings. ALSO: The Club Roster has been updated (phew) It took hours but I have all the current information until we get official membership in the coming months.


First month of Key Club and we're on a roll! Our first meeting of the year was a complete success! Our President, who was gone for the first three meetings of the year had family obligations to attend to outside of the country, could not make it to our very first meeting. So, the rest of us board members did our best to conduct the first three meetings of the year. We had fun engaging with the new members doing a lot of IceBreakers. On our third meeting, we held a campus clean-up in which 44 volunteers participated in! In addition to this, we had people attend the D36E Games/DCM! They had a blast at the D36E Games! As board members, we're planning to give those who attended the Games a certificate of recognition. As far as this coming month, with our President back, we plan on organizing a committee and focusing on fundraising for our club.


During the month of August, RHS Key Club volunteers helped children of the Boys and Girls Club shopping for the new school year at Kohl's. The first meeting of the school year was quite successful, especially with advertising the club itself.

club snapshots


This month has been a success in memberships. We have gone from the first week of school with 14 members/officers to the third week of school with 45 members/officers. Our meetings have gotten so large we have to move from a teacher's room to the conference room. Some of our newest members participated in the D36E games on the 27th and had a lot of fun. We have set up committees that members can volunteer for. They include a spirit, photography, volunteer, and catering committee. Although we have not had any service projects, this month has been a success for organizing our club for the future.


This month we started school and began promoting and advertising Key Club all over our campus. The meetings have been full of energetic and anxious students wanting to become part of key club and begin helping the community. We have already encouraged our new members and reminded the old members to get invovled in community service. We are very proud that the club is getting popular around campus and new members continue coming to our meetings. We have started a once a month hangout day and August was quite successful. We played a movie, handed out popcorn and snacks. They key clubbers really liked it and are spreading the word to their friends. We have achieved a lot in the month of August and hope the next month we can do more!


This month, we had a VERY VERY successful car wash. Earlier in the year, our car washes were just OKAY, but now it sure has been great! We have earned more money than we did before and have gotten more attendees. In addition, we won 2nd place in the D36E Games during the August DCM. Furthermore, we received the most awards out of all the clubs in our division this time. During our meeting, we presented 3 active member awards to Marcus Meadors, Joshua Vasquez, and Nghia Nguyen. Our snack sales is going quite well and will continue until the end of next week.


School has just begun and our club is getting ready for the new school year. We have planned a lot of fundraising and service events.

contact us Lieutenant Governor, Nick Sianipar Redlands Senior High School Cell Phone: 909.831.4226 Home Phone: 909.796.7554

Region 4 Advisor, Carolyn Qualm Kiwanis Division 6, Kiwanis Club Temecula Valley Home Number: 909.694.1831 Cell Number: 909.871.1773

Executive Assistant, Heidi Nguyen

Executive Secretary, Isabelle Chu

Division News Editor, Nancy Nguyen

Tech Editor, Jacqueline Mayuga

on the web (they’re all c lickable!)

news editor Konnichiwa , Raccoons! I hope you all are having a fantastic school year so far! Me? Well, this year has definitely been quite eventful so far. Fall Formal (aka Homecoming) is soon approaching for me in late October – coughcoughwinkwink- My life since school started has been composed of studying, Key Club, sleeping (more like a 5 hour sleep), and more Key Club. I’m definitely looking forward to all of the Key Club events that I plan on attending this year, such as Fall Rally South. I’m incredibly excited for FRS

to the point where I’m going to have to release all of this excitement through…umm, cheers! You should ask me how I feel ;) This year is going to be a blast that’s for sure. If you all haven’t noticed yet, the monthly issues have a ―Question of the Month‖ open to any Key Clubber to answer. If you want to be in the newsletter, then you should answer them:D Remember to submit articles and visuals to Lt. G Nick Sianipar before the 18th of each month as well. Last, but not least, bee sure to also check out my article Don't mess with the Best: Key

Club Spirit! This article is one of the most emotive articles that I've written for this newsletter. This article is really important to me because it expresses one of the main reasons why I love Key Club so much. Sincerely, Nancy Nguyen

tech editor Hey, Raccoons! I hope you are all having a marvelous month. As for me, I’m quite swamped with yearbook, Key Club, and just school work in general, haha. Anywho, I put a lot of time into this edition of the newsletter, beginning from 21 August all the way up to 20 September at… 4:32 PM, which is

Only a few hours before I have to turn it into Nancy… shhhh…. Hopefully my time into this newsletter did not go to waste and I genuinely wish that you all enjoy reading it. I HIGHLY recommend reading through the articles and club snapshots because they can give you a few ideas on

Stuff to write about and maybe, if you turn enough stuff in, your club can be spotlighted like San Gorgonio (; Thanks for reading! Jackie Mayuga

D36E October Issue 2011  

Here is Division 36 East 's October created by Division New Editor, Nancy Nguyen, and Division Tech Coordinator, Jackie Mayuga.

D36E October Issue 2011  

Here is Division 36 East 's October created by Division New Editor, Nancy Nguyen, and Division Tech Coordinator, Jackie Mayuga.