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YOUR LTG SAYS: HELLO THERE, BEAUTIFUL RACCOONS! School's been back in session, and Key Club is coming back in full gear! I expect to see many new Raccoon faces when I visit all of your clubs soon! Aim for member retention and increased membership! The more members, the more service we can do as a club! I cannot wait to see all the events that you are all planning, and I can't wait to see your faces at the upcoming division events! (: Right now, I just want to share my "LTG moment" and how I am feeling right now. Becoming a Lieutenant Governor has become one of the best things that have happened in my life. I chose to fulfill this position, and I commit myself 100% to be the best I can be. I have met some amazing people from the division, district, and international (Joining Key Club is the best thing you can possibly do to network yourself in high school. End of story.). Also, I have met a group of 75 hardworking individuals who have made my experience as a lieutenant governor truly awesome: the CNH District Board. I love my MVBees<3! They are always there for me to talk to when we're doing homework or Key Club work at 2 AM on a school night. We are all going through the same things, so it is very easy for all of us to relate to each other. The experience of being an Lt.G certainly is magical, and I wish more people could have the opportunity to do this as well. Trying to balance my life as an Lt.G with school, family & friends, and everything else I'm involved can get extremely hard, but I will make sure that I get through it. It can get overwhelming at times, but I want all of you to know that I really am trying my hardest right now, and I really want to see our division become successful! In the end, everyone must realize that I'm still a member of this organization! I am here to serve you. Just remember, if you ever need anything, I'll always make time to talk to you!

I love you all! Love,


LtG Nick with D28N LtG Jarren Santos at Summer Board



>> NOW

THAT SCHOOL IS BACK in session, that means Key Club is ready for recruitment!

Our underclassmen are the future of each of our school’s Key Club because they are the ones who will continue to lead the way to success as other classes graduate. It’s important to recruit members AND keep them active throughout the term. People would be more likely to join Key Club if it is appealing to them. Therefore, how you advertise your club will take a huge toll on how many students you’d be able to recruit. Get ready to give it your all, Raccoons, because we’re gonna BEAST this term!

-Posters and flyers -Announcements on the intercom -Flash mobs -Congo lines - Clothespins are a great way to get the word out about Key Club. Just write whatever you like on the pin and “tag” in onto someone without them knowing. Just don’t get caught!

Be sure to have an organized agenda for you meetings throughout the term. It is important to make the meetings both FUN and EFFECTIVE for everyone. Talk to your members for some feedback on how to improve the meetings! You can even plan icebreakers during the meetings. Icebreakers will help everyone loosen up and it’s a great way to meet new people. Show them what Key Club is all about and why they should be an active member. Let’s make this year an unbeelievable one! Don’t forget,

we don’t don’t make make keys, keys, we we make make aa difference. difference. we



Fall Rally?!

Fall Rally South will b Whether you’re a no vic

e here in about 90 D


e Key Clubber or a 4-year veteran, it’s tim e to prep yourselves for Fall Rally 20 12! Stay tuned fo

r more info!

what’s fall rally?

+ Fall Rally is a mot ivational program fo r all CNH Key Club members in which we fundraise money for PTP + cheering and spirit co mpetitions!

get involved

+ email task coordi nator ISABELLE CHU (isabellechu36e@gm + ask her about ho w to volunteer! + she will be upda ting all of you abou t preparing for Fall Rally, such as busing, permission slips, costs, etc.

get ready! (importa

nt dates)

+ October 28th - Fin al day to submit form for tickets + November 12th - Fa ll Rally Spirit Gear Da y (We will be makin g spirit items such as flags, poste rs, and etc. as a divis ion) + November 18th Pre-Fall Rally Night (W e practice our cheers and get pumped up to win the spirit stick for a second ye ar in a row!) + November 19th - Fa ll Rally (We will be leaving extra early this year so we do not have to wait for a lo ng time like last year .)




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Hey you (yeah, YOU


Do YOU have what it takes to become su perior at Dodgeball? If yes, th en prove it at the D ivision 36 Eastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s first ever Do dgeball Tournamen t! Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re participation and att endance will help ra ise money for Pediatric Trau ma Prevention (PTP). Keep out on the lo okout for more info rmation coming your way so on!

Dodge for a Cause 6


I'm pretty sure everyone has seen our amazing divisional shirts from last year, but now it's time to have a new edition of our shirts! Are

you creative? Use

you creativity to help design the next Division 36 East t-shirt! Send in concept designs (it doesn't have to look nice, it can just be a pencil sketch!) to Lt. G, Nick Sianipar, and he’ll can see what we could design from your ideas! If your concept gets selected, you just won a free shirt!

Check out the guidelines BEFORE you start! Mascot: Raccoon Colors: Blue and Yellow Must contain a Key Club logo with nothing covering any part of the logo The names of all 7 schools must be present Must include the words: "Key Club,” “Division 36 East,” “Region 4,” “Cali-Nev-Ha (or CNH),” and “2011-2012"

You have until AUGUST 27


CAN YOU DRAW? Know someone who can draw? Our division needs more designs of Raccoons! Send any drawings of some raccoons to Lt. G, Nick Sianipar, and it might just be featured on future divisional publications. Good luck!


2 @

General meetings are BACK!

Nick must visit your club a total of TWO times this term

Preferably early in the year

Email Mr Sianipar with possible dates for him to visit


Below are the different reflector groups to further serve the club advisors, club officers, club coordinators, and liaisons for specific topics. The reflector groups are used to distribute information, and allow other members to ask questions and/or receive answers to their questions on a variety of topics. Please join the group(s) that best suits your needs: For all Key Club Presidents: For all Key Club Vice Presidents: For all Key Club Secretaries: For all Key Club Treasurers: For all editors/historians/webmasters:





The school year has officially started, that means homework, projects, and other academic studies that you have to worry about, but that doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t mean that you cannot help others in this time. There are many organizations around your area that need your energy and time to help them make a better community. Last weekend, the Redlands High School Key Club spent their own time to help the Boys and Girls Club fulfill the dreams of many kids in that organization to have new clothes and accessories for their upcoming school year. The Boys and Girls Club gave each of their young members, ranging from 11 and under, a $100 gift card to Kohlâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s for anything they wanted! With the help of the Kiwanians, Key Club members, and also other adult volunteers, they achieved their goal by assisting each one of the kids and to help them shop on what they wanted. There were approximately 30 kids that needed help shopping and each volunteer had one kid assigned to them. It was truly a wonderful experience to have in my personal perspective. The feeling of witnessing the joy of others is very moving. The Key Club members are very grateful to have been given a chance to help those who are in need, and we will gladly do anything in our power to help the people around us, whether its energy, time or money. I can say that all of the Key Cub members would try anything to help as much as they can.



With the new school year fast approaching, the Pacific Key Club board and I thought, "How are we going to recruit for Key Club?" After much thought about this predicament, we came up with the perfect plan: harass people during registration about Key Club! Okay, I'm kidding. We didn't harass anyone, not even the fresh meat coming into Pacific High School (or did we...?). But we did make posters, a giant brochure, and set up tables at the library and outside the gym to spread the word about Key Club. The results? SUCCESS. Many students and parents were interested with the idea of Key Club, and over sixty people signed up. Pacific High School also had their first two Key Club meetings, the first one being a week after school started, with outstanding numbers! For both meetings, we played ice breakers to get to know one another and even had our LTG Nick Sianipar come visit for our first meeting of the year! To say the least, the Pacific High School Key Club has taken a gigantic leap to a good start for the new year. “Key Club is really fun!” Aimy Tran, Senior at Pacific, said about her first Key Club meeting of the year. “When you're surrounded by friends that all share a common goal to help out the community, it makes participation a lot more meaningful. Sign me up for the next event!” Cherrie Nguyen also told about her views about Key Club. “I was in it my freshman year, but never really participated, and I regret it,” she confesses. “What made me stay was getting the chance to meet new people. I mean, I could find my future husband somewhere in Key Club!” Both Cherrie and Aimy helped volunteer at the school library to give books to the students and to promote Key Club. Awesome job Pirate Key Clubbers! The year has kicked off with leaps and bounds and we hope to see Pacific High School continue to increase their numbers and show impressive improvement as the year continues to run its course.




On August 17, 2011, we proudly held are first meeting and showed future seeking Key Clubbers what Key YASMEEN SORIANO | SAN GORGONIO HIGH Club is about. It was a success! We started the meeting with the pledge and then with ice breakers to allow people to meet each other and show the enthusiasm of Key Club. Everyone had a blast! Allowing them to get out of their comfort zone and show their true spirit. We of course informed them of what Key Club is really about and what it stands for. We as well introduced to them the 2011-2012 officers which were greeted with a warm welcome. The Citrus Valley President and our Kiwanian attended which helped show the future seeking members that Key Club was we expanded not only locally but internationally. By the end of the day our San Gorgonio High School Facebook page received many compliments on how fun the meeting was. San Gorgonio HS Key Club is ready to start a new successful year with new members!


Citrus Valleyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Back to School Night Barbeque took place on August 8, and our Key Club did not give up the opportunity to advertise for the club. We made three posters and set out to find new members. A table was also set up to allow those who were interested in the club the chance to sign up. Multiple brochures were handed out and showed that many people were responsive to our tactics and the actual ideals of the club. Not only did we use the usual ideas for advertisement, but also a method called clothes-pinning that was learned by one of our officers at District Convention. The clothes pins were fun and added a comical element to the process of trying to get new Key Clubbers at our school. The whole recruitment process of that day went well, and we ended up with many possible Key Clubbers. Hopefully, with the start of the new school year, those who have shown interest will become truly dedicated Key Club members.



From April 13th to the 15th, for all CNH Key Clubbers, what may be the most momentous moment of Key Club history will take place. Records will be broken, new district officers will be elected and installed, workshops will be provided for you to attend, and at the end of the night, the 2011-2012 year will be celebrated like it's the end of the world. I, District Convention Chair Philip Nguyen, on behalf of the entire 43,000+ members of the CNH District, invite you to the 66th Annual California-Nevada-Hawaii District Convention! The theme for this year is "BEElieve - the Magic of Service" (don't forget to note the space dash space between "BEElieve" and "the" and the appropriate capitalization of certain words.) On a side note, your Lieutenant Governor, Nick Sianipar, also known as "Swagger Monger Nicqueesha", "Nick DePorzio", or simply just "nick (:", is credited for being the Promotions Task Coordinator, which essentially means that he will be the one handing out approximately 10,000 flyers to each attendee at Fall Rally South. He will then walk up to Fall Rally North to distribute a couple of more thousand of flyers, and then everywhere in between to distribute even MOAR flyers. However, the distribution of flyers is not Nick's sole purpose. Nick also creates the Call to DCON Video (if you don't see yourself in it, blame him) and is also in charge of folding all 3000+ shirt for distribution during District Convention; if you ever need a shirt folded or a flyer, Nick knows how it's done. The right way. I urge your clubs to take early action to begin the promotion and registration processes to bring even MORE dedicated members to Convention than before, and so that you don't end up rushing your online registration forms last minute only to be standing at the line for problem registrations upon your entrance to Convention. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding District Convention, the culmination of groups of high schoolers dedicated to service, or about the number of shirts LTG Nick is able to fold in a minute, feel free to email me! ( Love, DCON Chair Philip (insert magical lobster here)





For the very first time, I attended a Kiwanis DCM in July that left my night memorable. All of the Kiwanians were very welcoming and friendly to me when I arrived. It was an honor to be able to have the chance to meet and greet many of the Kiwanians. I even got to meet other key clubbers from Division 36 West (Huskies) as well. It was a pleasure to meet other key clubbers and to learn more about how their club works. As the Kiwanians and guests lined up against the tables with plates in their hands, I helped served dinner to them alongside two other Kiwanians. The DCM was an amusing experience because you could feel the excitement and liveliness in the room. I loved the Kiwanians’ enthusiasm and spirit throughout the whole event. It was very entertaining to watch because they all reminded me of our division’s own DCM’s and the wildness that occurs during those meetings. All and all, I'm very pleased that I decided to go. It helped strengthen my relationship with the Kiwanians more and I hope to attend their other DCM's in the future.


It's August! And you know what that means? School time! Even though most schools start earlier than Redlands High, our officers have been quite busy with Key Club events and distributions.

A week before school started, the current officers had a meeting to discuss how to recruit and attract new members for the upcoming school year. After some brainstorming, they decided to use the clothes pin method. We’ll distribute them onto people a couple of days before the first Key Club meeting of the year. We are excited to start the new school year with a great attitude and high spirits! With the idea of using clothes pin for distributions, the officers had also come out with an idea of making a recruitment video to introduce Key to potential members; we would show them what Key Club is, what we do, and why is this club so amazing. The video consists of great comedy, while being very persuasive and chock-full of information, so be sure to check it out when its uploaded! Have a great month of service and good luck on your first general Key Club meet ing!


What are you looking forward to for the upcoming Key Club term and what do you hope to gain from this experience as a key clubber? I’m really looking forward to be a whole group with all our Divisional Key Clubbers and to go to exciting events like Fall Rally and DCON. My main goal for this Key Club year is to be able to create leadership skills in not only myself, but with all our key clubbers. Key Club is about caring because it’s our way of life! - TYLER CHUNG | REDLANDS EAST VALLEY

Since this is my first year as an officer for Pacific's Key Club, I'm excited to be an active board member and to attend as many of the awesome events as I can for the new term. I'd love to see the club soar to new heights, and to see the members participate in more service projects. I also hope to improve my communication skills and effectively correspond with my club members as a Bulletin Editor. I attended Fall Rally for the first time last year and it was so much fun! So I am definitely looking forward to Fall Rally 2011, and to hopefully see Division 36 East win that Spirit Stick again!


With this being my senior year, I want my final year in Key Club to be as fun as possible. I have never been to Fall Rally, so I am really excited for that because everyone who has gone loved it. I have attended all DCMs since I have joined and they are always fun; the icebreakers help me loosen up and become myself around others. I am also really wanting to meet more key clubbers from other schools to see how Key Club life is in their eyes, and also because I mainly know only those at my own school. With being in Key Club, I'm hoping to get better at being more talkative with others and not being shy in different environments. - MARCUS MEADORS | SAN GORGONIO

” “ I am really looking forward to the upcoming

events that our division and what Key Club as a whole has in store this year. Meeting

new people, making new friends, making a

difference, and giving a helping hand to the community is what Key Club is all about.

What I hope to gain from this experience is just knowing that we, as key clubbers, are proud of everything we do to make a change in the world. - AMYY LE | CITRUS VALLEY

I'm looking forward to all the events, both divisional and school, we have planned for the upcoming year, like the Awake-a-Thon, Fall Rally, and Winter Formal. And I hope to gain a lot of experience in helping and serving people, and of course, all the new friends. - AMBER LAI | REDLANDS





“ “

Raise your right hand and say, I pledge on my honor, To uphold the objects of Key Club International; To build my home school and community; To serve my nation and God And to combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions

THE MOTTO The Key Club Motto is "Caring - Our Way of Life." Through Key Club's work in the home, school, and community, Key Club members have learned that their organization is built around the concept of volunteering. With this concept as the foundation of the organization, Key Club will continue to be an effective and contributing organization in our schools and communities.


We are caring and competent servant leaders transforming communities world-wide.

THE MISSION Key Club is an international, student-led organization providing its members with opportunities to perform service, build character, and develop leadership.

THE VALUES Caring, Character Building, Inclusiveness, Leadership.





The oldest, largest, and most successful non-profit studentled organization for high school students.

Core Values: Caring | Character Building | Inclusiveness | Leadership

Based on community service and developing leadership

Member of the Kiwanis International Family

When LtG, Nick Sianipar was asked this question, he responded with, “Key Club is an experience that will be unforgettable for a lifetime.”


Key Club exists on almost 5,000 campuses

We welcome you in 30 different countries

Caribbean nations? Yup! Asia? Mhmm! Australia? South America? Canada?

Without a doubt! 

12 MILLION HOURS of community service per YEAR

Multi-state districts, regions, divisions, and campus clubs

Funded by dues and Kiwanians

District and International officers are HIGH SCHOOLERS elected at District and International Conventions

We support March of Dimes, UNICEF, and Children’s Miracle Network





Summer is officially over. Which means we'll get to see our members again! As of this month, we did not really foc to the board's varying schedule. On the plus side, our President has already recruitted a couple people during Re ning school year. Our president has set up meetings for the board members as well, on the first week of school to so we may begin recruitting new members as the new school year progresses. Once we go back to school, we w land Y for all the members as well as the graduated Key Club members from last year. We will have our first officia day the 8th.

SAN BERNARDINO Key Club has been working very hard to get ready for the upcoming school year. During the month of July, we received 70 sign ups of students wanting to join Key Club for the year 2011-2012. We are very proud of the dedication and effort our members have put into advertising and representing Key Club. We have also been planning new ways to keep the members consistently coming back to the meetings and continue to be involved in the service. This month has definitely been a productive month for us.

For the month of July, our Key Club had our first car wash ever. It was a joint project with San Gorgonio Key Club. Though only 2 Key Clubbers for Citrus Valley High School Key Club showed up, we had a successful car wash making $85.00. We will be planning more car washing in this upcoming year to raise money to help fight PTP and save our LTG from being auctioned off during Fall Rally. A member that currently stands out in our club would be Isaiah Smith. He has been showing his dedication to Key Club by participating in the social events in Key Club and attending the DCMs.


Club officers have been h ly, deciding on service pr other activities for the up have lots in mind and are good year of service!



cus on community service due egistration Day for this begincheck up on last minute details will have a Picnic at the Highal meeting of the year on Mon-

holding meetings weekrojects, fundraisers, and pcoming school year. We e looking forward to a


YUCAIPA HIGH This month we werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t able to do a service event however, we have done a lot of planning for the upcoming year. We've also come up with a lot of fundraising ideas and ideas on how to get more members.

SAN GORGONIO This month has been a good month for our school. Our car wash with Citrus Valley High School was successful and we split the amount of money that we earned. CVHS got $87 and SGHS got $87 for a grand total of $174.00. During freshmen orientation, we bought many clothespins and sharpies for this event. We utilized the method of clothespins to encourage freshmen to join key club. We also did the flash mob and walked around with posters. We had a booth set up to give information about Key Club verbally and those that were interested in joining left their contact information on index cards, about 36 people left their info. We've grabbed the attention of many people at our school who did not know what Key Club was!

Since it is summer, it has been hard to get members to participate in any events. That being said, we have had officer meetings to plan out events for the coming year. We have also nominated our best member, Courtney Kasin, to the position of vice president, focusing on the "projects" area. She has gone to almost all of our events and has been very dedicated. She has also offered much helpful advice.




Region 4 Advisor, Carolyn Qualm

Lieutenant Governor, Nick Sianipar

Kiwanis Division 6, Kiwanis Club Temecula Valley Home Number: 909.694.1831 Cell Number: 909.871.1773

Redlands Senior High School Cell Phone: 909.831.4226 Home Phone: 909.796.7554

Executive Assistant, Heidi Nguyen

Executive Secretary, Isabelle Chu

News Editor, Nancy Nguyen

Tech Editor, Jacqueline Mayuga




NEWS editor


Hello my fellow Raccoons! My name is Nancy Nguyen and I am the D36E’s news editor. Summer is far gone, but at least we still have Key Club with us! I am very excited for this upcoming term as I know us Raccoons will go a buzz and BEEyond! It’s time to have the spotlight shine on us as we strive for the best. As News Editor, I hope to improve and strengthen the communication within the division and to publish informative newsletters as well. If you’d like to write an article or have your Key Club related pictures in the October issue, please email them to Nick Sianipar at before the 18th of every month at 8PM. If you’re senses are tingling your curiously, then please feel free to contact me at as well. Come on Raccoons, let’s make this year an unBEElievable one! Sincerely, Nancy Nguyen Division 36 East News Editor

TECH editor A

‎"...we would show them what Key Club is, what

we do, why is this club so amazing and other wonderful things about this club that i cannot comrehend in the englsh words."

HHH, SCHOOL IS BACK in session for some of us (*coughtrabucohillscough*),

and may I just take some time to welcome you all back to school! Like you, I’m already buried in AP work, trying to fit in and prioritize multiple extra-curriculars. Sadly, I have to live this year sans golf (*tear*), but I think I’ll manage. As you can tell, this newsletter is a *tad* different than the previous two, and if you can’t tell, SHAME ON YOU >:[ This edition was particularly difficult to work on for many reasons, but mainly because Microsoft Publisher (the program I use to create the newsletter) stopped working! Luckily, I worked past it with the aid of my amigos (*coughjojocough*) :] I hope you all had as much fun reading/skimming this newsletter as I had making it! If you haven’t submitted articles or visuals yet, please do! I enjoy reading about your thoughts regarding Key Club (Yes! I read and have read ALL submissions to date :D)! I can honestly say that working on this newsletter never fails to be my favorite part of the day! Keep Calm and Carry On, Jacqueline Mayuga :] PS, If you have any suggestions for the next edition, EMAIL ME, por favor





citrus valley pacific redlands senior redlands east valley san bernardino san gorgonio yucaipa

i just have a thing for these pencils

D36E September Newsletter 2011  
D36E September Newsletter 2011  

Here is Division 36 East 's September newsletter created by Divisional New Editor, Nancy Nguyen, and Divisional Tech Coordinator, Jackie May...