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Love, LtG Nick

If some of you don’t know, last Saturday (Jan 14) was when CTC was going on. Truly tt was such a great experience if you really want to get to know more people in your key club area. We get to meet so many new people, and not just their names, also their basic backgrounds and their reason why they would like to run as an LTG candidate. That was the purpose of CTC, so that we as the candidate are prepared to face the job that we want. There were 6 total workshops in total during CTC. I know what youre thinking “omg 6 that’s gonna be so boring” and stuff like that, well first of all if you think that way, you shouldn’t even be running in the first place. The workshops are very easy to understand and the LTG’s that led the presentation were wonderful, it was not boring AT ALL. The most benefiting part from CTC was the breakout session. That is where you are separated into small groups of 9 and are assigned 2 ltg’s to be the leader of your group. My group was very active and enthusiastic about being an LTG, our leaders Kyle De La Cena, and John Yap were very cool as they explained and shared their personal goals and reasons to be an ltg, it was really inspiring as each of one us shared our goals and experience and also the reasons why we want to become an LTG. Well in total it was a really great experience to attend CTC, I really recommend for you to attend the next one, probably next year. PEACE. Article: Johanes Santoso Photo: John Yap

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s the end of 2011 approached, Pacific Key Clubbers found many opportunities o spread service to their community. One exciting event was Breakfast for Santa t the Highland YMCA, where we not only served delicious breakfast food, but also ntertained the guests in some lively Christmas dancing! I felt somewhat silly at first nce I have no dancing ability to call my own, but it turned out to be an interesting xperience as my fellow brave Key Clubbers and I started doing impromptu dance moves! It ure did brighten up a lot of faces, especially for our Key Club advisor, who whipped out her camra to take pictures of our wacky selves! Who knew we could get our groove on? A lot of people lso complimented on the food and even craved for seconds! Of course, the morning couldn’t nd without Santa coming to town with his gang of trusty motorcyclists! It was really fun and heartarming to make the Highland citizens smile and laugh, in addition to feeding their hungry bellies! s everyone cleaned up and started getting ready to leave, I felt a sense of contentment, knowg that I was ending the year by making people smile. With that, I look forward to 2012, where I xpect to spread more happiness and cheer…and maybe even more random dancing!

anna Macatangay

Y YOU KEY CLUBBERS HOW YOU DOIN? I hope all of you are doing well. It’s the beginning of new year, and you know what that means? New officers! That’s right people, I’m sure your ub officer elections are coming soon (each school has a different date so check with your ez) and I got some tips on how you can win the votes for the jobs you want! Each candite who is running for any job must prepare at least a 2 min speech. It doesn’t have to be e very business-like, but you should take that seriously because being an officer is a serious thing and it has its ups and downs. Beside the speech itself, you have to show that you are able to do the job that you are running for. And after all of that, just pray that you will have the most vote and win over that position you always dream of. One last thing, please know what you are getting into by running for an officer. Like I said it is not a just a title, it comes with tough choices and many dedicated hours of work. I don’t want it to just become a title, I want you all that is running to show that you really want to be in this position or if not please don’t run for the sake of your club. Nobody likes lazy officer who just hold their title. I hope you all will en joy being an officer and may the best win. :D Johanes Santoso


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Lieutenant Governor, Nick Sianipar Redlands Senior High School Cell Phone: 909.831.4226 Home Phone: 909.796.7554

Region 4 Advisor, Carolyn Qualm Kiwanis Division 6, Kiwanis Club Temecula Valley Home Number: 909.694.1831 Cell Number: 909.871.1773

Secretary, Isabelle Chu

Executive Assistant, Heidi Nguyen

News Editor, Nancy Nguyen

Tech Editor, Jacqueline Mayuga

Google Reflector, Sign up for div. up d

Tumblr Page, Newsletters and e ve

Facebook Group , General Notices

Wix Website, Hiatus, but access ible



Hey, Raccoons!

2012 beautifully because I I hope you have all started b has slowly been coming sure have! Although Key Clu still as dedicated as I was in to the end of it’s term, I’m the beginning. home club, the ts, whether they be for your en ev ure fut d en att to n I hope you all pla e, DCON, ICON, Events like DCMs, Conclav al. on ati ern Int en ev or t, division, the distric Key Clubber, you to grow as not only a w allo ies nit rtu po op e vic meetings, and ser ents leads to ur attendance to these ev yo t tha rt hu ’t esn do it d but a person…; an ress. you writing articles, but I dig of time designing it, port, I did spend quite a bit Re n oo cc Ra the of n itio Re. this ed w that I had to handplistic and minimalist, but kno sim are ics ph gra the h ug even tho s newsletter (save the t are spread throughout thi tha ics ph gra the of all y) craft (nearl ly enjoy looking wish that you guys genuine my ‘Tis e). ag im r ve co d pictures an ecking every. single. g through the pages or ch pin flip t jus it’s er eth wh s, through thi on it LOL an ample amount of work t pu do stly ne ho I use ca detail, be brilliantly! your term and year go on of t res the pe ho I , ho yw An Love, DTech Jacqueline Mayuga

Hola Raccoons! I hope you all had a wonderful winter break! I can’t believe that this Key Club term is soon coming to an end. I guess that’s what they mean when they that say time flies by fast when you’re having fun! Nevertheless, I am very excited for this upcoming term and what is in store for Division 36 East. I know we’ll do even better next year and that we’ll definitely be third year winners at FRS!(; I’m also so excited for DCON this year. It should be totally rad considering it’s going to be in NorCal. If you have the opportunity to go to DCON, then take it! I will guarantee you that it will be one of the best times you have ever experienced in high school. Let’s just say DCON was life-changing. Enough said. For all you seniors out there don’t forget that you can always join Circle K in college! Who knows, after that maybe you could even be a Kiwanian! Whatever your future holds, at least make the best of these final three months. Till then, Stay BEASTY. Nancy Nguyen

The Raccoon Report February Issue  

Division 36 East's February Issue of The Raccoon Report brought to you by Div. News Editor, Nancy Nguyen, and Div. Tech Coordinator Jacqueli...

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