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UPCOMINGÂ DATES Secretary Reports Due November 5th


Kiwanis One Day October 27th


Lieutenant Governor

Hello Jellyfish    As mainstream as it seems - I love October.  Not just because of the immense amounts of Halloween candy, the change of colors, and Halloween itself; I love October because it is a huge time for personal growth.  All of life's responsibilities are back in session and we are expected to be fully adjusted.  It is okay to be stressed and overwhelmed, just be sure not to push away those who are trying to help - they always mean the best.  Stay active in your club, participating in service events and meetings; with your friendships, making time for those who matter; and yourself of course.  Do the best you can for yourself while striving to great things for others.  Take a deep breath and eat some Halloween candy.  You got this.

Serving with a Smile,

Anthony Alvarado Feel Free To Contact Me (253)777-8417

PRESIDENTS TEAM Bonney Bonney  Lake Lake

Coral Thompson Hey Jellyfish! With Halloween right around the corner, BLHS Key Club is having our annual Applebee's breakfast! Get involved with your Kiwanians and keep serving the community!

Nicole Miller

Hey there Jellies! It's October and we are just getting started. Looking forward to seeing you all throughout the year. Don't forget to pay your dues as we are approaching our deadline. Looking forward to seeing your faces at our first service event.

Genna Smith

Emerald Ridge

Genna Smith Emerald Ridge

Hello jellies! October isn't just spooky season, it's a great time to get involved. Dedicate yourself to service this October, I hope to see you at every event!

Diane Le

Hey Jellies, happy October! Fall is a great time to start doing those spooky service projects. Don't forget to make sure you're paying your dues and staying involved!!


PRESIDENTS TEAM Russell Brosnon Rogers

                Hello everyone, Welcome to October. I hope everyone is getting into the swing of volunteering and having a good time. Get involved! 

Maddy Statler Hey Jellies! Spooky season is here and don't forget to participate in Trick or Treat for UNICEF on Halloween and make sure to continue working with your Club and Kiwanis. Have a nice day!

White River

Katelyn Wagener I hope everyone is enjoying the spooky season. There is a lot to do this spooky season. It's the great time to get involved and help others. One service event coming up is trick or treat for UNICEF! Don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and have some fun!


PNW Key Club

Thank You For Reading Division 30

Jellyfish Journal - October 2018  

Pacific Northwest Division 30 Key Club International's monthly newsletter for October.

Jellyfish Journal - October 2018  

Pacific Northwest Division 30 Key Club International's monthly newsletter for October.