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Dear ______________, I am writing this letter to request that you place a heavy emphasis on arts education in schools. I think that an arts education, whether it is from music or from drawing, can help foster the creativity of many children and it will benefit them in the long run. Lately, many schools have been cutting down on music and dance programs becauseschool officials feel that more money should be spent on other subject areas. However I feel that many of our children could learn and develop their creativity through more music, dance, and art classes becausethe arts are an inspiration to us all. By feeding a student’s imagination and creativity, the arts enhance a student’s problem solving and critical thinking skills, which adds onto their learning in other subject classes.An education in the arts exposesstudents to a variety of cultures while creating inspiration to their learning experience; thus it teaches them how to be compassionate and tolerant to working with others, which are all necessary skills for a multi-cultural society. The waning of this department could have a catastrophic effect and will be detrimental to society. Therefore, we should continue to support an arts education; and I feel that it should be required that schools all over the country implement an education in the arts. We should try to bolster the arts education that we have right now to make it into a more effective arts program. With more funding, these programs can be better prepared with topnotch facilities and supportive teachers. We can engage all students to participate in the arts learning while teaching them to improve their creative thinking skills necessary for the real world. Therefore, I hope that I convinced you in supporting a strong emphasis on arts education in schools. It is an essential tool that has many benefits to our children such as encouraging them to work and experience many different cultures as well as improving their critical thinking skills.