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Dear School Board, AP Classesare a great opportunity. They give motivated students the ability to take college level classesand even earn college credit for a fraction of the price. However, in recent years, the pressure to take these classeshas mounted on overachieving students throughout the nation. In order to keep up with other top members of their class, overachieving students feel forced to take AP classafter AP class, even if they are not interested in the material. Since many schools weight GPAbased on the number of AP or honors coursesa student takes, the decision to choosea non-AP course over an AP course has the ability to put that student far behind other students in their grade. Trying to keep up with so many AP classescan cause students to forgo their recommended 8.5 hours of sleep per night. Sleep deprivation of this nature can causeweight gain, significantly impair cognitive ability, and even cause depression. Despite the obviously negative effects students face in order finish their schoolwork, they continue to take on more AP classes,fearing that they will risk their rank or GPAfor choosing a non-AP course. For these reasons, we propose your consideration to limit the number of AP classesa student may take per year to 3 AP classes.This way, we can insure the health and security of our student body while still retaining the availability to advanced courses for motivated students. Students should not feel pressured to take on more than they can handle, and they certainly should not be subjecting themselves to such a rigorous course load simply for the sake of competing with other students’ GPAs.A clear guideline of 3 AP courses per year will inevitably improve students’ stress level, cognitive ability, interest in school, and subsequently, school performance and grades. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely,


Dear School Board, Sincerely, [Date]