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Official Newsletter of Division 27

Volume 1 Issue 7 December 2011

"The key to your future. Though Key Club gives the opportunity to wield this what is it really? My answer is, happiness. Where do you find happiness? With family. Where in the world does

family drop their working buttocks and come to

“I can’t wait for break to start so I can go home and play World of Warcraft until it is time to play Dungeons and Dragons.”

get together? My answer, Christmas. That is

David Myers

why I look forward to my winter break."

“I get to eat, sleep, and play games!” "My plans for winter break

Jeremy Seng

Kevin Mai

involve a combination of family time and strengthening the bonds

“Winter break is one of the things everyone looks

between my friends and me. Of

forward to during the school year because we get 2

course there will be a few days

weeks off, get to spend time with family, go

where I will cuddle up in my bed

shopping, hang out with friends without having to

and read a book or just play my

worry about school, and most importantly sleep

games, but most of the day will

in…I think that winter break excites me the most

be spent in productivity."

out of all the breaks in the year because after 5 months of school and stressing everything just lays

Chris Dao

back for a little bit.”

"Winter break? From where do I start? The time of sleeping in and time of Christmas joy. Time for friends and time for the ones you love. For this break is not to be a boring one, but one of everlasting memories…with the events of Key Club, helping those in need brings a smile to me that will never fade. None of the gifts I get will amount to how much I enjoy the presence of the ones who care. As well as the remaining time to practice my poetry writing "

Alexander Moran

Sarah Dhillon

"SLEEP!" Salvador Andrade "Feeling oh so good about the holidays."

Ryan Cruz

This month, Weston Ranch has open sign-ups for Christmas caroling, we held two campus clean-ups, and 10 of our members volunteered for the Christmas festival in Lodi.


High's Key Club has been very

active this month. On December 3rd and 4th, many Key Club members volunteered at the Festival of Trees, where they did various crafts with children. We are preparing to help gift wrap at Weberstown Mall with the Haven of Peace and volunteer at the Salvation Army. Our club looks forward to the winter holidays and Lincoln High's Key Club wishes you all very merry holidays!

SECA recently volunteered for the Breakfast with Santa and The Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony at the Lathrop Community Center. Our one month winter break is coming up and our club is planning on having a social at an ice skating rink like we have done the previous year. We are still in the process of collecting money for UNICEF, which we are very excited to send. Unfortunately, we won't be able to send it until after our break because of meeting conflicts. We will also be helping out in two crab feeds this February.

Bear Creek Key Club has been very busy helping out the community in preparation for the holidays. We provided lots of manual labor to charitable organizations by hauling furniture from GCRM's storage for renovation, scrubbing the kitchen and serving meals at the Dining Hall, and packing holiday meals for Stockton families at the Salvation Army. We also held a Kiwanis Takeover on December 13, raising more than $1000, thanks to the generosity of the Kiwanis. Bear Creek Key Club expresses its gratitude to all of the people behind the organizations who have enabled us to become so involved in our local community! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Grizzlies!


This month Franklin Key Club started with

a community service event on December 3, which was the Festival of Trees at Micke Grove, Lodi. We also aided the Stockton Emergency Food Bank on December 10, and they enjoyed our help so much that we helped distribute food on December 19th. Furthermore, our club has made a few advancements: we have taken our club picture and we changed the time of our meetings to after school on Mondays.

McNair has been M.I.A. from the newsletter during these past few months, but it isn’t too late for everyone to catch up with us! On October 22, we teamed up with Friday Night Live and participated in a flash mob at Sherwood Mall to raise tobacco awareness. We also organized our first fundraiser in our school’s theater, hosting our school’s first ever film festival. It was a huge success! We raised hundreds of dollars and donated a huge portion of the profit to PTP. On October 26, we organized a fundraiser to raise breast cancer awareness, called “Nail Breast Cancer!” For a donation of $3, staff and students got their nails painted hot pink by Key Clubbers. Our one-day event raised $233 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. More boys than girls painted their nails! On November 12th, we volunteered at Micke Grove Zoo to set up Christmas lights in preparation for their annual holiday event, “Zoolights”. On November 19th and 20th, we volunteered at Lodi’s 2nd annual “Stuff the Bus” food drive. We helped collect 8,124 lbs of food to the Salvation Army. On December 1st, we had the opportunity to be part of the Kiwanis float in Lodi’s annual “Parade of Lights” and tell all of Lodi how we were feeling! On December 2nd, we organized a fundraiser for prostate cancer awareness called “Man Up for Prostate Cancer!” We painted blue mustaches on people’s faces for a donation of $3. At the end of the day, we raised $100 for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Some of our Key Clubbers volunteered as bell ringers for the Salvation Army on the first and second Saturday of December. They greeted everyone enthusiastically outside of Wal-Mart in the cold and drew in many donations. We recently volunteered at the homeless shelter in Stockton on December 11th. We had tons of fun serving food to those in need and cleaning the kitchen afterwards. We’re also looking forward to continue volunteering at the homeless shelter and many other events next month.

D27 December Newsletter  
D27 December Newsletter  

Volume 1, Issue 7. Happy Holidays, Grizzlies!