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Grizzly Territory The Official Newsletter of Division 27

Volume One, Issue Nine February 2012

Contact: DNE Emily Wilburn [ | 209 507 2720] LTG Bruce Mercado [ | 209 981 8623]

International News March of Dimes Next month is a month that gets you thinking about marching. (And rain. But let’s focus on marching.) The March for Babies event is coming to Stockton on May 12 this year, and the time to start planning is now. First, your club needs to create their own team for the march. You can do this at by clicking “Find a Team” on the front

page, then choosing the Kiwanis team and the state you live in (California, for those who are wondering). So far, MCHS is the only D27 club with their own team for the march. Get your club to join, too! The March for Babies Youth Guide, which you can find on the Key Club International website, will give you and your club tips on how to build your team and raise lots of money. For example, start by build-



Key Club goes international

1st Key Club meeting at Sacramento High

1939 1st district is formed in Florida


ICON includes John F. Kennedy


1000th Key Club is chartered

ing your teams. Advertise the event, spread the word, hold a bagel breakfast for walkers.

Go on, get started! We can help make this the best March for Babies ever!

Blast From the Past 1992 Key Club includes 1977 Girls are allowed into Key Club


200,000th 17 nations, 4013 clubs, and 146972 member joins members


1991 Key Club’s first female president is elected


Key Club’s first website is launched

Key Club includes 30 nations and 5000+ clubs

Club Updates Chavez Hello Grizzlies, it’s been a while since Chavez’s last update. We have already elected our new officers of 2012. Our current officers are training the new officers so that all of the new officers are ready for the upcoming term. We have recently participated in the Crab Feed at Saint Basil Church on February 11,

2012. We are planning to hold a Canned Food Drive during the month of March. The cans that are being collected will be donated the Stockton Food Bank. Besides that, our club is looking for more community service opportunities to participate in.

West Recently, West High Key Club had our officers and board members elections. It was a fun and emotional day. The atmosphere was just great as we congratulated our new elected 201213 officers and board members. Coming up this February 17, we are holding a blood drive. Students ages 16 and older get

SECA recently volunteered at St. Anne’s Church as well as the Kiwanis Crab feed. We also have two more service projects coming up very soon. Our club is working on fundraising for DCON; we are struggling because our club isn’t really

to volunteer to donate a pint of blood to help save lives. One pint of blood will save up to 3 lives! On February 24, West High Key Club is hosting a movie night in the WHS cafeteria at 5 pm. Despicable Me and Up will both be played for the price of one, $3 per person. We will also be selling snacks for only a dol-

lar each. Everyone is welcomed. It’s going to be a fun and an exciting Friday night! “This month was full of busy paperwork and planning, but it was fun nonetheless. Plus it means next month will be filled with awesomeness,” club president, Joyce Anne Chua, said.


strong within the area of fundraising. We just had our club elections this past week and we are going to be training the new officers in the week to come.

Club Updates Lincoln This month has been busy for Lincoln High’s Key Club. Our members volunteered at two crab feeds, one at Presentation

Church on February 3rd and an- tion was held. We are also lookother at Annunciation Church ing forward to helping out at a on February 18th. On February rummage sale. 23rd, our Key Club Officer elec-

Bear Creek Bear Creek Key Club geared up for Valentine’s Day with our Message in a Bottle fundraiser! We have sold nearly 300 necklaces and key chains, yielding a profit over $600. This will go to good use: fifteen of our members are attending DCON this year, supported by club savings and donations from the Kiwanis of Stockton. This past weekend, a lucky

group of upperclassmen gave those boys’ smiles) and look back to our patrons by work- forward to spending more time with the division at upcoming service events. More good news: the club held elections this past week. Congratulations to our current secretary Chris Wardrip who was elected President of 2012-2013! The ing at the Kiwanis Crab Feed future of Bear Creek Key Club is on February 11. They enjoyed looking bright! every minute of it (just look at

MCHS Elections are done! Congratulations to the new officers of MCHS Key Club. President— Layla Yu, Vice President—Huy Banh, Secretary—Valerie Kong, and Treasurer—TJ Pham.

We’ve been fundraising by selling cheap snacks during our meetings and have recently finished selling Valentine Rosebuds to our fellow members. We’re planning big things for

this spring season— including the Chinese New Year Parade, fundraising to send members to District Convention, AND MORE! So look forward to a longer, much more exciting update!

Grizzlies Said...

What was your favorite day ever?

One of the best days in my life was when I traveled to a whole new country five years ago, and at that time, it really made me feel like excited which is similar to the feeling that DCON gives me today. Amy Wong That one day where you don’t feel like doing anything and stay in your room all day watching reruns on T.V. and going on Tumblr. Oh yeaaah.

Ryan Cruz My best day was the time when I finally reunited with my family when they came to America 3 years ago :)

My first day of volunteering which was the Crab Feed last year! Priya Patel

Fall rally would be one of the best days ever because it was my first ever rally and I enjoyed every aspect of it! I was able to meet up with friends who I hadn’t seen in a while and simply catch up.

Patrick Nguyen

My favorite day that relates to Key Club would have to be when I first ran my first Key Club meeting. I was so nervous and completely out of it at first. I thought I wasn’t going to make it through the whole meeting, but then for some reason looking at my advisor and the club members, I was reassured that everything was going to be alright. I loved that day because I felt like there was no such thing as positions in a club, I saw everyone as a group and a family so there was no need to be nervous. I felt very comfortable!

Jorelyn Calam My favorite day ever was when I was crowned Winterfest Queen!

Elaine Yu I loved Saturday, February 10, 2012. That day I got to hang out and drink coffee with Azuma and Sarah, the beautiful Key Club presidents of Tokay and McNair, and see my friend Micah Valdez turn 18 at her debut!

Anh Nguyen My favorite day ever was when I was working at Saint Mary’s Interfaith. It made me smile to see all the beautiful people’s faces. Kevin Yamada

Candice Punzalan

Tidbits More Club Photos




SECA Chavez


West High Movie Night On Friday, February 24th, West High Key Club is sponsoring a movie night! Admission is $3. The doors open at 5:00 p.m. and the movie starts at 5:15 p.m. Snacks will be sold for a dollar each. The movies are “Up” and “Despicable Me”!

a Kiwanis family member Division 27 Region 16

Grizzly Territory: February 2012  

D27's official newsletter, Volume One, Issue Nine! In this issue: the March of Dimes, the history of Key Club, D27 updates, and more. Happy...

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