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The shield The Division 12 West Spartans Newsletter

October 2013 Volume 1 Issue 3

OCTOBER October Division 12 West | Region 17 | Cali-Nev-Ha District | Key Club The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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October 2013 Issue in this issue... Upcoming Events

Point System Score Board



Message from the LTG








30 Information

Past Events

YOF Grant

Membership Update Center

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

Fall Rally North

The Eliminate Project Club Reports


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The Division 12 West Point System can be viewed here:

Abraham Lincoln



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Del Mar




Los Gatos




Santa Clara




The Harker School






BZZZZ HOW CAN YOU EARN POINTS FOR YOUR CLUB? • Submit the club MRF! • Attend DCMs! • Submit articles & visuals! • Hold fundraisers! • Attend service projects! • Hold club and board Meetings (keep track of member attendance!

Reminder: Points will only be recorded based on the information reported through submission of the MRF!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding your club’s points or the division point system, please contact Allysa at!

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Message from the Allysa Foot | Division 12 West Lieutenant Governor Hello there, Spartans! I hope the school year has been going well for all of you! However, I also hope that many of you have been making plans to participate in community service, as well. Fall is the season for membership recruitment. With all of these new members rolling in, it's important to begin providing them the one thing that they joined Key Club for - the service opportunities! Proactively plan with your home club to organize as many service events as possible. Make sure to include your fellow Kiwanis in your plans, as well; they can offer you more help than you think! In addition, come up with some ideas to bond with the new members. If anything, you can come to me or any member of the Division Leadership Team for some great ideas; we're chockfull of them! Make sure that you're managing your time and setting your priorities efficiently. Of course, it's important that you work hard to fulfill all of your school and Key Club duties, but -- as always -your health is your first priority. Be getting enough sleep and rest throughout your days so that you can complete everything that needs to be done. Remember that your Division Leadership Team and I are always here to support you and provide you with any assistance which you may need! You are all absolutely GOLDEN individuals and matter incredibly to us. That's all for now! As always, keep fighting like the fantastic Spartans that you are. With the fighting spirit of service, Allysa Foot Division 12 West Lieutenant Governor

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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LTG Photo Credits: Tricia Tran

Have any questions, comments, or anything else that you would like to tell Allysa? Contact her at!

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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August DCM On Friday, August 16, 2013, Division 12 West gathered at the Camden Community Center for the August DCM, hosted by Branham Key Club, where they also volunteered at the community center’s weekly movie nights! At this DCM, Allysa introduced the new division point system - a system used to recognize clubs for executing their duties, achieving goals, and going above and BEEyond what is expected in a given month. Allysa also discussed upcoming events such as Region Training Conference and Fall Rally North, and she opened the floor to members who wanted to share what plans they had for the school year. Members suggested many wonderful and creative ideas for club fair, such as making clothespins and posters, and everyone seemed really excited about RTC! After the DCM, Branham Key Club led the members through an icebreaker called Fruit Basket, which gave members an opportunity to meet people from other clubs. Additionally, Branham Key Club generously bought everyone milk tea to enjoy during the DCM! For the rest of the night, Division 12 West worked at the concessions booth selling popcorn and other food to movie watchers, and the members were able to enjoy watching the movie, The Croods, with their fellow Key Club members! Thank you Branham Key Club for hosting the August DCM! The September DCM will be held on Sunday, September 29 at Region Training Conference!

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Youth Opportunities Fund What is a YOF grant? The Youth Opportunities Fund (YOF) is an endowed fund for Key Club International held within the Kiwanis International Foundation. The YOF fund uses earned interest to help Key Clubbers serve the world by providing grants for service opportunities. Every year, a portion of each member's dues payment as well as the G. Harold Martin Fellowships help to fund this grant. Please note that this grant is a reimbursement process, so you do have to front the money. What is the application like? The application is quick and simple! It asks for information on what the project is, how much it will cost, how it benefits the community, and more. Who can apply? Any club that is in good standing (has dues paid and is not suspended or inactive) can apply. Please note that the YOF is intended for projects at the club level; applications for division-wide or interclub projects will be rejected! We hope to see many applications from CNH this year! If you have any GOLDEN questions, please do not hesitate to email Allysa or Policy, International Business, & Elections Chair Jacob Torres at

Clubs may request funding assistance ranging anywhere from US$100 to $2,000. The committee typically funds those clubs who are asking for a portion of the total cost of the project, and clubs who are working with other organizations to fund and complete the project.

• YOF grant Application must be received by October 15. • Notification of the Key Club International Board’s decision will be mailed no later than January 1, 2014. • The YOF grant application can be obtained from the following link:

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Granted Wishes By: Jamie Moore Project: Key to Literacy Trenton High School Key Club Trenton, Missouri Awarded US$500 in 2010 The Problem: Like most places, Missouri has struggled with slashed education budgets. In the small, impoverished town of Trenton, classroom libraries were stocked with few books and literacy rates were at risk of falling. The Solution: Pool together the $500 awarded by YOF with $500 the club raised to purchase 544 inexpensive books through Scholastic Inc. Every school day, club members go to the elementary school, read to children in the classrooms and leave books behind as a donation. “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” by Jeff Kinney is one of the kids’ favorites. The Community Impact: “Reading scores have increased,” says faculty advisor and English teacher E’Lisha Gass. “We can’t at tribute it entirely to this project, but we have noticed kids getting more excited about reading. Seeing older students as role models who encourage reading is paying off.” Now what? The Trenton club received another $500 YOF grant to donate more books. The project has been so successful that the club has expanded its in-classroom readings to include two preschools. Members plan to host reading nights with preschool-age activities this April. Read more stories about projects which Key Clubs have won grants for in the past:

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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As fall approaches, clubs should begin collecting member info and updating the club roster on the online, user-friendly KCI Membership Update Center! Club Secretaries and Treasurers should be working on collecting and paying dues. Start Paying

October 1st

Early Bird

November 1st

Regular Deadline

December 1st

Membership Update Center: Member/User/Login?skin=kiwanis

Dues Become Delinquent December 2nd February 1st

CLUB SECRETARIES • Collect members’ information - Name - Graduating Year - Contact (e-mail/phone number) - Address • Add/update information on MUC • Update club roster on MRF



CLUB TREASURERS • Work with club secretary to ensure that paid members are added to the MUC • Remind club secretary to print out the invoice after completing the MUC • Have ONE check mailed to: Key Club International - 3636 Woodview Trace Indianapolis, IN 46268

DUES are $11.00 for CNH District! All new AND returning members must pay dues!

Why is paying $11.00 annually for Key Club dues worth it? Not only does paying dues allow members to attend events such as DCON and FRN, but paying dues actually benefits members themselves. These dues fund conventions for members to attend, and more importantly, these dues help fund service programs, leadership training, member development, the Youth Opportunity Fund, and more! Every member's payment, down to the last penny, goes to a good use in the organization that's why paying dues annually is worth it!

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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DCON 2014

Your Golden Ticket

Watch the Call to DCON 2014 video here: watch?v=J0F8K-olJ6U

Congratulations Sharon Lee from Division 16! Her design was selected to be the logo for District Convention 2014!

District Convention 2014 Sacramento, CA April 11-13, 2014

Grab your GOLDEN ticket and head to DCON 2014! The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Upcoming Events

October 2013 Sunday













5 Club MRFs due by 6:00pm!









19 Fall Rally North



Club article submissions due 16 by 6:00pm!



15 YOF & PTP Grants Deadline!










31 Halloween!


Club Fair October DCM (TBA) Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF KeyLeader at Camp Jones Gulch: November 15-17

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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FALL RALLY 2013 OCTOBER 19, 2013

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Saturday, October 19, 2013 @ Six Flags Discove

Fall Rally North is a day when thousands of Key Clubbers from northern California gather at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom to show their spirit and raise money for PTP! In addition to competing in the biggest spirit rally to win the spirit stick, divisions will have the opportunity to “bid” on the Executive Board and lieutenant governors who are “auctioned” off to divisions. The winning divisions are able to spend a designated time period with the “purchased” officer, and all proceeds from the auction will go toward the Pediatric Trauma Prevention!

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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ery Kingdom ORDER YOUR TICKETS! Pre-Sale Tickets: $33.00 Postmarked by September 27 After-Pre-Sale Tickets Deadline: $37.00 Season Pass Holders: $5.00

Photo Credits: Jerico Suguitan, Alumni

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Fall Rally North Order Form can be obtained from the CNH Cyberkey:

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Grab your spartan gear to battle it out in the biggest spirit rally at Fall Rally North!




Spirit Pack will








Spirit Pack: $20.00 Includes: 1 division t-shirt, 1 pair of thundersticks, 1 tutu, and 1 wristband Spirit pack order forms can be found on the Division Reflector Group. Orders must be received by September 30th by 6:00pm!

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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BEE a KEY Leader By Christine Vo, Westmont If asked to describe the most influential and life-changing experience that I have ever had, the first thing that would come to my mind would be Key Leader. Key Leader, which is sponsored by Kiwanis International, is a leadership weekend for high school students who wish to learn more about service leadership. I have attended Key Leader three times: twice as a student and once as a student facilitator for a special Key Leader weekend for eighth grade students. I received the opportunity to attend Key Leader during the fall of my freshman year, and this was the first leadership experience that I had when I first entered high school. I was unsure, afraid, and nervous of what to expect from this event; I was still a shy and timid freshman who was not used to being surrounded by a large group of people. However, even though I had those fears prior to arriving at Camp Jones Gulch in La Honda for my first Key Leader weekend, all of those fears disappeared within an hour of being welcomed with open arms, being introduced to so many wonderful and friendly people, and most importantly, being a part of the amazing, fun, and interactive learning experience. The experience is surreal and indescribable. Key Leader truly helped me grow as a leader and person, and it was through this event that I learned the five core values of servant leadership: personal integrity, personal growth, respect, team-building, and pursuit of excellence. Through the workshops, discussions, and group activities, I gained many new leadership skills while working with others and meeting some of the most influential people in my life. Key Leader helped me grow into the confident person who I am today, who aspires to achieve my best while inspiring others. During each of my Key Leader weekends, I watched myself and everyone else around me develop into altruistic, confident, and inspirational people, and each weekend gave me a new and memorable experience that I will surely never forget. Key Leader is an experience that you do not want to miss out on. I can honestly say that Key Leader was one of the most life-changing experiences that I have ever had, and it left a huge impact on my life, molding me into the person who I am today. I am incredibly thankful for receiving the opportunity to attend this event, and I plan to attend my last Key Leader event again this fall. I encourage everyone to seize the opportunity and sign up for Key Leader weekend because I can assure you that you will all leave Key Leader as a new person! So sign up for the upcoming Key Leader at Camp Jones Gulch from November 15-17, 2013!

Key Leader @ Camp Jones Gulch November 15-17, 2013

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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On the night of Halloween, you should trick-or-treat for UNICEF with thousands of other Key Clubbers around the world to raise money for The Eliminate Project. Kiwanis International and UNICEF have joined forces to ELIMINATE maternal and neonatal tetanus: a deadly disease that steals the lives of nearly 60,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year. Just $1.80 can provide three vaccines, so grab a UNICEF box and start collecting spare change for UNICEF! Order boxes here: product/2727

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l September 2013

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THE ELIMINATE PROJECT The Eliminate Project is Kiwanis International's global campaign to help eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus from the face of the Earth. The campaign’s goal is to raise US$110 million by 2015 for the project. Quick Facts: • 1 baby dies every 9 minutes from tetanus • 160 babies die each day from tetanus • MNT has been eliminated from more than 20 countries since 2000 • A series of 3 doses of tetanus vaccine = immunity from tetanus • Woman + vaccine = protected baby • US$1.80 protects 1 woman and her future babies • The Eliminate Project saves or protects 61 million women & babies • Elimination = <1 case of MNT per 1,000 live births


ELIMINATE Remember that just $1.80 can provide 3 vaccines to save the lives of a mother and her newborn babies!

MNT has recently been ELIMINATED in Sierra Leone and Gabon!




The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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What can YOU do? • Hold a fundraiser (car wash, bake sale, pie an officer, 60 second fundraiser). • Trick-or-treat for UNICEF! • Educate members about The Eliminate Project. • Start collecting spare change (whenever you find spare change around the house, keep it in a jar designated for the Eliminate Project)!

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Recognition The lieutenant governor would like to recognize the following individuals and club for their commitment to service and for going above and BEEyond in the month of September! Congratulations! Thank you all for your service!

Member of the Month Hatim Hafid Prospect High School Club President Class of 2014

Officer of the Month Diego Moreno Santa Clara High School Club Secretary Class of 2014

Club of the Month Branham Club President: Leo Youssef

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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SEPTEMBER The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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CLUB REPORTS BRANHAM Again, Branham Key Club continued to serve at Movies at Dark every Friday at the Camden Community Center. A highlight of this month was the Change for Cambodia benefit dinner. Key Club member Sandy Lam, a member of the nonprofit organization, helped host the event and invited key clubbers to join. While setting up the dinner and enjoying a night of live music and performances, funds raised helped to support underprivileged children in Cambodia. - Sharri Mo, Secretary

DEL MAR On September 4th, Del Mar High School held club rush. It was very successful and over forty people signed up for 2013-2014 Del Mar Key Club. On Tuesday September 10th was our first Key Club meeting and after our Key Club president finished the presentation, we played a little icebreaker and got to know each other better. This year we are going to make a suggestion box to improve our club. Also, on Friday September 13th, many key club members joined Childhood Cancer Awareness Event and volunteered to ask donations in each classroom during plus period and during lunch. We raised around $500 and donated it to the St. Jude Children Research Hospital. Our 2013-2014 Del Mar Key Club is starting with an amazing success! - Ye-Eun Myung, News Editor Del Marâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Childhood Cancer Awareness Event!

Del Mar Key Clubbers play an icebreaker at the first meeting of the school year!

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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HARKER We attended the August DCM and volunteered for the movie night. Prior to the school year starting, we met twice to discuss upcoming events and activities that we will do in Key Club for this upcoming year. Furthermore, we met to discuss about various fundraisers as well as mini-volunteer events to do during club meetings for members to gain volunteer hours and bond with each other through community service. As Club Fair is approaching, we are thinking of ways to promote Key Club to the school to attract a large number of members. - Austin Lai, Secretary

Harker Key Club officers get ready for their schoolâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s club fair!

LEIGH Club fair is coming soon at Leigh High school. Therefore, the board members of Leigh key club are now starting to plan what to sell during the club fair. Like last year, I am expecting a lot of new freshmen to join. I hope the board members and I can approach the new members friendly and teach them about our key club's purpose. - Christine Oh, Secretary

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Club attendance has more than tripled since the end of the last academic year. Subsequently, the club's administration has had to upgrade from a classroom to a lecture hall located on campus. The boosted enrollment has bolstered the chapter's morale as well as service accomplishment. Most recently, several of our members sold Arizona Tea at the Santa Clara v. Independence football game on Friday night. And, like most other high schools located in the Santa Clara area, SC Key Clubbers helped run and advertise the Kiwanis International food booth at the Santa Clara Art & Wine Festival this past weekend. Michelle Yang and Alex Tran, president and vice president respectively, plan to begin preparation for the Regional Training Conference as well as service events such as work at the local Salvation Army. - Vicente Lovelace, News Editor

WESTMONT In September, our club did a lot! Since school started, we have held several board meetings and discussed our plans and ideas for the club, including ideas for club rush and upcoming events. On Friday, September 13, we had our first meeting, and the room was packed! A lot of prospective and returning members showed up, and it was a huge success. We even incorporated service hours during this time, as members could stay after to write encouraging letters to people in the community who were struggling. The day after, we hosted our first car wash, which was also a huge success! We had 25 people volunteer, which was a huge turnout that included both new and returning members! At the end of the day, we raised $447.00, 75% of which would be given to the Eliminate Project. Our contribution would provide over 500 vaccines to fight neonatal tetanus! Overall, this month has been extremely successful for our club, with many exciting events!

Photo Credits: Sarah Malone

- Claudia Lim, News Editor

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Submit the club MRF! Secretaries, remember to submit the MRF by the 5th of October by 6:00pm! BEE on time!

Get pumped for FRN! Get additional spirit items such as face paint, spartan helmets, capes, flags, and banners to rep D12W! Also start thinking of some possible new cheers..? Start collecting DUES! Do not wait until the last minutes to collect and organize dues! Start collecting them now to send them in by the deadline, which is December 1st!

Order UNICEF boxes! Order your UNICEF boxes soon that they will arrive in time for Halloween! You can also place them in classrooms and ask teachers to pass it around in class to collect more change.

Stay updated through the Division Reflector Group! Important information such as the October DCM , FRN, membership update center, and more will be posted on the reflector group!

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Did you attend a service event this month that you really enjoyed? Did you and your club hold a fundraiser to raise money for PTP or The Eliminate Project? Did you attend the DCM and want to share your experience? All members are highly encouraged to submit an article, visual, or club summary! If you would like to make a submission, please read and follow the guideline below: Making a Submission • Please keep all articles and summaries to a maximum of half a page. • Save and submit all articles and summaries in the original .doc format. • Make sure all visuals are Key Club related and appropriate. • Be sure to indicate and credit the owner of the picture(s). • Send all articles, summaries, and visuals to with the proper subject line [Club Artcle/Summary/Visual] Club name – Author (ex. [Club Article] Westmont – Christine Vo). • Most importantly, BEE creative and BEE yourself! :) • All articles, visuals, and summaries are due by the 15h of each month!

1. Go to the following website: forum/#!forum/d12wspartans

1 2

2. Click “Apply to Join Group”. 3. Fill out the necessary information and click “Apply to join group”.


4. Wait for Allysa to approve your membership then start receiving updates through the division reflector group!

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Hello Spartans! I had an AMAZING time at Region Training Conference this past weekend, and if you did not attend this year, then you should definitely go to RTC next year! The lieutenant governors and region advisors did an outstanding job planning the event; all the attendees there were truly the “stars of service”! As fall approaches, clubs should begin collecting dues because dues are due December 1! The membership update center will be available to everyone soon, and club secretaries and treasurers should begin working together to ensure that the club roster is updated and that all members pay their dues. If you have any questions about dues, please do not hesitate to ask Allysa or anyone else on the DLT! We are here to serve you, and we want to make sure that every club is in in good standing so that we as a division can grow strong together! Thank you for reading the October newsletter, and remember to submit articles, visuals, and summaries to me by the 15th of each month so that I can publish your GOLDEN submissions in the upcoming newsletter. Be sure to keep up to date with the division reflector group because the October DCM is just around the corner. I look forward to seeing you all the next DCM and especially at Fall Rally North! Let’s bring home that spirit stick and raise money for PTP! In Service, Christine Vo Westmont Key Club Vice-President Division 12 West News Editor

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Contact Informa Division Leadership Team

Division 12 West Club

Allysa Foot Lieutenant Governor

Abraham Lincoln

Maggie Braunreuther maggie@bltsandbox.c

The Harker School

Tyra Saelee Executive Assistant

Emily Lin



Madison Tomihiro Division Secretary

Hatim Hafid

Westmont Caitlyn Catabay


Christine Vo Division News Editor

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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b Presidents




Del Mar

Leo Youssef

Eric Sato


Los Gatos

Tyra Saelee

Brenda Chan

Santa Clara


Michelle Yang




Tairy Dulay

Region 17 Team Jennifer Buelna Region Advisor Jim Hart Region Advisor Jim Davis Region Advisor

The Official Division 12 West Newsletter l October 2013

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Abraham Lincoln Branham Del Mar Harker Leigh Los Gatos Prospect Santa Clara Saratoga Westmont Wilcox

Division 12 West October 2013 Newsletter  
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