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The Official D12W Newsletter | Volume II Issue 7| December D12W reps at Fall Rally North! (Photo courtesy of Westmont.)

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Table of Contents —let’s get things in order DNE Challenge……………………………………..3 Executive Assistant Note………………………….4 Lieutenant Governor Message………………….5 Club Reports……………………………………......6

Division Service Spotlight………………...……..11 Region Training Conference Recap………....12 October Recognition…………………………....15 Trooper Tally……………………………………….16

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DNE Challenge —do I smell prizes? For this month’s Division News Editor Challenge, count all of the Supertroopers you see in the newsletter and email the number to! The first person to do so will earn 20 Trooper Tally points for their club, and each subsequent entry will earn 10 Trooper Tally points. Happy hunting!


Executive Assistant Note L —hello from Yuka! Hello SUPERTROOPERS! First semester is finally coming to an end, and 2017 is right around the corner! It's time for hoodies and cuddles, but never forget to go out and serve your community! Also don't forget to study for finals, and keep your grades up-- remember to manage your time so you can join your club in fun events but also get that A+. Candidate Training Conference is coming up as well! If you have even just a little bit interested in what our LTG Claire does and maybe want to be the next LTG, I encourage everyone to go. Personally, not going to CTC and thinking that I wouldn't be good enough anyways is my biggest regret in my Key Club adventure. So make sure to go!! If you see me at any event, please come say hi, because I love making new friends! Please don't be afraid to talk to me, I swear I don't bite~ Keep on serving, and keep in being the amazing Supertroopers you guys always are!

With the fighting spirit of service,

Yuka Fujii Division 12 West Executive Assistant 2016-2017 4

LTG Message —hello from Claire! Hello Supertroopers! The holiday season is finally upon us! And so is the perfect season for service! What better way to celebrate the season of gift giving as well as the end of the calendar year than community service? Be sure to use your Winter Breaks to your advantage by helping our communities, whether it be helping an underprivileged family enjoy their winter season or planting a few extra trees with the city. Even though the Region Training Conference and Fall Rally season has ended, the DISTRICT CONVENTION (DCON) fun has just begun! Be sure to ask your officers about attending DCON because it is truly an amazing experience for all Key Clubbers. It's like a combination of RTC and FRN-- the best of both worlds! I hope to see you all at the December Division Council Meeting! Until then, happy holidays!

With the fighting spirit of service,

Claire Pei


Division 12 West Lieutenant Governor 20162017

Club Reports —the goings-on of the Supertroopers Abraham Lincoln

On Thursday, October 27th, four members of Lincoln’s Key Club went after school to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Haunted House. When we arrived, we split up to work on different tasks all around the room. Some of us helped setting up lights while others of us put up cobwebs all over the walls. The thing is that, none of us had known how difficult it really was to do this until we started putting them up. It is surprising how much time it takes to just spread one bunch of material on the surface of a wall. Those of us putting up the cobwebs did that for the whole two and a half hours of volunteering, but by the end, the walls covered in spider webs were certainly a great addition to the haunted house. The next day, we came back to put all the finishing touches into the house for the kids to walk through later that night. Once everything was finished, some of us volunteers took a test walk through, and I must say, it was one of the most frightening experiences of my life! Aside from all the scary decorations, they brought other students to act as scary clowns, doctors, patients, and psychopaths as the kids walked by. By the end of the walk through, I think all of us can say that it really gave us the creeps. When all the guests finally arrived to see the haunted house for themselves, we all sat behind a table, handing out goodies such as cotton candy and snowcones. These two snacks, in particular, were very popular ones that night. By the end, we had none left. When things began to wrap-up, we cleaned the tables and helped put decorations away. All of us had a really great time helping out at the haunted house and hope to have this opportunity again next year. Adrian Wilcox


BASIS Independent Silicon Valley

In October, BASIS Key Club was very active. On October 2, we went to Merrill Gardens, an elderly home, to conduct an arts and crafts activity. The participants made little bats to add to the Halloween decor. On October 15, volunteers worked shifts all day at the Moreland Halloween Carnival, helping set up, running games, selling concessions, and more. On October 17, seven BISV members attended FRN dressed up in full D12W gear, participating in the general cheer. Finally, on October 29th, volunteers helped out at the Kiwanis 5k run by helping set up and run the event, dressed u p i n t h e i r H a l l o w e e n c o s t u m e s . BASIS definitely upped its game when it came to events, offering a variety of them, on both Saturdays and Sundays, which is an improvement from last month. We also discussed improving communication, which we did implement in the club by using services like Remind. We conducted two general meetings as well. Branham During the month of October, Branham was incredibly busy. We submitted our dues early and had over 50 dues paid members, well above last year's number and our club’s goal. Branham had 6 volunteer events in October and achieved over 200 hours of service. Our club Attended YSI’s 31st wildlife festival, Baywalk to Defeat ALS, Fammatre’s Halloween Festival, Clean-Up for a Breast Cancer Walk, a St. Mary’s Church Dinner and the 49ers run. We also had 5 members attend RTC and 14 attend FRN. Additionally, in October, Branham’s Key Club received a generous donation which we will be putting towards our divisions fundraising goals as well towards sending some of our members to DCON. We also held a couple of board meetings to discuss & plan upcoming events and fundraisers as well come up with ideas on how to sustain member activity. Finally, we our club held a few meetings so share these ideas and events with our members. Overall, October was an incredibly successful month for our club.


Club Reports —the goings-on of the Supertroopers Del Mar


Los Gatos


For the month of October, the Los Gatos Key Club attended RTC and FRN. We participated in the Walk to End Alzheimer’s and the Bascom Branch Library Halloween Festival and raised money with Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF. At RTC, we learned new leadership tactics and how to improve the clubs at our school. It was a great getaway environment because it was in the woods and we got to participate in fun activity like the campfire. At FRN, the event was great to socialize with Key Clubbers from all over Northern California by participating in enticing spirit rallies and then riding the many roller coasters at Six Flags. Moving on, we had club members sign-up for shifts at the Bascom Branch Library Halloween Festival. At the carnival, volunteers helped run games, activities, and arts and crafts stations. Furthermore, we handed out Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF boxes and had students collect money over the month

of October. Lastly, we handed out division t-shirts to club members who were interested. Prospect In October, a few of us managed the scoreboards at the girls’ field hockey games. We got in the Halloween spirit by volunteering at the Moreland Education Foundation's Annual Pumpkin Patch and Carnival. We spent half a day setting up their haunted trail at Easterbrook Discovery School. Some of us painted game booths while others set up lights and decorations on the trail. It was a great turnout and we plan on volunteering again at the actual fair this weekend. This month we sent two board members to Region Training Conference. It was a great experience to learn more about leadership, professionalism, and other tips about making your club better. We also heard inspirational presentations by different non profit organizations that we can partner with. Aside from all the informational workshops we had a chance to make new friends and create a skit that got a message across to the audience. In two days we made amazing friendships and learned helpful tips to use not only for Key Club, but for the rest of our lives. We also registered 84 new members this month. This is double the size of our club last year! Santa Clara


Club Reports —the goings-on of the Supertroopers The Harker School

Westmont October is now oct-over, but it was really eventful while it lasted. Westmont Key Club met and even surpassed a cluster of club goals! For instance, we hoped to have 95 dues paid members this year; we now have over 100. In regard to special functions, we aimed to bring five people to RTC (and did), as well as ten people to FRN (we had 16 attendees). Furthermore, at FRN, we met our goal of donating $800 to PTP! Aside from these achievements, Westmont Key Clubbers also volunteered at a number of events: the Rock ‘N’ Roll Marathon, Rosemary Fall Festival, Oktoberfest Run, MEF Carnival Night, and Capri Fall Festival. To fundraise, we held a bake sale for Eliminate, raising over $300. We also distributed UNICEF boxes around campus and sold TPumps at Westmont’s Food Frenzy. To wrap up a month of accomplishment, we ordered Second Harvest Food Drive barrels, which we’re leaving on campus throughout November!


Division Service Spotlight —congratulations to Los Gatos! In the month of October, I attended the Bascom Branch Library Halloween Festival, where club members and I helped with game booths. There were many games for children to play, including ring toss, bean bag toss, tic-tac-toe, pin the tail on the cat, arts and crafts, and much more. I managed the ring toss booth, helping out by giving rings to the players, giving them their tickets, resetting the game and handing out a piece of candy at the end. If either the candy or tickets ran out, my partner or I would refill for any upcoming players. Felicia and Addie worked at the arts and craft center, Sophia worked at the tic-tac-toe station, and Ola worked at the bean bag toss station. The staff were extremely helpful and let me know everything before my shift. Overall, it was a fun experience, and it allowed me to expand my connections while connecting with others. -Wilma Wei


Region Training Conferenc

—a weekend to remember (All photos courtesy of W





1. My Key Club moment has impacted my high school career. My Key Club moment was RTC. This was "the moment" because it is one of the most memorable events of my year. I was able to connect with so many different people that I would have otherwise never met and learn so many useful tips to help Prospect Key Club grow to be a better club. 2. Leadership would best represent me during October because I made sure to complete all the requirements to allow our club to attend RTC and FRN. There were many obstacles our club faced, but I overcame them to give each member an opportunity to possibly have their Key Club moment. I showed my leadership and assisted the other officers when they needed help. 3. I am very thankful to be awarded Officer of the Month and will continue to work hard to be the best Vice President I can be.

1. Has your Key impacted your hig Please be specific Moment, and wha "the mo

2. Key Club's fou leadership, cha caring and inclu your recognized represents you

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feelings of being MOTM/OOTM.


1. My Key Club moment was during RTC of 2016. The people that I met were genuinely interesting and admirable in personality and character. I saw strong individuals who were full and willing to share themselves with others. I had even met some of the members at RTC before, but seeing them at key club was like meeting them a second time. The public speakers were amazing and what they had to share with us was mind blowing. It felt terrific to see all these motivated and kind people brought together and encouraged to do their best, while a community between them was fostered. This has affected my high school career by motivating me to be the strong individual that I know I am capable of being, while not forgetting the importance of sharing myself with my community and peers. 2. Caring is an important to me because it is the life and blood of Key Club. The encouragement that members give to others is what makes people interested in all the opportunities that Key Club has to offer keep coming back. 3. It feels humbling that I happened to stand out among my peers, and awakening that what I do in this community is seen and recognized. Even if I may not think I deserve such recognition, it motivates me to raise myself to match my own interpretation of what this award represents.






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Division News Editor Closing Hello Troopers! I hope you all enjoy the facelift I gave to this month’s newsletter—2016 may not be over just yet, but it’s never too early for a little change! Stay warm this winter season, especially if you are serving your communities outdoors! You can only take care of your community if you take care of yourself first. I am so proud of how far our division has come this year, and I can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for Division 12 West! We only have a few more months left in this term, so let’s make the best of it!

In service,

Nadia Etemadi 2016-2017 Division 12 West News Editor 20

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See you in January!


Division 12 West December 2016 Newsletter  
Division 12 West December 2016 Newsletter