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December CNH |Regi on1 7|Di vi si on1 2 East|KeyCl ub

Newsletter the heroic tim es vol .3 i ssue5

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I fIwast heGri nch,Iwoul dn' t st ealChri st mas.Iwoul dst eal you; ) SeasonsGreet i ngs,Superheroes! I t ' st hemostwonderf ult i meof t heyear!Thest reet sareagl ow wi t h l i ght sandl aught er.There' saj ol l y f eel i ngi nt heai rwhereveryougo,even amongstt hel astmi nut epresent shoppi ng.Butaf t eral lt hathol i dayj oy goesaway,youknow what ' sheret ost ay? KeyCl ubberswhowi l lservet hei r communi t i esevent hrought hecol dest ( Cal i f orni a)days.Begrat ef ulf orwhatyou haveandwhatyoumaybegi vent hi s Chri st mas.Don' tl i ket hosef uzzysockst hat yourauntgaveyou?Donat et hem t oyourl ocalSal vat i onArmy.Di dn' t useal lt hecannedf oodyouboughtt opreparef ort hehol i daydi nner? St opbyyourl ocalf oodbankt odropt hem of fandof f ert ohel psort t hem outi fyouhavet het i me. Theendof201 6i sapproachi ngus,sol et ' sref l ectbackonwhatwe accompl i shed.Wehadahandf ulofmembersf rom ourdi vi si onwho recei vedawardsatDCON.Werai sedover$5700 f orPTP andover $1 000 f orMNT,i fyoucombi net heendoft heol dt erm andcurrent t erm.WehadmanySuperheroeswhograduat edandmovedont ot he nextst epoft hei rl i ves.Wemovedupt ot henextgradel eveli nhi gh schoolandawai t edt hej ourneyi twoul dbri ngwi t hhope( most l y) .We evenel ect edandi nst al l edanew Li eut enantGovernor!Speaki ngof whi ch,Ihopemanyofyouareconsi deri ngbecomi ngmyLTG baby ( a. k. a.myel ect ) ! ! !Don' tknow whatmaybei nst oref oryou?At t end CTC,askme/I P LTG Jocel i nequest i ons,workont hatspeech!Butmost ofal l ,makesuret hi si sadeci si ont hatwi l lbenef i tyou,yourf ami l y,and yourdi vi si on.Hopef ul l y,I ' l lseeal lofyoubef oret henew year! Remembert ost aysaf e,st ayhappy,andst ayheal t hy< 3


-Kailee Tan aka D1 2E Li eutenantGovernor

di st ri ctboard updat e


IF E E LGOOODOHIF E E LSOGOOD ! Now thatFal lRal l yhasof f i ci al l yended,i tti met obucketdownand gets omehar dcor eKeyCl ubbi ngdown!Conti nui ngr ai s i ngf undsf or PTPandvol unt eer i ng.Ther ei ss ti l lmuchf orust odo,manyl i vest o s ave. I fyouwer en’ tabl et otunei nt othePTPWeekwebi narher ei sa l i nkt oacces sthes l i desthatwer euti l i zed.http: //bi t. l y/2e2YeeR Keepuptheamazi ngwor kDi vi s i on1 2Eas t! !Youguysar es er i ous l y r ocki ngi t!

-Cin dy Duon g

CNH Di stri ctPTP Coordi nator

HappyHol i days ,Superheroes !

I t’ shar dt obel i evethattheyeari sal mos tover .Dur i ngthi sti meof theyear ,we’ r eal wayss onos t al gi c.Ther ei ss omuchwecanr ef l ect on:ours ucces s es ,ourf ai l ur es ,ourl os s es ,andourgai ns .Ihope ever yone’ s201 6wasf i l l edwi thmanyaccompl i shmentsandasthe yeardr awst oacl os e,doyourbes tt os queezei naf ew mor e, whetheri tbef i ni shi ngal lyourcol l egeapps ,choppi ngof fyourhai r , orvol unt eer i ngt enmor ehour sofcommuni t ys er vi ce.Iwi shyoua wonder f ulhol i days eas onwi thyourf ami l yandf r i ends ! St ayWar m!

-J ocelin e Yu

Communi cati ons & Marketi ng Chai r


d december 2016 1 2 E

Di vi si on Goals Update

Ser vi ceHour s:1 1 , 91 0. 71 7/ 21 , 000 PTP:$2578/ $3000 MNT:$933/ $1 000

1 61 2 6

pa w paw poi nt s

pi edmont hi lls1 680 i ndependence1 1 45 i rvi ngton 470 san jose270 mi lpi t as320

pa w paw 7

mo n t h l yr e c o g n i t i o n


Member :Mi chaelYi ,I ndependence Of f i cer :J as onVu,Pi edmontHi l l s Cl ub:I r vi ngt on


Member :Madi s onKam,J amesL ogan Of f i cer :Bus hr aKhan,J ohnF.Kennedy Cl ub:KI PPSanJ os e


Member :Nat as haMaeI gnaci o, SanJ os eHi gh Of f i cer :Al exMak,Was hi ngt on


lieuten an t gover n or doyouwanttobethenext

Tal kt oyourpar ent saboutwhet herornotyoushoul d commi tt ot hi sdeci si on

Got oCandi dat eTr ai ni ngConf er enceonDecember1 0t h( i nf or mat i onwi l lber el eased l at er ! ) Goont heCyber Keyf ori nf or mat i onaboutt hedut i esof t heLi eut enantGover nor Askyourdi vi si onLi eut enantGover norf oradvi ce/answer s t oanyquest i onsyoumayhave Makesur eyouar er unni ngf oryourpassi ont oserve,NOT f ort het i t l e


whatar eyoumostthankf ulf or ?

novemberspotl i ght My mom for always bei ng there for me and notgi vi ng up even after I ' ve been a b. . ad chi ld

Iam mostthankfulfor every day!Each day bri ngs many opportuni ti es:to help others,to greetpeople,to see other people smi le,to di scover new musi c,to step outsi de and admi re the world,to serve the communi ty, to i mprove,to learn more aboutothers and my surroundi ngs,to name a few.And Ialso beli eve every new day comes because i ti s exci ted to meetme!How thankfulIam to have somethi ng Ilove thatgi ves me so much and loves me back.

Iam mostthankfulfor my fri ends.They are always keepi ng me company.Some of them have been wi th me si nce Iwas li ttle and others Iam sti llgetti ng to know more than j ustthei r name.Ili ke meeti ng people and maki ng fri ends.Fortunately,key club makes thateasy for me.I ti s shocki ng for me to see how much more I have gotto know someone si nce the day Imetthem.

1 61 1

r esponses

de c e mbe r s pot l i ghtque s t i on whati syourf avori t e partoft hehol i dayseason? ht t p: //t i nyurl . com/DecSpot Q


c l u b r e c a p s

c l u b r e c a p s 12

Mi ll ard Hall oween Carni val|Ken Hoang |Kennedy OnOctober28th,wehadour1 stser vi ceeventoftheyear .Thi sser vi ce eventwashel datMi l l ar dEl ementar ySchooltohel pthem r untheHal l oweenCar ni val .I twasr ushti medur i ngthewhol eevent.Thi seventwashel d about30mi nutesr i ghtaf terourschoolendedandwewer er equi r edto setupever ythi ngandwor ktheboothswhi l epeopl ewer ecomi ngtoenj oy thecar ni val .JohnF .KennedyKeyCl ubber swor kedver ywel lattheevent andmoststayedf orabout5hour s.Thi si ncl udedcl eani ngupaf terthe eventaswel l .Someoftheboothsther ewer ethi ngsl i kebeanbagtosses andpl i nko.Dependi ngonthepoi ntstheygot,wewoul dgi vethem candy.

Reverse Tri ck or Treat!|Katheri ne Chen and Rohi th Dara |I rvi ngton OnSatur day,October29,member sf r om I r vi ngtonKeyCl ubpar ti ci pated i nr ever setr i ck or tr eati ngwi thseni orci ti zens,hostedbyAegi sFr emont. Ever yoneshowedupi ncostumesandweal lwenttoar oom wher ethe seni or shadtoguesswhatwewer edr essedupas.Ther ewer epeopl e dr essedi nonesi essuchasmonkeysandgi r af f es,andal sopumpki ns. Someoftheseni orci ti zenshaddi f f i cul tyguessi ngwhatsomeoftheki ds wer edr essedatbutbasi cal l yever yoneguessedtheani malonesi ecostumescor r ectl y.Manypeopl emadethei rowncostumesaswel l !Af ter war ds,wetooktur nstosi ngkar aokewi thever yoneanddancedtothe musi c.Notonl ydi dtheki dsenj oythi spar t,buttheseni orci ti zenssaw theener gyoftheki dsanddi dsmal ldancemovestomatchthemusi c. Ther ewer eal otofHal l oweenthemeddecor ati onsi ncl udi ngor ange,bl ack, andyel l ow bal l oons.Jack oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Lanter nsscatter edar oundtheseni orcenter . SomeoftheJack oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Lanter nsdesi gnswer ever yel abor ate.I ntheend,we handedoutgoodi ebagsf i l l edwi thHal l oweencandytoever yone.Al li nal l , ever yoneseemedtoenj oytheevent.Theseni orci ti zensappr eci atedthe goodi ebagsaswel lasthecompanyf r om thevol unteer sthatwent.The vol unteer swer eabl etoputasmi l eontothef acesoftheseni orci ti zens andthatmadethem happyaswel l . 13

FootballSnack Shack |Bri ttany Escobar |San Jose Onthe28thofOctober ,6KeyCl ubmember stooktheti metogoout tothef ootbal lgameandhel psel lf oodtohungr yf ans.KeyCl ubber s hel pedsetupthesnackshackaswel lascl eanupaf terthegamewas over .Ourvol unteer smanagedtokeepthei rspi r i tsupevenaf terthe6 hour softaki ngor der sf r om thecustomer s.I nthepr ocess,our member shadthechancetoenj oythegamewhi l esati sf yi ngal lthe consumer swi thaf ul lstomach.Wetr ul yar ethankf ulf orhavi ngsuch amazi ngmember sthatcar eabouthel pi ngother s. Walki ng Dead or Runni ng Dead?|Farah Vi ll anueva |James Logan A weekpr i ortoHal l oween,someKeyCl ubber swokeupbr i ghtandear l y tohel poutatUni onCi ty’ sAnnualRunni ngDeadFunRun!Vol unteer s metupat7AM attheUni onCi tyLi br ar yandhadf acepai ntandother makeupsmear edoverthei rf acetomakethem l ookextr aspooky,and soonbegantoscar er unner s!Theyl i nedupi nvar i ouspl acesar oundthe cour seandchasedr unner stopr ovi desomespookyf unbef or e Hal l oween!I twasaver ysuccessf ulevent! Ameri can Horror Story:A Murder Mystery |Mi nh-tu Nguyen |Ameri can I nthespi r i tofHal l oween,Amer i canHi ghSchoolKeyCl ubhostedthei r f i r stMur derMyster y.Wi thhour sofpr epar ati onandmanyDI YPi nter est scr eenshotsl ater ,thedayhasar r i ved.TheAmer i canHi ghSchool r otundawastr ansf or medi ntoacar ni valthemedevent.Tabl eswer eset andl i nesofdesser tsandpi zzawer el ai dout.Mi nigameswer ecr eated, suchasourowni nter pr etati onofbobbi ngf orappl esal ongwi thar i ng tossstati on,andofcour se,ther ewasthe“ mur dermyster y”thatthe guestshadtosol vebyaski ngeachchar acterf orcl ues.Formemor i es,a photoboothwassetupf orthegueststotakepi ctur esatthe r ecr eati onofanentr anceofacar ni val .Over al l ,theeventwasasuccess f r om thebegi nni ngtotheendwhenthemyster ywasf i nal l ysol ved.


Di wal iFesti val|Brandon Di mapasoc|Pi edmont Hi ll s Oneofthemostmemor abl eeventsIvol unteer edatthi spastmonthwas theDi wal iFesti valatChi l dr en' sDi scover yMuseum.Di wal ii stheHi ndu Festi valofLi ghtswhi chcel ebr atesthevi ctor yofgoodoverevi l .Aspar tof thecel ebr ati on,wehel pedchi l dr enmakecr af tscel ebr ati ngDi wal i .Oneof myf avor i tecr af tswasacl aycandl ehol der ,al soknownasaDi yal ampthat theki dscoul dmol dthemsel vesand decor atei twi thgl i tterandgems. Anothercr af twasthebandichor rdi vas.Thesel i ttl epapercl oaks decor atedwi thbr i ghtcol or edr i bbonandstr i ngi sar emi nderofSi khstor y i nwhi chagur uwhowasi mpr i sonedwasr el easedandtookther estofthe pr i soner swi thhi m whohel dontohi scl oakwi thmanytassel s.Ki dscoul d al somakethei rownpaperl anter nandal sotr ytr adi ti onalI ndi andeser ts typi cal l yeatenf orDi wal i .Weal sohel pedoutper f or mer swhower epl ayi ng tr adi ti onalI ndi anmusi candper f or mi ngtr adi ti onalI ndi andances.Over al l ,i t wasauni queevent thatal l owedmetoexper i enceanew cul tur ewhi l eI hel pedmyowncommuni tycel ebr ateandhavef un.


Berryessa L i brary Booksal e |Vanessa Hong |I ndependenc e Locall i br ar i esar eani mpor tantpar tofeducati onastheyopenknowl edgetoever yoneoutsi deofschool ,buttheydonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; tusual l ygetthef undi ngtheyneedtoconti nuedoi ngthat.OnOctober21 ,tenmember sf r om I ndependenceKeyCl ubvol unteer edi ntheBer r yessaBr anchLi br ar yBook Sal ewhi chtookpl acei nBer r yessaBr anchLi br ar y.Vol unteer scar r i ed boxesofusedbooksandor gani zedbooksbythei rcategor y.Whatthe vol unteer sgai nedf r om thi seventwascommuni cati onandteambui l di ng ski l l sf r om aski ngandhel pi ngeachothertogetthetaskdone.Bydoi ng thesetasks,wehel pedpr epar ef ortheactualbooksal ewhi chbenef i ttedthel i br ar ybysel l i ngtheseusedbooksf orf undi ngandhel pedpeopl e getthebookstheyneedf oracheappr i ce unl i keotherbookstor es.Over al l ,thi s eventwasagr eatchancetohel poutour l ocall i br ar yandexper i encehar dwor kf r om car r yi ngboxestothei rr especti vetabl es andf i gur i ngouthow tomanagebooks andspaci ng.


d i s t r i c t n e w s l e t e r

t i ny url . c o m/ d i s t no v ne ws


am e s s a g ef r o my o u re d i t o r hel l o,s uper her oes !

Theyeari squi ckl ybegi nni ng tocometoacl ose!201 6has beenf ul lofexci ti ngevents, al ongwi thi tsnotsoexci ti ng onesaswel l . Decemberi smyf avor i temonth f orsever alr easons.Thebi ggesti s thatmybi r thdayi sonl y5daysi nto theonthandIgetcashtospend.I ’ m tur ni ng1 8thi syearandhonestl yI ’ m goi ngtogof i ndmysel fasugardaddyto payf oral lmyneedsbecauseboibestbel i eveIcan’ tdothatmysel f l mao#br okeass Ial sol ovewi nterandILOVECHRI STMAS.Myf avor i tedr i nkf r om Star buckscomesbackf orthehol i daysandi tmakesmesohappy;I al mostcr i edwhenIgoti twheni tcamebackaf ew weeksago.I n addi ti on,Igettoseemyni ecewhoIl ovesomucheventhoughshe pr etendstonotl i keme.: ~) i ’ mj ustr eal l ystr essedhel p Ihopethatyouwi l lal lenj oythi shol i dayseason/ monthasmuchasI wi l ldespi tef i nalexamsappr oachi ng.Enj oythehol i daysyouchooseto cel ebr ate,orj usthavef uni fyoudon’ tcel ebr ateanyofthem!Ther e’ s nothi ngwr ongwi thanyofthat.: ) Seni or stakeadvantageofthi sandthenextf ew monthstor el ax.You deser vei t!Ihopeever yoneenj oysthei rwi nterbr eakandI ’ l lseeyoual l attheDecemberDCM!

-An dy Nguyen

D12E News Editor 18

Li eut enantGovernor Kai l eeTanaka ( 51 0)828 -8924

Execut i veAssi st ant Tri shaDang Mi nahYang JohnLam d1 2e. ea@gmai l . com

Di vi si onNewsEdi t or AndyNguyen d1 2e. news@gmai l . com Ameri can Zeral eneYet zeral eneyet@gmai l . com I ndependence SharonVu sharonvu33@gmai l . com i rvi ngton Kri shnaVachhanikri shna. vachhani 7@gmai l . com JamesLogan MandyZhang mi ssmandy031 6@gmai l . com JohnF.Kennedy Li l l i anTran l i l l i antvnt@gmai l . com KI PP SanJose Emi l yHa emi l y. ha1 21 6@gmai l . com Mi l pi tas Natal i ePhan natal i evphan@gmai l . com Mi ssi onSanJose FendyGao fendygao99@gmai l . com Pi edmontHi l l s Ni ckyNguyen ni ckyqn3@gmai l . com SanJose Mal l i kaJai n j ai n. mal l i ka@gmai l . com Washi ngton Justi nFung bacondude1 9@gmai l . com

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Division 12 East | December 2016 Newsletter  
Division 12 East | December 2016 Newsletter