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Volume 2, Issue 1 l Division 12 East l Region 17 lCali-Nev-Ha District

Piedmont Hills Key Clubber Erin Conghuyen dyes her LOVE146♼ T-shirt

SUPERHEROES Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


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Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Hey Superheroes! I hope you all are having a fantastic summer! And because the stresses of the school year are over, summer is the perfect opportunity to spend more time with Key Club and to serve your communities! Many service opportunities are available if you just know where to look for them. Contact your local library, marathon coordinator, animal shelter, or even come up with your own service projects! Key Club International actually offers grants called Youth Opportunity Fund (YOF) grants to fund club service projects and they could very well be the catalyst to the lasting impact your club will make on your school, community, or world. Contact me at if your club is interested! Now that it’s summer, it’s also a great time to reach out to your Kiwanis sponsors to attend their meetings and become more involved in the Kiwanis Family! Remember that behind every great leader is a supporting and loving family. There are endless possibilities to help build stronger relations such as: 1)

Joint Service & Fundraising Projects


Jointly Chartering a K-Kids or Builders Club


Mutual Visitations of Club/Board Meetings


Kiwanis Takeover Meetings

I also hope that everyone is settling into this term smoothly. I understand that the transition period may be rough, but always remember that the Division Leadership Team and I are here to serve you! Feel free to contact anyone of us if you have questions, comments, concerns, or just need a friend to talk to. I look forward to serving all of you this term and making unforgettable memories together as we CELEBRATE: Service, Leadership, and Family!

Flying into Service, Steven Tan

Lt. Governor’s Challenge: Email me at about how you plan on achieving the District Goals.

Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue




Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Service Hours


Every term, the District sets goals that incorporate the District Convention (DCON) theme. If you did not go to DCON this year, we hope

CELEBRATE! Service, Leadership, and Family at DCON 2015! This term, our goals are to... you

Celebrate Service

5 Service Projects per month!

Clubs are encouraged to feature 5 service events each month, or members could take part in 5 service projects per month.

Celebrate Leadership Every member is a leader!

This goal can be reached in the following ways: Increase amount of service opportunities for members Appoint more event chairs or positions within your club Assign committees within your club to increase leadership involvement But do not limit yourself to these. There are many more ways for members to take action and be a leader in their community. After all, leadership is action, not position.

Celebrate Family

Save 5 families from MNT!

The Eliminate Project is a Major Emphasis this year! We encourage each and every member to save at least 5 families from Maternal & Neonatal Tetanus. It may sound like a lot, but it’s actually only $9.00!

Remember that $1.80 is saving a mother and her babies! Not all superheroes wear capes, some wear shirts with "K's" or even stickers that say "volunteer." Channel the superhero within yourself and I know as a division, we can achieve these goals! Now that it's summer, we all have more time for Key Club! Also, contact your Kiwanis sponsors, local Builders Club, or even K-Kids Club to attend their meetings and become more involved in the Kiwanis Family!

Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Kiwanis One Day On April 5th, Key Club, Circle K, and Kiwanis gathered together in Overfelt Garden to achieve the goal of improving the park for the public. Everyone gathered together in the park around 9 and groups were created to perform a specific job. Key Club members from Independence and Piedmont Hills High School were assigned to remove the weeds around the Educational Park library. We were provided with delicious lunch and drinks after everyone was finished. Overall, this event was successful. It allowed members within the Kiwanis organization to bond and create new community service memories. It taught us that even if we are young, we can make a difference within our community.

Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Division Leadership Team Introductions

Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


With summer approaching, Key Club members here at American High have decided once again to end this school year with an unforgettable event. On the fine evening of May 30, 2014, our annual Gala Night was held in the school multi-purpose room. This year’s theme was “The Seaweed is Always Greener” which as most people may recognize to be the first line of the famous Disney song “Under the Sea” from The Little Mermaid. Key Club members from all over Division 12 East were brought together in a night of celebration for all of the services that have been accomplished this past year. Everyone sat together and enjoyed delicious Italian food catered by Strizzi’s and watched spectacular performances ranging from hula dance to magic. The night ended with a surprise solo performance from our very own Immediate Past Lieutenant Governor Austin Quach. All proceeds from this event were donated to Pediatric Trauma Prevention in an effort to prevent children from unintentional injuries. Although the date of this event conflicted with many other school activities, those who came to support had a wonderful time taking photos and developing relationships with other Key Club members in the division. Overall, this event was a success and we are just as excited as everyone else to see what our club will bring this summer.

On May 31st and June 3rd, Independence Key Club members gathered around and volunteered at Election Night, where they worked long hours to transport all the voting materials. With this special event, every member who volunteers earns $50 dollars for the club. On these two days, at total of 47 Key Club members came out to help raise fund for our club AND to volunteer late at night or early morning. Overall, the grand total amount earned was $2,350 for all the volunteers who worked for at least 5 hours at this major event. These funds would go toward the club and for contributing to major projects such as PTP and the Eliminate Project. This means we have a strong start on fulfilling our monetary goal of $4,500. All the hard work and publicizing for this event paid off, and we are proud of every single one of our volunteers.

Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Irvington Key Club recently volunteered at the Ducks for Bucks Race at Lake Elizabeth. This is an annual event hosted by Fremont Kiwanis to raise money for local non-profits in the TriCities. 12 of the members helped in various jobs including setup, manning the carnival, setting up the racing lane, dumping the ducks, and cleanup. The event was a success and the members who went all had a great time while helping out a great cause.

Hello Key Club members, and welcome to summer! KIPP San Jose has recently held its last Key Club meeting of the school year this month. We wished our amazing seniors a heartfelt goodbye with small certificates and (professional) party necklaces, and we introduced new service event opportunities that would be available in the upcoming summer! We had special guest LTG Steven Tan talk to the club about Officer Training Conference (OTC) and how awesome it will be. We also introduced opportunities to volunteer at The Bubble Run, Sharks Fitness Face-Off, and the Summer Reading Celebration at San Jose Public Libraries. We hope to have a great start to summer with even greater service and enthusiasm!

Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


In the previous month, the Milpitas High School Key Club elected new cabinet members for the 2014-2015 school year. For the summer, we plan on having some cabinet members attend the Officer Training Conference. For the upcoming service event, Relay for life, we plan on teaming up with CSF, NJHS and Interact. What Relay for Life is, is an event to honor those who survived, lost a loved one, or is fighting through the disease. This event was created by the American Cancer Society. The money fundraised will go towards research to cure cancer and help those who have cancer toward their road to recovery.

We had Kiss a Senior Goodbye Grams this month. We sold them in school, during lunch, from 6/2/14-6/6/14. The Kiss a Senior Goodbye Grams are little teddy bears with graduation caps on them and we attach a card and a chocolate kiss and send them to the recipient.

Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


The first month of summer has arrived and Piedmont Hill's Key Club has been working hard! One event we've done was host a tie-dye fundraiser to benefit LOVE146♼, an organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation. After a day of tie-dying and bonding while waiting for our shirts to dry, many of us Key Club members became closer and went home with shirts for a good cause. Aside from this, Key Club knows service doesn't stop for summer! This summer, Piedmont Hills' Key Club is planning to help at races, attend OTC and have a good time serving!

This previous month we have volunteered at Special Games, it was an amazing event in which about 25 Key Club members attended De Anza College and were assigned a group of special students to guide them throughout their activities.

Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Washington Key Club kicked off the month of June with a successful Yogurtland fundraiser. The result was a net profit of $56 in collaboration with American’s Key Club. In addition to fundraising, the transformers supported American at their Gala Night on Friday, May 30. Most of Washington’s Key Club board attended as well as many of their members. All in all, Washington seems to be off to a great start for the upcoming year. We are so excited and can’t wait to start our upcoming project on youth literacy!

Washington Key Club's Member of the Month is Catherine Lai, who is dedicated and proactive. As a freshman, she has helped at many Key Club events, both at the school (lunch meetings) and outside (volunteering, helping to raise money, etc). Most recently, she helped Kiwanis with the American Business Women's Association's annual barbecue. Throughout the year, she also assisted in introducing new members into the club. She says that she is interested in pursuing Key Club further because it is a great way to give back to the commu-

Our member of the month is Garima Desai, 10th grade. Garima is always enthusiastic and can put a smile to anyone’s face. She comes to all the meetings and brings her friends too. She is energetic and nice to everyone and it’s not hard to see that she truly loves Key Club. She frequently attends the service events and helps whenever she can. We would like to thank Garima for all her hard work and dedication. Irvington Key Club wouldn’t BEE the same without you.

Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Division 12 East Newsletter l July Issue


Division 12 East July Newsletter