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Division 12 East March Newsletter: March Newsletter


Division 12 East

LTG'S MESSAGE Hey everyone! I hope you had a fun time at the Ice skating for PTP event last month! This month is an exciting one -- the month for District Convention! We've gone on the waves of service together, and we're going to celebrate all of our accomplishments together, both at the last DCM for this Key Club term (March) and at District Convention. I'm so honored to have served as your 2012-2013 Lieutenant Governor! You all are such amazing people, and this has been a wonderful Key Club term. This transition period may be a little difficult, but as long as we all work together, we can have smooth sailings, as we finish our one million waves of service together. Every month, I will post a challenge that I would like for you all to complete. You can post it on the division facebook page or your home club page... maybe email it to me or someone else- whatever floats your boat! This is not mandatory, but it would be awesome if you could all do it! CHALLENGE: What are your goals for the new Key Club term?

Vanessa Yeh D12E LTG

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Division 12 East March Newsletter: March Newsletter



Hey Key Clubbers! How has the first month of 2013 been treating you? Well for American at least, it’s been a nice transition back into school life, after winter break. Best of all, with a new year, we are ready to start a new Key Club term! (Almost.) This means, we will be planning on electing new officers to take the seniors’ places when they this Key Club season is over after DCON. An interesting fact about the staff here at American is that all five executive positions – President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and myself, the Bulletin Editor – are all currently occupied by graduating seniors of c/o 2013. Therefore, this year is a very crucial turning point, since when we graduate, all of the newly elected executives will be completely new to their positions, so we must elect and educate wisely. It’s a good thing that the official Key Club term is over before seniors actually graduate though, so we are still able to overlook club activities and ensure that nothing goes haywire when the new staff takes over. The official caucus will be held on February 14th. We will keep you up to date on what’s going to happen! Submitted by: Agnes Chung

INDEPENDENCE Happy New Year! New year, new goals, new memories, new achievements! First of all, congratulations to our officer elects: President Vivian Wong, Vice President Kimberly Cao, Secretary Alayna Nguyen, Treasurer Melody Valdez, and Bulletin Editor Stephanie Tran! We held our general election on January 15, and all the candidates delivered amazing speeches. But in the end, these candidates won and will be taking our club to new heights next year. Some of our board members attended Conclave on January 26, where they listened to inspiring speeches from the LTG candidates. We are proud of all the wonderful candidates who dedicate their time and effort into Key Club. Congrats to all! Also on January 26, San Jose Councilmember Kansen Chu selected Independence Key Club as a District 4 Hero for our outstanding service and dedication to our community. What an honor! Some officers, board members, and general members attended the recognition breakfast to receive our award and to enjoy a lovely breakfast with the other District 4 Heroes! We also volunteered at the Elk's Crab Feed, where we were able to fundraise some money for our club! Independence definitely started the new year off strong. With DCON quickly approaching, we are so excited to see CNH and Division 12E in Anaheim! Submitted by: Jessica Yu

Division 12 East March Newsletter: March Newsletter


During the month of January, Irvington spread awareness about Project ELIMINATE through photos, posters, and videos. While Irvington had no major events, we participated in our monthly Math Science Nucleus Night at the library and the Tet HBV event. Because DCON is coming up soon, Irvington also advertised and promoted DCON. While it was difficult getting members to go because of the price, in the end we had nine total signups. Irvington also had club rush where we sold baked potatoes in attempts to reduce DCON price for the members. Monica Oo, Vivian Nguyen, Shirley Lin, Shanel Xian, Sirena Myint, and Jessica Oo woke up at 4AM to baked potatoes on the morning of club rush in an attempt to keep them fresh. This month, Irvington only held one physical meeting on the 17th where we passed out official ID cards, signed certificates, and member hours. While we didn't have another meeting, Vivian Nguyen and Shanel Xian conducted Google hangouts video meeting detailing information about Project ELIMINATE, upcoming elections, and other events. In the following two weeks, we will hold consecutive meetings where we talk even more about elections the first week of February and have elections in the second week. We are extremely excited to look over all the applications and listen to the speeches of interested members. In the upcoming month, Irvington plans to participate in the Chinese New Year Parade and Vietnamese New Year Parade in San Francisco. We also plan to finish up elections including non-executive positions as well as hold a fundraiser. General



Submitted by: Vivian Nguyen

New board members have been selected for the 2013-2014 term. Welcome to the cabinet, Aliza Truong, Brian Dinh, and Farhana Haque! Milpitas is hosting its 2nd annual Basket Boys & Girls Auction in February! Selected basket boys and girls will be put on auction, in which people can bid on them. Highest bidders will win a lunch date with the basket boys and girls, and proceeds will go toward PTP and funding future club activities! The lunch will be held on Valentine's Day. ;) The March DCM and LTG Banquet will be at Milpitas High School's Theater on March 16! Like last year's charity dinner, there will be performances and food provided. Make sure you come to honor this year's achievements and Vanessa's term, as well as welcome our new LTG. See you there! Submitted by: Ying Luo


Division 12 East March Newsletter: March Newsletter


MISSION SAN JOSE In the month of January MSJ Key Club has been preparing for many events that have yet to come. With KCGT Key Club's Got Talent as a top priority, MSJ Key Club 'officers have been trying to contact many performers in our own school as well as internet stars to attract students to come. However further information has yet to be let out. Second MSJ Key Club has preparing for MSJHS's Multicultural Week which is a big week that MSJ Key Club can utilize to earn profit for the club itself for future uses such as fundraising materials and such. Lastly MSJ Key Club has been preparing for CBT Charity Badminton Tournament, info on CBT will soon be posted! Submitted by: Mission San Jose Officers

KIPP Hey Superheroes! January has been a month focused on District Convention. We started off helping out Family Giving Tree finish the last of their holiday proceeds and clean up their warehouse. Aside from that, we've been pumping ourselves up for District Convention 2013! We've been learning cheers and getting ready for three days of amazing memories! This month, we're looking forward to collaborating with East San Jose Kiwanis Club in service events at Emma Prusch Park Farm. Go Superheroes! Submitted by: Austin Quach

SAN JOSE For the month of January, SJ High Key Club held it's elections for the 2013-2014 school year, participated in pruning the San Jose Municipal Rose Garden, started a jean drive for the Teens for Jeans campaign ran by Aeropostale. In addition to having our own board elections this month, 6 members also attended Conclave where we voted for Division 12 East's LTG elect for the 2013-2014 year! Project Director elect Jonathan Jimenez described the experience as "It was truly amazing to be around so many dedicated Key Clubbers! All the candidates that were running for D12E LTG really inspired me to run for LTG someday!" On Saturday the 12th, there was a mass service event where 375 people, pruned the San Jose Rose Garden. Along with many other Key Clubbers from surrounding schools, SJ High Key Clubbers and faculty advisor Ms.DaFonseca had a wonderful time helping out our city garden! Also, for the 2nd year in a row, we began our participation in Aeropostale's Teens for Jeans drive! All the donations go to local teenagers in shelters and it is a wonderful event to participate in! It will last through February so an update on how it went will be mentioned in the next newsletter! Submitted by: Fadumo Osman

Division 12 East March Newsletter: March Newsletter


PIEDMONT HILLS Another month has passed by, and the Piedmont Hills High School Key Club has never been busier. One activity our school did this month was helping out Operation: Care and Comfort, OCC for short. OCC is an organization that supports our country's brave troops and provides them "care and comfort" while they are overseas. Key Clubbers, along with many other military families and even some soldiers, helped package care packages for our soldiers. Some people wrote inspiring letters that would surely warm the hearts of the soldiers, while others helped sort candy and dried goods. After three hours, we were all exhausted from the bending over to pick up boxes and freezing from the cold weather. Nonetheless, we were still proud of what we've accomplished, and despite the cold and the soreness, we were all glad we came. Submitted by: Christina Bui

WASHINGTON This month, we attended Conclave and had a blast meeting new people and catching up with friends! We also had the chance to meet the amazing candidates for the LTG position and listened to spirit-filled and inspirational speeches. It was such a great event that allowed our division to bond even closer! Submitted by: Aileen Liang

Division 12 East March Newsletter: March Newsletter


MARCH DIVISION Host: COUNCIL MEETING If you have not come to any DCMS before, then you MUST attend this DCM to truly experience Key Club on the division level. Come to March DCM to celebrate all of our accomplishments from this year, honor outstanding members, officers, and faculty advisors and spend time with the members within our division!

Milpitas High

When: March 16th, 2013 Time: 5:30pm - 8:30pm Where: Milpitas High School

1285 Escuela Pkwy, Milpitas, CA 95035 The most crucial years in a person’s life are the beginning years. It is essential that during this time a child is given the best opportunities possible. That is why Cali-Nev-Ha has committed its next two years to focusing on the first 5 years of a child’s life. In doing so, we will be participating on levels from community to international. This project focuses on children’s education, health, safety, and well being. We will give children equal opportunity so that they can have a fresh and vibrant beginning: a Jump Start. Check out the Division Read-A-Thon below! If you are interested, please contact your club president!

Division 12 East March Newsletter: March Newsletter





San Jose High has been going above and beyond in both community service hours and membership. Not only that, their attendance at DCMs has improved a lot this year. This also means that they participation in the division has grown as well! The division is proud to announce that one of our clubs of the month is San Jose High. Keep up with the great work!

Irvington High

Tiffany has demonstrated her enthusiasm and dedication to service by attending several events hosted by Irvington Key Club. Along with being part of the publicity committee as well as a recent delegate in this past Conclave, Tiffany has demonstrated her interested in becoming BEE-yond a regular member. Her willingness to explore what Key Club has to offer makes all the events she attends to be enjoyable. We are really thankful for her activities at Irvington! Submitted by: Vivian Nguyen, President of Irvington High Key

Every since this year, KIPP’s participation in both the community and division has increased. There were many division events, including school events such as Independence Key Club Pie an Officer fundraiser, that KIPP showed up and contributed it’s time to. KIPP, you’re getting there so don’t stop!

Division 12 East March Newsletter: March Newsletter




Lieutenant Governor Vanessa Yeh

American Stanley Han

Milpitas Ying Luo

Division Executive Assistant Leon Eng

Independence Jessica Yu

Mission San Jose William Cheung

Division Secretary Rachel Tan

Irvington Vivian Nguyen

Piedmont Hills Allison Mac

Division News Editor Phong Hong

James Logan Katie Carol Wong

San Jose Fadumo Osman

KIPP Austin Quach

Washington Aileen Liang



Irvington: www. KIPP: Milpitas: www. Mission:

Can you believe that we only have 2 months left (March and April) ‘till the end of this Key Club term? It has been quite a long journey for most of us seniors or even freshmen. Don’t worry, with 2 months we can do a lot in Key Club and make a lot of memories! There is so much to do, and so little time to waste. Let’s finish strong, key clubbers and end our year with a BANG! Thank you for reading the second to last newsletter. I’ll see you next month! -

Caring- Our Way of Life

Phong Hong

D12E March Newsletter  

D12E March Newsletter