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KEY CLUB I CNH I REGION 17 Division 12 East

JANUARY NEWSLETTER LTG's Message Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed your break. Welcome to a new year, full of new beginnings and fresh starts. We are reaching that time of year when we are almost ending our Key Club year... but have no fear! You should all look back and see all the amazing things you've done so far, and end it with no regrets. Every month, I will post a challenge that I would like for you all to complete. You can post it on the division facebook page or your home club page... maybe email it to me or someone else- whatever floats your boat! This is not mandatory, but it would be awesome if you could all do it! CHALLENGE: What is your new year's resolution? Vanessa Yeh D12E LTG


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Division 12 East January Newsletter: January Newsletter

CLUB UPDATES AMERICAN It’s the season for giving thanks, spending time together with friends and family, and firing up the Key Club spirit! It’s the holidays everyone, and American is oh SO-HOHOHO happy to be contributing to the festivities by planning out a caroling event around Christmas! Like last year, we will be going around neighborhoods singing carols. Feel free to come join us! More information will be given out later. Just make sure to bring a jacket because it will be chilly! (But that cozy feeling that we get from helping people out will help keep us warm.

INDEPENDENCE The month of November has made me so proud and thankful to be Independence Key Club's President. Our members volunteered at Election Night with San Jose State Circle K and San Jose Kiwanis, where we socialized and got to know many other members of the other clubs. In addition, Election Night was a huge success for our club because we raised over $1,000. To finish our Key Club week, we participated in a Campus Beautification event with Interact, thus improving our Interkey relationship! We also sent 3 members from our club to go to Key Leader, and they brought back wonderful leadership skills to share with our club. As we wrapped up our donations for the UNICEF boxes, we were so proud to have helped the Eliminate Project and its world changing goals: to eliminate MNT. For fun, laughs, and also charity, the 5 officers, Peter Wu, and a couple of other kind people volunteered their faces for the Pie an Officer Fundraiser! Thank you Austin Quach from KIPP San Jose for coming out to pie Jessica, our president! A couple of teachers joined in and the profits will go towards PTP and DCON! Right after that, the Co-Socialists organized a general member social, where we watched Captain America (our mascot!) and ate pizza, chips, and popcorn! It was a great way to start Thanksgiving break and all of our members had the opportunity to bond with one another! Volunteers were up early to volunteer at Turkey Trot, and received awesome sweaters as a thank you gift! As we wrapped up the month of November, we started to volunteer at Christmas in the Park. Although the 2012 year is ending soon, we are all very happy with our enormous success so far as a club. We only hope to keep growing as leaders, as people, and as a united club.


Division 12 East January Newsletter: January Newsletter



For November, Irvington opened up applications to be a class rep or part of the publicity committee. This was to allow more Key Clubbers to become more involved with the club and have the opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills and dedication to service. We had chosen Sibyl Woo, Naier Wang, Anum Haidari, Tiffany Cheung, Kristen Chen, and Stacey Lin to become a part of our Publicity Committee. For our class representatives we have Nikita Gupta, Erica Lin, Katie Pham, Sabrina Mohamed Rafi, Abby Largaespada, and Alicia Wong. There was also a Publicity Committee meeting on the 19th where Publicity Commissioners Sirena Myint and Miuccia Halim got to meet the newest members of the committee and make posters. We were also happy about the high attendance for the Turkey Drive with 22 Key Club members dedicating their time to helping others. Although it was raining, we had the opportunity to meet many new Key Clubbbers and many kind people at the drive. Next month, Irvington plans to hold an ELIMINATE awareness month and hold coin drives to raise money for our Kiwanis project.

MILPITAS Milpitas High's Key Club once again participated in the End Hunger Safeway Holiday Food Drive this year. Basically we handed out pamphlets containing information about the event and cause it went to in addition to answering any questions any costumers had. Costumers were able to purchase a prefilled bag of cans and goods for $10 that went directly to the food pantry to help those in need for the holidays. We were also able to collect additional donations in change and dollar bills outside the grocery store to further help the food pantry. By the end of the day, we were able to raise approximately over $500 in donations alone and sold over 30 bags of food.

KIPP Hey everyone! November was an awesome month for KIPP. We started the month finishing up our fundraising for Trick or Treat for UNICEF, and it was a great success! With that said, we helped out East San Jose Kiwanis Club with promoting the food drive that Safeway grocery stores were hosting. It was a great opportunity not only to assist inThanksgiving donations, but a cool way to get to know our sponsoring Kiwanis Club. For our divisional book drive, we were able to pull together as a club and donate 105 books to the 12 East Book Drive! I'm truly proud of my members for making this achievement; you guys are the best club I could ever serve. On December 1st, we volunteered at the World Aids Day event with Piedmont Hills High School Key Club. It was a great learning experience for all of our members. As we roll into December, KIPP will be volunteering at Christmas in the Park, along with the Summit Rock Half Marathon. We look forward to seeing everyone at December DCM, where we will tune our voices so perfectly!

Division 12 East January Newsletter: January Newsletter

MISSION SAN JOSE In November MSJ Key club had held many events including DCM, which had turned out to be a success, the annual Inter-key-leo Canned food drive, this event had turned to be an amazing success, and lastly MSJ Key club had held its annual Turkey drive, this event had gone as planned and went through very well. MSJ Key club is now selecting its representatives for the freshman class, it is also planning for the yearly CBT, Charity Badminton Tournament. For the month of December we will be holding a fundraiser at our school to sell holiday grams which will go into money that the club might need in the near future.


SAN JOSE The month of November was mostly used to get sign ups from members for the following busy month of December! A service event we participated in included a division wide book drive in which we were able to donate about 100-200 books in about less than two weeks! We also had a fundraiser during our schools' Food Fair! Our club sold donut burgers, though they may seem intimidating at first, we turned out to be the most successful booth! We plan on donating the funds raised to PTP! The dues have been collected and our membership has about doubled our club number compared to last year. Though it is very good to increase the number of members overall, we have been focusing on getting every single one of our 100 or so members to participate! This is a problem we have faced in our previous years and it seems we are winning the battle. Something the club is looking forward to in the upcoming month of December is Christmas in the Park at the Kiwanis Booth. It has been a traditional for several years and an extremely popular choice of volunteering for the club though there are a lot of opportunities given, spaces are filled very quickly! Giving back to our Kiwanis members by helping them out at the booth is one way of saying thank you, though they deserve to hear it all of the time!

Division 12 East January Newsletter: January Newsletter



As the semester is coming to an end, December is surely a busy month for Piedmont Hills Key Club. We've been collecting books for Project Jump Start and encouraging our fellow Key Clubbers to go to events, such as Veggielution, World Aids Day, and Holiday Food Box Distribution. This month, our school had a day where each club gets an opportunity to decorate their own Christmas tree and display it in the main hall. Spirited Key Clubbers gladly made keys out of whatever materials they could find and helped the officers decorate. It was a great way to promote our club and get in the holiday spirit at the same time. Most importantly, we have been learning about maternal and neonatal tetanus. Ever since Piedmont Hills' own president and D12E Task Coordinator, Allison Mac, talked about MNT at the November DCM, Key Club has never been the same. We've all been a little bit more educated and more aware of MNT. Our club has been encouraging members to learn more about MNT and to try to do something about it. Overall, this month was just another month of service and smiles while making a difference for the Piedmont Hills Key Club.


"This being my first year in high school, never could I have imagined being able to coordinate such a successful event like the Book Drive. With the help of Melody and Vanessa, organizing the book drive was full of bliss and looking back at it, the experience was enjoyable, yet it reminded me that all of us can make a difference in so many ways. On a more personal note, I would like to thank all the Key Clubbers in our division who took part in this book drive, whether you helped organized locally or donated books, I am forever full of gratitude. With the book drive, our division has impacted the children at the hospital in a positive and honourable way. In the end, the magnitude of success of this event (850 Books) has once again renewed the whole purpose of being called the D12E SUPERHEROES! We all should be proud of what we have accomplished together!"

Division 12 East January Newsletter: January Newsletter




Interested in running for Lieutenant Governor? Imagine being the president of a club. Now imagine being the president of all ten clubs of our division, thats what an LTG is. LTGs are the leaders that unite many different schools together to achieve greater. Being an LTG, you will be organizing events from our division to even our district! Please email Vanessa at for more information! She will be sending you guidelines and forms to sign. Don't let her know too last minute, as all forms need to be sent in by January 19, 2013! Those who are interested in becoming an LTG will need to attend the Region 17 Conclave.


DISTRICTCONVENTION (DCON) The California-Nevada-Hawaii District conducts a convention in the spring of each year. The purpose of the convention is to elect executive officers; provide education and training for members, officers, and advisors; recognize the achievements of members, clubs, leaders, and advisors; and provide an event for our family—CNH Key Club—to come together for fellowship and celebration. The CNH District Convention is one fully packed weekend to bring a fantastic closure to a year of service and leadership while also providing new members, leaders, and advisors with the tools for a magical new year of service and leadership. Here is your opportunity to meet thousands of Key Clubbers from the span of three states, attend up to seven sessions of workshops on a variety of leadership and service topics, get project ideas and meet the candidates at the EXPO, be recognized for club and individual achievements, elect the 2012-2013 Executives, and dance the night away at the Governor's Ball on Saturday night. Don't miss out on the most amazing Key Club event of the year!!! Where: Anaheim Marriott, Anaheim Convention When: March 22-24, 2013

CONCLAVE What: An election where LTG candidates make their speeches and get elected.

Where: Central County Occupational Center 760 Hillsdale Ave San Jose, CA 95136

When: January 26, 2012 January DCM!

Division 12 East January Newsletter: January Newsletter



We would like to give a special thanks to member of the month Christina Huynh. Christina has proved herself to be a dedicated Key Clubber, consistently participating in our service learning events, including the most recent one – the Safeway Thanksgiving Turkey Food Drive. For that event, we’ve had enough participants to hold various shifts throughout the day, but Christina decided to stay on all shifts, working around the clock. She is what every Key Clubber should be – spirited, dedicated, and kind. Congratulations Christina! Submitted by Agnes Chung, Bulletin Editor of American


Alvin Pham is a new Key Clubber and has been doing his best to be involved with the club in terms of event and service. Although he is initially shy, you can tell he is dedicated about service and is an active member in our club. We are very happy to have him as a member of our club, and we hope he will be able to continue being an amazing Key Clubber! Submitted by Vivian Nguyen, President of Irvington

MISCELLANOUS DISTRICT POSITIONS Interested in running for a District Executive (District Governor, Treasurer, Secretary, Tech Editor) position? The District Officer Candidate Training Conference (DO CTC) will be held on January 12, 2013 in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. If you are interested in attending, flight arrangements should be made as soon as possible. If interested in a District Officer position, please let Vanessa ( know! Division endorsements will done at Conclave on January 26.

2012-2013 District Executives

Division 12 East January Newsletter: January Newsletter


DIVISION & DISTRICT CONTEST AND AWARDS The Member Recognition Committee would like to invite you to join the CNH Key Club District Recognition Reflector,!fo rum/cnh-kc-recognition. You all deserve to be recognized for you hard work, either in the monthly District Newsletters or at District Convention 2013. Please take the time to join this reflector and get all the help and information you need to apply for contests, awards, and recognition. Be recognized for riding the waves of service join, learn, and apply! All applications are due on February 8th, 2013. Please email Keagan Sakai-Kawada, MR Chair, Interested in judging Division Contests at Conclave? Email! You MUST be present at Conclave in order to judge.


HalfYear Yearinin Review! newsletter contains all all thethe goals Half Review! TheThe firstfirst newsletter backofinthe Juneyear 2012 contained goalsand that we want to dreams that we want to accomplish by the end of the year. Let’s take a look at how achieve by the end of our term in April. It has only been half way through our term, but we went far we gotten! over 120% for our membership goal and are extremely close to reaching our goal for community service hours. We are more than 50% finished with our donation goal, and I know that we will reach it by April. That is 4 more months! Take a look at how far we have gotten! (Note: Left number is the amount that the school currently has/ right number is the goal)





American Independence Irivington KIPP Milpitas Mission San Jose Piedmont Hills San Jose Washington Total

82/100 253/175 124/30 70/45 438/300 60/50 93/100 91/150 50/50 1,261/1,000

288/300 5,296/2,000 645/1,100 534/4,500 2,951/1,125 301/100 2,401/2,500 470/3,000 404/1,500 13,290/16,125

$500.00/1,000 $2,911.12/1,000 $167.65/1,000 $116.50/1,000 $1,998.91/3,000 $301.00/2,500 $1,918.98/1,500 $26.00/1,000 $500.00/1,500 $8,440/13,500

Division 12 East January Newsletter: January Newsletter



DIVISION TEAM PRESIDENTS Lieutenant Governor Vanessa Yeh (408) 332-1625 Division Executive Assistant Leon Eng (510)565-5742 Division Secretary Rachel Tan (408)896-8020 Division News Editor Phong Hong (408)332-0837

American Stanley Han

Milpitas Ying Luo

Independence Jessica Yu

Mission San Jose William Cheung

Irvington Vivian Nguyen

Piedmont Hills Allison Mac

James Logan Katie Carol Wong

San Jose Fadumo Osman

KIPP Austin Quach

Washington Aileen Liang


WEBSITES Irvington: www. KIPP: Milpitas: www. Mission:

CLOSING MESSAGE Hey Key Clubbers, as you all know we have had an amazing school year. This holiday season has given all of us an opportunity to reflect on life and the joy found in serving others less fortunate than us. As this New Year comes, we will be given many more chances to make a difference in the lives of those in our community and in our lives. So keep your heads up high for this amazing New Year.

D12E January Newsletter  

D12E January Newsletter

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