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==== ==== for tips on how to get started with internet cash ==== ==== The effectiveness of email marketing is almost criminal. Learn effective email marketing & opt in email marketing to build a list and newsletter right here. Email marketing is the best thing for a marketer since television. Imagine a typical direct response mailing. You know that junk mail. How would you like to be able send mailings to people all over the world instantly with little cost? Thats the potential list building has. Anywhere there are people there will other people trying to sell them things. And email is no different. But email marketing has a much more personal dynamic to it than many other main stream marking. That is why email marketing is one of the most effective ways to market a product, service or business. Email Is Better Than Television And Television Is Better Than Radio Buy my crap! Now Now Now! says the television in annoying 30 second blurbs that distract you from watching Everybody Loves Raymond. Television! You need to try what I do. mocks email I provide value, create good will and deepen the trust factor between me and my prospects. I give them great information which increases their desire for my products and services and naturally puts people in a warm, open and ready to buy mood. - At least that is how email marketing is supposed to work. Creating an opt in email list is a great way to build a tangible relationship with your customers. It is also an extremely effective way to increase the lifetime value of a customer because you can easily automate follow up or reduce the cost to basically nothing. Dont make the mistake of getting a email system that runs on your server. You will get tons of spam complaints and it simply wont work. Here are a few tricks of the trade. Generate More Sales & Leads By Using A Squeeze Page A squeeze page is a page offering a free item in exchange for a name and email. This is a highly effective way of capturing leads because you will get extremely good conversions from a page like this. Here are the main points of a squeeze page. 1. The Goal Of Your Squeeze Page Is To Get Visitors To Opt-in Made It A Dead End Optin Or Leave Dont put a link any other pages like a sales page or anything like that. You only want to give them one option and that is to opt-in. Yes some links to the privacy policy at the bottom of the page barely noticeable is OK but in general you dont want to give any distractions. 2. Your Opt-in Box Must Be Above The Fold In View Before The Visitor Needs To Scroll Down A highly visible opt-in form is a great way to harness the effectiveness of email marketing. It draw attention and points your visitor in a clear an direct course of action. You want to make it easy for them to opt-in to your news letter. 3. Your Headline Must Be Eye Catching And Grab Attention You dont have much time so you need to get your visitors attention as soon as possible. The headline will do this. Also as a side note this is the best part of a squeeze page to split test. 4. Focus On Benefits Instead Of Features Do you show people how to make money online or do you free people from having to slave away

at their jobs and live a lifestyle of significance and contribution? The first is the feature the second is the benefit. If your squeeze page fails to convey the main benefits of subscribing then your conversions will suffer. 5. Have An Anti Spam Message No one likes to get spam (other than people who like canned precooked meat made by the Hormel Foods Corporation). A message similar to I hate spam as much as you do and will never sell your email address below the opt-in box has been proven to increase conversions. 6. Avoid Hype Just Tell Them What They Get If you want to improve the effectiveness of email marketing you want to set expectations from the start. Deliver on your promises and create happy subscribers. The Plan For Massive Effective Email Marketing Everyone loves something for free! Make your visitors happy by giving them something of value in exchange for their name and email. This is the plan. But it goes much deeper than that. Because if you really want to tap into the power and effectiveness of email marketing you want to develop a relationship with your subscribers. If you dont develop a relationship with your subscribers you are seriously missing out on the wonderful benefits of building a mailing list. The people who subscribe are real people looking to solve a real problem. So go out and solve it for them. When you help your subscribers solve their problems with results in advance not only do you create and deepen a bond with them but you also increase their desire to buy your products and services. Here is a real world example. The people that I want to help through my mailing list are people who want to learn how to make money online and want to free themselves from working a job. I assume the typical person who signs up for my mailing list greatest desire is to make enough money so they can finally tell their boss to shove it and quit their job for good. There are a few steps they need to do to do this and I show them every step. Every step closer to solving their problem their desire to solve it and their desire to buy your products and services will increase Think about it I mean really think about this. Someone who wants to make money with the online thing probably thinks that it is impossible. Do you think that helping them get up a real website that can make money instantly, showing them how to drive traffic to it and telling them about a proven business model for online cash will increase or decrease their desire to give the online thing a chance? Effective Email Marketing Made Easy My point is that every time you help your prospect with results in advance they are one step close to their desired end result. And every step close they get the more they want it. And not only that but the fact that you have helped get them there they will look to you for the next step. This is what you need to do to create a mailing list of people who know, like and trust you. ( The Secret To Tapping Into The Raw Power & Effectiveness Of Email Marketing) 1. Determine who your ideal subscriber is 2. Find out how you can help them the most, right now 3. Devise a plan so you can actually help them You need to understand how you can attract them into your list and how you can gain their trust as a subscriber. Here are some ways to do that. 1: Know their desired outcome Where do they want to go? What to they want to accomplish? You need to fully understand what

they want. 2: Overcome their skepticism with coolness They want to get closer to their desire outcome. Best thing to do is to demonstrate to them that they can get there and give them awesome material that gives them results in advance and literately shocks them with how amazing the material is. You should be trying to turn everyone you come into contact with into a raving fan customer or prospect. You do this by providing tons of value. Put your best food forward and be a leader. 3: Demonstrate they can achieve their outcome Sometimes your readers what to get somewhere but they just dont believe they can get there. It is very common. Show stories of past success of other people who have had good results and let them know that they can get there. 4: Give people the tools up front to do it You have to actually give a damn. You have to actually care and help people get there. Give them what they need to get results today. Sure you can sell your products but you also want to focus on helping people and providing value first and foremost. Ask yourself What tools can I give them right now to get one step closer to the desired outcome? This generates good will by helping others get what they want. A truly invaluable thing to have with your subscribers. 5: Motivate them to go further At this point you can say As you can tell.. by the tools I have given you. you CAN do this. And I have something that will help you accelerate your results. Then you can make an offer, kindly, but make sure to give reason to take action quickly. Like the offer is only available for the next 3 days or you can only take 50 people. Make it a REAL reason but give them a reason to take action and back it up with a rock solid guarantee. As simple as it is, it works. The trick to actually selling things is this: 1. Be SURE you know what they want (and that you can actually help them get it). 2. Demonstrate you can give it to them by helping them right from the start. 3. Make an offer thats obviously a nobrainer for them and do so kindly with their best interests in mind. 4. Give them a reason to take action now. When you do this right, you are pulling your market towards you rather than pushing your stuff at them (like everyone else does). Its like the difference between being an uninvited door-to-door sales person or being a sought after expert they go out of their way to do business with. Ive been both, and I can tell you from experience that the sought after expert is really the way to go. Marketing Strategy For Email Marketing Want to know how to become a trusted adviser to your subscribers? Here are the two steps in this online relationship marketing strategy. 1. Put your subscribers interest first 2. Create content that speaks to the hidden hopes and fears of your prospects Dont burn out your list for quick cash. Give valuable information that truly helps help and then will look to you for the next step. Developing a relationship with your list is one of the most important things you can do. Generating goodwill and customer appreciation is the best thing you can do for long term wealth in your business and with your online relationship marketing strategy. Speak To Their Deepest Want, Needs And Desires Motivations that people have will often differ from what motivate them deep down. For example,

imagine someone who wants to lose weight here are some examples of surface level motivators for losing weight. -Be healthier -Increase lifespan -Feel younger Here are some examples of deeper hidden hopes or fears. -Too fat to play with their kids -Fear of losing current partner -Feeling out of control of their life -Being made fun of for being overweight In your marketing give content that speaks to people on the deeper emotional levels. Then build a connection my revealing that you too used to experience the same thing. If you have a deeper bond you will increase your profits. Confide in your prospects. Admit your weaknesses and show your prospects that you were where they are and allow them to imagine themselves making the progression to where you are. If you admit your faults it makes your expertise more believable. This allows you to be unique and have zero competition. If you have no competition you can charge premium prices. Your Follow Up Sequence In your follow up sequence give value and try to get them to buy a high value low price offer. This generates good will. The more good will you generate the more you will make in the backend. When people optin to your list you should follow up with them immediately because this is when they are interested and ready to buy. If you follow up quickly you will get a bigger response A good follow-up sequence will vary from market to market but a general rule is 1 email per day for the first week. Why so many emails? When people subscribe you have a small window to get attention. If you miss your chance its over. So put the best content you have at the front of your auto responder sequence. After the first week 3 email per week is a good amount for follow up. Just remember to give people a reason to open your emails by making your emails provide value. Truly ask yourself what is in it for them if they open. Keep their attention by being different than all the other people out there and do more than what is expected. This helps generate an enormous amount of goodwill which turns into profit on the back end. Try being humorous and make your emails interesting to read. FOR MORE TIPS CLICK HERE ==== ==== for tips on how to get started with internet cash ==== ====

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