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Hi Everyone


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bury Snippets. Welcome to the Spring Edition of our Salis le year so far. The We have had a really busy but enjoyab job providing an Educators have been doing a great We have been Education curriculum for your children. to the centre by making a few minor cosmetic changes more like a home trying to de clutter a little to make it feel also in the process away from home environment. We are give the children’s of getting some plans drawn up to at a more natural playgrounds a revamp. We are looking e vegie gardens, playground with chickens, water tanks, mor going to remove a mud pit etc. With the 0 – 2’s area we are scratch and in the all of the old equipment and start from lar layout while 2 – 5’s area we are going to keep a simi

g the fire engine, extending the bike track and removin e, removing the truck and train that are currently ther ther one. Once we current play fort & replacing it with ano them in the foyer have received the plans back I will display for your viewing pleasure! of us in the lead up We have a very busy few months ahead a better learning to Christmas but it is all to make our centre environment for you children. rds to the centre If anyone has any further queries in rega please let me know. Thanks,



kids in their elements

for s p p a d a P i Top 7 FREE babies* sourced from


freebie? a e v lo ’t n s e Who do rst words: couraging fi

Cat 2 for Talking Tom

1. For en iPad Build It Up movement: n ig p bet Phonics lo e v e d t: ABC Alpha 2. For e b a h lp a e ing th Hear 3. For learn aby Touch & B s: unt d n u o S p Learn Let’s co & h g u 4. Picking u a L : rs ing numbe 5. For learn colours animals arn shapes & le & h g u a L shapes: 6. Learning for baby - Farm Music show agic Laptop M y b b A : ls ima 7. About an ls Anima

educational experience fundraising catalogue

Recently I popped this year’s Educational Experience fundraising catalogues in your pigeon holes. If you

food items to the centre other than a piece of fruit per day. We have a number of children with a variety of allergies and intolerances and we have a duty of care to protect them from harm. Let’s all work together to keep your children safe.

carpark awareness

would like to make an order please fill in the enclosed

As most of you are aware one of our parent’s cars was

order form and return it to the office by Friday the

broken into back into June while it was parked in the

25th October 2013.

centre’s car park at 7.45am. Unfortunately on the odd occasion there are still people following cars into our

This will ensure that your order will be delivered to

car park which is usually between 7.30am and 8am. If

the centre before Christmas. If you have any further

you see anyone acting suspicious please look out for

queries please see Lisa.

each other and let the Educators know so we can call the

christmas closure

A friendly reminder to all parents that the centre will be closed from 6pm on Friday the 20th December 2013 and we will re-open at 7.30 am on Monday the 6th January 2014. No fees will be charged during this closure period.

enrolments for 2014

police or report their registration number and hopefully this will deter them from our centre.

fee payment methods

As you are all aware by now we are phasing out EFTPOS, cash, cheque and credit card direct debit payments by Friday the 20th December 2013. From Monday the 6th of January 2014 the only payment method will be direct debit from a cheque or savings account. Most families

Please check your pigeon holes for our Enrolment

are currently already using this method of payment and

forms for 2014.

they are processed fortnightly on a Thursday. I have

Please try and fill these in before or by the due

attached the Direct Debit Authorisation forms so if you

date so I can start working on them ASAP. These

would like to convert over before the end of the year you

enrolment forms give you the chance to make any

are more than welcome to.

changes to your child’s current attendance. You can submit your ideal attendance days and if I am unable to accommodate you I will let you know.

kitchen news

fundraising levy

We would like to send a BIG thank you out to all

the families who have paid all or part of their yearly fundraising levy contribution. The fundraising levy is

Monica has been away on her well-deserved

a once of donation of $50 for the year or 2 payments

European holiday with her husband and returned

of $25 to the centre. In previous years our families

to the centre on the 15th October. We can’t wait to

have opted to make these payments instead of selling

hear all about the fun they had. While Monica was

chocolates, lamingtons and hot cross buns just to name

away we had Kevin cooking in the kitchen for us. He

a few. At the last Parent Advisory Committee meeting

followed Monica’s recipes so there was little to no

it was decided to give each room $600 to spend on

disruption for the children. Kevin is a qualified Chef

new furniture and equipment. This was made possible

and has worked in other Child Care Centre’s and has

by families paying their fundraising levy so thanks to

had lots of experience as well.

everyone who has paid so far.

Just a friendly reminder to please not bring in any

recent events

Happy Feet Multi-Cultural Incursion : 17th May

Pyjama Day : 11th June

Bouncy Castle Fun Day : 17th June

Red Day – To celebrate Red Nose Day : 28th June

Child’s Play Music Incursion : 1st July

Dental Awareness Talk : 6th August

Father’s Day Afternoon Tea : 30th August

Dress Up Day : 5th September

Teddy Bear’s Picnic: 11th September

Annual Family Evening & AGM : 11th October

dental visit

To celebrate ‘Dental Awareness month’ I had the privilege of giving a dental health education talk to the delightful toddler and kindy children at Salisbury on the 6th of August. I am a dental hygienist working in a paediatric dental practice and mother of Neve & Millar who attend Salisbury. I wanted to share with the children some basic knowledge about teeth, hygiene, visiting the dentist and to instil a positive and fun association with dentistry as I know it can be a daunting experience for many. I also wanted to reinforce much of what their parents may be educating them about at home. The topics we spoke about; •

The importance of teeth which help us to eat, talk and to smile at one another, where they all turned to a friend and gave each other a smile.

Caring for our teeth with the help of a grownup through good daily oral hygiene including tooth brushing and flossing to clean away the ‘germs’.

A healthy diet where we discussed foods and drinks that is healthy and not so healthy for our teeth and bodies.

The dentist and what to expect when visiting the dentist.

I brought along a friendly dog puppet named Doug who played the role of the ‘dentist’ and ‘patient’. He also gave the kids clues to some of my questions. The children, one at a time, showed me their teeth

and each was awarded with a sticker. They then played dress-ups with gloves, masks, glasses and a dentist mirror brushing and flossing Doug’s teeth with great enthusiasm. Each child attending Salisbury on the Tuesday was given a toothbrush bag with a toothbrush, toothpaste and brochure. Thank you to Paediatric dentist Dr John Camacho at the Smile Club for supporting my talk and donating the bags. It was an absolute pleasure to have this opportunity and may all the children go on to have healthy smiles that last a lifetime! Warm regards, Skye Drew

upcoming events

Sunday 24TH November – Christmas Family Picnic

Pictures of our Little miracles


moments captured, create a lifetime of memories

LUNCH MENU Popular Winter Lunch: Lentil Vegetable Soup (also known fondly as Chocolate Mud Soup!) Serves 20 children •

2 Tbsp oil

2 Cloves of garlic crushed

1 & a half onions diced

1 Zucchini

3 Celery Sticks

2 Cups of green lentils

1 Tin of diced tomatoes

1 Carrot

500gms of peeled and diced potatoes

2 Litres of vegetable stock

2 Tbsp of tomato paste

Method: Heat oil in a large pan; add onion and garlic stirring until soft and golden. Add carrot, zucchini, potato and celery. Cook until vegetables begin to soften while stirring. Add beans, lentils, stock, tomatoes and tomato paste. Bring to the boil and simmer uncovered for 45 minutes or until lentils are cooked. Season with a little pepper. Serve with fresh bread and enjoy!


we love our dragonflies carers

CHEVON qualified room leader

MARIE BLAIR senior educator qualified


The dragonflies’ room have been really busy over the last few months with the children all involved in the exciting projects and experiences that have been implemented. In June Asher’s dad donated a coffee machine and the children all really enjoyed making cups of coffee so we turned the home corner into a coffee shop. The children continued to show a lot of interest in the coffee shop so we decided to plan an excursion to Ballisia cafÊ, the children all got to experience having their order taken which made their baby chinos even more enjoyable. The children have also been enjoying cooking and baking over the last few months so we organised an excursion to Coles so that the children could experience buying the ingredients required to cook their own lunch. This was an enjoyable learning experience for the children involved and so we will be looking at implementing this again in the future. More recently we have begun to practice our dance for the upcoming AGM, the decision in song choice was a collaborative process with the children choosing the songs that they found the most enjoyable. The children are extremely excited about the dance and we repeatedly get requests to practice the dance which is wonderful and we hope to see you all at the AGM. Another topic that we covered recently was science week with the implementation of experiments such

DIANA qualified

as the colour changing milk experiment and the erupting volcano experiment. These experiences help the children to develop skills such as problem solving, enquiry, experimentation, hypothesising, researching and investigating. Since the implementation of the erupting volcano experiment the children have shown a lot of interest in the topic through conversations and making volcanoes in the sandpit. We have decided to turn this interest into a project which we started with hypothesising what we know about volcanoes. We are currently in the research stage and we are using the internet, books and pictures to find out what else we would like to know about volcanoes. We will then implement various activities to extend our learning and conclude the project with our findings of what we have learnt. We are also in the process of implementing the PALS program which is designed to help young children develop a range of social behaviours that will help them to form friendships and get along with others. Story- telling, songs, games, role-play, puppets and activities are used to teach the children the various skills. The program consists of ten sessions, each focusing on a particular skill. One skill builds on another so that the program gradually progresses to teach children the required skills for social interaction. The skills taught are: 1) Greeting others

2) Taking turns: talking and listening 3) Taking turns at play 4) Sharing 5) Asking for help 6) Identifying feelings 7) Empathy 8) Overcoming fear and anxiety 9) Managing frustration 10) Calming down and speaking up We are currently in the process of implementing session four; the children are really enjoying all the songs and activities implemented during the sessions. If you have any questions regarding the PALS program or anything else regarding our curriculum please feel free to approach any of the girls in the room. Diana is currently enjoying a well-deserved holiday and we have Tina working in the room with us while she is away. We hope Diana has a fantastic holiday and we look forward to having her back with us on the 01st of October. Chevon, Marie, Blair, Diana, and Tina

for s p p a d a P i E Top 7 FRE toddlers* sourced from



love a free Who doesn’t

guPinguin n words - Lin ig re fo g in 1. Learn rs book 2. My colou ractive story te in t rs fi y 3. M chorus 4. Monster w lite 5. Baby vie Stories 1 e 6. iBedtim t puzzle farm 7. Baby firs

Top 7 FREE iPad apps f or 3-5 year old s* sourced from

Who doesn ’t

iPad for KID S


love a freeb ie?

1. Sesame street eboo ks 2. ABC 12 3 writing pra ctice 3. Blobble writePhonic s vowels 4. What’s new at the zoo 5. ABC alp habet puzz les 6. Spelling bug 7. Math ag e 3-5

we love our bumblebee’s carers

SILVANA qualified room leader

BROOKE qualified


RACHEL AMY SHEILA senior educator senior educator senior educator

Hi to all our wonderful parents, The end of the year is fast approaching us and wow look at how much the children have grown. We had a great start to the year looking after and getting to know all of your little cherubs. We have been very busy in the room watching your children grow and learn. Experiences are set up as a group as well as individually, please if you get a spare few minutes to have a look through the curriculum and share some comments and feedback. We would like to ensure that your child’s interests are also included in the curriculum. Throughout the year we have had lots of exciting incursions. We had a visit from the police, radical reptiles, farm yard on wheels and the music man, also we would like to say a big thankyou to Michael, Darcy and Louises’ dad for helping us continue to further develop the childrens interest in music by coming to play the guitar and sing some nursery rhymes. We have also had lots of fun wearing our pyjamas for pyjama day and wearing red for red nose day and of course celebrating mother’s day and father’s day by having an afternoon tea. We also had a dress up day for Charlie and a teddy bears picnic.

Now that the warmer weather is approaching us can you please ensure your child has a labelled hat so we can have some fun in the sun. We do supply sunscreen for your child but if they have any other requirements can you please let us know. We would like to say a huge thank you to all the families that have donated toys and equipment in our room. All your donations have come to good use and the children just love them. Well that’s it for now we look forward to spending the rest of the year with you and your beautiful children. If you have any questions regarding your children and input to the curriculum, we are always here to help! Love Rachel, Brooke, Silvana, Amy and Sheila

we love our ladybugs carers

EMMA qualified room leader

DISA SHEILA LORETTA senior educator senior educator qualified


It is hard to believe that September is upon us … Where has the time gone?? Here is just a little ditty about your child to let you know what they have been up to over the last few months …..

MARILYN snss/relief worker

doors she looks like she can reach the sky. HOLLY: Has a great sense of humour and can be forward too, so if you’re not cutting the mustard, she may just tell you. FLO: Our newest recruit is going along well, she is AMELIE; Very expressive and dramatic too. .. she can settling in nicely, that we can tell. dance up a storm but can also read quietly for you. HARLEY: Likes to socialise and dance all day long, LOUIS: Enjoys construction sets, cars and planes, but when he is inside he will also sing to a song. when he is outdoors he just loves the red train. RORY: When he is outside you will find him kicking a SCARLETT: Likes teasets and scones and when you ball or two and now when he is inside, he will colour play and have a cuppa with her, she will make you a picture for you. feel like you belong. CHARLIE.H. Is going to be a racing car Great .. He can SIDNEY: When he is ouside, he can never get drive real fast, he wont ever be late. enough, climbing, jumping and obstacle courses, its ANNABELLA: The Discovery Queen!! If you need never too tough. something found, explored or tested, she will find it EMMA: Has just joined our room and its like she has for you. been with us forever, she gets involved in everything ALIAH: Watch out Hollywood, a new actress is comand does not let anything stop her. ing through, Aliah is expressive and she loves a cudDECLAN: Likes to play in the sandpit for sure…, with dle too. water, cars and trucks and so much more ZAK: Loves the sandpit and always wears a cool TONY: Just give him some paint and glue and Tony hat, he likes to be involved in almost anything…, he will make a masterpiece for you. makes sure of that. OSCAR: Discovery and intrigue is what he likes best, ANTONY: Likes cars, climbing,, bats and balls too, we and only at sleeptime will he have a rest. must always find new adventures for him to do. CLAUDIA: Being kind to her friends come s easy to MADDY: Especially loves art and getting involved in her, she is like a mother hen to all out there. all types of play, Maddy’s not shy to join in, she’s here HANNAH: Likes to climb up high, when she is outto stay.

LEON: Has fun playing with cars, trains and trucks and when you spend time with him outside he will run amoke. ZAC: Enjoys a good conversation or two…. And whether you be outside or in, he gets involved in dramatic play too. JACK: Has a gentle nature and is kind to all those around him, painting, gluing and train sets will always entice him. LUCAS: Is only new to our room, he is joining in now and is beginning to bloom. CHARLOTTE: Retells stories to her friends and climbs up high outside, she’s fun to be around and takes it all in her stride. LILY: Is a good mum not only to all the dolls in our room but her peers too, she likes our garden and eats what we grew. CHARLIE.M.: Enjoys cars, ninja turtles and riding bikes too, when you are playing with Charlie he makes it fun for you. JACOB: Likes a challenge and to try something new,and always likes his friends to be a part of his play too. ETHAN: Extremely friendly, jovial and has a smile for everyone, he loves to play and just have fun. JETT: Plays games, enjoys construction and craft activities too, when he is outside he likes to play with a crew. JUDE: Is caring and creative and good fun to be around, when Jude is with you, it can get happy and loud. ISLA: Is keen to try new things and give it a go, she will be cooking in the sanpit and pretend there is a stove. CIARALEE: Likes to chat with everybody and likes activities too, playing with her peers is a must for her to do.

We are so pleased with the progress of our Wonderful Toddlers and look forward to the rest of the Year … Laughing, Growing and Having Fun!!! Thanks So Much Emma, Disa, Sheila and Loretta

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