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Vol 3 No 2

Fall 2010


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simply divine | P U B L I S HER ’ S P I ECE

Grow ING in Leaps AN D


Jabez, a faithful and well-respected man, is famous for his prayer asking God

to enlarge his territory (1 Chronicles 4:9-10). Often times we want God to expand our efforts and to increase us; however we don’t fully understand the depth and breadth of our requests. It normally takes some pretty uncomfortable phases of preparation and a couple boosts of confidence for us to really handle all that comes along with an enlarged territory.

TN , e l l i v h s a N

At the initial stages of DIVINE, God impressed upon me the vision for the magazine to branch out into other cities. I was excited about the vision and certainly prayed for God to enlarge DIVINE Magazine’s territory but had no clue how things would unfold. At the time, I was like Moses, questioning God on every end as to how I would be able to do what He had called me to do. The truth is God had already molded me over the years with the necessary skills for magazine publishing – discernment, excellence, humility, patience, sacrifice, and generosity. In addition, the unbelievable support from sponsors and advertisers and the number of people who would be touched through DIVINE made it evident that the time had come for our territory to enlarge, BUT WHERE? After a lot of research and prayer, I felt God was leading me to launch DIVINE in Nashville, TN. I was very familiar with the Music City since my brother and sister had lived there for over 10 years; it was also the home of my new Regional Editor, Talene Anderson. It was a no-brainer, everything and everyone was falling into place and I was reminded of God’s word to Moses, “I will be with you…” (Exodus 3:12). Once my goals for DIVINE were in sync with what God had already destined, the floodgates opened and supernatural provision was made. I guess you could say, I prayed the Prayer of Jabez and God has answered my prayer for a greater amount of people to be inspired to fulfill their purposes through DIVINE. DIVINE is now available in two cities, Memphis and Nashville, TN, and more cities will be added soon. Thank you Memphis for 3 years of incredible support and thank you Nashville for welcoming DIVINE with open arms! DIVINE is truly growing in leaps and bounds and we’ve created this entire issue around the subject of growth. I hope that you will enjoy the articles and features and be challenged to grow in the necessary areas of your life. DIVINE Magazine’s Slogan: “Be Encouraged. Be Grateful. Be Inspired.”

Megan R. Mottley

Publisher publisher@divinemagazineonline.com


Fall 2010 | D I V I NE MA G AZ I NE

Darlene Newman

divine magazine | CO V ER S T OR Y


34, Illustrator/Artist

Sridhar Sunkara

A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who is perfecting what she does to be her best and also to make an impact on those around her. On Balancing Life: Balancing is extremely important and takes time to learn. Do everything in moderation. Pray without ceasing. Trust God and be the best you can be. That will help your life run much smoother than if you do not. On Saturdays, I’m usually relaxing at my house or at the dog park with my two dogs. In five years, I see myself having at least one child and illustrating books regularly. In 10 years, I plan to have at least 2 children, continuing my steady illustration career and possibly teaching.

38, Director of Information Systems, Center City Commission


A “Mover & Shaker” is a person who believes in something and acts upon it and motivates others to act upon it. On Balancing Life: Most of us deal with trying to balance life on an everyday basis. We juggle between our career, people (social), spiritual, and leisure. If we do not balance all four we are not as creative, innovative and doing things at our highest potential. If we have a balanced life we are actually going to be more productive in every aspect of our life. On Saturdays, I’m usually with my family playing in the park, hanging out downtown or doing some community work. In the next five years, I hope to be more involved in the community and to provide my expertise wherever it is needed to make this the best city in every aspect.

Join us as we celebrate 40 men & women who are inspiring & impacting their communities &

our world.

Khama Anku 34, Owner of

I believe that a “Mover & Shaker” is someone who steps out on faith to accomplish the vision God has given them. They take risks for the sake of others, ultimately not for their own glory, but for the glory of the One who called them. On Following Dreams: Sometimes the Lord puts a “dream” or desire within us but other dreams or desires may not come from Him. We have to make sure that the dreams we pursue are from God and when God gives us a dream, it is ultimately so that He will be glorified, not us. More often than not, when dreams are given from the Lord, they can seem overwhelming. This is because the Lord wants to boast in Him, not ourselves, as we participate in His work and see the dream come true. We have to remember to be patient and trust God because He decides if and when the dream will become reality. On Saturdays, one can usually find me sleeping in, reading and studying the Word, and having fun with friends.


Candice Goethe

27, Navigators College Ministry Staff at Florida State University and Florida A & M University


(Life Coach, Author & Speaker) & Executive Producer of www.ProjectConsciousness.com (Global Live Event Tour)


A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who is confident in their calling and will do ANYTHING (with integrity, of course) to make it come to pass. A “Mover & Shaker” wakes people up to their greatness, pushes people to live their potential and helps them overcome the inevitable obstacles that come along the way. On Following Dreams: It’s all about serving God. I always tell people, if they know in their heart of hearts that God put their desires in them, it’s their moral obligation to fulfill those dreams. We all have an assignment and are here on a mission. One person makes a difference but we need EVERYONE to step up and live their dreams! In five years, I want Spiritual Physique to be a household name and in 10 years I hope that 80% of my time will be spent on philanthropic efforts!



How to Survive the First 7 Years of Marriage By Pastor Ricky D. Floyd, Sr.

Mr. Del

32 , Artist, Producer, Speaker and CEO A “Mover & Shaker” is an individual who does not just talk about making things happen but provides action. A “Mover & Shaker” works hard even when doors are shut in his/her face. On Following Dreams: I believe that all of us are born with a gift and purpose and that together equals dreams. With hard work and a plan you can have anything you dream. Also, if your dream is not bigger than you then it is not a dream. On Saturdays, one can usually find me somewhere in the country ministering through music. In the next five years, I plan to be in the same place I’m at now but multiplied.


It astonishes me how many people think that marriage is the answer to all of their ills. Most marriages consist of two ailing people coming together expecting the other to fulfill the hurts and disappointments experienced earlier in their lives. Instead of healing each other’s past wounds, they hurt each other further with their dysfunctions and cause their future generations to become infected and affected with generational afflictions. Through accidents, incidents, and observations, my wife, Sheila and I have discovered the hard way that a healthy marriage takes a lot of study, work, patience, grace, forgiveness, and healthy associations. In my last article, I referenced that the 6th year of marriage was the number one year for divorce and that it generally takes at least 7 years for couples to bond. The response to that article was tremendous. Couples and individuals alike wanted to know more.

12 Reasons Marriages Don’t Survive the First 7 Years: 1. Fear of Exposure: Many spouses don’t fully expose themselves to one another during the first 7 years and find themselves feeling as if they were deceived when they discover who they really married. 2. The Baby Factor: The pressure to have children, or the inability to have children, can have a damaging effect on marriage. This pressure can bring depression, especially during financially challenging times. 3. Intrusive In-Laws: It’s amazing how many spouses feel like their mother or father in-laws are too heavily involved in their marriage or even compete with them. This intrusiveness and/or competitiveness is unhealthy and the Word of God tells us to leave our fathers and mothers and cleave unto our spouses so that we can become one flesh. 4. Change: Wives marry husbands thinking “I can change him”. Husbands marry wives thinking “I hope she never changes”. Unfortunately, because of low self-esteem and lack of marital education, couples don’t understand that change is a necessary part of life and marriage. Remember, the best way you can change your spouse is by changing yourself. 5. Misunderstanding Love Languages: Couples don’t take the time to learn the 5 Love Languages as taught by Dr. Gary Chapman. In the courting stages of the relationship, spouses may have operated in all 5 languages. Unfortunately, after the wedding, spouses often stop going to the extreme of meeting all 5 languages and fail to discover or operate within the true love languages of their spouse. 6. Failing to Love and Respect One Another: Generally in the beginning of marriage couples often display their best behavior. Sadly, couples grow too comfortable with one another and no longer feel the need to display the love and respect necessary to sustain a marriage. This can produce negative responses, depression and a lack of sexual bonding. 7. Being Unequally Yoked: In some cases, spouses think that the differences in religious practices won’t really matter, hoping that eventually conversion will take place. They later discover that instead of the spouse converting to their religious practices they stopped being committed to their own practices. 8. Financial Problems: Statistically, the number one reason couples divorce is because of financial problems. The Word of God lets us know that one can chase 1,000, but two can put 10,000 to flight (Deuteronomy 32:30). The best thing that a couple can do is get financially educated and get on one accord concerning their money. 9. Baby Mama / Baby Daddy Drama: Many spouses still entertain relationships of old and compare them to the new. Regarding your old and new relationships, don’t compare, don’t compete and don’t complain. The Word of God lets us know that a house divided cannot stand (Matthew 12:25). 10. Marrying Too Young: Spouses who marry young often grow to feel they have been robbed of their youth. After a while they discover they never had the opportunity to live life as a successful single and begin conducting themselves as though they were single. 11. Growing Apart: The Word of God tells us that without a vision the people will perish (Proverbs 29:18). This indicates that without establishing marital vision, husbands and wives could become strangers under the same roof and end up in divorce. 12. Not Submitting To Wise Counsel: Pride causes spouses to choose to suffer in silence rather than submit to wise counsel or marital maintenance. Far too often spouses won’t submit to marital maintenance until their better half says “I’m Out of Here!” Pride comes before destruction (Proverbs 16:18). Marriages are ending at a rate of more than 52% even for Christians. In order for a marriage to survive in the 21st century, premarital counseling and especially marital maintenance is crucial. Obtaining marital education and submitting to marital maintenance does not have to be a gruesome and embarrassing process. For this reason, Sheila and I host the School of Marriage Enhancement every 4th Saturday at The Pursuit of God Transformation Center, East Campus, 1708 Vera Cruz, Memphis, TN, where we provide marital education in a fun, non-confrontational environment for couples and singles. Find out more at www.thepursuitofGod.org. To read part one: “Recession Proof Your Marriage” visit www.divinemagazineonline.com.


Fall 2010 | D I V I NE MA G AZ I NE

Health & Fitness | HEA V ENL Y B O D I E S

10 Ways

to Exercise Beyond the Gym

Dr.Christina Trehlet Rosenthal 31, Dentist


A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who stirs up the gifts that God has placed in them and uses those gifts to be an impact in their profession. They understand who and WHOSE they are and try to maximize their full potential so that His purpose is fulfilled. On Following Dreams: It’s not enough to have a dream unless you’re willing to pursue it. Many times, we let the enemy fill our heads with what we can’t do and then we assist him by adding to the reasons why a dream is out of reach. My pastor, Apostle Bill Adkins, once said that the first voice you hear is that of the Holy Spirit. Satan immediately follows. So know that when you are given a vision, you should act on it! If you start to feel fear, that is not God. Learn to listen to Him and not the enemy and you will be able to follow your dreams. I like to think of acting on your dreams as a way of retaliating against Satan. In your face, Satan! On Saturdays, one can usually find me working and spending time with my husband and boys. In five years, I see myself working less, traveling more and operating one additional dental office.

Going to the gym can be described as: monotonous, distracting, and expensive. There are tons of ways to get fit without regretting your time and money spent.

Here are 10 tips to get moving beyond the gym:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Take a Power Walk at a Local Park or Around the Neighborhood Go Skating at a Nearby Skating Rink or Up and Down the Sidewalk Play Laser Tag Go Dancing or Play Dance Dance Revolution on Nintendo Wii Participate in a Full or Half Marathon

A “Mover & Shaker” fights for what they want. They put 110% into everything they do. A Mover & Shaker keeps moving forward despite any bumps along the way. On Following Dreams: I am a strong advocate for people following their dreams. You never want to look back and think “I wish I had…” Many people are afraid of failure so they don’t go after their dreams. “The only real failure in life is the failure to try.” You have to step out on faith and take that chance. On Saturdays, I’m usually at the gym in the morning and resting afterwards. In the next 5 years, I’d love to be acting Teacher in movies.


Bicycle on the River Join an Intramural Sports Team (flag football, basketball, volleyball) Coach a Little League Team & Lead the Workouts by Example Go Hiking or Backpacking Clean your House. Intentionally Bend, Stretch, Lift and Reach

Invigorate your workout every now and again by getting outside the gym. It’ll keep your motivation from waning and you’ll stay in great shape.

Brandee Evans Dancer & English


Fall 2010 | D I V I NE MA G AZ I NE

Deidra V. Shores

13, Kid Reporter “Movers & Shakers” are those who dare to do what no one else has done or

say what no one else has the courage to say. On Following Dreams: When you find your Dream, keep putting one step in front of the other, regardless of what it may look like or feel like. When you think even God is not listening, keep praying, keep fasting, and keep moving. The “no” will come, but it only takes one “yes”. On Saturdays, I’m usually in my room putting together a one women comedy show! I hope to be an actress on a comedy T.V. Series in the next five years.

Maria Janella Loaiza

29, Corporate Communications/ Media Relations, FedEx

BonnY Kinney

32, Communications Director, Rebuild Government I believe a “Mover & Shaker” is someone who has the ability to impact the community in a positive way by offering their time and compassion. On Getting a Good Education: I am such a proponent of education because I think it not only opens doors but it broadens your perspective. Spending time with my little sister of Big Brothers/Big Sisters, exercising and working on my 1920’s era home is how you’ll find me spending my time on a Saturday. I see myself as successful, grounded, healthy and laughing in five years.

A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who isn’t complacent. I think it’s someone who always challenges the “status quo” and is constantly trying to make things better. On Balancing Life: Life is full of moments and you must strive to be able to experience them all; if you miss out on a moment you have to live with the reality that it won’t come back again. On Saturdays, I’m usually working in my backyard or around the house with my husband. In the next 5 years, I plan to still be spending time with my favorite person in the world, my husband.

Josh Pastner

32, Head Coach, Men’s Basketball, University of Memphis A “Mover & Shaker” is a person who is working for the greater good, whether it is for a community, organization, etc. They don’t waste any time and he/she is an efficient worker who can multi-task. On Being A Leader: To be able to lead others, you first need to be able to lead yourself. To maximize your leadership abilities, you have to serve others. I believe a leader is about serving others. I also believe that as a leader it’s your responsibility to maximize the potential of those you are leading. On Saturdays, I’m usually with the family when it’s not the basketball season. But, during basketball season, I’m on the court either at practice or at a game. In the next 5 years, God willing, I will still be the head coach of men’s basketball at the University of Memphis. Joe Murphy Photography

Terence and Loren Clark

28, Terence: CEO X-MIN Productions Int’l (Xperience MINistry Productions Int’l), Musician, Writer; 24, Loren: COO, Musician, Photographer


Terence: A “Mover & Shaker” is one who understands the importance of consistently moving forward into destiny. Loren: A “Mover & Shaker” is an individual who has a dramatic impact because of their ability to get things done quickly, efficiently and successfully. On Being a Leader: Being a leader is a position of service. A leader motivates others to recognize their greatness and encourages them to walk in that greatness. On Saturdays, one can usually find us being inspired with new ideas, creating awareness of X-MIN, performing with other artists or traveling. In five years, we see ourselves continuing to promote the Kingdom of God through X-MIN Productions Int’l. We want to provide artists a range of services that help maximize their gifts and providing the tools necessary to flourish. We envision ourselves reaching international borders, launching the X-MIN clothing brand and establishing our own publishing company.

divine magazine | CO V ER S T OR Y

Kevin Mawae

39, Former NFL Player, Tennessee Titans, President of the NFL Players Association

My definition of a “Mover & Shaker” is someone who, through their influence and relationships has the ability to get things done, not selfishly for themselves, but more so for others. They are leaders who make others around them better and they always have long term goals in mind with a greater vision than just the here and now. On Being a Leader: Leaders set the pace, dictate the tempo, and lead the charge. Leaders know when to push and when to pull back. Leaders know when to be hard on his followers, and when to comfort them. More importantly than any of that, leaders know how to serve. A leader serves his family, his community, his church, and His Kingdom. A leader gets a vision, is able to communicate it to others, and get others to own the vision themselves. A leader knows his followers, understands their needs, and protects those who cannot do it for themselves. True leaders don’t do it for selfish gain, they do it for a greater purpose and cause that’s bigger than themselves. A great leader balances life, gets a good education, serves in the community and church, has dreams and attains them, and in doing so uses that platform to make a difference in the nations! On Saturdays, I’m usually at home with my family, or traveling to any number of events or competitions my children may have. In the next 5 years, I see my self involved in men’s ministry of some kind: speaking, challenging, and encouraging men to stand up and be all that God has called them to be.

Cory Condrey a.k.a.“CoCo Brother” 32, Servant of Christ!

In my opinion, there are two types of “Movers & Shakers”. The first is one who advances and makes things happen for self glory, the other advances the kingdom of God and is constantly producing fruit for His glory. On Impacting Nations: That is our goal, that is our mission. When you leave this earth, the goal is to have impacted a nation, one person at a time for the cause of Christ. Now is the time for the people of God to take a stand! God has given us power! With this in mind, my wife and I began “The Stand Campaign”. We are promoting the second coming of Jesus Christ, trying to get people to go out and do something to reach those who may be lost, who need that encouraging word, or the love of the Father. On Saturdays, you can usually find me working, spending time with my wife, at B.E.T. or at the radio station. Instead of where I see myself in five years, I see us where we are now, in the will of the Father!

Tran Bui

39, Freelance Television Host, Producer & Writer, Co-Owner of Grumpy Pants Productions, Host & Executive Producer of new “Traveling with Tots” TV Show A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who has the power and influence to get people to not only notice her, but want to join her. She’s someone who’s innovative and courageous, thinking outside the box and brave enough to follow through despite the odds. On Following Dreams: My parents showed me how to follow dreams at an early age. When the communist government moved into our city of Saigon during the Vietnam War in 1971, my parents made a brave decision to escape with their three toddlers to a new country and start a new life. I watched them take chances, work ridiculously long hours and never give up—without complaining or feeling sorry for themselves. Today they have four successful children and four healthy grandbabies. At the end of every year, I make a private list of “things to pursue” in the new year. I never dreamed of being a tv personality (I was terrified of speaking in public) or living the life I live, but if it weren’t for the courage and determination I witnessed from my parents, I wouldn’t have been able to follow through and actually achieve some of these dreams. On Saturdays, one can usually find me waking up to a delicious blueberry pancake breakfast made by my husband and two little helpers, five year old son Jackson and two year old daughter Ava. Both of my children will be in school in the next five years so my plan is to find a full-time job that will still allow me to be there for my children when they need me. I want to be the one to make their breakfast, pick them up from school and tuck them in at night. Jennifer Carroll Photography


Top 10 Christian Books 1

Crazy Love by Francis Chan & Danae Yankoski

2 Take Four by Karen Kingsbury 3 Radical by David Platt 4 Forgotten God by Francis Chan 5 Jesus Calling by Sarah Young 6 Fearless by Max Lucado 7 The Love Dare by Stephen Kendrick & Alex Kendrick

Chart toppers | S P I R I T UAL G I F T S

21:03 Evin Martin, Torrence Green,and Jor’el Quinn 20’s, Recording Artists

A “Mover & Shaker” is one who has influence in their community, career field and is a tastemaker for their generation. People look to them to establish trends and they make the impossible seem possible! On Following Dreams: Following, chasing and attaining your dreams is something we encourage young people to do. A life without following your dreams can lead to unfulfillment, never finding your purpose and never reaching your destiny. We were created to have dreams and visions and God has given us everything we need to accomplish them. We just have to divorce fear, doubt, and unbelief. 21:03 exists because we dared to dream. On Saturdays, we can be found on the road across the country and if not on the road; sleeping late and hanging out with family. In the next 5 years, we plan to sill be making music that inspires, uplifts, and encourages, and accepting Stellar, Dove and Grammy Awards.


8 The Christian Atheist by Craig




9 So Long, Insecurity by Beth

Zephaniah Dixon 22, Producer - Performer


10 Can America Survive? by

John Hagee

Top 5 Christian Albums 1

A “Mover & Shaker” is a person who has great influence throughout the city and is someone who is grinding hard to make their dreams a reality. On Impacting Nations: As artists and leaders, I feel we should use the authority and influence we have over many to impact the nations in a positive way. Not only should artists start making more music that will actually reach the nations but they should be servants throughout the nations. On Saturdays, one can usually find me at a practice, movie theater, concert or performing at an event. In five years, I see myself LIVING my dreams and in 10 years, I see myself slowing down just a little to start a family...yes married with kids!

We Cry Out: The Worship Project

– Jeremy Camp

2 Love Revolution – Natalie Grant 3 NY2LA – Press Play 4 My Paper Heart – Frances


5 Awake – Skillet

Top 5 Gospel Albums 1 Here I Am – Marvin Sapp 2 The Promise – Y’Anna 3 WOW Gospel 2010 – Various Artists

4 The Master Plan- Tamela Mann 5 Just Love – Brian Courtney Wilson

21 Ted Winn

Artist, Songwriter, Publishing Administrator

A “Mover & Shaker” has foresight and thinks of long term inspiration and impact while others think, act and live in the moment. On Balancing Life: Living a balanced life allows one to appreciate it on multiple levels. It creates a space that’s not stressful, not too serious and not consumed with what does not matter. On Saturdays, I’m usually travelling. In the next five years, I will have released my 3rd solo CD, have written a book, and commuting between Atlanta and New York. In 10 years, I will be planning my exit from the music industry and moving on to other business ventures.


Anthony Jerrod

34, Bestselling Author, Speaker, Relationship & Public Policy Expert

A “Mover & Shaker” is an individual who is obedient to God’s word and one who walks in power & authority. On Being a Leader: The body of Christ needs effective leadership that will genuinely serve the Lord and lead with the power of the Holy Spirit. This will help the body of Christ progress, improve our communities and places of worship, impact nations and motivate people to follow their dreams. On Saturdays, one can usually find me relaxing, writing and spending time with my family. In five years, I see myself continuing on the path of being an excellent husband and father. I want to continue to impact more lives around the world through Holy Spirit inspired writing.


divine destinations | T I ME O F F

Fall Family Travel

by Eileen Civera, Travel Consultant

Dr. Cedrick Gray

39, Fayette County Schools Superintendent


A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who recognizes God’s favor in their career or calling and moves quickly up the ladder of leadership. On Being A Leader: Dr. Cornell West said, “In order to lead the people, you must love the people.” Leading others means loving outside of yourself and walking in the shoes of those you lead. In five years, I see myself making a difference in the lives and families in the Fayette County district. On Saturdays, one can usually find me spending time with my family and catching up on the time missed during the week.

In my opinion, a “Mover & Shaker” is an individual that is not content with merely existing in life as a spectator but as a person who so impacts their world and the world around them that when they are gone the world feels it. On Following Dreams: Without dreams serving as a light or a beacon to guide you, life would be similar to the hamster running in a wheel. He stays busy, but he’s not getting anywhere. On Saturdays, one can usually find me working. In five years, I see myself as blessed and Veterinarian comfortable.


Dr. Greg Shaw 32,

Kesha Whitaker

31, Strategic Communications Consultant

A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who acknowledges where she comes from, yet knows where she is going and wants to make a difference along the way. On Balancing Life: Since losing one of my closest and dearest friends 5 years ago, it became extremely important to value family and friends and nurture those relationships. I take my role in people’s lives seriously and always want them to know how important they are to me. On Saturdays, I sleep in late or spend time with friends. I see myself pursuing a master’s degree in the next five years and thriving in my business, K. Whitaker Public Relations.


Experience the world with a family vacation to inspire you and your children. Whether near or far, the perfect location for your next family vacation is only limited by your imagination. When it comes to family travel, think All-Inclusive! Resorts that are all-inclusive are ideal for a family because they include all food, beverages, accommodations and predefined activities. All prices listed below are examples and may change dependent upon travel dates, length of stay and current cost of airfare. Cancun and the Riviera Maya, Mexico faces the turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean with its beautiful beaches. Cancun and the Riviera Maya are the perfect locations for your Fall family vacation with great beaches and a plethora of activities including cultural and historical fun and water sports of every kind. Azul Resorts include Fisher Price toys and baby amenities for use during your stay at their all-inclusive resorts. Book early for travel this Fall and up to two children can stay for free (four nights start at $3,100 for a family of four). At Palace All-Inclusive Resorts, up to $1,500 vacation dollars for tours, upgrades, spa, etc. are available for the family (four nights start at $3,550 for a family of four). Both Azul and Palace Resorts have supervised kid’s clubs so grown-ups can enjoy adult time.

“travel with your family doesn’t have to break Beaches Resorts are the family friendly side of Sandals the bank”

Resorts. They have water parks and lots of kid’s activities. Beaches resorts are located in Jamaica and Turks and Caicos. There is something for everyone at Beaches from fine dining to pizza or a 60’s diner with ice cream, hamburgers and hot dogs. Teenagers can enjoy Scratch DJ Academy, the XBox 360 arcade, Pirate’s Island or Liquid, a cool hangout spot. Let’s not forget Mom with a relaxing trip to the luxurious spas. Check out Beaches all-inclusive WonderFall special with savings up to 65% off. Four all-inclusive nights start at $3,550 for a family of four. Combine Disney World and a Disney Cruise for about $4,000 for a family of four. Interact with Disney characters then later spend the day at Castaway Cay, Disney Cruise’s private beach, in the shadow of the Flying Dutchman from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Explore Magic Kingdom, a fantasy storybook world of beloved characters, timeless tales and bold adventures. While at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, take center stage and experience the very best of showbiz and don’t forget Disney’s Animal Kingdom where you can experience creatures real and imaginary in thrilling adventures with magical surprises. You and your family can also take advantage of free dining with park admission when you stay at a Disney Resort this Fall. Contrary to what you may think, travelling with the family during the Fall season is not only smart but it’s cost effective. Sharing the experience of travel with your family doesn’t have to break the bank and it will give you an overabundance of memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Eileen Civera is a travel consultant located in Bartlett, TN. For more information or help in planning your next family vacation, contact Eileen at 901.626.6258 or email eileenc@allabouthoneymoons.com.

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Fashion & beauty | T O T AL B E I N G

Fall Fashion & Beauty Picks Always N2U Designs www.facebook.com/elizabethdorsemerriwether alwaysn2udesigns.biz (Order Online)

Fall Top Pick: Fashion Watches “Fashion watches can add that final touch to your wardrobe and can be changed as often as you change your handbag. If you’re looking to add a little fun to your look try adding a bold fashion watch.” –Elizabeth Dorse-Merriwether, Owner

Baer’s Den www.facebook.com/baersden www.thebaersden.com (400 Perkins Extd, Memphis)

Fall Top Pick: Loafers and drivers “These shoes provide a great way to dress up jeans while being comfortable and fashionable.” –Jeremy Baer, Owner

The Bubble Bistro

www.facebook.com/bubblebistro www.bubblebistro.com (425 N. Watkins, Memphis/Order Online)

26 Christy Poindexter

38, Evangelist, Author, Founder of High Calling for Women, Inc.

A “Mover & Shaker” is a person of vision and integrity that builds partnerships, connections, and positively influences others to effect lasting change in the communities they serve. I cannot stress the importance of balancing life. One of the most freeing moments for me was when I really got my priorities in tact. In order to balance life we must correctly prioritize. Matthew 6:33 tells us to “seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added.” On Saturdays, I’m usually at home with the family, preaching, mentoring, or at church. In five years, I see myself in full time ministry and continuing to reach the community through the work of High Calling for Women, Inc.

27 Jae Henderson 33, President of

Fall Top Pick: Sugar Scrubs & Body Butter Women’s: “I Want It ALL in Cranberry Pomegranate is the total pamper package for

women. Drop the Bistro Bomb into your bath water, lather up with our handmade natural soap and follow up with our signature Scrubz™ and addictive Bistro Body Butter. “

men’s: “The Oatmeal Special

Scrubz™ is enriched with the exotic skin loving oils of Apricot & Avocado and loaded with Shea & Cocoa Butter. This Fall/Winter it is more important than ever to slough away dead skin and properly moisturize. It’s our #1 pick for guys because it’s unscented!” –Andrea Haynes, Owner

Put It In Writing Professional Writing Service, Professional Voice Over Artist, Executive Director of College Bound, Founder of the Women’s Motivational Website www.imagoodwoman.com

I would define a “Mover & Shaker” as someone who is not afraid to use her or himself as a catalyst for change. It’s one thing to see a problem and say, “Someone needs to do something.” It is something entirely different to say, “What can I do to change things for the better?” On Following Dreams: Too many of us stop pursuing our dreams because we allow more immediate needs to take priority, but it’s our dreams that make this life worth living. Unlike life, dreams are infinite. I am hoping in five years to be a full-time author, motivational speaker and professional voice over artist. I want “I’m A Good Woman” to be a term synonymous with a strong movement that encourages women to embrace all the characteristics that are encompassed within the Proverbs 31 woman of virtue.


food forte | V I R T UOU S L I V I N G

Planning The Perfect Party

By Juliette M. Senior, Owner/Lead Event Coordinator, Unison Event Planners LLC

Whether it’s a tailgate, dinner party or family gathering, you can plan a perfect party in a cinch. Enjoy entertaining your guests while relishing in their compliments when you follow these easy tips:

Plan Your Party Start out with a checklist of things that need to be 28 Juliette M. Senior 32, Event Coordinator

A “Mover & Shaker” is a confident subject matter expert in his/her field who has the proven track record and ability to get things done and make things happen. This individual is not only passionate about his/ her field but they are highly respected for what they do. On Following Dreams: Do not be afraid of the word “no”. Be prepared to have people hang up on you or shut the door in your face. Success is a journey and not a destination. Enjoy all the hurdles, pitfalls and accolades that you will encounter when following your dreams. Maintain the passion for doing what you love and the rest will be easy. On Saturdays, I’m usually planning or coordinating an event such as a wedding, baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary party or retirement party. In five years, event productions designed by Unison Event Planners, LLC will be featured in several publications. We will have a store front showroom that offers event planning, design, stationary and party rentals.

done and allocate responsibilities to people you trust to execute the task with timeliness. Your checklist should include items like invitations, menu, setup, cleanup, supplies, music, photos, decor, linens, grocery list, etc. Be sure to plan for enough seating because there’s nothing like trying to balance a plate of food, your drink and your eating utensils while sitting on a sofa.

Spread The Word

Extend an invitation to your guests at least one month prior to the date of the dinner party. Notify your guests via text message, a good old fashioned phone call or by creating an invitation online via websites like Evite, Paperless Post, Zazzle, Vista Print or Shutterfly. The invitation should include the purpose of the party, theme, location, dinner style, time and the directions.

What To Serve Prepare dishes that you are familiar with; dishes

that you have perfected over time. Do not try a new recipe the day of the party. Try to prep everything in advance so that you are finished cooking at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the party. Also, prepare a selection of items that can be served at room temperature while having supplies to keep hot items hot and cold items cold. Keep it simple. The simplest menus are the most enjoyable because you don’t have to fuss over a million and one details and ingredients.

s a e d I k n i r mmy fOOD/D




hrimp Coconut S Dip Artichoke ade Spinach & live Tapen O h it w a Bruschett

-Alcoholic) n o N ( s k in Dr ickey Lime R Raspberry emon Drop Candied L verage Twelve Be



ecake Mini-Chees s Petit Four Profiterole ffs) (Cream Pu

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money market | P O W ER & P UR P O S E

Capitalizing on the Economic State


By Monique Reed

The fall of 2008 began a global financial meltdown, the magnitude of which the world had not experienced. Many people lost their jobs and others experienced a significant decline in the value of their retirement portfolio and other assets. If you’re one of the millions of people scrambling to find ways to stretch your hard-earned dollars, here’s how to capitalize in this current economic market:

Create a roadmap for your finances. The first step is to establish a working budget. Determine the amount of money coming in and going out of your household. Give yourself a raise. I’m sure you’re asking, “Give myself a raise?” Yes. You have the power to give yourself a raise. Earlier this year, my husband and I sat down and trimmed our budget. We decided to take steps like significantly reducing dining out, grocery shopping twice monthly instead of weekly and buying used DVDs instead of rushing out to the latest movie. RESULT: $500/mo. savings. That’s the equivalent of giving ourselves a $6,000/yr. raise without getting another job. Pay bills on time and create a debt repayment plan. Use a monthly calendar and place on the applicable dates when a given bill is due. This allows you, at a glance, to see when payments are due and how much is due. A huge portion of credit card companies’ profits are derived from late fees. Instead of paying $25+ in late fees, utilize that money to reduce the principal balance of your debts. Also, create a debt repayment plan by listing all debt owed in order from the smallest balance to the largest balance. Pay off the smallest debt first, then the next, and so forth until all debt is paid off. Compare vendors. Periodically compare your phone, cable, internet, and insurance plans to ensure you are receiving the best deal. New companies and new technologies entering a given market usually result in competition which spells savings for consumers. A recent call to my cell phone provider resulted in paying $50 less monthly for a better plan. Purchase real estate. Whether you’re an owner, occupant or an investor, purchasing real estate, even during economic calamity, can be a smart move. In many markets, real estate prices are the lowest we have seen in my generation. The economy is cyclic and the best time to purchase an asset is on the down swing. Property values typically rebound after a recession and when the market corrects, real estate values will increase. Real estate investing has traditionally been a great option for producing residual income and receiving appreciation in property values especially if the properties are held for long-term investment. This still holds true. In late 2008, I purchased a 3 bedroom home for $14,000 (valued at $40,000), and invested another $5,000 in improvements. The house rents for $600/mo. I secured an income producing asset that could be paid off in less than 5 years. Seek opportunities to increase your earning potential.

This economic crisis taught us that job security is a thing of the past. We must take charge of our own financial future by taking control of our income sources. True wealth is not achieved by working a job. Wealth is created by owning a business enterprise. Contrary to logic, a recession is the best time to start your own business. Microsoft, Disney, and many other billion-dollar businesses were launched during a recession. Consider starting your own business even if it’s in addition to your current job. The tax benefits and the additional income stream are immeasurable.

Give, give, give. The proven way to receive protection and increase in any economic climate is to be charitable. Give according to God’s financial plan for His children. People have asked me whether they should reduce or even stop their giving during this time. My answer is a resounding “NO”. Your faithfulness in participating in God’s financial plan ensures that the world’s economy doesn’t dictate your personal economy. The economy may seem to be in a bad state but if you stick to the basics and follow my proven tips, you’ll capitalize on the savings and position yourself for the life that God intended for you and your family.

Chad Wood

38, Owner/Agent, Shelter Insurance A “Mover & Shaker” is person who is always on the go. This person is also successful in his/her business and is looked upon by peers as successful. On Balancing Life: Life is a balancing act. Each day we face decisions on where to spend our time. Each person has different priorities and know where those priorities rank. Stay true to your priorities and this will help you balance your everyday life. On Saturdays, I’m usually spending time with the family. In the next 5 years, I plan to still be an Owner/Agent of Shelter Insurance.

30 Darrell Cobbins

37, President, Universal Commercial Real Estate Commercial Broker/Advisor to Small Businesses, Non-Profits, and Corporations Selfless Service is the hallmark of a true leader or “Mover & Shaker”. Getting rich is about self but being great is about service. On Following Dreams: Following your dreams is what gives one’s life meaning. We should all be aspiring to be someone better/greater than we are today. Our dreams should not just be for ourselves, but also for the people we love and the community we live in. On Saturdays, I can be found in my den recovering from a busy and hectic week- watching CNN, C-SPAN, BookTV, Sports, etc. In five years, I see myself at kindergarten school events, little league sports games, and leading the helm of Memphis’ most successful commercial real estate firms.

Monique Reed is a corporate attorney, real estate broker, speaker, success coach, and distributor for Arbonne International. Monique’s business site, www.brrealtyllc.com offers financial management and real estate tips that demonstrate effective money management principles.


lifelines | S OUL CONNEC T I ON S

Handling Your Haters At one point or another, you have had to deal with someone trying to hinder your growth or someone trying to block your happiness. The very thought of that person and their actions to deter you from fulfilling your purpose can lead you to ask one question— why? However, what’s more important than wondering why is discovering the proven method for handling your haters. Kenneth T. Whalum, Pastor, School Board Member, and a man who has had his share of haters sat down with DIVINE Magazine to share some interesting facts about haters.

DIVINE: What is your definition of a “hater”? KTW: A hater is one who feels pain and conceives ill will concerning your happiness or excellence.

Q & A with Kenneth T. Whalum DIVINE: How should a person deal with their haters? KTW: First, open your mouth and say “Lord bless that hater”; secondly, keep pursuing excellence. DIVINE: What are some supportive scripture(s) on this topic? KTW: Any scripture dealing with persecution for righteousness sake, and any scripture describing Jesus’ betrayal and crucifixion. It was the envious “church folks” of His day who killed him. DIVINE: What does Jesus say about “haters”? KTW: Jesus has this to say: “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

DIVINE: How does being a hater affect the body of Christ? KTW: Haters cause the “body of Christ” to be constipated. Think about it.

Romans 8:31 asks, “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Allowing haters to distract you or stop you from reaching your goals and accomplishing what you were destined to do is simply unwise. If someone is trying to throw you off your path, use that as motivation to stay the course. Fight for your family, your marriage, your children, your home, your education, your role in the community or whatever you’re up against. When you know that you’re unstoppable, handling your haters is effortless.

Charles E. Winfrey, Jr.


33, Entrepreneur/ Pastor

A “Mover & Shaker” is one who moves all obstacles in the way of their desired goal. They shake up the status quo, the traditional and the conventional in order to make way for their creative, innovative and unique way of doing things. On Following Dreams: The life I am living now is what I dreamed or envisioned, that has come to fruition. The house I live in, the woman I married, the business I own, the car I drive were all once dreams. We have been given the creative ability of our minds to use it however we choose to create the life we want, I choose to live a life of abundance! On Saturdays, I’m usually preparing for Worship on Sunday and/or with the wife and kids. In the next 5 years, our company will have offices in all the southeastern states with over 5 employees and over 250,000 clients.

A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who values relationships and has built their success with a reputation of integrity and excellent past performance. On Following Dreams: When I was younger and was really great at 5-10 different things, people said I wasn’t focused. If Donald Trump, Richard Branson and Steve Wynn could be considered moguls and geniuses for doing multiple things, then so could I. Although I faced many hardships, I continued to read the book of Proverbs and I am happier now than ever before because I am doing what I love. On Saturdays, I can be found praying to keep my house and mind in order and to re-energize myself for the upcoming business week. I workout, have business building exercises and reviews and dedicate the rest of my time with my family. In five years, I will have been in business for myself almost 15 years. I plan to have my golf game fantastic, be married and focusing more on developing my kid’s spiritual and professional foundation.

Devin James, Sr.

28, Founder and President of the Devin James Group


My definition of a “Mover & Shaker” is someone who is progressive and influences others to achieve their goals. On Impacting Nations: I believe all of our assignments or calling should positively impact the world. In this next stage of my life, my husband and I are going to touch, transform and elevate the lives of foster children one life at time. On Saturdays, one can usually find me in class, resting, cleaning or on a date with my husband. In the next 5 years, I see myself having helped at least 10 foster children. I also see myself writing two more books and working as a school administrator.

Patricia McNair

36, Educator, Writer


Sheila M. Guerrero


32, Dental Case Manager, Founder/Director of Stop the Hurt Start the Healing Foundation, Talk Show Host

34 Infamous (Terry Washington) 30, Youth Pastor/Gospel Rap Artist

A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who is wise enough to know that true success is bringing glory to God. On Being a Leader: Being a great leader means being a great follower. A leader must maintain a servant’s heart and must be obedient to those in authority. On Saturdays, one can usually find me observing the Sabbath, seeking God, resting, having Bible study and spending time with my family. In the next five years, I plan to own a record label that allows ministers to spread their talents worldwide and also renewing vows with my lovely wife, Stephanie.

A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who is making a positive and prolific impact on their community. One who is desperately stepping out of the norm into a role that creates change and a life changing avenue for others to follow. On Saturdays, I’m hosting my online talk show, working out and/or taking part in some type of event in the city of Memphis. In the next five years, I see myself working for a major news station. I also see myself continuing my efforts of helping those people who are hurting around the globe.

Fall 2010 | D I V I NE MA G AZ I NE

“I Choose to Worship” By Wess Morgan For so long I was silent For so long I did not have a song of praise Depression filled my days Clouds blocked my way But there was a voice Speaking to me Awaking the passion so quiet in me In me, so still in me I choose to worship I just can’t give up I choose to worship My mind is made up Is that your voice calling me Into that secret place with thee My heart has longed for this moment with thee I choose to worship I just can’t give up I choose to worship My mind is made up

He’s healing me.... I’m gonna worship I’m gonna worship!



Morgan 36 Wess 36, Pastor/Artist I define a “Mover & Shaker” as one who breaks man-made systems. On Being A Leader: A leader’s greatest asset is his ability to corral people. If you find yourself in the category of not being able to corral people, you must look at what you’re doing and make sure that it parallels your assignment. Your ability to lead will be dictated by how well acquainted you are with your assignment. On Saturdays, if I’m not traveling, I’m usually working in the yard, doing something therapeutic and preparing for Sunday services. In five years, I plan to be leading people across the world into Kingdom business and setting up God’s government on the earth via life-building messages through music and multi-media.

Our newest project, “Under an Open Heaven” In Stores Now Omenesa Chinwe Oruma


26, Itinerant Gospel Singer/Preacher/ Entrepreneur/Writer/Bible Student

A “Mover & Shaker” is a person who is tenacious to pursue their dreams. “There is a difference between getting up in the morning and actually getting out of bed”. “Movers & Shakers” get out of bed. On Balancing Life: Being a Nigerian, I have learned to tame and pace myself in a culture where life moves so fast! When life speeds like a lightening rod, there is a tendency to juggle with priorities. I have learned that it is pivotal to do things in order. On Saturdays, you can find me writing a book, reading a book or at the movies. In five years, I plan to be married with 3 children, pursuing God like never before, writing, Preaching and singing for Him, and impacting my family in a great way.



Breaking Generational Curses


By Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President, Mercy Ministries of America Since 1983, Mercy Ministries of America has provided hope and healing to generations of desperate young women who seek freedom from life-controlling issues. Some examples of these issues are drug and alcohol addiction, depression, eating disorders, unplanned pregnancy, physical and sexual abuse, and self-harm. These issues are often the result of generational sins, also known as generational curses.

Tiffany V. Reed

34, Counselor Department of Human Services and Founder of Pushing Outstanding Excellence for Kids (P.O.E.4 KIDS) My definition of a “Mover & Shaker” is one who makes the best of what they have to work with and still produce a great service or product. On Getting a Good Education: I believe that getting a good and adequate education is a must in our society and will enable you to overcome many obstacles and be marketable in any facet of life. On Saturdays, you can find me at home with my laptop working, at games with my children, attending events sponsored by my foundation or spending time with family and friends. In the next 5 years, I will have my doctorate degree and teaching at the university level. I also see my foundation growing with more programs to service more children.

Jekalyn Carr

Generational sins are patterns of specific sins that have been repeated throughout your family line and often intensify with each successive generation. As the disobedience of your family has affected you, so your own actions will affect the generations ahead of you. God promises blessings when you choose to obey His Word, but disobedience will only lead to more heartache in your life, as well as in the lives of your children and grandchildren.


13, Singer

A “Mover & Shaker” is someone who makes an impact in a positive way by encouraging people to do what’s right and also working hard to become successful. On Saturdays, one can usually find me at church, singing at concerts, spending time with my family, or out at the movies. In five years, I plan to be ministering all around the world and helping people in need.

I define a “Mover & Shaker” as someone who is moving at the pace that GOD wants them and shaking off all negative comments, energy (spirits) and people. On Being a Leader: Standing up for what is positive and what you believe in will impact the lives of others. You, along with countless others, will have a voice and it will speak louder than any negative issue in the world. On Saturdays, I’m usually relaxing with family or working on THE V MOVEMENT details. In the next five years, I see myself impacting the world through THE V MOVEMENT.

Veronica Raven Smith

27, Motivational Speaker/ Founder of THE V MOVEMENT


But this cycle does not have to continue. When a generational pattern of addiction exists, the power of God can break that stronghold and free the family. Luke 10:19 says that Jesus has given you the authority to break the cycles that have been destroying your family. God gives us a choice (Deuteronomy 30:19) and Galatians 3:13 tells us that in Christ the curse is broken. You do not have to live bound by the wrong choices that were made long before your time! First, it is important to take time to identify the issues in your family line. A few examples might be depression, anger, addictions, pride, sexual sins, abuse, fear, manipulation, and emotional dependency. Exposing the generational patterns in your family is vital to stopping them and allowing healing to begin. If you hide what has happened, you will enable it to continue. God can redeem the pain and restore all that has been taken! Once you have identified the struggles, it is important to face these generational sins head-on. Ask God to break these patterns and sins in your life and in the lives of your descendants. If you are a parent, you must stand in the gap in prayer for your family and children. Jesus has given you the authority to break the curses from previous generations so you can pass on blessings to future generations! It is also important to forgive parents and ancestors, releasing any feelings of bitterness or resentment for the consequences their sin has had on your life. It is possible, in Christ, to pass on more than you received. You can leave a positive inheritance for the future generations, so choose to move forward! Finally, thank God that you do not have to live a life patterned after the sins of the generations before you. Deuteronomy 30:19 tells us: I call heaven and earth as witnesses today against you, that I have set before you life and death, blessing and cursing; therefore choose life, that both you and your descendants may live! Choose life, knowing the generational curses in your family line are broken and a new generation of blessings have begun!

For more information about how to break generational patterns associated with addictions, eating disorders, sexual abuse, and self-harm, the “Mercy For” book series written by Nancy Alcorn can be purchased in the online store at www.mercyministries.com.

Matt Phoenix Photography

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