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Divine Inspirations Magazine March 2011

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Resistance Shapes You! Dying For Acceptance… Suicide Rates of LGBTG True Fellowship Developing Radical Trust In an Unfailing God

Nicolle Gaines Founder and Visionary of

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Women’s History Month Celebrating : Shirley Chisolm

Born to immigrant parents, Brooklyn native Shirley Chisholm became the first black woman elected to the U.S. Congress, serving from 1968 until her retirement in 1982. Throughout her career, Chisholm focused her attention on education and health care reforms and fought to improve opportunities for inner-city residents. 2

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Greetings! Change! This month we will be changing seasons and setting our clocks forward. It Is great when you can embrace change. As the saying goes “flow with the punches.” It should be our goal and desire to maximize whatever situation we may find ourselves in. We can do all things thru Christ who strengthens us. (Phil 4:13 KJV) Have faith ! Be a Maximizer and Keep it moving!

In this issue we are spotlighting Nicolle Gaines founder of “Diamonds of Destiny.” Be sure to read her awesome journey. Please pass this issue to all your family and friends. We welcome your feedback and comments.

Bkessings! Qualita Pendergrass Editor –in-Chief 6

How He Loves Us You love us Lord Without any constrictions or constraints You love us Lord Without any conditions or complaints Your love for us is without end Unlimited, unyielding, Completely fulfilled and always shielding Us from all we encounter Your love is so complete There’s nothing about us you don’t cherish That you sent your son to this earth to die So not one of your children would perish I pray that we live to see the day When all mankind will love you that much Jesus Oh if we could ever love you for just one day The way you eternally love us © 12/01/2010 Robert T Sells


Resistance Shapes You” –by Mandy Woodhouse If my local gym gave away prizes for the most new referrals who eventually cancel membership, I am certain I would win. My family gained great revelation about health and fitness a few years ago, but unfortunately not all my friends have the same revelation. Even more unfortunate is the fact that I often tend to forget this revelation myself. I definitely struggle with motivation! Honestly, I would most likely be one of those canceled memberships if it were not for my husband‘s diligence (which challenges me to the core but also makes me want to punch him at times). Why is it that staying fit and trim comes at such a cost? Exercise can be hard work, which is most likely why so many people do not remain consistent and eventually cancel gym memberships. The same can be said of our walks with God as we become more like Christ. I, like most people, find that there is such a high cost to hard work, especially when the work is on me. ―But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me” (1 Corinthians 15:10, NIV). If you were to ask me what the hardest time of my life has been, the answer would be the same as asking me what the greatest, most rewarding time of my life has been—my years in ministry training while in Sydney. There were numerous times during the first eight months alone that I desperately wanted to give up and move back to Louisiana. And yet I knew that God had a plan and purpose for me there in Australia, although I could barely see it through the resistance that I felt almost on an hourly basis. God blessed me with wonderful and encouraging mentors through that time, both from home and at the church there. But what I found was that even after all the encouragement and prayers from these trusted friends, at the end of the day I was still responsible to

make the decisions that would move me forward. I had to find for myself that the dream that God had for my life was bigger than the pain of the moment. Just like working out and trying to get fit and healthy, the pain of progress is a hard journey. As equipment at a gym shapes your muscles, so does the resistance found in this life. Resistance shapes our character, and helps us become more like Christ in how we navigate our way through life‘s ups-and-downs. During the times of greatest resistance, our convictions must be stronger than the pain we feel at that moment, or we will simply give up. And thankfully when we understand that it is not us, but the grace of God within us that keeps us strong, God can shape us into the strong person He wants us to be. Someone once told me that the pain of regret is much worse than the pain of progress. The regret that comes with knowing you have given up is truly unbearable at times, and can last a lifetime (when we do not allow the Holy Spirit to bring restoration and healing into that area of life). The pain of progress, however, only lasts for a season and is often the very thing that shapes and molds. While at the gym I am learning to push through the pain and rely on the strength that God gives me to go further and harder than I ever have. I know that the result will be something greater than I can currently see, and I cannot give up on how far I have come. My walk with Jesus is the same—I will not give up in the hard times because I know that God has something greater for me. It is the grace of God in me that carries me through the pain and helps me find my way to victory. Without the grace of Christ, we would die. But thanks be to God, through this grace we can allow resistance to shape our character and make us more like Him!


CHURCH IS OVER! THE KINGDOM IS HERE! But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33. By Michelle Pumphrey

People of the Most High, when John the Baptist went about his ministry calling the

Jesus was on the earth. We must demon-

people unto repentance, he made it very

strate His love and joy and peace, self -

clear that the Kingdom of God was at hand.

control, meekness, and His humility. Our

Saints, I believe that God wants us to be

desire should be to become a light and to

kingdom minded. Now when the church

lead others out of darkness. The devil is a

was formed, I believe that we lost our focus

liar!! Church we are the ones that can

on God's kingdom. We settled for being

prove to the world that He is, by living an

church minded .We kind of set our own

obedient life before the Lord. Do not give

rules to the church. Church is now made up

the devil any leeway to attack our charac-

of man‘s traditions, man‘s opinions, and

ter. In the Kingdom, there is integrity; there

man‘s programs. We have gotten so far

is love for all mankind, no matter the race

from what God has called us to be. We are

or creed, whether rich or poor, whether

to be citizens of His wonderful kingdom, a

educated or uneducated. There must be a

people that will live by His standards! To

real love for all of God's people. People we

be kingdom minded is to become an instru-

are going to hell because of the church

ment of His love, His peace and His com-

mentality. Kill your programs and get with

passion. That's what Jesus represented as

God's true program. We are to be the salt of

He walked this earth. Most of all He was

the earth! Can we the people of God add

about the truth, that very truth that the peo-

some flavor to this world? I'll say it again

ple of God are slipping away from. We

CHURCH IS OVER! Allow the Kingdom

want His power and some of us want His

to come forth in YOU!! Amen!

Glory. That‘s why so many are lifting up themselves instead of the Name of Jesus! We are to be the living example of who


Dying for acceptance; Suicide rates in LGBTQ Youth and Adults. LGBTQ youth and adults packing out our churches Often time in our lives we find ourselves

every week, filling up our schools, teaching our chil-

wondering who we are, what would happen if people

dren, playing on our favorite football or basketball

knew the real me. Would they leave me, stop being

teams, providing security for our cities, serving our

my friend or would they embrace me and accept me

food and even cutting or styling our hair. The fact is

as I am. This is the million dollar question that is

that the LGBTQ community is everywhere that we

plaguing the lives of so many people in America and


yes even the world today. The reality is that people

As a therapist I‘ve heard so many stories

may not accept you as you are; so do you hide your-

from parents and teens about the difficulty of under-

self, do you commit suicide, runaway from home,

standing that their son or daughter is gay or lesbian

turn to drugs and alcohol to cope or do you say I

and the difficulty that teens and adults have about

don‘t care its my life and I‘m going to live my best

disclosing their sexual orientation to their parents and


friends because of fear of being ridiculed, abanAs a therapist these thoughts represent many

doned, judged, hated and being alone. This difficult

LGBTQ youth and adults that I have counseled dur-

has leaded many to take their own lives. The stats are:

ing my career as well as those that are living in our communities. I decided to write this article this

● 5,000 LGBTQ youth now take their lives each

month because of the alarming rate that LGBTQ

year with the number believed to be significantly

(Lesbian Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Question-

higher if deliberate auto accidents and other precipi-

ing) teenagers and adults that are committing suicide

tated events are counted.

because they aren‘t being accepted for who they are. This topic is considered by some as controversial and

● 500,000 LGBTQ youth attempt suicide every

negative. It‘s pressing up against the definition of


marriage, it‘s finding itself being wrestled in our politics, and it‘s made its presence in our legal system

● Homosexual and bisexual junior high and high

and our military. There is also a group of people that

school boys are 7 times more likely than heterosexual

feel it shouldn‘t be discussed, they feel that we should

boys to report suicide attempts.

just ignore it and show them what the Bible says about homosexuality. These conversations happen everyday in our churches, communities, homes, political arenas, and schools. The reality is that there are


● Lesbians are more than twice as likely to try committing suicide than heterosexual women (Continued on page 11)

Homosexuality being at the top of the list. The re● A majority of the suicide attempts by homo-

ality is that God didn‘t list sins by any order but

sexuals take place at age 20 or younger with nearly that‘s what some church worshippers have done so one third occurring before age 17

that they feel better about the sins that they commit on a daily basis.

● Gay male, lesbian, and transsexual youth com-

There have been many horrific stories in

prise of about 25 percent of the homeless living on

the media recently about LGBTQ youth and adults

the streets in this country.

committing suicide because they were harassed about their sexuality. One particular story that I

The LGBTQ youth and adults often talk

read came from New York where a 26 year Black

about the judgment, hatred, insults, negative com-

youth took his own life and wrote on his face book

ments, and violence that are part of their daily

the day he committed suicide ― I could not bear the

lives. This daily verbal, physical and emotional

burden of living as a gay man of color in a world

abuse could result in some youth and adults experi- grown cold and hateful towards those of us who encing some mental problems such as depression,

live and love differently than the so-called social

anxiety disorders, PTSD (Post traumatic stress dis- mainstream‖ Another case is the young man from order), agoraphobia (fear of being outside of the

Rutgers University that jumped off a bridge after

home), Dissociative disorder, eating disorders, per- being videotaped having sex with a man and the of sonality disorders, sleep disorders and Adjustment

an 13 year old student who shot himself in the head

Disorders. Some also experience drug addiction,

after being teased and harassed at school about his

sexual promiscuity and self hatred. The messages

sexuality. I recount these stories to show that these

that are given from the church and in some com-

are real people that had real lives and because of

munities about homosexuality are filled with such

not being accepted for who they were decided to

hatred, judgment, and negativity that‘s its difficult

commit suicide.

for a youth or adults to come to their church to dis-

Suicide is seen by many as the final get

cuss this part of their lives because of the vile and

back to those that they have rejected or judged

hateful comments that come from some pulpits

them, often times the family members will say I

today. Some may read this article and view homo-

didn‘t see any signs of suicide. This can be very

sexuality as a sin and may think that some of the

true because the person will fake their mood to not

ills that affect the LGBTQ community is because

family members, partners and friends worry or

its God‘s punishment towards them, if this is your

there could be an traumatic event and decided to

thought I would ask you what is God‘s punishment end their lives. In some cases the signs are obvious for you because the sins that you commit? Often

and in other cases the signs are more subtle. Below

times many like to place sins in categories with

I have shared some key warning signs that a loved 11

Hopelessness Rage, uncontrollable anger, seeking revenge Feeling trapped, like there is no way out Withdrawing from family and friends Anxiety Unable to sleep Depressed Expressing no reason to live or sense no pupose in life. Someone threatening to kill or hurt themselves Someone looking for means to kill themselves (guns, pills, suicide by police) Someone writing about death or dying. In conclusion, let‘s open up some dialogue in our churches/communities about how we treat and talk about the LGBTQ community. I want you to think about the fact that this community is created by God with dreams, aspirations, emotions and goals. I also implore you to choose your words carefully when you speak to or about this community because you don‘t want to be last voice that they hear that pushes them to their death after being rejected again…we know that there is much power in the tongue the bible states in Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit. Some of you may say I would never say what I think about their lifestyle to their faces but if you are on the phone gossiping about them, or whispering to your friends when they walk by, or giving them weird looks or spreading rumors these acts are just as damaging as the words that you speak. I‘m reminded of a great line from my favorite movie ―Doubt‖ (―Gossip is like slicing feather down pillow and throwing it into the wind) the moral here is that you can‘t go out and gather up all the feathers and that is what gossip is because once it‘s out …its out. I also want you to think about love and what‘s your definition of love, God has commanded that we love him and love one another the scripture states Matthew 22: 37-39 Jesus replied‖ Love the Lord your God with all

your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it; Love your neighbor as yourself. Lastly, think about a time that you had an experience where you just wanted to be accepted for who you are…whether its church, school, family, fraternity, sorority, friends and employment would you have chosen to commit suicide to be accepted…… some people are…….Dying to be accepted.

Sources for this article: 1. Jay, K. and Young, A The Gay Report: Lesbians and Gay Men Speak Out About Their Sexual Experiences and Lifestyles. New York: Summit, 1977. 2. National Suicide Prevention Hotline 1-800-2738255 3. 4.

To contact John G. Taylor, MA


Developing Radical Trust in an Unfailing God Noted theologian and renowned intercessor, E.M. Bounds, once wrote, “Trust is faith that has become absolute, approved and accomplished.” If love is the building blocks of a good relationship, then trust is the mortar. Build a brick building without mortar and you will soon find yourself standing amongst a pile of rubble. Try to build a relationship without trust and you will find yourself in a messy situation. While you may love a person, without trust you will not feel safe. Without trust you will not be “real”. You will wear a mask, put up defenses and never allow yourself to be vulnerable. Trust is a must for good relationships. Trust enables us to take risks. We can relax, reveal our most private thoughts and unmask our genuine selves without fear of reprisal or rejection. Romantic love arouses us emotionally, but trust liberates us to enjoy and deepen relationships. We know and are known. This is the type of relationship we each long for deep within. This is the type of relationship we were made for. This is the type of relationship God wants us to have with Him. So how do we develop radical trust in God? We must first understand that the inability to trust indicates some form of violation has taken place. The experiences of a distrustful person have overwhelming conveyed that hurtful encounters are to be expected from their interactions with others. This person may have experienced what they perceive to be a great loss. They probably have been

victimized and are unwilling to be vulnerable to anything, including God (maybe even especially God) for fear of being victimized again. Or, they go to the opposite extreme, believing that abusive relationships are an acceptable expression of love. Trapped by paranoia, they perceive God may be out to get them, so they build the wall higher, determined to rely only on themselves, the only “trustworthy” individual in their lives. Of course this is faulty thinking. The interesting thing about trust is, although it is subject to individual perspective, it is really based on the character of the person in whom we are asked to trust. Because of this, developing radical trust in God is a journey, a process, not a destination per se. Trust in God is based on His character, not our ideas about our experiences with God! It follows, then, that the first step in developing trust in God (or anyone else for that matter) is getting to know God. We need to discover what the Word has to say about who God is and the benefits of trusting Him. The Bible helps us build trust because it exposes God’s character. Once we have begun to digest the Word concerning God, we must then mold our thinking to reflect our learning. In Romans 12, the bible tells not to be conformed (molded) to this world but to be transformed by renewing our minds. And in II Corinthians 10:5, we are reminded to literally demolish 13

(Continued on page 14)

arguments and every pretension which keeps you from knowing God, take every thought captive, then make it obedient to Christ. There will always be an issue for which you will have to stretch your faith in God in order to bear. There will always be an argument against trusting an invisible God. Doubts will try to assail you. It is imperative that you use the Word to combat these doubts. Radical trust looks a bit abnormal to the average American Christian. I have a dear friend who oversees approximately twenty churches in the villages of Nigeria. He is one of the most learned and humble men you could ever meet, but he moves in kingdom authority like no one else I know. Once, we were having dinner in my home, and I had a question burning in my heart. “Samson,” I asked, “Why is it that you see so much evidence of the miraculous power of God in Nigeria or China or other places and we see so little here in America?” In his heavily accented, fatherly voice he replied with this: “Daughter, when you lack money, you go to the bank. When you have psychological problems, you go to the psychiatrist. And when you are sick, you go to the hospital. All of your needs are filled by things other than God. We have nothing but God. We go to Him for everything, trusting Him to supply as He wills. So He responds.” I do not wish to be the average American Christian and I am sure you do not either. Radical trust in God will require an unadulterated dependence upon Him and Him alone. While we do not ignore the resources He

will lead you to utilize, like a physician or financial manager or a grocery store, our trust is in the source not the resource. Radical trust will allow you to lay down worry and stress. You can get busy about filling your mind with things that are good, that deserve praise, that are true and noble. Knowing God is in control, His intentions towards you are good and He loves you. The reliable, persistent, pursuing love God has for us never ceases. It is a love designed to engender trust, give us validation of worth, assurance of assistance, and the peace of security. Prosperity is not evidence God loves me neither is it evidence God can be trusted. Lack does not deny His love for me. Nor is it evidence He cannot be trusted. I am loved by God because that is who He is. He is trustworthy because He is good. He never changes. That is stability I can trust. We will explore this subject more in the coming months. I am looking forward to sharing what I have learned about developing radical trust in an unfailing God.


Adapted from Radical Trust in an Unfailing God by C.C. Shumake Available now through Zoe Life Publishing

Developing Radical Trust in an Unfailing God Noted theologian and renowned intercessor, E.M. Bounds, once wrote, “Trust is faith that has become absolute, approved and accomplished.” If love is the building blocks of a good relationship, then trust is the mortar. Build a brick building without mortar and you will soon find yourself standing amongst a pile of rubble. Try to build a relationship without trust and you will find yourself in a messy situation. While you may love a person, without trust you will not feel safe. Without trust you will not be “real”. You will wear a mask, put up defenses and never allow yourself to be vulnerable. Order Your Copy Today! Radical Trust in an Unfailing God by C.C. Shumake Available now through Zoe Life Publishing 15

Nicolle D. Gaines, a native of Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, resides in Bear, Delaware. She is a graduate of Western Maryland College (renamed McDaniel College) in Westminster, Maryland. Here Nicolle received a BA in Psychology, Elementary Education, and Voice; and a MS in Deaf Education. "Nicci," as she is affectionately known, taught for more than two decades. After working at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, she became a stay-at-home mom and opened Lil'Blessings Family Daycare, in Media, Pennsylvania. In addition to later teaching in public and private schools, Nicolle has been a Sign Language, music, and math instructor to children as well as adults. She is currently the Director of Delaware Technical and Community College's Child Development Center in Wilmington, Delaware and also co-hosts "Straight Talk" on Channel 28 in Wilmington, Delaware. A fitness and nutrition enthusiast, Nicolle is certified to teach aerobics and kickboxing. With the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society's Team-in-Training program, she completed two marathons as a race walker-Dublin, Ireland and Anchorage, Alaska. Nicolle also enjoys performing in musical theatre productions and taking adult dance classes such as tap and ballroom dancing. Through her company Nvision, Nicolle creates cakes for various occasions. For over ten years, Nicolle has been a part of The Resurrection Center of Wilmington, Delaware under the leadership of Bishop S. Todd Townsend, Sr. and Pastor Cleo V. Townsend. She serves in the following capacities: leader in the R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y Singles' Ministry, facilitator for the Separated and Divorced class, member of the Praise Team and Voices of Resurrection Choir, Victorious in Praise Adult Dance Ministry and Sign Language interpreter. Nicolle is the proud mother of two. Son Jerry is a junior at the University of South Carolina majoring in Management and Finance with a concentration in Entrepreneurialism. Daughter Nicalia is a freshman at the University of Delaware majoring in Marketing and Entrepreneurialism. As a motivational speaker, Nicolle founded NspireD to motivate, guide, and breathe life into others. Her "Diamonds of Destiny" seminar was designed for separated and divorce women. In a safe environment, suddenly single women can better understand their value as God's Diamonds in a journey toward Destiny! In addition to writing a book that will serve as "spiritual survival guide for suddenly single women," Nicolle continues to expand her gift as a singer/songwriter. 1 Corinthians 10:13 is her favorite scripture: "No temptation has overtaken you except such as is common to man ; but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but with the temptation will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it."

I will share how my journey began‌. 16

Four years ago, I launched NspireD and began delivering ―motivational presentations divinely influenced to arouse, guide, move, and breathe life into participants.‖ The Bible tells us that ―…the inspiration/ breath of the Almighty gives them understanding…‖ (Jb 32:8). I felt ‗NspireD‘ to ―…speak a word in season to him who is weary‖ (Is 50:4).

how to get through the pain, or how to bounce back stronger, better, and wiser. I did not want women to have to go through the process alone as I did. I had to be willing to talk. I did not want them to merely survive, but to thrive! As a former classroom teacher, I simply LOVE words. When I thought about the word Diamond, the ―I AM‖ in the middle of it suddenly stood out. I want women to know that the Great I AM is present in the middle of it all, especially when it feels like the situation is about to take them out or make them loose their minds. I also want each woman to be able to confidently state that regardless of the hurtful experiences, I AM a diamond in the sight of God. Diamonds are created as a result of heat, pressure, and time. And, when it is all said and done, the gemstone formed is valuable, precious, and to be desired. In the process of planning the first seminar in April of 2007, I realized that the birthstone for the month of April is a diamond. Therefore, the annual seminar is always in April. The seminar has been expanded to include single, married, and widowed women as well. Topics have included ―Change‖ and ―Dream Again in 2010!‖ This year‘s topic is ―In Pursuit of Purpose.‖ Ladies, we were created on purpose to fulfill our purpose as God‘s Diamonds journeying towards Destiny!

―Diamonds of Destiny,‖ a component of NspireD, began as a ministry for separated and divorced women. Talk about finding your passion in your pain! When my exhusband (aka ―wuzband‖) left me in 2001 months after ―9-11‖with two children (who were ironically 9 and 11 years old) and a house in which I could not pay the mortgage on my salary alone, the bottom dropped (or so I thought). I had to deal with a major life changing event without support - my Father passed when I was 16, my Mother had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer‘s, and my relatives were in D.C. It was now just me and God! I relied on Him and experienced His presence like never before. God worked things out for my good in ways for which an individual could not possibly take credit. I term these ―Signature God‖ acts! God gave me strength that I never knew existed. One of my life scriptures, I Corinthians 10:13, kept me going ―…but God is faithful, who will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you are able, but…will also make the way of escape, that you may be able to bear it.‖ In time, I had joy unspeakable and peace that surpassed understanding. I even got back the smile that I was not aware had faded. I realized that many women were dealing with issues surrounding separation or divorce, but no one was talking about how to cope,

If you would like additional information about NspireD, the Diamonds of Destiny annual seminar, and/or how to have Nicolle as a speaker at your event, please call 302.834.3442 or visit 17


To You, Woman! Sometimes it’s just not understood when orders are given to man Because they have to contemplate as to whether they will or can. So God allowed a special woman to give advice from the shade of a tree; Counseling people from far and wide of how to keep their souls free. Deborah was her name as Counselor to do as the Lord always said; Interpreting the Word to the people knowing how their way would be made. Barak knew and heard the order and yet and still he refused to lead So instead God had to look to a woman to place at the top…at the head. Women, take from this a sure lesson that the Lord just might call you To take the reigns of the horse and cart in order to follow through. Don’t be afraid to step on out when the Lord has shown you where No need to be nervous or afraid, trembling, unsure or scared. Keep in mind that after each battle there also must be a praise To give glory unto the Lord for new mercy and grace each day. Yes, Deborah, was a called-out Queen chosen as the elect of God. God didn’t have to force her to go. Not at all. He didn’t have to prod. So don’t hesitate nor take too long to move ahead into His set path With the Lord on your side you can’t lose. It’s a fixed fight. Be Assured of That! ©Copyright, December 17, 2010 – “EyceCreme” Carole Steamer 19

A Brief Moment with Matt Fogle & Orange Rock DIM: Well I have had the pleasure of meeting Matt Fogle at a Christian Songwriters and Musicians International event in Nashville, TN and I was very impressed with his humble demeanor. This was a joy and a pleasure this month getting to know Matt even better. He is definitely a strong force for the Kingdom of God! Now grab your best cup of espresso, biscotti, sit back and relax as you spend a brief moment with Matt Fogle & Orange Rock.

DIM: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Matt: Well, I‘m a Christian musician, giving glory to God in original rock/contemporary music, and basically do this full time…and love every minute of it! (I am selling websites, working at a Christian store, and doing some random computer work part time for eating money.) I‘ve been playing guitar and writing music for 14 years, and played lead guitar in a few secular rock bands for 7 years before being born again with the Spirit of Christ in 2008. (We played AC/DC and Guns‘n‘Roses and such…) Obviously, I‘m just not into that stuff anymore, but I still try to create and place neat guitar parts in my music. Since I‘ve been playing acoustic guitar after basically starting over in the

Christian genre, most of my new friends don‘t even realize that, haha…but now that I‘ve expanded, recruited some band members, and am now under the name ―Matt Fogle & Orange Rock‖, the show is gonna be a lot more varied and fun and musical. When I was 15, I began a career in radio and continued it through 2009. DJ, news, weather, sports, sweeping the sidewalk, cleaning the coffee pot, etc. I‘m a native of Bardstown, KY and graduated from Nelson County High School in 2000. I also have an associates and bachelors degree. I now live in the Highlands area of Louisville, KY.

DIM: How did your ministry/ band get started? Matt: Starting points always seem to revolve from other ending points, because I believe God uses the past for our benefit once we give our lives to Him. But the very start I guess was in 1996 when I began writing a bunch of songs out of nowhere (with no musical background). Some of them were not that great, but a couple of them were awesome. One of them, 20 with revised lyrics, is still my show closer to this day! After

crafting the instrument and after college, I went back home to where my best friend was and we started a secular cover band. Bands break up - it happens. So you join another band. And then another band after that breaks up. But for the most part, everyone remains friends (at least in our cases). I think deep down all the band members I ever played with knew that I leaned towards more positivity in my writing… So I went solo, and my first album in 2007 could be called ―Christianlite‖ I guess. I was trying to get a grip on truth…Some of those songs are really good and have a great message though. God commended me for at least some efforts I believe. In 2008, I sought the God‘s truth in prayer and meditation, and was born again. After more prayer, it was clear for me to switch genres (but still sing to audiences who are broken and maybe outside the church). For the past year and a half, getting immersed with new venues, new churches, and new audiences, I‘ve been basically playing acoustic guitar, but still writing rock music. I‘m super excited to expand the band now and really roll with the opportunities God has presented.

DIM: What inspires you to write songs? Do you have any specific techniques you use for your songwriting?

Matt: 90% of my songs deal with redemption – it‘s a topic I love to sing about, because it‘s a topic I‘ve lived through. But they all have different subtopics and come from different outlooks. I‘m a big fan of writing verses that contrast with the choruses… where the verse sings about struggle and the chorus sings about freedom in Christ, and mercy, and hope. My favorite thing lately - by the grace of God because I‘m loving the new stuff I‘m writing - is to write deep meditative and contemplative lyrics on top of upbeat pop/rock chords and beats. That‘s kind of a contrast in itself because the music doesn‘t necessarily fit the lyrics…but I love that. It‘s kinda the same approach used by one of my favorite pop/jazz players, Bruce Hornsby, who wrote lines like ―That‘s just the way it is, some things will never change…‖ and ―This is the end of the innocence…‖ on top of poppy

piano chords and synth bass lines.

play a lot of live performances in Louisville and outside of the state because I love to travel On what comes first in song- playing music. Last year I writing - the music, or the lyr- played the Big Ticket Festival ics, or the beat? it‘s different in Michigan and then right afevery time. Lyrics usually ter the Cornerstone Festival in come last for me, but in some Illinois, so that was a blessed cases they‘ve come first… you road trip. I‘d love to do that just never know. again with a full band. 2011 is young but bright. And God is I actually recorded a 5-minute always surprising me. video going more in depth on the way I song-write and As for recording, I‘m doing 2 posted it on YouTube if you or 3 songs at a time these days, wanna check that out - http:// and then posting them online separately. It seems to be v=mODp3vvt_aA more feasible to do that, as opposed to creating a 12-track album and getting CDs manufactured and having to put a higher price tag on it. Keeping everything digital and spreadDIM: Have you or your group got any plans in the near ing the music releases out over future? time seems to work for just about everybody these days… and keeps everybody on their Matt: Yeah, 2011 is really looking great, God willing! toes! Some time again soon I‘ve got several opportunities though, I‘ll probably get the coming up that I hope go itch to record another fullthrough (I could use some length album. Of course, prayer on that)… and things when that time is right, the anare just more focused for me swer will come through in this year. As I said earlier, prayer. I‘ve expanded and recruited some band members who are awesome guys, and hope to 21

DIM: What has been the best part about being in the music ministry as a singer, performer or musician? Matt: Music has been a jumping board for God to really use me on and off the stage. I love the audiences and talking with them, but it‘s wider than that in reality. Because someone who has never made it to a show, and maybe that you‘ve never met, will write and say ―I like that song you posted online,‖ and all of a sudden you‘re talking with them about their daily struggles and giving them hope in Jesus Christ. But honestly, the best part is being God‘s tool for some neat music. I have a favorite spot to write music that nobody in the world knows about but me, and I just love going there and praying and being with the Spirit and co-writing songs with God.

really possess a full purpose. But the music since 2008 has been really grounded in faith and God‘s truth. One of my best friends, who happens to be my studio producer back in Bardstown, even noticed. When I recorded my latest acoustic tracks at his studio, he said, ―Dude I think you really have a grip on your songs and their meaning these days.‖

they wanted to support your ministry? Matt: They can find the music online at and there‘s a link to my Facebook music page on there as well. The CDs are $5 with free shipping…it‘s a 5-track Christian rock/contemporary EP titled ―Plea:491‖ and under my former performing name ―Matthew Fogle.‖ I‘m really proud of that EP. It‘s available on the website, and also available on iTunes. The money keeps my lights on in my apartment, and gas in the car. There‘s also a donate button on the website for anybody who‘s awesome enough to help me out.

Faith really pours out of songs that have a specific meaning… I‘ve been at fault in the past at writing generalized songs that ―reach all audiences‖ but in the end they don‘t reach any audience because it‘s not intimate and personal. One of my favorite quotes outside of scripture is ―What is most personal is most universal‖…and that goes a long way in songwriting. Going through some- Any support is definitely apthing and writing your detailed preciated! emotions can reach people on a deep level of faith. And God Thank you and God bless! DIM: Are there examples of is good, so He can use a lot of your faith that show in your different methods in reaching Interviewer songwriting and if so what are people. Robert T. Sells they? The Anointed Poet Matt: I definitely believe there are… my older songs rode the fence and didn‘t

DIM: Where can people find your music and/or products if 22

Signs a Conference is Worth Your Time Invited to speak at an event? If you are a preacher, teacher, five-fold minister, minister, leader, or other public figure, the odds are good you're going to be invited to speak at an event, conference, workshop, church service, or convention. I've been on an active conference circuit since 2007. Prior to that, I took sporadic events and even planned a few small events on my own dating all the way back to 1999. In my years as both a conference host, speaker, and yes, even one where I attended events, I have seen conferences ranging from the good, to the bad, to the very, very unspeakably unimaginable. I have also been a part of non-church events that were, at times, often better planned and prepared than church events. I've seen people literally break into arguments and fights in the church sanctuary, threats and intimidations made at the altar, people being waited on hand-and-foot in the sanctuary under the guise of "altar service," total disrespect to leaders, and numerous events where I walked away without an offering or with an insulting offering. There's the infamous story where someone gave me $24 and a raw chicken to take home as my offering - and then wanted to know what "spirit" I saw over him - it was all-too-tempting to say, "I see the spirit of cheap!" There's been the conferences where the hosts have put up all their speakers in cockroach-infested motels, left me at the airport for three hours in a strange city, or expected me to pay for my own accommodations when the conference budget didn't "quite measure up to expectations." In the church, everyone wants to hear or be acknowledged as "doing their best." We see conference hosts as doing a favor to their speakers 23 and therefore it's considered extremely "ungrateful" for leaders to complain about unac-

ceptable offerings, accommodations, or treatment. It is commonplace for conference hosts to expect their speakers to meet conference budget, make up for lack of funds, or put up with all sorts of unprofessional nonsense just to make the conference come to a reality. My general disgust with the way so-called leaders treat other leaders in today's church has caused me to step back and think long and hard before accepting most invitations I receive. As a speaker, I do not make unreasonable demands or ask for unreasonably high sums of money. On the other hand, I do expect that those who seek me out for their events are doing so because they recognize the anointing and intend to do their very best to honor that anointing as they seek out it in their events. It is truly an offensive thing when people seek to cheapen God's anointing for their own successes or gains. We forget that how we honor God also reflects in how we treat others, especially how we treat those who are called of God. While there is no question that many in the church today have a prima donna complex and think the world is their oyster of servanthood, leaders who are solid, mature, and seek to find balance and success for building the Kingdom of God lose their voice as they are accused, manipulated, or degraded for believing they should be treated better in an event than people see fit to treat them. I don't believe every conference leader deliberately seeks to misuse God's people. At the same time, I think that becomes inevitable when an event is poorly planned or when one is relying too heavily on the event to take care of itself, which is often the case. Planning events is work. Being a conference host takes more than just an anointing. It also takes good planning. Worldly events sell out every day while church events are virtually empty. Why? Worldly events are better

planned. God clearly tells us He is a God of "decency and order" (1 Corinthians 14:33). This means God does not do things haphazardly. He used order and precision when creating the world, and that tells us there is an order to creating things. Visions don't just happen; they are created. Here are some ways to determine whether or not a conference vision is created...or just "happening."

are called in their place. That is completely understandable, and a circumstance to which I am not speaking of here. It takes time to put together a solid event that will both be a blessing and will come together as smoothly as possible. In planning an event, conference hosts must take special spiritual and practical care to match speakers with their event. Out of respect for their time, ministries, and anointing, speakers must be notified with as much advanced notice as possible. FYI: Two weeks is not enough advanced A set conference date - Most ministry events change dates multiple times before notice! they settle on one to have the event. It's not uncommon for speakers to be told to A reality event - We'd be amazed if we reserve one set of dates, then told to restepped back and thought about the vast serve another, and then sometimes, yet number of conferences that are largely hyanother set...not to mention the multiple pothetical. A hypothetical event is one dates which may be advertised for the with no name, no date, no content, no event. This causes confusion in those plans, and no structure - but someone seeking to attend something, and it's a wants to ask you about this hypothetical major turnoff when an event is constantly event to see if you'd be interested to speak rescheduled before it has even happened for it. A hypothetical event is just that - it's yet. It's perfectly understandable if someone's general idea for something weather or extreme circumstances cause they'd like to do but have taken no steps to a postponement, but even then, an event bring that event into reality. Hypothetical should not be rescheduled multiple times. events have this creepy way of becoming If a conference date or dates are not esfigments of people's imagination - and tablished, then the event isn't worth mak- tend, more often than not, to never materiing a commitment to attend. Leave the alize into a conference. If someone can't suggested dates open for a fixed, wellgive you the name of the event, some conadvertised event rather than an invisible tent about it, and a date for the event one that may or may not materialize. even if the date is far in the future - politely decline or tell them to contact you again when they have more information about Advanced event notice - Sometimes people back out at the last minute and we the event. 24

Keeping speakers informed - Conference hosts are a varied group. Some update speakers daily - to the point of informing about problems, personal issues, and things that are nobody's business - to those who never tell anyone anything until the second they arrive. Speakers need to be informed about conference developments, when they are scheduled to speak, a daily itinerary of conference events, and anything else that may be relevant to their presence at the event. Too much information is not necessary; at the same time, too little information shows poor planning and lack of courtesy for speakers who are in a strange city and location.

Advertising - In order for people to attend an event, people need to know about said event. It's not uncommon for conference hosts to schedule an event and then only tell their immediate church or friends about the event. While I recognize conferences tend to have budgets, every conference can and should utilize any and all means available them to get the word out about an event. Flyers, free websites, Facebook, MySpace, blogs, emails, mailings, visiting local church events and talking about it, and getting as many people involved in the word-of-mouth promotion as possible let a large scale audience know about an event and indicate a much higher probability for a great turnout. Use the word "blessing"...correctly - I recently spoke to a man who sought me out, invited me to come to his conference events in another state (and, in one case, in another country), and then announced to me I would receive no offering and would have to pay for

my own travel. When I told him I would be unable to accept his invitation because this isn't what I require to speak at an event, he turned around and told me that he pays for himself to go to things all the time because he's going seeking "the blessing." I won't repeat what I said to him after that. As a friend of mine (who is also a pastor overseas) said to me when we preach somewhere, we are God's gift to them. They must honor God enough to respect that gift and be a blessing. It's unreasonable - not to mention offensive - to ask someone to come and preach somewhere at their own cost so that the host minister can abuse and exploit the anointing of that individual. I believe in coming to be a blessing; but I believe blessing is a mutual process and experience that goes both ways. We're not going to find a blessing somewhere if we spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get somewhere and then someone gives us no offering or a low offering - and then wishes us well. Don't tell me to come and be a blessing if you don't expect to be one yourself! Acknowledge your ministry - I've been contacted on Facebook on two different occasions now by people who have known of me and my ministry going back to 2007 and they have never once - at any point in time - spoken to me prior to now. It's not that I never spoke to them - they just never responded to me, so I figured I either was irrelevant to them or they didn't really know who I was. Imagine my surprise when they contacted me and started saying all these things to me to try and get me to participate in something or help them! My first response was, "So you DID know who I was." Amazingly enough, neither one ever responded to this statement. The first one actually dumped me from her event because my


skin is the wrong color and the second one acts now like she never said she was considering me as a speaker, desiring me instead to just attend the event as a guest at my own expense. If someone has known of you and your ministry for an extended period of time and they have never reached out or shown interest, odds are good that, consideration or not, you probably won't be picked as a speaker for their events. Why is this? Because they've never even shown the courtesy to talk to you!

Disclaiming their offer - In one of the incidents I just mentioned, I was contacted by the individual in question to let me know she was considering me as a speaker for her 2011 event. They were "praying about it" and wanted a CD or something of me teaching. I provided this and she told me she would be in contact. I heard from her about two months later, telling me what a good teacher I was and letting me know that if I was not to speak, they still wanted me to come and be in "their midst." I knew when I got that message they weren't going to have me speak - I mean, come on, really. Talk about obvious and tacky. However, this woman never confirmed or denied me as a speaker for the event - she just kept telling me, over and over again, that they were still "praying about it." For months following she failed to update or establish any information and just put off dates and honesty - and never confirmed or denied anything. Just this week she sent me the modified dates for the event and wants me to come and be "in their midst and fellowship." To be quite upfront, she was dishonest about her presentation to me. She knew she didn't want me to speak but

wanted to keep me an option so I would still come to her event even if I didn't. Speakers need to beware conferences where people don't confirm or deny your place as an invited speaker - but they still want to keep the option open for you to attend even if they don't want you to speak. Even the world doesn't ask this of people. It would be like going for a job interview and not getting the job but they tell you instead, "We're not going to really give you the job but we want you to come to the workplace everyday to be around us and hang out with us all!" If I'm not right to speak, why would I be right to just be in the midst of everyone and fellowship at my own expense? Ministers, there are plenty of places where we can go and fellowship and be in the spiritual midst of God right where we live and it doesn't cost an outrageous amount of money. We do not need to be manipulated into being downgraded in events to be in God's presence. Offering - There can be a lot of ways offerings manifest. I am not going to say everything is necessarily monetarily based depending on the circumstances. I was recently invited to an event where I am going to speak in exchange for something else connected with the event; and that is fine given the circumstances and type of event it is going to be. If someone is asking you to attend an event and they are offering you nothing outright - not even something in exchange for your speaking - then it's a bad event. Time to move on. Honorarium - Whether or not we want to call it that, most ministers have some sort of honorarium. When I have to travel a long distance, I require the host cover my travel arrangements, my hotel accommodations, and provide a love offering. I don't ask for a specific


amount of the offering but I do expect those in question do their very best...and I do know when they don't. If I am not travelling as far, I adjust what is needed to the specific circumstances. How responsive a host is to these not-so-unreasonable requests determines whether or not I even want to talk to the individual fur

ther. In today's church, we expect everything to be done not just for free but at our own cost, all the time, and without any regard to the fact that ministry is supposed to be a mutual blessing. We don't want to hear about money, talk about money, requests for money, or anything that has to do with money - we just want to pretend ministry gets here by angels' wings and good wishes. It doesn't. If you want to be honored as a speaker, it's important to make sure the honorarium is practical without being excessively demanding and that those who consider you as a speaker do not try to evade what you ask for as a minister of God.

Apostle Dr. Lee Ann B. Marino, Ph.D., D.D. Apostle in Office Apostolic Fellowship International Ministries P.O. Box 935 Cary, North Carolina 27512 USA 1 (919) 397-9122



There she was lying on the ground weeping ever so silently To not be found Her tears moved my spirit As they washed her face I walked in her shoes In this desolate place It's the only way to supply her need To the voice of the Lord I must take heed At God's commandment I planted a seed It grew to fruition In the garden of my heart Grains of hope He did impart With a basket of salvation Clutched in my hand I traced my steps Back to her land There she was In a box she called home Lost and shaken And so all alone Her countenance so sad And the crown of her glory Told me her truth An amazing story My eyes welled with tears From soul gripping fear Our hearts now connected I'll always be near I so desperately wanted to change her life To carve out a path into the Light I came into her presence I am no longer the same She now rests in my spirit And I don't know her name I placed the basket in her hands Yes, she received God's grace, His mercy and plan She drank the wine And she ate the Bread Forevermore my friend has been fed. 28 G. Boyer Written by Cynthia

Married couples: Be careful who’s influencing you 1st Corinthians 15:33: Do not be deceived: "Bad company corrupts good morals." (NASB)

They say, “Birds of a feather flock together.” This is true for our marriages.

We once did a class in which we were conveying the message of how external influence has potential to shape and mold your direction. Not only what you do, but how you do it. We had with us a Ziploc bag, one large, juicy orange, and a very potent smelling onion. We took the perfectly ripe, delicious orange and sliced it in half. We let everyone take in the very comforting aroma of the orange. It actually made people thirsty. We then took the onion, chopped it up, and put it in the Ziploc bag with the orange. We put the bag aside to continue our lesson. We waited until after our lesson to have everyone take in a breath of the contents of the bag. If you were there, you could tell without guessing simply by the cringes on everyone’s face, that the overwhelming aroma was not that of the juicy, refreshing orange; rather it was the stink of the onion. Influence is neutral. It’s what is influencing you that we should always question: whether negative or positive. A mother took her young son shopping. After a day in the stores, a clerk handed the little boy a lollipop. "What do you say?" the mother said to the boy, to which he replied, "Charge it!" (Courier-Journal Sunday Magazine.)

To some couples, it’s really no big deal if they have a lot of external friends. And having good, real, true friends are by and large a good thing to have. What are potential “Marriage Killers” are friends that have propensity or inclination towards division. This is not a rare occurrence unfortunately. In fact, a disturbingly large number of marriages are either disrupted or even shaken up to the point of disillusion all because of external influences. While both men and women have this innate potential to be influenced in a negative manner, statistics side more on women than men to have this as a potential threat within a marriage. Why? Simple. Because women are much more “attached” to others than men. In essence, men are much more self reliant then women. Even the women that claim to be “independent” are not. They are simply “dependent” on other sources, but women in general are made by God to have a much deeper, stronger connectivity to people and emotions than men. This is obviously a good thing, because they can empathize much quicker than men, and so much more. However, it is needful to take note, that not 29 only the enemy knows the weakness, but our own

conscience can sometimes fight against what is

right. And because of the propensity of strong connection, women are at a much

It takes forcible knowledge and power to

greater risk of being influenced by another,

“guard” against external influences. You

whether male or female. Again, this can be a

must make conscious efforts to block and

good thing because if there is a mentor, a

ward off things that you know are harmful to

teacher, or another who is experienced, they

your relationship. This could come from

can help much quicker. But unfortunately,

friends, family, organizations, activities, etc.

it’s usually the nosy neighbor, rowdy ruckus,

But in any case, you must take proactive

or meddling moody that likes to peep their

measures to keep your marriage and rela-

heads in another’s marriage.

tionships safe.

And if we’re not careful, both husbands and

Remember, be careful who’s influencing

wives can allow the untrained, unprofes-

you. Instead… YOU be the positive influence

sional advice and direction of someone who

on others!

does not have in their best interest the success of your marriage.

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Children who see physical violence between

Certified Marriage Coaches, Authors

their parents are six times more likely to

abuse their own spouses after they marry. If

those children were also hit by their parents as teenagers, they are 12 times more likely to abuse their spouses. Homemade, November, 1985. If a married couple has external friends that


are single, it is only a matter of time before


one or both in that marriage will begin a be-

' (302) 659-2999 Office

havioral pattern change. Their focus, desires

' (302) 659-2199 Fax

and thoughts will bend towards the way that

' (302) 399-7851 Cell

a single person thinks and acts. If that cou-


ple is not careful and does not change that


direction in a timely manner, they will most likely end up in a divorce court. It’s simple, as Dwight D. Eisenhower once wrote, “We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence…”



As the dawn appears over the mountainous planes. My interests centered on toys. Toys that entertained, fascinated and allowed emulation. Where the basic of my needs for food, shelter and clothing were all taken care of for me. Like the birds of the field. As the new bright morning appear freshly sprinkled with dew. The attention of other children my own age was what I was drawn too. Not fully realizing “he that is in me is far, far greater than he that is in the world “ The noonday sun is high over head it’s rays penetrating every person and thing beneath it. I am of age to date now and I am looking for the perfect mate, hoping, hoping and hoping. Not totally understanding that God’s love is all knowing, comforting warming like the rays of the sun. The sun is setting over the horizon in beautiful shades of oranges and yellows. And my life now begins as a parent. I have been blessed with 4 perfect bundles of joy (1-2-3-4). Each as unique and special as the daily sunsets. And like the sunsets are creations of GOD.I now share Love, as GOD has shared love with me. The stars twinkle in perfect unison. Small stars that are exact duplicates of their larger counterparts. Much like my grandchildren who are duplicates of their parents. As uniquely formed and perfectly placed as the stars in the night sky. each with their own individual lights waiting, waiting and waiting there appointed time to shine. So let your light shine before men. That they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is in heaven The Dusk of my life has arrived signaling the end of one day and the beginning of a new day. As it was when I accepted Jesus Christ as my lord and savior. For now and only now does life really begin. When my old life is left behind and the acceptance of a brand new life. As I look back thru my life, God has held my hand thru my many, many dawns. Nurturing and guiding me every step of the way…With each morning rise I am reminded daily of how he cares for me…As the noon approaches the sun mimics God’s ever present strength and power…The awesome beauty of a sunset completes the trials of the day only to illuminate the hope thru God for tomorrow…As the night falls the darkness is broken by a heavenly road map lead by the silvering beams of the moon and the tiny strategically placed points if star light marked by the planetary celestial guidepost. All caught up in the gravitational pull. That draws me closer, closer and closer to my heavenly father. Lenora A. Cash


Compromise: Homie Lover Friend Syndrome (Part I) By Stylicia A. Bowden “Don’t play the game of compromise because it will lie to you and despise you Know your worth, a woman’s worth it’s on the inside of you Don’t be deceived and try to perceive; if you love him Sex him down he still will remain Compromise is a game it will trick you all the same So know your worth, a woman’s worth it is more precious than You know….” (Excerpt from poem entitled Compromise)

man likes a challenge and mystery from a

In today’s world relationships between a man

woman. If you are giving him everything so eas-

and woman is intricate because we consistently

ily he will take it and move on to the next. You

aim to understand each other. There is no spe-

may want a commitment but as long as you

cific rule book to the do’s and don’ts when it

compromise he will put you in his category of

comes to the opposite sex. However, we can

homie lover friend. What is a homie lover

learn from the experiences and interactions with

friend? Well, in the early 90’s R. Kelly came out

them every day. If you are a woman it is not

with a song entitled “Homie Lover Friend” off his

unusual to desire companionship with the op-

CD Born in to the 90’s. A homie lover friend is

posite sex. It is human to want to be married,

defined as someone who you can have fun with,

loved, and connected to a man mentally, emo-

talk to occasionally, informally date and get the

tionally as well as spiritually. We do not have to

benefits of sex without any relational commit-

reject what we desire but realize we do not have

ment. God created man sexually natured and

to settle for anything. In my life I have made

women are created to be emotional. Women are

many mistakes concerning love, relationships

the receiver and the man is the giver that is how

and the opposite sex. I have compromised my

God designed our anatomies. Since we are that

heart, my body, my soul and spirituality for a

good thing all we have to do is live our life, set

man. In my compromise I did not receive any-

standards, stick to those standards and then the

thing back. I did not comprehend that pieces of

man will understand our worth because we un-

my body parts were given to each man I gave

derstand our worth.

my all too. I would constantly settle for being a

If this subject hits a nerve for you do not

homie lover friend instead of a wife. Mentally,

stop reading but realize I have been here many

emotionally, and spiritually I gave myself away

of times. No matter how nice or handsome the

over and over again. The men that were in my

man may be every man wants a challenge. He

life had no intentions of committing to me be-

respects a woman who does not give in to his

cause I was just another quest for them to con-

pressure of letting him get his way. Some

quer; just another pretty face. As I began to ma-

women carry an emotional, physical and mental

ture I realized I had to stop giving myself away physically, emotionally and mentally in order to be respected. Many women do not understand a


relationship with a man for years and it ends up nowhere. I have done this just to find out I have

been wasting my time and energy on someone who had no intentions of marriage. The man has become comfortable with you and he believes you are not going anywhere. How many times has this been you? I have been in this position before leaving my life on hold for a man. Instead the chase was no longer fun for him and he became complacent and moved on to what he really desired. Ladies, in 2011 it is time to not be his homie lover friend but allow him to recognize your worth. How can this be done? Well, here are key things that can steer you in the right direction. Stop compromising- Stop compromising what you truly want just to have a man. It is better to be by yourself than to settle for someone who cannot give you everything you deserve and desire. Preserve Yourself- If you have been sexually active stop having sex with the man you are currently involved with because while you are physically connected to him you are blinded by your own emotions. Once you stop the physical, emotional and mental connection you will see his true character clearly. Then you will not overlook the things you have been settling for in your life. Say No Sometimes- There is power in the word “NO” learn how to say no to a man if he is not meeting your expectations. Do not be a yes woman for every-


thing he suggests. He has to see that you are not going to cave in to his demands especially if they compromise your morals, values and standards. Understand Your Worth – It is important you put a stamp on your femininity so he can rise to the occasion of being the man he needs to be in your life. If he does not rise to the occasion then he is not the man for you. Give Up The Beckon and Call- Be intriguing, mysterious…Do not be on call for him 24/7 let him miss you and let him realize your time is valuable so he has to make sure he does not waste your time. Get A Life- Stop waiting for him to pop the question become well rounded enjoy your life so he can wonder what you are doing for a change. You should be on his mind all day because he cannot get in touch with you because you are so busy. Commitment – You are worth committing to do not let him drag his feet with you. He can make excuses all day but they only add up to him playing house with you. Once you grasp these key things then and only then a man will realize he has to respect your worth. A man only does what you allow so allow yourself to be respected and remember you are worth the wait….. And say deuces, to the Homie Lover Friend title!

True Fellowship for me is inclusive of studying God‘s word. It is meditation and prayer, praise and worship through dance or song. I really get excited when I can fellowship with other to express the goodness of Jesus and all that he has done for me – can I get an Amen from the choir? “ When I thing about Jesus and what He’s done for me. When I think about Jesus and how he set me free. I could dance, dance, dance, dance all night” Clint Brown (1998). I could truly dance all night.

True Fellowship That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly, our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ (1 John 1:3). “Oh I want to see him, look upon his face, there to sing forever of his saving grace” R.H. Cornelius (1916). Every believer should get excited when they read 1 John 1:1-3 because it reminds us that one day we will see Jesus face-to-face. In this passage, John tells his friends and others – twice, what he has seen and heard as an eyewitness to the fellowship we have with the incarnated word of God. He found it so exhilarating that he could hardly get it out of his mouth.

John was so excited about his fellowship with Jesus Christ, it was his desire that every believer have the same excitement and love toward God – he constantly referred to them as his ‗beloved children‘. John wanted to make sure that we knew that there is true fellowship with Jesus and when we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us (1 John 1:9). He wanted us to know that true fellowship will allow us to walk in the light and not in darkness and that, we would share this fellowship not only with him but with others (1 John 1:7).

Have you ever been so excited about an experience that you wanted to share it with everyone you know? Your mouth could not articulate your thoughts fast enough so you had to repeat yourself twice. This I believe is what happened to John when he began to tell the people about his fellowship with Jesus, the Son of God.

True fellowship will make us over-comers ―because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world‖ (1 John 4:4). True fellowship will give us the confidence to know that we can ask for anything and if it is according to the will of God, we could have whatsoever we desired (1 John 5:14-15).

Fellowship is defined as the condition of sharing similar interest, details, or experiences. As Christians, ‗True Fellowship‘ is sharing the consistent truth about our walk and experiences with God the Father through in his Son Jesus Christ. True fellowship ushers you into a place where you can express what has manifested in your life through the Word ― …and the word was God (John 1:1, KJV). It also shows others what you have seen and experienced through the manifestation of the word of God. Our fellowship with God through his Son Jesus Christ is the materialization that we have life more abundantly (John 10:10 b). When true fellowship exists in the life of a Christian, it exhibits light, truth, and joy. It reveals the truth of Jesus as the Son of God and this gives us the fullness of joy. When we come into the knowledge that Jesus is the light given to men, we can no longer walk in darkness “In him was life; and the life was the light of men” (John 1:4). True fellowship will convict you and causes you to confess your sins to Jesus who is faithful and just to forgive all of our sins (1st John 1:9).

Let us get excited about our fellowship with Jesus so that we can help others to get excited as well ––sharing Jesus with others makes us ambassadors for Him. ―So we are Christ's ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak for Christ when we plead, "Come back to God!" (2 Corinthians 5:20, New Living Translation).


When You Feel... When you feel you’ve done all that you can Simply place it in God’s hand. Let Him carry your burden for you Knowing His strength will get you through Seek Him in life’s situations For His mercy and grace Will ease your tribulations Ask of Him those things you need And Blessings of peace you shall receive. Yes, simply place it in God’s hand When at times you don’t understand The trials of life that may come your way Knowing He is with you every day And when you feel you’ve done all that you can Remember to place it in God’s hand Knowing all that you’ve asked for He’s already done For it’s never over; As He’s only just begun So when you feel you’ve done all that you can Simply place it in God’s hand Knowing that His word is true And that He can do what man can never do. The Tilted Tea Cup-All Things Inspired Yvette Johnson N2010 I lift up my eyes to the hills.. Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Psalms 121:1, 2 35

Refuge In Him My refuge in him is before me I am in heaven looking among man My refuge in him is shelter, and peace "He said, "I have a mission for you" In refuge I am hobbled The stream flow as He created A refuge in him "He commandth, " And it shall be done" Refuge in him isn't costly Nor doubted Refuge in him is surrendering unto thee. Ephesians 6:17 Psalm 18:1

written by Feon Davis 36

The Single Christian Series – Part 2 (The Single Christian Man: Becoming a Shepherd of God) Robert T. Sells

―Is the thing I‘m most passionate about going to be my destiny?‖ ―What daily steps should I take as I begin to walk in my purpose?‖

In this issue I will be addressing the Single Christian man and how he can begin to prepare himself for marriage. This is not usually a topic that men would even want to discuss. But men who are Kingdomminded understand the principle of agreement and how it operates in marriage. They understand that God does amazing things through anointed married couples who are in agreement. And if you‘re Kingdom-minded then your mind is on the things of God. You want to know how you can help God to carry His plan out on this earth. In Matthew 18:19-20 (KJV) the Word of God says, ―Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.‖ The Bible also says, ―I would like you to be free from concern. An unmarried man is concerned about the Lord‘s affairs— how he can please the Lord. But a married man is concerned about the affairs of this world—how he can please his wife— and his interests are divided‖ (1 Corinthians 7:32-33).

You see when you are a single man the only thing you should be concerned with are the Lord‘s affairs. When you begin to get on fire for God, He will show you His plan for you. It will slowly unveil itself through prayer and seeking God as you work in your local church, serving in ministries. I remember when I was single and a brand new convert to Christianity, I wanted to do whatever I could do understand my purpose for being here. I knew I couldn‘t have been born just to live my life without affecting someone else‘s life. Before I was in the church I was a motivational speaker and sales trainer because I just believed that I could impact someone else‘s life. So I took that same passion into the Kingdom at my local church and began serving. What did I do? Everything! I was serving in up to 13 different ministries at my local church at one point! I was active in the Firehouse, Radical Dancers, Choir, Praise Team, Prison Ministry, Singles, Spanish, Care Leaders, and many others until the Lord had to get a hold of me and say, ―Look my son, I appreciate all that you‘re doing, but I didn‘t call you to do all of that. So I need you to focus on what I‘ve called you to do‖. As I began to seek the Lord for my calling I released myself from all of the ministries I was serving in except The Care Leaders, Hispanic Ministry, Choir and the Praise Team. Then I could much more effectively serve God in what He wanted me to do.

So as a single man you should be focusing on God‘s plan for your life. You should be asking yourself these questions while the Lord is preparing you for marriage.: ―Lord how can I serve You?‖ ―What is it You‘ve put me here to do?‖ ―What can I do to help add souls to Your kingdom Lord?‖


(Continued on page 38)

After I had been serving on the praise team for about 3 years, it was then that God introduced me to the woman who would be my wife. But during that time, when I thought I was ready for marriage, I really wasn‘t. I was trying to convince myself and God that I was ready. But the Lord always lovingly corrected me and continued His work in me. You see God was preparing me for the spiritual burden I would be carrying as a husband. As a husband we have to be willing to carry the burden of the household on our shoulders. But here‘s the good news. If we‘re walking with God then that burden is not heavy because we are carrying the Lord‘s yoke. And He says in Matthew 11:29-30, ―Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.‖

your future wife. When you allow God to direct your steps, you will live the best life because you will be living the life that God has destined for you to live. You will be walking in the promise that He made over your life in Jeremiah 1:5 (The Message) when He says, ―Before I shaped you in the womb, I knew all about you. Before you saw the light of day, I had holy plans for you: A prophet to the nations— that's what I had in mind for you." Allow God to operate in your life during this single time. Seek God with all your heart, mind, and soul during this single time. Become one with God and develop a relationship with Him during this time. Allow God to completely prepare you for your marriage to the woman He desires for you to be with and I promise you that when you meet and marry that woman, you WILL live your best life ever! I know because I am doing just that right now.

As a single Christian man it is your reGod bless you brothers! sponsibility to seek God and learn who you truly are in Him. Every man has a destiny as a Next month: The Single Christian Couple: Christian single and every man who is destined Getting Ready for a Lifetime Together to be married has a destiny that is perfectly tied into his relationship to his future wife. That is © 2011 Robert T. Sells – All rights regood news! This means that whatever you‘re served doing for God will not be interrupted or delayed because of a woman who is not in agreement with what you‘re doing. It means that you will be able to seamlessly combine what you‘re doing for God with what your wife is doing for God! Why is that? Because that‘s how God set it up. When you follow God‘s plan for your life and come together in marriage with the woman who only God has destined for you to be with, you will see how God will work ―…all things out together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.‖ (Romans 8:28 KJV) Single Men of God, the Lord wants to see you married. He wants to do great things through the power of your agreement with 38

The Real Life of a Pastors Wife – Healing and Forgiveness

In my last article I shared about being wounded and also the need for healing. I have learned over the years that in order to move forward we need to forgive. Forgiveness is one of the most important elements in the healing process. In fact I will be so bold as to say that without forgiveness there is no full and complete healing. There are times we may put on a façade that everything is okay but deep down inside our hearts we are not okay, joyful or free. We are stil hurting. We push our feelings down deep and create a mote with high walls for protection from being hurt in the future and we deceive ourselves into believing that we are still the same person even though in reality we may have changed. Mark 11:25-26 "And whenever you stand praying, if you have anything against anyone, forgive him, that your Father in heaven may also forgive you your trespasses. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Father in heaven forgive your trespasses." - NKJV God shares it very plainly in a number of scriptures that He has forgiven us for all our sins when we come to Christ and now we, as forgiven children of God, are to forgive others. It is very straight forward and to the point. When we choose not to forgive the bible says God will not forgive us. Our forgiveness is a fruit and result of our true relationship with Jesus Christ. If we have received Jesus into our hearts, we have received His Holy Spirit and having the Holy Spirit dwell in us; also enables us and empowers us to be sons and daughters of God. That relationship not only helps us to forgive but empowers us in our obedience that comes from faith. If we do not forgive we are in sin and walking in disobedience. Unfortunately, most of us want to forgive or wish we could forgive but we don‘t know how or worse we shut it out of our minds so we don‘t have deal with the issue of forgiveness. God knows our hearts and knows our needs even when we don‘t know ourselves what we need, God will find a way to bring certain things to the surface so that we can examine our hearts and see ourselves soberly so that we can forgive and be healed. One other common mistake we can make as people is when we believe we have forgiven that person but in our hearts we continue to carry resentment towards them. The reality is we never truly forgave them in 39 the first place or perhaps we thought we did but not sincerely from the heart and we become bitter towards

that person.. . Everything I have just shared with you I speak from experience. I have also experienced the blessing of forgiving sincerely from the heart and now I can honestly say that I am receiving the fruits of forgiveness which is freedom, peace and joy. I believe we all want to experience that freedom, peace and joy. I hope you will be encouraged to know that if you are reading this article and you believe there may be someone in your life you need to forgive, believe that God is able to do more than we can imagine or ask. God desires us to be free to serve Him and experience that abundant life He has provided for us and He will definitely give you the strength you need as you pursue Him, seek Him first and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you. (Matthew 6:33) No matter what you are going through, Gods mercies are new every morning and today is a new day. Here are five ways to help you forgive today: · Confess It to God: By confessing it to God you are acknowledging that you were indeed hurt by this situation or person, but you realize you need to forgive in spite of how you feel in order to be set-free, restored, healed, and no longer in sin. · Allow Him to Comfort You: By allowing God to comfort you, you are re-establishing your relationship with Him. If you have been estranged from Him and need to repent, confess that also and return to Him. God is a loving Father who waits for His children‘s return. The Bible says that apart from God we can do nothing. We need Jesus in order for us to be restored and so that we may forgive others. · Forgive: This is where you take the step of faith and forgive. Remember what forgiveness means: To give up or cease to feel resentment, to grant relief from payment and/or to pardon, which means to excuse an offense without exacting penalty. Forgiving is also a willingness to put the matter in the past in order to move forward. · Let It Go: Once you have confessed it to God, and you have forgiven the person or situation in your heart, you can also ask God to help you let it go, and give it to God, allowing Him to take it from you. The Bible says to cast your cares upon Him for He cares for (Continued on page 40)

you. Letting it go is now a matter of faith. · Leave It There: Once you have forgiven by faith, let it go and release it to God. You must now also leave it in His capable hands by faith. Trust God to take care of it and no longer worry or hold on to it, but release it over to Him once and for all. 5. The Bible says that once God forgives us for our sins He casts them as far as the east is from the west, remembering them no more. Yes, for us it is easier said than done to forgive and forget; in fact, let‘s be realistic - we usually don‘t forget. Although God can forget our sins and remember them no more, we have a memory that most of the time won‘t let us forget. This part of the process will take some time but if you truly are forgiving and letting go of the resentment you will experience relief from the pain and hope to move forward in your life and situation with joy again to live the abundant life that God has planned for you. Another word of advice is to seek out fellowship and accountability for your healing process. Talk to your spouse, a good friend, or church mentor to help you in your restoration process and continue to talk about it and allow God to comfort you during this process. It doesn‘t happen overnight although God can choose to heal you anytime, but as you seek God through it, you will begin to receive the love He has for you and be restored. If you are struggling with unforgiveness or bitterness, seek Christ today and ask Him to help you release it to Him and follow the steps to let it go. The next step should be reconciliation. Pray for wisdom and for God to give you the opportunity to be reconciled with the person (s) involved, if at all possible. Remember that God is faithful and He will do it! men their trespasses,

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Time Keeps on Slipping Into the future, time keeps slipping. Into a world of sin, we keep dipping. God has to shorten the time, or none will be saved. Because the longer He tarries, the worse we behave.

Earthquakes in divers places, daughter against mother. Father against son, brothers fighting one another. Wars all over the world, and so many rumors of the same. False Prophets preaching, against the baptism in Jesus Name. Take therefore no thought for the morrow. For this is only, the beginning of sorrow. We're all between, earthly life and death. One minute closer, to our last breath. Time to come out of darkness, and make a U-Turn. Jesus is on the horizon, about to make His Return. The times are evil, and it's end is deadly. Come into the Light, be ye also ready. Into the future, time keeps on slipping. Come out of your sins, stop your dipping. The Lord is coming, as a thief in the night. You'll be left behind, if your soul's not right. He's giving us time, giving us space. Take advantage, of His Mercy and Grace. When He shows in the clouds, He won't wait. And if you're not ready, it will be too late. To God Goes The Glory. Copyrighted 01/31/2011 Minister Antonio41(Tony) Rowsey

Own your uniqueness Shirelle “Diamond Hogans I’ve started many things and have given up many times. I’ve had the passion but lost it somewhere between planning things out and telling others, thinking they would be as passionate about my ideas as I have been for theirs. Somewhere along the way, I lost my zeal for my dreams. Somehow, I got caught up in the negative talk and pressures of life that I decided it was easier to just be “normal”, but I couldn’t escape my destiny. My dreams tortured me until I got up to do something about them. I love helping others fulfill their dreams. Love to encourage people that they can accomplish any and everything they put their minds too. Somehow, I never left time or room for my own. My dreams seemed too crazy to come true, as if I had to reel them in from their “WILD” state to something that was easier to do and that was “EASIER” for others to handle. I thought I needed their approval and assistance in making them happen. No one could “SEE” what I was talking about, so I allowed the frustration and opposition to set in and gave up. Not everyone could “swallow” the level of impact I was attempting to make. What I later find out, through many hurtful trials and tribulations was, not everyone was ready for me to not only DREAM but FULFILL my dreams. In 2010, I began to not only DREAM again but I decided that I was “just fine” with my uniqueness. Not everyone has the privilege to SEE what was given to you in the beginning state. Don’t be frustrated if they don’t see it until the end. YOUR uniqueness can change the world if you just BELIEVE and follow through until your DREAMS become your REALITY, as mine have. 888.821.3371 42

Order your copy Today! 43 888.821.3371

A family that prays together stays together Children of God‘s family, church family, immediate family, extended family, blended family, adopted family, well just simple family. Scripture: James 5:14-16 Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up, and if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him. Confess your faults one to another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. Prayer: Communicating and talking with God. Everyone can offer a prayer unto God. That includes children. Offering up a petition to God. This day and age it is essential to be obedient when God tells us to pray without ceasing (Thess. 5:17) We are the body of Christ; God wants us to prayer individually, as well as collectively. When you pray something happens. There is power (dunamis) in prayer. We are in a state of emergency according to the world. A recession, they act as if there is no hope. We realize our only hope is in Jesus. The world acts franticly putting their trust and hope in the stock market, CD‘s, mutual funds, and 401 plans. We must seek God in all aspects of our lives. A family represents unity. That doesn‘t mean you don‘t have misunderstandings, situations or problems, or fall outs. But even through all of that we still must have love. When you pray it activates something. Prayer is an action word. Something happens and you get results. When you pray, Jesus hears you and takes it to the Father and our Heavenly Father gives an answer. Now God doesn‘t always answer the way we want him too. But, he knows what's best for us. You have to be careful what you pray for. It might not be something that Is good for you or good to you. You might be praying for a husband and God is saying wait because I have a work for you to do while you are yet single. God might be telling you, being single enables you to be free to go and do what I have for you to do. You might be praying to move and God is saying wait. I have something better for you. God is saying it is in the timing of him not in us. You might say well preacher I don‘t know how to pray. Let me tell you it doesn‘t have to be something long and drawn out. It doesn‘t have to be elaborate sophisticated big words, just sincere words communicating to the Father. I remember as a child my Mother taught me this prayer:

Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take AMEN I remember teaching the same prayer to my children when they were children. If that is all you remember or can say then pray that prayer until God gives you something else to pray. And I am a living witness He will. God has given us the model prayer, ―The Lord‘s Prayer.‖ (St. Matthew 6:9-13) Prayer is the key P-Putting faith and trust in God R- realizing we serve a might God that does answer A- prayer is an action word, it activates God Y- yearning to seek the face of Jesus E- eager to get results R-ready to talk to Jesus A family that prays together stays together. You might not always agree but you still love each other and want to support one another. Lord, I know my family and I have had, misunderstanding but let me forgive them .After all Lord, you forgive us when we are wrong .Lord, my family is in need of a financial blessing. I don‘t have it to give but you do. Lord, my family member is sick and stands in need of healing. Can you heal them? Lord, my family stands in need of housing, you said you would supply .We are standing on your word and your promises .Lord, my family just needs peace of mind. We‘ve gone through some trials and tribulations we need your Divine intervention. We must pray for ourselves as well as for our family members. A few years ago we had a family reunion and our tshirts said "A family that prays together stays together." Prayer brings about healing, prayer brings about change, and prayer brings about unity .Family lets prayer together. Family let‘s work together. Let‘s stay together, there is strength in numbers. Family let‘s walk together in love, let‘s talk together, not about each other .Let us love each other, let us have the type of love Christ has for us unconditional love. I will love you inspite of. Let us laugh together; sometimes we have to cry together to let us embrace one another and mean it to. A family that prayers together will stay together

Minister Cheryl Thomas


You Were There The steps I took, You are there to walk with me The thoughts I have, You are there to make sure I am confident with them The struggles I had, You are there to make sure I didn't endure them long The condemnation I faced, You are there to strike down those who cause them The joy I feel, You are there to give me more The fear I felt, You are there to comfort me The procrastination I did, You are there to speak to me in order to move forward The glory I see, is because You are there. The time I held my head low, You are there to help me keep it lifted up towards You. The time I felt I couldn't go no further, You are there to help move my feet The time I felt I had no one in my life, You are there for me The time a door closed at me, You are there to open up another one The days I just wanted to give up, You are there to encourage me to keep pushing With everything I’ve been through, You are always there to help me get through it. You are always there. You were there, Lord, when I have faced adversity You were there, Lord, in all of the goals I accomplished You were there, Lord, when I was wrongfully judged and you recompense for me You were there, Lord, every day I wake up in the morning and every night I go to sleep You were there, Lord, to help govern my life You were there, Lord, to order my steps You were there, Lord, for every victory and triumph I conquered You were there, Lord, for every blessing I received You were there, Lord, to allow me to see the wonders of your hands You were there, Lord, for my family in strength, togetherness, and love You were there, Lord, for when I called upon You. You were there, Lord, to send the right people in my life You were there before I even knew what my life was going to be like You were already there. I give you praises for being there when I needed You every time, every hour, every second, every day, every situation, every happiness. everything, everywhere, every point, every turn, every in, every out, every up, every down. I am so grateful and thankful You were there, Lord. You Were There Š 11/2010 Stephannie Quince Sensual Library. All Rights Reserved. Prohibited to copy. 45

Life Thoughts from "The Other Side of Threw By Minister B. Michelle Horton

"Woman, behold, your Son." John 19:26 RSV

something or someone) in order to come out to the other side.

Today I want to encourage you to get up, get going and

Thanking God for the insight that goodbye’s can be the

get over whatever is trying to hold you back from your

catalyst for great hellos.

divine destiny. Since we have all been created for a divine purpose, it makes no sense holding on to yesterday's

Let us pray. “Dear Lord, I am recommitting myself to

worries and fears. I was prompted to reflect and deeply

saying goodbye to things that no longer serve You and me

think about Jesus saying goodbye to His mother Mary,

for divine purpose. I will not turn around or turn

after reading a devotional by Max Lucado. It compelled

back. I turn to You for guidance, wisdom and direc-

me to ask myself “who and what do I need to say goodbye

tion. I will stop "knocking on the doors" that You closed.

to?” What about you? Is there something or someone

I say goodbye to anger, rage, bitterness and regret. I say

that you haven't been able to let go of? Is there someone

goodbye to words that wounded me, low self esteem and

or something that you have been carrying around in your

neglecting Your truth. I say goodbye to those things that

heart, mind or spirit that is weighing you down? We are

had taken up residence in my mind, body and spirit

three months into the New Year and you may still be

that caused me to lose focus on who You are and who I

struggling with the resolve or resolution you made in

am as a child of the King. Thank you for prompting me

January. Good news! It’s not too late to begin again.

to believe that with you all things are possible. Amen.”

Be determined today to say goodbye, like Jesus did to Mary. His heart had to be breaking because He loved His mother. But He had to go. God was calling Him to complete His divine destiny and mission on earth. He realized that everything good that He would have to say goodbye to on earth, would be a good that would meet Him in heaven and there would be a day of hello. In my recently released book, The Other Side of Threw, A Journal of A Journey Home, I convey to you, my readers, that God can use any and every situation to bring us up, out and through the “threw.” We must go through to get through. And in most cases, we must say goodbye (to


This is B. Michelle’s third book. It is filled with raw emotion, honest insights and healing words that will help you to believe God for total restoration from any and all circumstances. The Other Side of Threw is available on,, and Barnes and and directly from author. To contact her regarding speaking engagements or for more information, etc.



Divine Inspirations Magazine March 2011 Issue  
Divine Inspirations Magazine March 2011 Issue  

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