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PROFESSIONELLE ONLINE-KURSER Professionel Professionel Professionel Professionel videoformidling videoformidling videoformidling videoformidling

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Den Den professionelle professionelle foredragsholder foredragsholder og og formidler formidler

Du får adgang til over Du får adgang til over 45 film og værktøjer, 45 og værktøjer, derfilm hjælper dig med der hjælper dig med at tage dit publikum at tage dit publikum med storm med storm

Komplet udannelsesguide Komplet udannelsesguide Med overKomplet 45 film og Med over 45 film og værktøjer, bliver du godt præsentationsguide værktøjer, bliver du godt klædt på til at fange og klædt på til at fange og røre dine deltagere Torben giver dig værktøjer, tips røre dine deltagere og erfaringer fra hele Find kurset hansher karriere. Find kurset her

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I am on a mission. To inspire and evoke every living heart to spark, shine and connect. The world needs action takers, ­peacemakers, awoken dreamers and heartfelt players, who act, with courage and guts, moment to moment, to improve their own lives, while improving the wellbeing and ­functioning of the whole. Because, we are one, and the more we wake up to this truth, act with great will, love, passion, purpose and responsibility,­in order to become the best of cells, the brighter the future for all of us. Let’s amplify the light, people!


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We proudly present this sustainably produced Magazine, where you will find inspiration on how to dream big, and make those dreams your life. On a path to personal freedom and ­passionate purpose filled lives, you will meet the starters and the pros, the idealists and the doers. Inventors, business experts, ­entrepreneurs, explorers. Coaches, networkers and ­transformational teachers. My hope is that you will try out some of their ideas for yourself, think big, act inspired, and go create that magical life you wish for. Anything is possible, and YOU are the one that can make it ­happen. So SHINE ON, and sprinkle love and passion to elevate every life you can! With Love and Light,

Trine Sasha Divineful

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Susanne Frandsen

How to Reignite & Unfold Yourself and your Business Susanne Frandsen is a transformational speaker, coach, healer, certified passion test ­facilitator, author and midwife for the new leadership paradigme. She works with leaders, leadership groups and people who wants to be CEO in their own lifes.


usanne Frandsen describes the new leadership ­paradigme as shifting our attention from doing to being. Turning things around from thinking, ­doing and – if at all – feeling, to doing things the other way around – consulting our hearts through feeling, then ­thinking and doing. Making sure, that things are coming from the right place. From passion and purpose. A survey shows that 3,14 million danish individuals out of 5,5 millions suffer from some sort of illness and cronic pain (stress not counted in). This to her shows a warning signal and a need to turn things around. Another study shows, that what companies look for in new employees is resiliance! But we are off piste and need to find the way back to ourselves.

How do we find the way back to ourselves? For Susanne the way back to herself was the Passion Test, and that was what motivated her to become a facilitator herself. It is a quick way to reignite yourself, by realigning yourself with your heart, and to make the new programming of your brains, that would allow that passionate life to unfold. In a very short period of time Susanne succeded in turning her life from feeling heavy and contracted to feeling expanded and light with flow and synchronicity as life companions. From a life lacking a deep sense of meaning as a self­ employed management consultant with many years of ­experience from the corperate world, and as a board ­member with a masters in strategic business, an education in ­business psychology and 3 ”failed” marriages, to a life with meaning and purpose, integrating the corporate experience with her passion for the so called alternative and spiritua­ lity, which she had been exploring to great extend in her free time. Now building a brigde between those two worlds, ­closing the gap between the old and the new leadership paradigme. Feeling like coming home. And as soon as she committed to that purpose, everything started to fall into place - within 4 days. Getting money out of ”nowhere”, making it possible to write a book – ”Direc­

4 elevate your life purpose

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tors Manual – heartfelt leadership” (Direktørmanualen – ­ledelse fra hjertet) funded by a generous CEO – no strings attached, having the book mentioned in Denmarks largest business paper Børsen, having a wellknown cartoonist sponsor the drawings for the book, having a company doing her website for free and the list continues. Flow and synchronicity to this day. Acting out of inspiration. That is how you know, that you found your sweet spot. Your Dharma. Your purpose. The heart way works like magic. Taking the Passion Test is like having all the pieces of your life puzzle in a box with no picture on the top, and then getting the full picture, where it all fits ­together.

When things are falling apart Often in a period of transformation we experience that things are falling apart. But what is actually happening is, that things are falling into place – maybe for the first time. Susanne uses the butterfly in her logo to symbolize trans­ formation. When the catarpillar turns into a cocoon it reaches a point, where everything in the cocoon dissolves and becomes liquid before it transforms into a butterfly. In the same way people often feel like they loose them­ selves, having to let go of everything known to them, their stories and their beliefs about themselves, to be able to be who they really are. A butterfly with beautiful wings. But like with a butterfly, that cannot see its own wings, the same can be said about most people – not being able to see their own genius and light to this world. That is what Susanne now helps people to see, and that is pure magic. That moment when the light is re-ignited in a persons eyes is worth every minute Susanne spent on figuring out the mysteries of ”life” herself. And a valuable byproduct is that most times illness and pain dissolves itself in the process. Right then and there. In a moment. In a now. Healing on the deepest level is possible, once you know about the Brain, Epigenetics, Quantum Physics, psycosomatic symptoms and of course the Soul.

The organism of mankind This journey of ours right now is about getting each ­individual to become a healthy aligned cell in that ­larger organism of mankind. Once every individual finds heart-brain alignment, so does the whole of ­mankind. Without political and economical crisis,

wars and nature crying for help. It is all interconnected. Micro and macro levels. But it starts with YOU. The ”chaos” right now is however a good sign, because out of periods of great contrast clairity arises and out springs desires and dreams for something else. That is the first step of manifesting that new reality. The current phase is the dissolving phase, like in the cocoon mentioned before. Things falling apart – to finally fall together.

How to become a ”healthy cell” For Susanne it worked to take the Passion Test, but you could do it in other ways. For example looking ­inwards – asking yourself ”who am I” instead of finding the ­answers in the outer world. Finding happiness in ­conditions. Be quiet with yourself and step aside from that rigid mind pattern that form your reality. Let go of the past and all the stories that hold you back from being you. Then – and only then - you will find unconditional peace, love and harmony. Within. And then without. But in that order. Susanne experienced many people having a radical awakening, becoming consciouss of their stories and ­letting go of them - which immidiately transformed ­illness and cronic pain to inner peace and balance, and a path of flow and synchronicity unfolded itself, much like it happend to Susanne herself. She even once experienced a guy instantly manifesting a marker (a proof in the Passion Test of living a life to a ”10”) when his phone ”took itself” on the table out of reach and the room was suddenly filled with the voice of his boss telling him, that he should attend a course (he had just mentioned as a marker) next week – something they had not prior talked about. Now that is flow! Once you are clear, you can manifest in ways that will surprise you again and again.

How can you cultivate trust? Susannes own journey is proof of great courage and trust, letting go of lots of things – jobs, marriages even one of her kids for a while. Despite her surroundings judging her. But how do we cultivate that inner sense of trust in the process? Letting go of our fixed minds on how things should evolve is mandatory. No tension as to how things will ­unfold – this is the 3. Step of the Passion Test process –

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10/11/15 01:43

Susanne Frandsen and it is what will allow life to flow through you with ease. So get rid of your inner resistance. Again, the Passion Test will help you do that – and move into allowance. This does not mean however the absence of challenges, but even when faced with a challenge, you will be able to find peace within, knowing it is for a reason, that it showed up. And you will learn the lesson with ease. Let your ­feelings guide you. Good feelings (= high vibrant feelings) means keep doing, what you are doing – bad feelings (low vibrant feelings) means stop or rewrite your story.

”Life is meant to be easy. No pain – no gain is a falsehood.”

― Susanne Frandsen Your feelings are your feedback system – always ­available 24-7. Be like water – you never see water run uphill or decide to go through a stone; it always finds the path of least resistance – so should you. Life is meant to be easy. No pain – no gain is a falsehood. Hardship is evidence of resistance.

How do you go into allowance when reality sucks? How do you communicate like water – with others and yourself? You should focus your attention on general things, that do work in your life. Resisting talking about the ”truth”, that is the specific things, that do not work. Because in that way you can shift your vibrational level from low to high. Quantum Physics show us, that the universe is in fact a copying machine of our thoughts and emotions – each hold a vibration. Low vibes bring hardship, and high vibes flow and synchronicity. On a soul level you can however encounter, what you would call hardship – things you do not want, and things you don’t have a story about – this is to cultivate your life purpose, and is part of your souls contract. But suffering is often the result of your detailed focus on what you do not want. So it is wise to go general and lift yourself out of the specifics. Look for the good stuff. If you encounter a hard day, start off by saying, ”thank God I am alive, I have a house and food in the fridge”. Count your blessings. That will lift your vibration, and you will be able to move on to more pleasant thoughts, that will elevate your thoughts, emotions and life further.

Gratitude and love is the highest MHz frequency. So go general and pick the road of least resistance. For example,­if you have an unpaid bill due in a week and no money to show for it, and you are circling around the fact, that you will not get them either. In that case the path of least resistance could be, that right now, in this moment, since you don’t have to pay it now, you could go for a walk in Nature, and enjoy the sun and fresh air. That would lift your vibration and change the focus, and by doing so you allow the Universe to deliver the money. A focus on ”the reality” will disconnect yourself with the possibility of things changing. So we need to find the path of least resistance. Often times it will not make sense to do so, because we have been brought up to be ”responsible” and live by the belief, that we have to see things to believe things, but actually it is the other way around – we have to believe things to see things. Susanne herself took a big leap into faith just around the issue of money. Once she was almost done with her book, money went low and lending money from parents and her now ex-husband was not an option any longer. She was faced with the sudden reality of having to pay a big sum of money the day after. Not falling into victimhood, she recalls standing there in her living room – after facing a family, who encouraged her to take one of the good jobs she had been offered since ”you cannot always do what you would like to do” - talking out loud to the Universe saying ”Ok, I get it – it is a test of my commitment. I have to be the teacher living the ­teaching. Guess what, I want to do this, follow my heart. I am letting go, jumping off the cliff, and you better catch me.” Within 24 hours she had manifested a quarter of a m ­ illion Danish Kroner, feeling like she zapped between two ­realities. So it can be done. But it takes courage and faith.

What do you need to let go of? Your inner voices that comes out of your fixed mindset and your stories about yourself. What you could and should/should not do. Pay attention to your inner being, allow yourself periods of being instead of always doing. Let yourself jump off the cliff, expose yourself to being vulnerable, because only there you can really be open to what the future wants from you. You cannot get new results by doing what you always do. On that journey you will encounter 3 inner (and perhaps outer) voices, like Otto Scharmer describes in the U Theory.­

6 elevate your life purpose

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Susanne’s concepts Groundzero-leadership

Heartfelt Leadership

Get out of stress now

(Re)building the future of your business. Helping CEO’s re-align themselves and their businesses in an exclusive 9-day course with 3 modules and 1-1 sessions.

Helping individuals/CEO’s/leaders and organizations re-ignite and unfold their wings assisting them in the birth of the new leadership paradigme. Living from the heart and heartfelt leadership. Mastermind groups and 1-1 passion tests and coaching.

Helping stressed individuals in their ”cocoon phase” to go through the process of dissolvement in folding out the wings and experience a life of passion, peace and purpose. (get out of stress now) with Camilla Pearl. with Karsten Munk.

3-days course and 1-1.

Get the first chapter of her book ”Direktørmanualen – ledelse fra hjertet” when you sign up for her newsletter. (English translation in progress – ”Directors Manual – Heartfelt Leadership).

First, ”the voice of judgement” in the phase of you letting go of the stories (downloading in his term), secondly, ”The voice of cynicism” on the way to opening the heart, and thirdly, ”The voice of fear” that comes before you open your free will, to let go of what was, to receive what will be. Connected to Source energy. Often times Susannes clients are frustrated with their progress, but in fact using this model they see, that they are in good progress, because the nature of their inner voice has shifted from judgement over cynisism to fear – and that is when the fun begins. When our little self is ”dying” to make room for our higher Self. Like Marianne Williamson says ”it is not our own darkness, that we are afraid of – but our own light”, so we actually fear our own success more than the possibility of failure. Allow yourself to visit and cultivate your inner desires and dreams. They are yours to be.

How do I practice allowance?

to see you succeed. Here you can build up momentum enough for you to fast forward your dreams. Susanne herself has not read newspapers or seen the news for several years now, being sensitive to the low vibes and how it influences her. Instead focusing on what works and what she would like the world to be like. She also surrounds herself with positive people and high vibrant people, to stay elevated and in an environment with great momentum, that supports her in living out her grandest vision. She also has a daily yoga and meditation practice and eats a healthy organic diet most of the time. And she makes daily choices in favour of her top 5 passions; 1. Inspiring people and organisations to transformation through heartfelt personal leadership. 2. Loving and being loved unconditionally. 3. Having an optimal inner and outer balance.

Practice gratitude on a daily basis, go general in your thoughts, practise the markers in the Passion Test, if you took one, it will open up your mind within 21-30 days building new neural pathways. Love what is. Take care of your own vibrational level. Spend time with likeminded people – like on Elevate – that cheer you on and wants

4. Feeling connected to oneness. 5. Doing what she loves and having fun doing it!

by // Trine Sasha & Susanne Frandsen elevate your life purpose 7

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10/11/15 01:43

Darren Hardy

The journey of success is through a minefield of failures Founding editor and visionary behind one of the leading US Magazines about Business, Success and Entrepreneurship, the one and only, Darren Hardy is key speaker at ELEVATE2015. At ELEVATE2015 Darren Hardy takes us on the journey of the entrepreneurial roller coaster with ups and downs and shares key skills to success.


uthor to two New York Bestselling books and mentor to some of the most successful CEO’s and business-owners around the world, it is no sur­ prise that Darren Hardy is one of the highest-paid moti­ vational speakers on Business, Success and ­Efficiency.

”It is not your circumstances that will determine your success. Your determination will.” ― Darren Hardy As publisher and founding editor of SUCCESS ­magazine, Darren is in the unique position of sitting down with the leading experts on human performance and achievement, as well as many of today’s top CEO’s, revolutionary entrepreneurs, superstar athletes, ­entertainers and Olympic champions, to uncover and share the success secrets behind their extraordinary success. In Darren Hardy’s opinion there are four ­essentials skills you need to have or acquire to ­ become a successful entrepreneur:

“I started out afraid and nervous. I had no training and no ­guidance. And in my first business of ­water filters, I ended up fl ­ ooding my grandmother’s basement.­ But I learned from the ­experience and I learned that the journey of any ­success is through a minefield of ­failures. ­Entrepreneurship is a ­series of failures – never see ­failures as failures – it is just ­discovery. You will learn of each failure, and if you speed up your ­failures – you speed up your experience – and the journey to success,”­ tells Darren Hardy.

“First of all, the ability to sell. Too many people have not learned to sell and go about it all wrong. Next ­essential skill is the ability to lead. Many leaders are copying what they know and are repeating leader­ ship sins of the past. The world has changed and therefore leadership has changed as well. It is also crucial to recruit top talent and just as important to keep these talents. The team that wins is the one that have the best players. The fourth skill is the ability to be productive, to learn not to be distracted and the ability to manage your own ­productivity,” explains Darren Hardy.

Failures lead to experience Darren did not start out being a success and he knows from his own experience the roller coaster an entrepreneur must endure when starting a new business. 8 elevate your life purpose

elevate-magasin.indd 8

10/11/15 01:43

As Darren himself only finished one semester at college and had no guidance when he first started out, Darren emphasise that anyone can be a successful entrepreneur. “Some successful entrepreneurs went to college­– others didn’t. It is not your circum­ stances that will determine your success. Your determination will. When I have a difficult day I think of my heroes that went through terrible ordeals and still continued. I had no back­ ground in water filters, real estate franchises, TV-network or magazine production. Nothing I have done – I have done before or trained to do. I just threw myself in one exciting round after another. And If I can do it – you can do it,” says Darren Hardy and continues: “You can be an entrepreneur no matter where you are starting. 90 percent of entrepreneurs started off broke. If you are not broke – you have an advantage.”

Darren Hardy’s top three advices for ELEVATE 2015 participants Take 10 percent of your income and invest in y ­ ourself. Invest in personal development. Personal ­development is the key to success. People think they are done studying when they have finished college, but this is the time to really develop ­essential skills. I am committed to personal ­development and I still have a goal of spending 10 percent of my income on personal growth each year. And as you are attending ELEVATE, you are committed as well to personal develop­ ment and are on the right path. Be conscious of who, you are hanging out with. You are the five people you spend most time with. The single most important factor is our reference group, so take a moment and ponder who these five people are. ELEVATE2015 is an excellent opportunity to expand your network. The people that show up for these seminars are the people that share your ambition of growth and in my experience; it is always the Bliv langt gladere for at være netop unikke dig, så du opdager, most successful people that go to at sundhed kommer indefra, opnår dethe målseminars. og det liv, du ønsker

Kærligst, by // AnneHolm Høybye Charlotte (22 42 24 60) Bliv langt gladere for at være unikke dig, så du opdager at glæden kommer indefra, opnår de mål og det liv, du ønsker og fortjener. Du bliver bevidst om dine tanker så du til fulde kan bruge dine ressourcer og dit potentiale. Jeg kan guide dig, så du lytter til dit hjerte og lever efter det, der oprigtigt gør dig glad ved TAK at lære dig at følge din indre engel og være dit unikke lys. Kærligst, Charlotte Holm (22 42 24 60) Mit FØR og mit NU...

elevate-magasin.indd 9

layout: Suzanne Fog/

og fortjener. Så du bliver bevidst om dine tanker og til fulde Learn strategies of achievements. kan bruge dine ressourcer og dit potentiale. IfJeg you can learn to succeed company kan hjælpe dig til at lytter tilin ditone hjerte og lever efter det –der you can build any company. What you need is oprigtigt gør dig glad, ved the systems andengel... the strategies. Discover what at følge din indre you need to in order to find your strategy og komme til learn at skinne – være dit unikke lys. to succeed.

Sæt dig fri af dæmonen og følg din engel...

elevate your life purpose 9 118 kg.

78 kg.

10/11/15 01:43

Martin Bonde Mogensen

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH – According to “Kropsinstituttet” The Health Department in Denmark recommends us to eat 600 grams of fruit and vegetables every day. We (Kropsinstituttet) would actually like you to enjoy more than that, and primarily vegetables.


UICE IT – It’s so easy to get the full amount every day by juicing! Each of these vegetables and fruits are approximately 100gram: ½ of a fennel, 1 pear, ¼ of cucumber, 1 lemon, 1 ­apple, ¼ of broccoli. Add a little ginger. There you go - 600 grams of delicious vegetables in one juice!

Cold-Preventer: Raw broccoli contains twice the amount of C-vitamin pr 100 gram than 100 grams of orange. Red pepper contains 3 times more C-vitamin than oranges. Eat them raw and beat the cold! Listen to Your Body: Do you suffer from headache, fatigue, malfunction in digestion? Signals like these should be respected, because the body is giving you a natural wakeup call. Will you listen? Digestion: About 70% of our immune system is found in the intestines, so make sure to keep the intestines healthy. Problems in the intestines usually cause ­inflammation. And in our contemporary world, inflam­ mation is not only an acute transient process, it is often chronic. Today, approximately 1.7 million Danes are plagued with chronic diseases. Take action to get

well and change the lifestyle that has made you sick. Put everything you usually eat on the shelf - eat mostly vegetables and avoid gluten, dairy and sugar. Vitamin D is important for example for calcium absorp­ tion in the bone and the immune system. 9 out of 10 Danes have vitamin D deficiency, which also plays a role in certain cancers, cardiovascular disorders, autoim­ mune disorders including arthritis, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, diabetes, depression and muscle weakness. In addition, B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium and zinc are high on the list of deficiencies. Most people are actually missing those four mentioned ­nutrients altogether. Every cell in your body needs B vitamins to function ­optimally and to produce energy. This means, that B ­vitamin plays a role in any situation requiring an immune ­response, optimal brain function, food digestion, any movement in the body, the ability for the heart to beat and so on. It is important to understand and know, that the need for B vitamins is even more important when you are stressed and/if you have excessive use of stimulants.

SLIM ‘n’ HEALTHY HEALTHY ‘n’ SLIM • 1/2 pineapple

How to do it;

• 1 green apple

Juice the pineapple, ­apple, beetroot and spinach through your slowjuicer. If the ­spi­nach is frozen, blend it with the banana, berries and oil in your blender. Gently mix the ­blended fruits with the fresh juice. Add ice cubes if needed.

• 1 beetroot • 1 handful spinach • 7-8 strawberries  • 1 handful blueberries • 1/2 banana  teaspoon good and • 1 healthy oil 10 elevate your life purpose

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10/11/15 01:43

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter in the brain, the body’s natural happy pill. The formation of serotonin is contingent by the amount of enough right B vitamins present. Since the majority of Denmark’s population has a B-vitamin deficiency, it’s hardly difficult to understand, there is around a 25% likelihood you will suffer from severe depression at some point in your life. The latest data show that sales of antidepressants have increased almost 60% in 10 years! One third of the population has folic acid deficiency. Depressed patients with a folic acid deficiency are at a 6 times greater risk, that their antidepressant ­medication isn’t working properly. This means those who do take medication, only show a 50% improvement out of 50% of all the patients. On top of this, 86% of them have one or more side ­effects.

Cell-Food Every single cell in your body needs nutrients to ­produce energy and deliver maximum efficiency. The cells are being replaced by new cells constantly - in fact every 7 years you will have replaced almost all the cells in your body.

think twice before holding “dead” food in your hand, ready to eat it. Consider instead what part of the body you want to nourish and with which kind of building block. Most people know that protein and muscles are con­ nected, but it is so much more than that. Protein in the body is degraded into amino acids, which is the body neurotransmitters. These amino acids are essential. The body builds up and breaks down proteins. After we have eaten food, parts of it are broken down into amino acids. When there is no more protein available from the diet, the body continues to break down ­proteins into amino acids, but now it’s just proteins from our tissues.­This means, that we degrade our own cells and tissues,­if we don’t add enough protein through our diet. ­However, this balance will be restored once we eat again and it’s a daily cycle that runs automatically. One of the amino acids we acquire through food containing protein is Phenylalanine. This is an essential amino acid enabling the production of dopamine and ­adrenaline, which are our stimulating hormones in the body. ­Therefore it’s not only vital, but makes perfect sense to include protein in the first meal of the day.

by // Martin Bonde Mogensen

Brain and nerve cells can be irreversible damaged whereas rest of the body can - to a certain extent­recreate and repair destroyed and damaged cells, BUT ONLY UNDER THE RIGHT CONDITIONS, so please

Martin Bonde Mogensen 1) Educated Body-sds and Bodytherapist 2) Health- and juice-expert for Joe and the Juice 3) Expert in individual cleans and juice cleans 4) Author of the books; ”DEN FEDESTE JUICEKUR” & “DEN FEDE FASTE”, and to a new book coming in 2016. 5) Nutritional advisor and lifestyle coach for private courses 6) Lecturer/Public speaker  7) Teaching health 8) Tour operator specialising in health retreats and health courses  9) Experience from more than 20.000 treatments. elevate your life purpose 11

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Thomas Rex Frederiksen

No lungs, no Life Our lives depend on trees. They are the lungs of the planet. And therefore we cannot live ­without them. Deforestation is a critically huge world-problem right now *, and is happening in a frightening pace these days. “It’s going to be an unimaginable huge problem for future ­generations, if we don’t act upon it now. Scary as it sounds, if we do not have enough trees to convert CO2 into oxygen, we will eventually suffocate within few generations.”


homas Rex, the founder of Speakers Club,, CEO of Elevate20xx, and a devoted tree-lover, is passionately working on a big scale project that can eventually solve this problem,­and change the world as we know it: “I am working as much time as possible on launching my legacy project about planting trees in exposed places, around the world, initially launched as a project we call ‘The Great Green Wall Of Africa’. It is about using specially designed water boxes in planting a belt of trees across the Sahara Desert from the east to the west. This belt of trees, will be about 15 kilometers wide and 10.000 kilo­ meters long. If only for a CO2reduction purpose of planting a tree, we could easily do it in Denmark or Iceland for that matter. The CO2 effect globally is the same wherever you plant a tree. But by executing this tree planting project in such a high scale in Africa, we believe that we can create­ extreme additional value and advantages. Obviously planting trees in the desert have a very high visual and emotional significance, a very high awareness value, if we can actually turn the desert green. And obviously, we are as a premise involving the local population, and thereby creating so many additional purposes.” You all know the picture painted about giving a man a fish, or teaching him how to fish; “What’s so brilliant about this project, is that it’s both. We will set up plant­ ing schools for ongoing support and education, to frame the execution of the belt. Local farmers will receive water boxes containing tiny pre-grown trees. However the boxes are at a size that also enables the farmer to get a short term yield, by planting vegetables in the box at the same time. This will without a doubt, Elevate their life purpose.” You turn to extreme actions when you are under extreme pressure. The immigration issue with especially Northern Africans fleeing to Europe, is obviously not a long-term solution. It is somewhat more sustainable to improve lives where people live: “I believe that It will promote personal pride, self-esteem; it’s basically empowerment to the people! People flee, when there’s no other options where they are; no jobs, no

education,­no food. No trees. I think planting trees can help solve this problem as well. Extremism in the Middle East and Africa, is strongly promoted when people have ­nothing else to do, when they’ve lost hope and self esteem. That is why I am so super excited about this project; if we can ­succeed in Africa, and I know this is easier said than done, we can make a profound difference for the whole world.”

Groasis Thomas has partnered up with a company in Holland called Groasis founded by Pieter Hoff, a farmer who invented this wonder water box called ‘Waterboxx’. It is engineered so that it enables trees to grow pretty much anywhere i.e. in the desert, rocky terrains etc.

How to execute this Project Planting trees is a great dream, and turning it into a tangible­reality, takes courage, time, money and support. And a lot of work! “We are working on establishing a foundation to raise money to make this great vision really set roots. The ­interesting part here is that most countries already have a plan on how to reduce their CO₂ emission. If we can be a part of this, then the project can really take off.” Pieter Hoff researched in Holland during the project ­description, and found that it will cost about 10 billion € to be able to reduce the CO2 emission in Holland with only 2% by windmills. He then found out, that planting this Great Green Wall would only cost €10- €15 billion. So, plant­ ing this belt of trees in Africa, would not only reduce the CO2 with 2% for Holland, but actually be equivalent to a full 100% reduction. The efficiency of planting trees instead of focusing on i.e. windmills, is about 10 to 50 times higher! “Everyone I talk to, is so excited about this project and really wants to be a part of it. Many want to volunteer in this in different ways, and that is surely needed. We need as many people as possible to know and

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Thomas Rex Frederiksen speak about this. But we do need to get the big ­institutional investors on board to get ‘fund in fund’ ­investments. We are currently working on two ­different models - one that goes out to a private ­segment for all of the people who want to make a ­difference in a smaller scale. They can i.e. buy a tree and through an online community, follow the growth.” Another business plan will attract a greater engagement, and more long-term investments. The time for launching this project, is ripe now, with a lot of the big investment companies already earmarking and allocating a growing percentage of their investments for green projects. “And I’m already working on a spiritual leadership trip to the Camino, where we are going to do a lot of leader­ ship training along the way while enjoying the route on bikes. As part of this we also want to plant some trees along the way to raise awareness about this whole project.”

“I’ve always had a really soft spot for trees. If my dad would cut down a tree in our garden, I would get passive aggressive and not talk for days!” ― Thomas Rex Frederiksen Generally Thomas’ vision is to combine every reforest­ ing project with personal development, leadership and business training. As you grow trees, you grow yourself, and as your trees root, you root yourself. To make it ­personally sustainable, and sustainable in the long run.

The Time Is Now The urgency of us collectively taking charge of the Climate Crisis is forcing us to raise the awareness of how we all are connected. “ELEVATE2015 is an event that focuses on the bigger picture and the purpose of life, how we live and how do we make a difference. How can we lead ourselves in ­excellence, how can we contribute in different ways. Marianne Williamson i.e, is a huge contributor in changing lives for the better, for hundreds of thousands of people, not just by her teachings, but also through different organizations and fundings. When you give, you grow. But making a difference on a small-scale, is also amazingly valuable. Making a difference for just one person, is also making a difference in the world.”

Purpose before Profit, not the other way around “I’ve been an entrepreneur for the past 24 years, and many of my first ventures did not go well, to say the least. The main reason for this was that I was living Profit before Purpose, and therefore chasing the ­money. I actually had no deeper purpose. At that time, my business projects were very ambitious and ­high-tech ­technological - nothing wrong about that, but there was just no real purpose behind it other than to make money. So one of the most important lessons in life in order for me to succeed in anything, was; there has to be a greater purpose. I have to make a d ­ ifference for someone, something that really matters.” When Thomas started the company Microworld back in the 90’ies, that helped more than 3000 people to get back in the workforce via education and personal leadership training, then all of a sudden the whole financial success he ever sought for followed. This principle of purpose before profit, has followed him through to this new venture with the Groasis business.

Thomas, The Tree Hugger “I’ve always had a really soft spot for trees. If my dad would cut down a tree in our garden, I would get ­passive aggressive and not talk for days! I was so sad and frustrated. I’ve always loved trees. I almost feel a physical pain when I see a tree being cut down, and I prefer environments with plenty of trees. I think that is just human nature. So when I met Pieter and this opportunity with Groasis came up, I knew instantly, that I had to get involved in it. It makes so much sense to me and everyone I talk to can relate to this project.” Thomas has also been involved in another tree project called The Happy Christmas tree. Full-size plastic trees, were moulded and then offered to 30 Danish and inter­ national artists, who decorated them for an exhibition and auction in Copenhagen around Christmas time. “We raised a lot of money that we used to plant trees in Mali and that was my first project with trees and environ­ ment. Unfortunately the project was not economically­ feasible personally for me, so I had to sell my shares. Ever since then I have been searching for something that could relate to my great purpose of planting trees.”

Purpose and Profit Purpose first, followed by profit. But If there’s no profit, you lose the fire for it.

14 elevate your life purpose

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“I strongly believe, that an important thing about ­purposes is not understating, that you actually have to be able to make a living from what you’re ­doing, ­otherwise your purpose will dissolve. There’s a t­ endency to differentiate between idealism and ­making a difference, and then making money. There is nothing wrong with making money. Nothing wrong in having enough so that you can live a good life. So that you can give. If you do something that makes ad ­ ifference for other people and it’s your higher ­purpose, it is a ­ bsolutely okay to make money from it! If you can’t pay your bills, put food on the table, if you cannot give your children a proper education, you will eventually lose your purpose that would have made a difference for a lot of people. Make sure to get paid for your worth!”

How to elevate your life purpose How do we begin unfolding and elevating our life ­purpose? Well, according to Thomas, first of all we need to know ourselves. Clarity is always number one. Know and honour your values and understand your passions. Find out what is really important to you. Those aspects of you, are the prerequisite for any project and anything you do. A great way to do this is to take a value-test, and a passion test to truly understand what your values are and who you are at your core. Your passions and values come from there, and if you do not act accordingly to them, you will feel lost and confused. “Also, get out there, and get inspired by seeing what ­other people are doing, how they unfold their life ­purpose, how do other people make a difference? If something really appeals to you, if it awakens your heart, and makes you expand in a YES - you have found some­ thing. One of my current inspirations, is a woman I know, that for one whole month, every single penny she made, she used to set up a refugee family in an apartment. And she would give massages from 8 o’clock in the morning to 11 o’clock in the night. She wanted to be significant for this particular family instead of spreading her energy and money. So your projects don’t have to be ‘Change the world projects’ like the Great Green Wall of Africa. If only you make a difference for one person, you know how amazing it feels, and you feel like giving more.”

Thomas Rex Frederiksen

Get involved! “Of course I hope, that this project will involve a lot of ­people, that it will also inspire people to make their own green projects, and at the same time, share this purpose­ about the reforestation. We are all interconnected and a part of nature. If we take a moment to really feel into it; what happens to us when our trees disappear? It’s ­unbearable. That’s why it’s so important to have accessible­ projects that can invoke this connection, and fuel our own participation in changing the climate course.” For the readers, so far a facebook page is launched to get started building the community and awareness; “I am working on setting up a team that manages the whole project, and hopefully we will be able to launch an online platform for the whole thing soon”, Thomas sighs, and you can feel his excitement as he describes the vision of actually being able to see the whole growth process from satellites from out of space. Now that’s a legacy project!

by // Trine Sasha

*) “In spite of the importance of forests, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimates that 130,000 square kilometres or 50,193 square miles of the world’s forest is lost each year as a result of deforestation. This is an area approximately the size of England and almost as big as the US State of Louisiana. The most common causes of this loss are conversion to agricultural land, the unsustainable harvesting of timber, unsound land management practices and creation of human settlements. A further statistic from the World Bank is that deforestation accounts for up to 20% of the greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. Data from FAO looks at the amount of carbon that is stored up in the world’s forests and forest soil. Its estimate comes to more than a trillion tons of carbon, which is more than twice the amount in the earth’s atmosphere. It is also estimated that forests provide the habitat for around two-thirds of all the species on earth and that deforestation of tropical rainforests could account for the loss of as many as 100 species every day.

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Itzik Amiel

7 WAYS TO BECOME A SUCCESSFUL ­ATTENTIONAL NETWORKER During the research I have done for my book, I was fascinated by a lot of successful people and the way they successfully build their international relationship network. In examining what they shared with me, I could identify many similar characteristics in their approach, that I want to share with you. Like everything else in life – follow these tips and you will be a ­success­ful attentional networker:

1. Be Caring

5. Be a great communicator

If you want to build trust and likeability with another person, show him/her that you genuinely care about them. Each interaction with another human being, is an attentional networking process, that will help you to build powerful relationships.

Attention networking is the most advanced way to build relationship, whether you are an extrovert or introvert person. To build relationships by giving attention, means you need to learn to ask the right questions; you need to sharpen your listening skills; you need to be interested in the other person needs and desires. As a thumb rule, you should always put the other person in the heart of the conversation, and ask open relevant questions that allows the other person to speak freely. In this way, they allow the other person to be the centre of attention as they gain valuable information.

2. Be a Value Creator You cannot build a real relationship with another ­person, if you do not even intent to create value for the other person. Every new contact will create value for you, so you need to create value for them. ­Otherwise, the real reciprocity of the relationship is missing. As a successful attentional networker, you need to ­communicate openly and transparently about your true values and seek to join with the other person’s values as well.

3. Be a real Contributor An attentional networker takes the lead in con­ tributing to others. No interests involved. Being unselfish and focusing on helping, supporting and contributing to others by giving them your authentic attention, will make you a successful attentional networker. Stop thinking “WIIFM (what’s in it for me) and start thinking what is in it for the other person, How can I make the other person grow.

4. Be Curious Are you genuinely curious? The more curious and interested in learning about other people, the more successful an attentional networker you will be. Your positive curiosity, show others that you are authenti­ cally interested in them. This means, you are able to bond with them very quickly. Do not worry if you were not born naturally curious, you can learn and develop this skill.

6. Be Consistent Although successful networkers understand that networking is a powerful and productive ignition point for a relationship, they also accept that without further impetus and interaction, the spark will die. They take full responsibility for moving relation­ ships forward, recognizing that the process can take weeks, or even months.

7. Be Courageous This is one of the most overlooked, but necessary traits of the successful networker; the quality of ­being open to, and in fact seeking out new contacts, seeing them as additional assets and resources. They always take the initiative, thereby making ­others feel more comfortable and at ease with the process. by // Itzik Amiel

“People Bond when they are having fun.” ― Itzik Amiel

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I help entrepreneurs and business owners Expand Globally, Attract new clients, Influence and Grow their business by Harnessing the Power of International Connections


ow to create and maintain successful ­business relationships and attract new p ­ rospects by ­using the “Attentional Networking”:

• A  re you involved in developing new relationship for your organization/firm and want to learn how to do it right? • A  re you maintaining your relationship and n ­ etwork and do you want to learn how to optimize this ­relationships and learn practical tools to apply and use attention in maintaining this network?

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• D  o you want to learn new innovative and simple tools to attract new prospects and clients to your organization/firm? Do any of these questions apply to you? Then my tools will definitely be helpful for you! Seeing my international clients become successful based on the work we have done together is one of the greatest rewards of my work. I work with my clients one on one, in groups (inhouse training) and through online programs. In my capacity as a keynote speaker, trainer, seminar leader, author, power networker I help continually my clients to grow their business and their global reach by using the effective attentional networking tools.

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Judymay Murphy



s I explain to Judymay Murphy, Supercoach to many of the world’s most successful ­performers and speakers, that this magazine intends to prolong and hone what was encountered at the E ­ LEVATE2015 event, to enable further development and have points of reference available, she immedi­ ately applauds the idea, and comments: “It’s a great idea which I don’t think anyone else has thought of before.” My mission here totally resonates with ideas of hers on how to stay in the arena once you get there, in order to achieve your goals and your ultimate dream life. You have to do what it takes, no whining and no excuses. Then your dream is possible:

The Power of Determination “We all have difficult things in our past. When I was ­little my legs were twisted and I couldn’t do what ­other kids could do physically. I had a sort of funny and odd looking way of walking my painful walk. In my teenage years I went to the hospital to have it fixed, but the result was not much better afterwards. The turning point for me was, when at 19, I decided I would fix this situation myself no matter what. I had a crush on this guy, whom I one day caught ­making fun of the way I walked and that was the ­ultimate pain. Pain can be a great motivator but not the one we a ­ lways want to rely on.” In her twenties Judymay started taking dance classes for 2 hours every single day in a dance studio, with a rare willpower and determination, especially ­because it was really hard due to the physical pain, and ­shameful, awkward feelings about her condition. ­Financially it also took a great deal of courage, as she had to sacrifice both her lunch money and her social life to pay for the classes, as this was at the time when she was doing her degree and masters. “When I look at some of those friends from my school days I thank God I had the faith and the drive to work hard towards my dreams. Many of them live in regret because they didn’t. Knowing where I am today, with a life I totally love, I am grateful for the sacrifices I made.”

Life Purpose Her sense of mission has been central Judymay’s success, having spent more than 15 years as a high performance coach with huge results in transforming people so they live fully-fulfilled high-achieving lives:

“My life purpose is to do everything I can to make sure that nobody goes to bed upset or crying! There are far too many people going to sleep feeling anxious and inadequate, feeling that their life isn’t worth living and that things are too difficult. And they wake up feeling just as bad. So I built my life purpose around vastly improving things so that that moment before you fall asleep is one of pride and contentment and ­excitement for the next day. In that moment, it’s just you and there’s running away from it, you can’t self-distract, your life is either on-track or off-track. And that is a difficult place to sit in for many people ­before they get the transformation turnaround though ­coaching.”

How do we get to that transformational place? “In a moment of pure truth you recognize where you are at in your life. Identifying what’s working or what’s not working is key. And then, most importantly, you have to start asking yourself questions about your life, about yourself and how you actually conduct your life, not just about your intentions.” Judymay continues with the sad fact that people often tell themselves stories about having done something for a long time and so they decide that’s just ‘how it is’ so as to justify their reason for continuing to do it. But just because you have operated in a certain way in your life with work, money, within a relationship etc., it does not mean you are compelled to carry on doing so if it isn’t working: “Often people are fearful and extremely habitual. If they let go of the old way they dread that there won’t be a better new path for them to move forward along – they cannot visualize what a radically new future could be like. They don’t believe in a new way or are too locked in to current reality to ­imagine it.” Judymay also shines a light on the fact that many people seem to abuse self-development itself as a ­distraction instead of taking real, valuable action: “So many people are getting into self-help these days and yet it still doesn’t seem to work for them because they approach it the wrong way. People do it to selfsoothe, to climb the ladder or to control others, losing sight of the actual purpose which is to work on being the best version of yourself and living that version continually. And then by doing so, becoming not only their own light but a light for others as well.

18 elevate your life purpose

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What has become clear to me over time in my c ­ areer as a supercoach is that only a few people seem to ­progress even when given tools to elevate their ­existence and leave their perceived comfort zone. It’s actually quite easy to identify the people it has not worked for, and this is where I feel strongly about ­offering coaching and tweaking within those areas to jump start the process and see it through to comple­ tion, to the result. These are the people who constantly postpone getting qualified help, using time and money as their perfect excuses. You either get to keep your excuse or to achieve your desire, never both.”

Ask better questions to expand yourself and your business It all comes down to the thinking and your ­­decision-making process: “Be conscious of your ­moment-to-moment decisions.” Judymay draws a line to Philosopher Rene Descartes, who stated that being a good ­thinker comes down to choosing through all moments all the time which was ­illustrated by choosing good and bad apples in a barrel full of apples. When we navigate through our ­decisions by constantly asking ­ourselves if the ­decision will add to being the best version of ourselves, the ­landscape of our minds will change ­accordingly:

“When we ask and answer questions from small, scarce places then our thoughts and solutions become equally small and scarce. There’s more than enough available in this world and there is always a way. Instead of having your feelings directing your questions, ask, “What would be best for me?”, instead of “What do I feel like?” to make it a good longterm decision, since any decision always holds a long time-frame. Start with everyday questions such as, “How can I make the person I love feel even more loved?” or “What sort of food can I buy to help sustain the planet?” Habitually making sustainable decisions about everything in your life, will qualify you to tackle the bigger questions. You find yourself expanding your questions from ”How can I get funding for my company?” to: ”How do I fund my ­company to maximize the future outcome, and help me and my business grow in the direction I want it to?”

Great advice for current and future business owners Coaching, clarity and the right people around you: “‘What signals am I getting about my b ­ usiness on various levels such as intellectually, ­financially and emotionally’, are the kinds of questions you need to be be asking yourself. Sporadic enthusiasm and excitement or fear, does not necessarily signal that your business is on track, nor does it signal the opposite, so you need to surround your­ self with someone who can actually offer you a progress report, which is what coaching is all about.

Judymay Murphy

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Judymay Murphy Start with the questions that builds a solid foundation­ so you avoid wasting your time. If you, for example, want to pitch a new TV program, my first question­ would be to establish which percentage of the ­population is interested in this subject right now? If that question cannot be answered immediately with a c ­ oncise answer it means you haven’t done your ­research and that you are not ready to move forward. You have to go back to the drawing board and work on what will actually take you to the next level, not just navigating according to what ‘feels right’.”

overwhelmed, the very opposite of what you want but this is the nature of success learning how to be productive and consistent no matter what the short term results seem to be. Some people go to one conference or coaching work­ shop a year and then stop going altogether for several years. This is a huge mistake. The best thing I did when I started out was to attend everything that I knew would benefit me - total immersion!”

Go for your dream, always

“You must stay in the arena to keep growing and ­evolving. So please, make it a priority (not just an idea but a scheduled standard) to continue getting training, coaching, expert inspiration and to stay in the game.”

“As I said, it’s vitally important for me that people don’t go to bed without having their dreams fulfilled. There’s so much unnecessary misery in the world today but the biggest tragedy is that there are so many people who go through life unfulfilled and do not access or utilize their natural gifts and abilities to accelerate themselves to live their ultimate best lives. A lot of people live half-fulfilled lives and merely accept the status quo although a part of them has a distinct awareness of their inner potential for greatness, but so often this is covered by distractions such as watching TV, partying, repetitive chats, drinking or other non-motivating, non-growth activities.” Judymay’s unstoppable care and interest in this area where people do not engage in their own dreams and their ultimate potential and capabilities, is what motivates her, and is why she always stretches to find ways to bring the absolute best out in people, any way possible. “For instance I always tell people, that if they choose to go to a self-help conference or read a self-help book, then they must at least make sure to follow this step up with actual action in order to step towards any kind of transfor­ mation. If this is not implemented, it merely becomes a soul-soothing venture. You can change, but it takes ­intelligent, strategic action.” Always implement what you have learned, chose at least 3 things you will start doing immediately to keep momentum: “Please understand this; all your needs are being met at a very high level during these types of events because you feel special, you feel connected with equal-minded people, you feel loved and elevated. This buzz will most likely stay with you for a few days after the event as well. But then you’ll discover that after a while you experience the com­ plete opposite as good feelings dissipate and dissolve due to the challenges that come with the new types of action you’re taking. You start to feel disconnected, unhopeful,

Therefore the absolute key to any type of growth, self improvement and self transformation, is the conscious will to act on what you have learned.

You always have a choice “The choice is yours all the time. The choice to do ­something, to act, to feel a certain way, to reason, to think, this ability to choose is yours at all times at all times. Use it wisely and remember that not to do ­ anything is also a choice. Not to act on advice or help is also a choice, a very dangerous one”. Judymay reveals her unusual background of a really ­determined practice: “I still spend about 4 hours in self-study every single day. I’ve always been committed. I remember going to one of my first major events, which fortunately took place in a hot country. Not having enough money to book a hotel room or feed myself (after paying for the air fare and ten thousand euros for the event), I was ready to sleep on the beach and eat whatever snacks people might be passing around. Only through someone having a spare bed and another person deciding not to use their food programme ticket did I escape that, but I was ready to do whatever it took to get and embody the learning. I just had to suck it up because my overall objective was to attend and I’m so glad I did. I was 100% determined and committed and it paid off”, she says. Judymay refers to those pivotal moments throughout our lives which potentially determine which direction your life will take. “There’s always a way. ALWAYS. And your ultimate life is there to be lived. Nobody wins when you play it small: “Will you have that talk with your boss to leave your job and pursue your dream of running your own business, will you consider taking a coaching workshop or will

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you actually do it? ‘Do I have the courage?’ is the question you have to ask yourself, or do you chose to stay in a mediocre existence?”

Trust your dream It’s essential for your wellbeing that you live your dream. “Living your dream is the instant path to happiness. It will make you feel safe, equal to people, proud of ­yourself, fulfilled and on track. If you don’t live your dream you become resentful of others who do, your self esteem will diminish, you feel panicked, less-than and small in ­comparison to some people, and worst of all, you feel ­annoyed with yourself. It’s about having the moral courage to pursue and keep pursuing the best version of you all the time. I love my life and my own journey of becoming the best version of me and fundamental to that journey is to teach others how they can achieve this too. So ask yourself; Do you want to remain in your old place or do you want to strive towards being the most ­developed, best self you were intended to be all along?”

How do we make the dream reachable? Goal: Setting the goal, setting the dream and keep working towards reaching it. It would, however, take a ­lifetime to go on that journey on your own, and so it’s crucial that you align yourself with the right support, help and experts throughout the journey. This is in fact what coaching is all about. Passion: And follow your passion, that in my perspective is a slow burning sensation which is part of your core at all times. Notice when you feel at your absolute best – I believe that translates into passion. I have passion for coaching because it grows me, sets me on fire and I build my own dream while helping others at the same time. Thinking: Don’t underestimate the power of good, clear, —decisive thinking: Strategy and feelings are important components, and of course you need to listen to feedback from the body, but make decisions with your intelligence. Please don’t underestimate the power of thinking. Thinking must be applied to create a structure to move forward with your life and your dream. Once there’s structure there’s a safe place where creativity and feeling can flow freely. Now go for your dream! by // Trine Sasha & Regina Severin

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... and unfold your life purpose

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Pieter Hoff

Treesolution for a greener future Pieter Hoff, the ceo and founder of GROASIS.COM, shares with us how planting trees, may be how we save the planet.


utch grower, and inventor Pieter Hoff, is on a mission of the greatest importance. He wants to change our world for the better, and sees it as a moral obligation to do so if you can:

Treesolution: the vision - edited - from “The world has several challenges, connected and integrated that we’ll have to solve in the 21st century. We believe it’s necessary to focus on an integrated solution for the 7 Challenges that we believe mankind faces nowadays: Erosion, Poverty, Food crisis, Climate change, Unemployment, Rural-urban migration and Sinking groundwater levels. Mankind needs the solutions of thousands and the hard work of millions to implement them. We need an inte­ grated approach of all the available solutions in order to solve the 7 Challenges... Groasis will focus on a small part of the spectrum of needed solutions called the Treesolution: There is approximately 2 billion ­hectares of degraded farmland on the planet. Productive trees can help combat erosion, create the production of saleable products, help produce approximately 5 to 10 tonnes of food per hectare, disconnect approximately 15 tonnes of CO2 per hectare, create approximately one direct and indirect job per ­hectare, can help revitalize the rural areas and this way d ­ iminish migration and change the soil into a sponge, stimulating the harvest of rainwater….” “I am from 1953, and back then, our world was more beautiful. I remember butterflies and birds that are now extinct in Holland. At that time, we were only 5 billion people on this planet, and when I die, we will probably be more than the double. You have to take your responsibility, if you are able to do so. Fortunately I am in that position, born, raised and well educated in a good country. I use my professional background to do what I can to change the world for the better.” Pieter has always been a grower, and has published free books, i.e. the Treesolution to raise awareness on the climate changes, and he shares with us his ­amazing life purpose with positive solutions: “Nations are trying to make agreements to reduce their CO₂ output, but the ongoing population growth of more than 2 % a year, is actually diminishing what

they are trying to reduce. I want to inspire people to be really aware of the climate changes, and to act. A lot of people are worried, without knowing what to do. Therefore we need a Treesolution.” Groasis are currently active in 26 countries, where drought and poverty are common challenges of an agricultural economy. Those who suffer from the drought, usually do not have the money to do some­ thing about it, although there is a tangible solution. When the governments do not offer this solution to the people, it’s crucial that someone else does. So when Pieter met Thomas (Rex Frederiksen), it seemed as the perfect match in order to excel the ­mission, and make a tangible solution accessible­ in the most sustainable way possible. Pieter is the g ­ rower and Thomas the super entrepreneurial ­networking businessman. Together they will set up a financial model that makes the solution accessible for the very people who needs it: “I do not believe in charity as a solution for this prob­ lem, as it is too big to solve with charity. Therefore we need a financial model that engages the people to take on a ‘green musketeer’ action. If planting trees means making money, then everyone wants to plant trees. And planting of trees has to be so cheap that, planting in itself, becomes a business model. When people start associating planting trees with making money, then you have momentum and a real movement. If every african searching for a better life, understands that planting trees means a better life, means food, employ­ ment, means higher water tables, less erosion, I am sure they will start to plant trees, if they can pay.”

The Great Green Wall of Africa The Great Green Wall will be planted on the south part of Sahara, an area that has gone dry mainly because of overgrazing. It includes Senegal, Mali, Mauritania, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia, Nigeria and Eritrea and will naturally spread further south when established. “We want to create a tree plantation fund for the Great Green Wall of Africa, and give the people who live there the opportunity to loan money in a sustainable low rental microcredit way to buy these grow boxes, either the cheap recyclable one made of paper, or the plastic ones that you can reuse for more than ten

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years. So many different trees for different use can be planted, think of oils, medicine, timber, charcoal, and provide a better local economy. And with the short term earnings from planting vegetables in the box, it’s easy to repay for the boxes, and to buy more.” How soon The Great Green Wall will be a reality depends­on how quickly this fund will be established, so Pieter expects Thomas and his network to be able to speed up the proces: “We really call for a marketing genius, that can make sure that we can engage the locals and the government­in these tree planting projects. I hope that this marketing genius will be in our team as soon as possible.” (For the reader, do not hesitate, if you are that one, or know that someone.) Pieter is certainly a man of action, optimism and clarity: “If we just keep on talking without action, then where do we end up? Now thousands of people flee from ­Africa to Europe. If we don’t make a better world for them there, they will come to us in millions. And then how will anyone be able to sustain a decent life? There will be violence, war and hate all over, if we don’t act on supporting the local economies to grow strong. The trees will develop jobs, ­ ­ oney, better lives and less employment, m reasons to­ ­emigrate.”

“The war in Syria has been going on five years. ­ lready in three years, there were two million A ­refugees in camps in Turkey. The european govern­ ments, are acting like this emigration crisis is so unexpected. They never acted before and now act out of panic, and find billions to solve the refugee crisis locally. Why did they not send those billions to Turkey, Lebanon for Jordan to prevent this crisis? The world population is growing from 7 to 10 million­ people, in only 35 years, the climate is changing ­everywhere, even people from south of the Sahara start to emigrate, and none of the governments really do anything, but making fences.” “In a sense it is sad, that private people have to finance a reforestation plan of this scale. 15 billion € (the cost of the Great Green Wall) is nothing for the European ­governments compared to what they will be spending in the near future to solve the refugee crisis. If you ­really want emigration to stop, you have to start ­developing the countries people flee from. It’s very ­simple. ­Germany is using 16 billion € now, they just found it in a few weeks to solve the refugee problem locally, and we only need 15 billion €. So why can’t the governments find the money for us? I think that is frustrating.” But overall, Pieter holds a very positive and ­optimistic ­ usketeer vibe for the future, as he sees how the Green M movement is growing. The business model of ­Groasis is to spread the growbox, not to make money.

He addresses the biggest challenge in reaching the Treesolution, as the ­phlegmatism of our governments:

Inventor Pieter Hoff with Acacia after one year in groasis Waterboxx.

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Pieter Hoff “The cheaper we can make the box, the easier we can reach that Treesolution. We will focus on making the box a cheap as possible for the local users. We will therefore establish local manufactures of the boxes, local factories, so that that the countries become self sufficient with boxes. Groasis will only be payed a small fee for the patent and invention, but the idea is to make is accessible and easy toproduce locally. And I notice that the general awareness makes it more and more a part of every company to be ­responsible for the climate. I am sure we are heading for a greener future, within one or two generations, these critical problems, will be solved.”

Find the Treesolution book and more here:

Pieter Hoff invites us all to join “I hope that people with different talents than us will come join our mission, and I guess that everyone who has children or grandchildren are basically worried and eager to do something about the climate where they can. I hope people will see that it is possible.”

by // Trine Sasha

Plastic defines our culture. We must not let it define our future. We want you to be informed about plastic. We talk about it and focus on providing documentation. Most importantly, we work for sustainable solutions with serious partners, to better understand how to live in a culture with plastic. Nature needs you - we need you. If we share values, please support us.

Visit today and let the dialogue begin 24 elevate your life purpose

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3 steps towards better management with

Feminine Power Our goal, is for you to use your femininity at work in order to integrate and optimize your personal management style. In order to do this, you will first have to focus on the three following areas.


By Christina Taabbel BĂŚkgaard and Charlotte Krogh, owners of CC Business Academy. /


Know the 85/15-Rule

Recent studies show that as much as 85 % of the road towards personal success comes from self-development, and only 15 % from intelligence and techniques. Therefore, the most important step towards better and more successful management and leadership is working on yourself. By doing this, you change your mind-set, in other words your beliefs and convictions, and create new and improved results in the real world! The purpose is not to eliminate your negative inner voice, but instead to take away its control over you. You need to be in control of your inner voice, because this grants you control of your life. Once you gain this control, it enables you to create the results you desire.

Gain control of your inner voice

If you wish to walk the road of personal success, the first thing you must do is to acknowledge that your inner voice is your largest obstacle. We all have reoccurring themes and dilemmas that hinder our success. These are especially prominent in stressful situations. Your inner self inhabits both a winner and a loser. An optimist and a pessimist. The question is which of these two inner selves is most prominent. Whom do you listen to the most? Whom do you empower the most in your life?

Define your goals and stay focussed


Most managers and leaders are where they are in their careers because they have been successful and good at defining their goals. The good leader knows, if you are not entirely certain of what your final goal is then you are never going to reach it. One of the important reasons as to why quite a few leaders do not go as far as they potentially could, is that they let their negative inner thoughts take control: They doubt themselves, see things as unrealistic, doubt their finances, never believe they have enough time, or other self-defeating thoughts. You must therefore set yourself clear and well-defined goals and focus on these without letting your negative inner voice take control.

If you wish more information on better management through feminine power then have a look at our course catalogue on elevate your life purpose

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Marianne Williamson

Let Love Be your life purpose Internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer, Marianne Williamson shares with us some of her core principles of the deeper meaning of life.


ur deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our dark­ ness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ’Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your play­ ing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we uncon­ sciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automa­tically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

Life purpose “Our purpose in life is to become the people we’re ­capable of being so we can do the things we’re capable of doing. According to A Course in Miracles, we’re all made of the same essence. In the realm of quantum ­reality, we’re not separate from each other but rather one with each other. We’re like waves in the ocean thinking we’re separate from other waves, but in reality there’s actually no place where one wave ends and another wave starts.

Ultimate Reality is an infinite field of pure love, of which all of us are part. The body is like a fence, the appearance of which in the material world tempts us to believe we’re separate but in reality we’re not. Our purpose is to see beyond the illusion of separation, act from that understanding, and experience the inner peace that such an understanding brings.”

With an amazing presence, Marianne takes us right to the core of her truth “Love is all that’s ultimately real, and all that ultimately matters. When we truly recognize this, seeking to live our lives with forgiveness and compassion at the core, then everything else falls into place. We become automatically drawn to the people and circumstances that lift us into experiences of of harmony and peace. But when we think without love, we fall into fear and then chaos prevails. If our lives aren’t given to love to use for love’s purposes, then severe stress, anxiety and depression are inevitable. Every moment we make a choice, consciously or ­unconsciously, whether to view the world through a lens of love or through a lens of fear. A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love, an escape from the ­emotional bondage of a merely worldly interpretation of events. The escape is not physical but attitudinal.”

Enlightenment is to unlearn “Enlightenment is a different way of thinking. The world we live in is dominated by a thought system based on fear, and we’re trained from an early age to think the thoughts fear dictates.

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These thoughts are alien to our true nature, they knock us out of our spiritual center and then make us ­suffer. But love is to fear what darkness is to light; in the ­presence of one, the other automatically disappears. Fear’s thought system is like a virus in the computer, a malignancy within our consciousness, and it is handed­ down from one generation to the next. Enlighten­ment is the unlearning of fear’s thought ­system and the accept­ ance of love back into our hearts.”

My life is my message “Ultimately it doesn’t matter what we believe; what matters is what we experience. Theory, theology, and abstract understanding – those are only the begin­ ning of the seeker’s journey. Spirituality is a path of the heart, not a path of the head. It’s the journey from blaming to blessing, from judgment to compassion, from attack thoughts to forgiveness, from living in the past or future to living in the present, from attach­ ment to worldly events to a realization of the invisible realm of endless love that lies beyond the world. Like everyone else, I’m aligned with those realizations sometimes – and at other times I fall off the spiritual wagon. But like every other seeker, I’m trying my best.” When in her twenties, Marianne started to read ‘The Course In Miracles’, and everything changed for her: “I started reading A Course in Miracles my mid-­ twenties, and it made a world of difference for me. The ‘Course’ is not a religion; there’s no dogma or ­doctrine there. It’s a self-study program of spiritual psychotherapy based on universal spiritual themes. In my early thirties, I began lecturing based on the principles in A Course In Miracles, and that has been my life for the last thirty something years!” Marianne is the wholehearted teacher living the ­teaching and her ongoing lectures on love, faith, power, ­essence and spirituality, has changed the perception of essence for thousands of people worldwide: “I’m not trying to get a message out; I’m trying to get a message in. A Course in Miracles says we teach by demonstrating; our job isn’t to try to convince anyone else of anything, but rather to the best of our ability to practice forgiveness ourselves. And forgiveness as the Course defines it is very different than the way the word is normally used. Forgiveness isn’t about thin­king someone else is a jerk, but you’re spiritual now so you forgive them. That’s actually just judg­

­ retending to be spiritual. Real forgiveness is ment p choosing to extend our perception beyond what the physical senses perceive, piercing the veil of illusion and encountering the truth in everyone’s heart that lies beyond this realm. It’s realizing that anytime someone isn’t acting from level, on a very deep level they are ­calling for love. The willingness to see beyond the il­ lusion is a miracle; in using our inner eye to see what the outer eye cannot, we become miracle-workers. For ­miracles occur naturally as expressions of love.The power in our minds is infinitely greater than the powers of the world. The universe is both self-organizing and self-correcting, whenever the mind is focused on love. Therefore she is very humble to the somewhat ­grandiose expression, “I want to go out there and spread this”, and states, which is definitely an ­authentic s ­ ignature of hers “If I get this, it spreads.”

How to stay connected to the heart It’s so easy to loose contact to our core, which is love: “If you wake up in the morning, and immediately go to the television, the Internet, newspaper, or whatever, allowing the thinking and the stress of the world to overwhelm your consciousness, then it’s going to be very difficult to find and remain in a spiritually aligned place as you go through the day. Inner peace will be difficult to attain. So just as you take a shower or bath to get the dirt off your body, you meditate and pray to get the stress and fear out of your mind. The world is like a house that’s wired for electricity, and God is the electricity. People are all lamps. It’s doesn’t matter the color of the lamp or the shape of the lamp or the design of the lamp; it only matters that the lamp is plugged in. With every prayer for someone else’s happiness, we plug in. With every five minutes of meditation, we plug in. With every act of taking responsibility and atoning for our errors, we plug in. With every act of forgiveness, we plug in.” Transcendental meditation and prayer is therefore part of Marianne’s routine, and the quality of her day, according to this practice.

The False Thinking Of the World “By meditating and praying, we align our conscious­ ness with love. As in visiting a chiropractor and ­adjusting your spine, you adjust your thinking the elevate your life purpose 27

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10/11/15 01:44

Marianne Williamson same way. Whether you call the power God, Spirit, Love, or by any other name, the purpose of our lives is to ground ourselves within it – and then to stay ­standing. No matter what happens, you stand for love. The key to navigating the world lies in understanding that you’re not of the world. In reality, you’re not a body; you’re a spirit. The body is simply a suit of clothes. Enlightenment is a shift in self-perception from bodyidentification to spirit-identification. And when we make this shift, it doesn’t make us weaker as people on the material plane; it makes us stronger. It makes us wiser, more intuitive, kinder, more savvy. Love leads us to say “yes” when “yes” is the appropriate thing to say, and “no” when “no” is the appropriate thing to say. Love is a different kind of guidance system than fear is; one that leads us to peace instead of to suffering. Start each morning with this prayer from A Course in Miracles, and you will come a long way: “Dear God, Where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say, and to whom?”

Crossroads of humanity “A way to be a master on the planet, is to think of yourself as a servant of love!” A profound and deeply rooted dedication to be a ­vehicle of God’s will, also explains why Marianne is so explicit in not trying too much control. “There is a difference between magic and miracles. Magic is where you seek to use metaphysical prin­ ciples to simply get what you want, as though God is your errand-boy or something. Miracles are something different. They’re not where you tell Spirit what you want it to do for you; it’s where you ask Spirit what you can do for it. You make yourself a servant of love.” More than ever, this perspective of life purpose is needed, as Marianne sheds her light on a common inconvenient truth: “We are at a very challenged place in human history. The issues of environmental destruction, nuclear pro­ liferation, the threats of terrorist organizations, mili­ taristic misadventures on the part of many countries (including my own) having created an extreme level of urgency. If this trajectory is not interrupted in a funda­ mental way, it could spell global catastrophe over the next twenty years. Humanity is at a crossroads for this

reason: We will either evolve into a more enlightened level of consciousness, or we are headed for serious problems that could literally threaten the survival of the civilization as we know it. Those problems, ­obviously, have already begun to appear.” She urges us to be responsible for our unique part of the organism, to infuse our cells with love so that we can do God’s will: “Every cell in the body is guided by a natural intelli­ gence, leading it to self-actualize and then collaborate with other cells to serve the healthy functioning of the organ and organism of which they’re a part. When a cell for whatever reason disconnects from that natu­ ral intelligence, separating itself off to build its own kingdom as it were, that’s called a malignancy. It’s a mass that threatens to destroy the entire organism. And that malignant pattern is as true in the realm of consciousness as in the realm of the body. The human race has been infected with a malignant conscious­ ness, in which too many of us think we’re only here for ourselves, to do our own thing, without consideration for how we might collaborate with others to serve the healthy functioning of the whole. Healing our minds of this malignant thinking is the only thing that will heal our world. From that change, all else will follow. Just as every cell is assigned by natural intelligence to its right place in the body – some to the liver and some to the heart and some to the bones and so forth – so as cells are we assigned as well. Some of us are assigned to journalism, some to business, some to ­science, some to the arts, and so forth. And today, all of us assigned to the immune system in order to heal what needs to healed.”

Only In the presence of love, Miracles happen “Every moment, we make a decision whether to face life with a heart that’s open or a heart that’s closed. In the presence of love, miracles flow naturally; and in the absence of love, miracles are deflected. That’s why forgiveness is such a radical act. It’s a personal ­commitment to cultivating not just the feeling, but also the power, of love.” Spiritual Exercise: “We do physical exercise to make our bodies stronger; we do spiritual exercise to our spirits stronger. We want physical strength so we can move through the external world; we want spiritual strength so we can be still, non-reactive, at peace within ourselves.

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Longing for a Passionate life with great Presence? I am a Passion Test Facilitator, and a mentor, with more than 20 years of expertise in helping families and people in crisis: “I am so happy, it was you I called back then. I had totally lost myself, after the death of my mother, and together with you, I found my way back to a good life. Your empathy and presence was amazing and so valuable to me” Miella Lotus Sommer, business and brand-booster / mentor.

Safety, Love and Authenticity are my specialties, and I help you to:

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Evoke your inner Love-Warrior Know and follow the power of your heart Get the life you dream of, with passion and love.

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Love, Mona

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Marianne Williamson ­ oning our attitudinal muscles is as important as H honing our physical muscles. Otherwise, we make mistakes, we act unwisely, we disempower ourselves in a myriad of ways – and then we suffer.”

You light is always there

Get it right: “In my own life, as with anyone else, I’ve gotten it right at times and I’ve gotten it wrong at times. But life has shown me that the mind is powerful, that’s for sure. When my mind has served love, I’ve caused happiness for myself and others. When my mind has served fear, I’ve caused misery for myself and others. More than ­anything, I’m motivated each day by the desire for peace and happiness. I like to think that I’ve suffered enough.

“What God creates cannot be uncreated. He created us as beings of love, and that love cannot be changed or destroyed. Love, which is who we really are, is an unde­ letable file in Universal Mind. The question of human existence has to do with whether or not we choose to download that file in any moment. Our problem is often that we give ourselves too much free rein, using free will against ourselves by turning freedom into license. In ACIM, it says we achieve so little because we have undis­ ciplined minds. The word “disciple” comes from the same root as the word “discipline.” Through spiritual practice, we discipline ourselves to choose love instead of fear.

My age also gives me a sense of urgency about these things. I want my Third Chapter to be a good one. Like everyone over fifty, I know I don’t have decades to waste anymore. Time becomes more precious when you know there’s less of it ahead of you.”

ACIM says it’s not our job to seek for love, but to seek within ourselves all the barriers we hold against its coming. It takes brutal honesty and self-awareness to recognize the ways we keep love at bay. In that sense, the spiritual path takes strength and courage.”

Cause & Effect

So according to Marianne, we don’t have to cultivate our light. We can’t add to what God has already created.

Thought is the level of Cause, and experience is Effect. We often try to change the effects in our lives with­ out addressing the level of cause. That’s like trying to change the plot in a film by going up to the screen and trying to manipulate the images. But the Law of Cause and Effect is the building block of the universe, and God Himself won’t violate it. You can’t ask God to change the effects in your life ­unless you yourself are willing to change on the level of cause. And that’s what God’s Spirit does: upon our r­ equest (prayer), the Holy Spirit enters our mind and re-orders our thoughts. Surrendering a situation to God means surrendering our thoughts about the ­situation. The true altar to God is within our minds. What we place on the altar is then altered. One of the most powerful prayers we can say when a situation is difficult, is this: “I am willing to see this differently. Please show me how.” In other words, show me the innocence beyond someone’s mistakes; show me the limitlessness of the future rather than the ­limits of the past; show me what to be grateful for so I don’t get lost in sadness over what isn’t there. Miracles deflected by unloving thought or behavior in the past are then held in trust for us by the Holy Spirit. Love ultimately prevails. As we atone for our own ­errors and forgive others for theirs, new beginnings always emerge.

by // Marianne Williamson & Trine Sasha­

Spiritual revolution “The issues to look at are always our own, though the ego mounts a constant argument that other people are the problem. Where am I not be ­forgiving, where am I living in the past, where am I living in the future, where am I not showing up, where am I not ­being my best, where am I not kind, where am I ­blaming rather than blessing, where am I setting an agenda for ­another person’s life, where am I ­being controlling,­and so forth? The Course doesn’t say we’re not to have such thoughts, but only that we’re not to keep them. You witness those thoughts, and then pray that they be transformed. ACIM says you can’t bring the light to the light to the darkness; you have to bring the darkness to the light. We have to see our errors, and then surrender them for healing. The important thing to remember is that we’re on the earth with a divine purpose. We’re programmed to rise to the level of our highest creative possibility,­ ­expressing all that we can be intellectually, ­emo­tio­nally, psychologically, and physically in order to make the world a more beautiful place. That itself is a ­revolutionary thought, a repudiation of the thinking that dominates the world. And the ­spiritual revolution is happening.”

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100 % bionedbrydelige tryksager

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Danmarks førenDe enneagramhus - fordi du tager din personlige udvikling alvorligt elevate your life purpose 31

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Michael Neill

Joy, Chocolate and Purpose – A Taste of the Good Life Supercoach Michael Neill shares with us how simple things can actually be if we learn to step aside and “lean on life”. coming into form. To the extent that we can see the spirit in the form, we are able to live very happy lives. When we don’t, we get stuck with appearances, what life looks like. But there’s much more to it.” ”Life is like a virtual reality m ­ achine in our own heads, it’s the projector of our mind, and once you realize that you’re less inclined to try to control it. Everything just becomes simpler. No matter how much or little it seems like there is to do, there’s even less to do.”

Is the external world not real then? “If someone is in the midst of a storm of difficulties in their lives, it may sound like an escape fantasy or flat out nonsense to say that our experience of life is created from the inside-out. But once you start to see glimpses of how the world can completely change in one thought, it’s like noticing a glitch in the matrix. Things start seeming less solid and more fluid and there’s so much freedom that comes with that.”


made up a life purpose many years ago:

To learn the secrets of happiness, success, and well being, to live the secrets in my own life, and to share the best of what I learned with others. I don’t really believe this was a purpose ‘ordained’ on me from above, but it’s an accurate description of what I’ve been doing with my life for the past thirty years or so.

Having said that, I do think there’s a universal ­purpose within each and every one of us: To wake up to our true nature and discover the deeper truth of who we are at core and what life is really about.” I have to pay extra attention here, as I sense that what Michael is able to share with us is actually something so subtle and simple that the mind immediately starts over complicating it: “One of my teachers, Syd Banks, called life: ‘A divine dream suspended between the boundaries of time, space and manner.’ Life as we know it is made up out of a formless spiritual energy which is continually

So ‘change your perspective to change your life’? “It’s actually not so much something you can do –it’s what’s happening all the time. We don’t choose the thoughts that enter our minds, but if we know that they are what creates our perception of reality,­ ­moment by moment, we are less distracted and ­attached to them, and can start enjoying ourselves outside of this temporary, made up perspective. Thoughts are just thoughts. We have the capacity to rest in the constant ­­ presence of something beyond that, something much bigger than our thoughts, ­something much deeper and profoundly energizing.”



How do we not try to control our thoughts?

A c v p

“Just because we have a little influence over our thinking some of the time does not mean that the more we then try, the more influence we will even­ tually get. When you dare to sack yourself as the “Thought Controller”, after an initial period of chaos, real and pure productive thinking emerges and we see that there is an intelligence behind the system.


E s M w

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The mind is designed for success - perfect health, positive thinking, freedom, creativity, and peace. This deeper capacity of the mind has a million names and no name, but all the people I know who have tasted it recognize it to be the truth. It really works.”

How do I let go? “There’s nothing to let go of - thoughts come and go of their own accord, and there’s a deeper space within us, beyond our personal thinking. You get a feeling for it, and then if you look for it, you’Il see it. If you listen for it, you’ll hear it. The trick is to look past what you ­assume you already know towards the unknown.” Michael uses the metaphor of chocolate to paint the picture of that realm of reality that permeates all: “You have to bring yourself to that place to taste it. It’s beyond any description. If I describe chocolate to someone who never had a taste of chocolate, their

­ erception of chocolate would never measure up to the p act of actually tasting it, however well described. It’s the same with this energy I am talking about. You have to discover what it’s like by stepping into life without clinging to your thoughts. Fortunately, once you start to see this for yourself, it makes less and less sense to grab on or cling to things and thoughts.The hardest part is to actually look and not just talk about looking. Look for what’s before thought and I promise you you’ll find it.”

The Inside Out Understanding “The “inside-out understanding” is at the heart of ­everything I practice, teach, and share, and it points to the fact that there are really only three constants in life: Universal Mind is the energy and intelligence at the very heart of everything. Universal Consciousness is the mirror which allows us to see and experience ourselves.

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From Martin og Zennie Bonde Mogensen, authors of elevate your life purpose 33 “Den fedeste Juicekur”

10/11/15 01:44

Michael Neill Universal Thought is the constant variable which makes up every facet of our lives. So while it looks and feels like we live in the world of circumstances, we actually live in a world of thought. Thought comes into our consciousness and is experi­ enced through our senses, so while it feels like life is coming at us and happening to us, it’s actually c ­ oming from us and through us. That’s the great illusion the dream of life. Even though we don’t control our dreams, just knowing that we are the dreamer makes the dreams less scary. Thoughts come and go; some­ thing else remains. The presence of this deeper mind, a deeper intelligence, is always available to guide us to act in best way possible, regardless of the perceived circumstances. But for our thinking, we are always already in the present moment.

Crisis as a gift “I’ve often noticed that people wake up to this deeper truth about life through crisis. My own journey began when I was a depressed, suicidal teen. Even in the midst of my suffering, I still had a few momentary experiences of complete peace of mind. That baffled me, and I became obsessed with trying to find out how it was possible and how I could have more of it. After fifteen years of research and study, I came across a recording of an enlightened man named ­Sydney Banks and heard him say: ”Every human ­being is s ­ itting in the middle of mental health –they just don’t know it”. Somehow, I just knew it was true, and my search ended. Not because of Syd Banks, but because I­ saw what he was pointing towards. Nothing changed, but everything was different. Up until that point, I thought I needed to get better at controlling my thinking, but what I saw instead was that my thoughts

Michael Neill Michael Neill is an internationally renowned transformative coach and the best-selling author of The Inside-Out Revolution, You Can Have What You Want, Supercoach, and both the ­Effortless Success and ­Creating the Impossible ­self-study programs.

weren’t real, just fleeting reflections of a deeper reality. We are not our thinking, we are something more - pure spirit expressed in form.”


e How do we find that space within ourselves? “Stop trying to control the Universe. Allow the deeper mind to take over. Don’t overthink it, don’t try to figure it all out, just notice the presence of the deeper mind emerge in the absence of thought.”

g da

“When you rest in that place in you, you radiate peace and well-being. People are instinctively drawn to you in business, in love, with colleagues and friends. Everywhere you go, you attract people to you, and you become a transformative presence in the world. Best of all, there are no techniques you need to ­practice, no repetitious mantras you need to learn. Your inner being and presence will lead the way, day by day and step by step. You are the chocolate, not a description of its taste.”

For more info about Supercoach and best-selling author Michael Neill, please visit: by // Trine Sasha & Regina Severin

He has spent over 25 years as a coach, adviser, friend, mentor, and creative spark plug to celebrities, CEOs, royalty, and people who want to get more out of themselves and their lives. His books have been translated into 16 languages, and his public talks, retreats, and seminars have touched and transformed lives at the

United Nations and on six continents around the world. Michael’s weekly show, Supercoach is a listener favorite on Hay House Radio and his TEDx talk’Why Aren’t We Awesomer?’ has been viewed by over 100,000 ­people around the world. You can follow him on ­Twitter and Facebook.

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r! r or e e w b hv fra 2 r du o P rlø et vo n i o s h in ers f bort der m Fe 5-ug gen - lige t isnin ne e er erv onli d r un egå or f ge a d


Bliv certificeret Feminin Power and Change Management Future Leader hos CC Business Academy. En innovativ og banebrydende ny måde at integrere og optimere din personlige ledelsesstil på - både i dit privatliv og i dit arbejdsliv.

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Janet Bray Attwood

What you love and God’s will for you are one and the same Realizing what this really means is the fundamental secret to discovering your life’s purpose. Your passions, the things you love and care about most, are the breadcrumbs that lead you on to living that purpose.


ll of us have been raised with so many false concepts about what it takes to be happy. Sometimes it’s a real challenge to let go and follow our hearts. Many years ago I was working in a job I hated. My office was filled with recruiters making tens of thou­ sands of dollars every month. Each time a placement was made for another disk drive engineer, the bell would ring. But it never rang for me. One day I saw a poster for a success seminar. Some­ thing about it struck a chord. The next day I called in sick to work and drove an hour and a half to the event.

Sitting up front I listened as a beautiful, articulate woman spoke about how easy it can be to enjoy ­success. The speaker said you just have to find those things that light you up inside, your passions. As I listened to this remarkable woman, I felt a growing excitement inside. This was it! This was my passion, my purpose in life, to be a speaker, like this amazing woman. “I’ll find a way to get her to hire me,” I thought, “Even if I have to follow her all over the country and attend every one of her seminars.” The next day when a friend casually asked how I was doing, I answered with excitement, “I’ve found my ­calling! I’m going to be a speaker.” I told my friend about my plan to follow this speaker around the country until she had not choice but to hire me. The only challenge was that I had no money, “But I know I’ll manage it somehow. I just know it,” I told my friend. The next day, I was sitting with my eyes closed in meditation at the local TM center when I felt small pieces of paper falling on my head. I opened my eyes to discover my friend showering me with ten $100 bills, laughing and saying “Merry Christmas, go live your dream.” I did travel across the country and was finally hired by the woman I so admired. Today, that woman,

Debra Poneman, is one of my best friends, and I am living my dream of being a speaker and transforma­ tional leader. But it’s been a winding road, and along the way I’ve learned there is one key secret to living a happy, ­fulfilling, rewarding life:

“Whenever you are faced with a choice, a decision or an opportunity, choose in favor of your passions.” There are two parts to this. First, you have to know what you are passionate about, what it is that mat­ ters most to you in your life. That’s why my business ­partner, Chris Attwood, and I wrote The Passion Test – The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Destiny. The Passion Test is a simple, yet powerful way to clarify your top passions in life. The second part is to choose in favor of those passions. When you do this consistently with every significant decision, you will be guaranteed a passionate life. My friends Stewart Emery, Mark Thompson and Jerry Porras wrote a fabulous book called Success Built to Last – Creating a Life That Matters. They ­interviewed over 300 people who have enjoyed ­enduring success­for more than twenty years. People like former P ­ residents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, Senator John McCain, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, Lance Armstrong­and many others. All of these very successful people had one important characteristic in common: when faced with a major decision in their life, they always made their choice based on what held deep meaning for them. This is what we mean by choosing in favor of your passions. Sometimes, when you listen to all the advice that’s available about what is necessary to create a happy, fulfilling, successful life, it can be a bit overwhelming. When you boil it down, if you are able to do nothing else, clarify your passions and then choose in favor of them, and you will discover your life unfolding in ­exciting, new, unexpected ways.

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I can’t guarantee you will have hundred dollar bills showered on your head, but I can guarantee that your life will be more rewarding than you can ever i­ magine.

How Passion Leads You After I followed Debra all over the country, she finally said “Your hired!” and I knew my life was going to change forever. The question was, “How?” I went back home, packed up all my things, put them in my little Toyota and started driving to Los Angeles where Debra was based. I hadn’t gone 20 miles when my car just stopped. Turns out it had thrown a rod, was beyond repair and I was left without a vehicle. I had just enough money to buy a train ticket to L.A. so that’s what I did. I arrived at Debra’s door as she was packing to take off on one of her many trips. Telling me to make myself at home and giving me the keys to her car, she left. I had been too embarrassed to tell her I now only had $13 to my name. Not knowing what to do and having always loved the beautiful grounds at Yogananda’s center in Pacific­ Palisades, I went there to see if some inspiration would strike. Along the paths in the gardens there were little­donation boxes. As I sent on a bench next to one I thought, “Well, $13 is not going to get me very far. I might as well just give it all up to God.” So I dropped my last $13 in the donation box with a ­little prayer asking God to take care of me and that somehow everything would be OK. I drove home, now literally penniless, and feeling like such a dope. When I got home I rationed out my food because I didn’t know how long it would be until I was able to get some more money. Then my phone rang. “Hi Janet, I’ve driven up from San Diego. I’m here in Santa Monica and I’d love to take you to lunch,” the voice said. Finally figuring out that the voice belonged to Francis, my ex-husband’s father, I said, “Oh Francis, thanks so much, but now’s not a very good time.” “Oh come on, Janet. It’ll be fun and you have to eat ­anyway,” Francis told me. Thinking he was right, I DID have to eat somehow and what could it hurt, I said, “OK, but you have to come pick me up.”

Doug Ellis Photography

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Janet Bray Attwood Francis arrived a little while later and we went to lunch. Through lunch all he could talk about was this exciting new business he was in, and that the products he was selling were amazing, herbal weight loss products that really worked. A company called Herbalife, a network marketing company that was just getting started at the time, made the products.

So, as you are feeling down and dejected, remember, “What you love and God’s will for you are one and the same.” Follow your heart, let go and be open to what shows up.

by // Janet Bray Attwood

“Francis, I so appreciate you thinking of me, but it’s just not possible right now because I don’t have any money to buy the products,” I told him. “That doesn’t matter. I’ll front you $500 worth of ­product to get you started. I just know you will do great at this, Janet,” was his reply. At that moment, our waitress came to the table to see if there was anything we needed. She was a pleasant and significantly overweight young woman. Seeing all the Herbalife bottles that Francis had on the table, she said, “What’s that?” I proceeded to tell her all the things Francis had just told me. She listened, obviously intrigued. When I was done, she said, “I’ll take it.” And right there I sold $100 worth of products and I was back on my way to solvency once again. I tell this story because it helps illustrate that follow­ ing your passions is not always a perfectly straight road. My passion was to become a transformational speaker, helping people change their lives for the ­better all over the world. I had quit my job, moved all my belongings, and taken some big risks to follow my passion. And I ended up with nothing. However, I got to a place where it was so clear that I didn’t know what to do next and that allowed my to completely surrender, which is what giving away my last $13 was for me. When I gave up and let go, then this powerful force of evolution that is guiding and directing all of our lives took over. Out of the blue, I was provided with the means that ­allowed me to go on and begin a career that has brought me so much fulfillment.

Janet Bray Attwood Janet Bray Attwood is a visionary, a transformational leader, and a world humanitarian. She is co-author of the NY Times bestsellers, The Passion Test - The Effortless Path to Discovering Your Life Purpose and Your Hidden Riches – Unleashing the Power of Ritual to Create a Life of Meaning and Pupose. Janet has trained over 1,500 certified Passion Test facilitators in 16 countries. Janet has spoken on how to discover passion and purpose throughout the world and has shared the stage with His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Dr. Stephen Covey, Richard Branson, Nobel Peace Prize winner F.W. de Klerk, Jack Canfield, Zappo’s CEO Tony Hsieh, Rev. Michael Beckwtih and many others. She is also a founding member of the Transformational Leadership Council. For her ongoing work with homeless women and youth in lockdown detention centers, Janet received the highest award for volunteer service in the U.S., The President’s Volunteer Service Award from the President of the United States. Janet is a living example of what it means to live with an open heart and mind.

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PhoTo: AnjA EkSTrøm

All thAt she wAnts Carlend Copenhagen designs luxury bags and accessories in top quality All items are handcrafted and made with respect for nature, materials an people involved We support organic and sustainable production and fair business, where ever it is possible. All our exotic skins are certified by CITES

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EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE ”Everything in life is possible - But will you put in the work to make a change?”


his is a question Swedish expedition leader, adventurer, author and motivational speaker Johan Ernst Nilson asks himself and others again and again:

“Curiosity is the main driving ­force in my life and my work. It has lead to all my greatest adventures in life. “What is actually possible in life?” is a question that drives me forward all the time.” Johan Ernst is constantly fascinated by the idea, that just because someone hasn’t done something before, doesn’t mean it is not possible. “I know it is. People here in Scandinavia, has a tendency­to encourage one another to go for a safe ­existence, getting or sticking with a steady job, ­staying within the field of knowledge and competence, to play it safe. People get offended or scared when someone wants to do something that involves change, whether personal or on a larger scale. But the truth is, that e ­ verything is possible with the right resources ­available whether money, technology, knowledge etc.” In a later age (at the age of 15), Johan Ernst learned how to play the piano, motivated by a fascination­ of Elton John, and also ventured into fashion ­ efore accomplishing travel adventures and ­design b ­expeditions never seen before: “It lead me to keep pushing the boundaries in my own life for what is possible to achieve.” With a special relationship to Swedish rolemodel Pippi (Longstocking), Johan Ernst has been setting out with the same kind of open and positive mindset, that anything is possible: “Jag vet inte hur man gör så det går sikkert bra”/ “I don’t know how to do it, so it’s ­probably going to be alright.” With a curiosity of historical inventions, culture and accomplishments, Johan Ernst is fascinated by the ”Movers and Shakers”, the people who change the game or attempt to do so, and also the opposite, ­namely the people who display doubt, disbelief and resentment of change; the “Nay-sayers”:

“All the great people in history had haters, people ­trying to get them from following their dreams and visions. Through my own travel adventures, i.e. kayaking to Africa, I heard all the time, “You cannot kayak from Stockholm to Africa” But I did it. I was naive and open minded, which was needed in order to do my crazy experiments. And I learned, that everything is possible and more importantly, that it’s all comes down to a par­ ticular mindset, that the more resistance the “changers” experienced, the stronger and more determined and focused they became. Just like pressing a diamond.”

The Wall Of Stone Johan Ernst grew with his ongoing experimental experi­ ences into a motivator and facilitator of positive influ­ ence, encouraging people to think bigger and go for their particular dream. Johan set out to climb Mount Everest, and after this, it became clear to him, that if he could do that, anyone could. They would just have to determine what would be their particular ‘Mount Everest’ whether the actual one or anything else in life you want to explore: “In this connection I created the concept of “The Wall Philosophy”, which in short poses the question - Can you walk through a stone wall? My answer would be ”I don’t know how to do it”, not that it’s impossible, and that makes a huge difference. Maybe we just don’t have the technology or the right particular energy yet, but that is not the same as to say it cannot be done.” Our perception of reality that expands as we grow as humans: “If I had an Iphone in the Middle ages, I would have been considered a God. So maybe in the future, we are able to go through a wall using our energies. The point is, I don’t know.”

The power of will “JFK asked NASA; “What will it take to put a man on the moon”, NASA answered, “the will to do it.” The ­willpower we have is so much stronger than anything else we have around us, so if you really want to so something, it is possible!” People are always afraid of the unknown: “I had the lowest grade in gymnastics as a student, but I decided I wanted to climb Mount Everest, so my classmates would freak out, because I was not supposed to be able

40 elevate your life purpose

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10/11/15 01:44

to do that. But I reached my goal through determina­ tion and hard work.”

The “Nay- sayers” influence these kids, ­because of their own stagnation and fears of greatness:

‘The Bridge’ is one of Johan Ernst’s metaphors for the guidelines he teaches meaning the distance and the work between where you are now, and your goal.

“Along with the fear of the unknown, we have a ten­ dency to think that we have to be perfect from the start. But it is ok to suck at something when you start! And Martin Luther King- did not say, I have a plan, but I have a dream. Being afraid of failure withholds ­people from daring to go for their dreams.”

“When I was little, I thought, you were either born great or not, but I learned over time, that is not neces­ sarily the case at all. You may admire a famous foot­ baller, and wish secretly you were lucky enough to be that football player. But luck has nothing to do with success. Your decision to achieve it has everything to do with it.” It’s all about determination: “If you decide to become a famous footballer, you start walking on that bridge. You might have to change your behavior. You would take up serious physical training, surround yourself with the right coaches, nutritionist, mentors etc. The process of continuous diligence, focus, creativity, mental and physical adjustments could then potentially transform your wish into reality.”

Live your dream Children sometimes quit their dreams because they go through school being encouraged to belittle themselves, to settle with getting a career, a steady income, to do something “realistic” etc. The environment of most peo­ ple, promotes box-thinking and low self ­esteem.

We could start imagining a future, where we instead cheer each other, meeting positive ideas of change with, “Go for it”, “Try That”, “You Can Do It”; and Johan Ernst emphasises the difference between goals and dreams: “A goal may well be something you do within your comfort zone, whereas pursuing the dream ­demands you step outside of your comfort zone. ­People go for their goals, but admire the few that go for their dreams. But as long as you keep trying to achieve your dream you are successful. Postponed success is still success. Giving up or giving in is failure.” When Johan Ernst first attempted to climb the Mount Aconcagua, he stopped just before the summit and returned temporarily. The Swedish press met him like lions there and said: ”You failed, how does that feel?”: “I told them that I had not failed, I postponed the suc­ ces. I needed to make adjustments before going back up finishing what I started. And that’s exactly what I did. As long as I never give up, I am only in the process elevate your life purpose 41

elevate-magasin.indd 41

10/11/15 01:45

JOHAN ERNST NILSON of succeeding. If you hit a wall, there’s always a way around it. Therefore my advice is: Climb a mountain twice, first time halfways, go back, adjust, and do it again. Take it easy.”

”We are way too focused on rapid succes. But what about the learning process of trying again and again?” ― Johan Ernst Nilson Johan Ernst is a very diligent man. “We are way too focused on rapid succes. But what about the learning process of trying again and again? That is for me the most valuable, what I learn about myself in times of extremes, challenge and stretching my own limits, physically and mentally. Push yourself to the limit where you make a mistake. Failures are opportunities in disguise. Evolution is about failing over and over again, learning from failures and then improving. We are the summary of 4,7 billion years of fuck ups, we tried something that other people didn’t try, and

then we grew. Entrepreneurship is about going against the current, trying to find other solutions.”

Mount Never-rest “One time on Mount Everest, I was climbing and reali­ zed, “if i am going to sit down now, I am going to die.” So I re-named the mountain, Mount Never-rest.” Johan Ernst’s willpower and sense of humour are important ingredients in his adventures: “Exploration is mostly something internal. When I want to quit, how do I continue. What will bring me forward. It is mostly about growing your inner strength, capacity, faith and will. Training of physical skills is secondary. By climbing the Mount Everest, travelling to the North Pole and Kilimanjaro for instance, I experienced my own journeys within and this is what I teach. Because, what it takes to climb a mountain, is something any­ one can relate to no matter what project. It takes blood, sweat and tears. It’s hard work. You have to be willing to make sacrifices and you cannot indulge in being lazy or stay in your comfort zone on any level.”

How to gain success as a leader and as a human being without risking your health and family Watch our FREE videos and get a better work/life balance! 42 elevate your life purpose

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“Fear is a necessary tool, but only as a way of ­secu­ring survival through research and knowledge. Fear needs to be met face on, so as to determine which tools should be in place to secure safety. Take calculated risks, otherwise you are foolish. Your knowledge will prevent fear from being debilitating. I have people coming up to me after a lecture saying they want to join me for my next expedition because they are ­fearless. I tell them I would not want to let them join ­ nything me with that outlook. If you are not scared of a or have no fear of anything, you also don’t have ­respect for anything, which means you would become a l­ iabi­lity if you were to join me.” “I also don’t know everything and that’s why it’s so important to surround oneself with a great team with the right attitude, knowledge and approach. Make sure you have a strong team around you and the right research in place. This is one of the key factors which determines if you will succeed. How hard can it be. I’ve learned that I can do anything, I set out to do, so when I set a concept of i.e. a new adventure, I learn how to fulfill this concept. Whenever new skills are needed, I learn. Your compass should be this: Failure is an o ­ ption, but giving up is not.”

Direct Living “I met The Dalai Lama a few weeks ago, and he said peo­ ple cannot live without compassion. And I think we need each other more than ever, and despite the digital age, more closeness and conversation face to face. Every­ thing is getting more squared in a way and this leads to a uniformity which unfortunately sometimes doesn’t ­allow for change or a wish to change on one level.” Because of media and internet, role models nowadays easily become superficial characters, who are just ­famous for the sake of being famous. Johan Ernst wished that there were more role models of his kind, wild spirits, explorers and adventurers, who actually interacts in the world making a difference: “Young people then look up to these role models, of surface, bling bling, party and escapism. Of an endless party without responsibility. Sadly they want to become famous just for the sake of fame, rather than make a real change and pursue a dream. But when you achieve something through determination and hard work, you are much more likely to get genuine admiration from others, because you have inspired them to become better people. You make a difference. I want to address this when I give lectures at schools to inspire young people to change their perspective and start chasing their dream(s).”

Mt Elbrus in Russia.

Whats next “How can I inspire other people to make a difference, make a change? It is about constantly pushing the lim­ its for what is possible. My direct experiences, evokes that part in people irrationally afraid of change and challenge, and now they come up to me after lectures and go “NOW I am going to start that business, now I will go ahead and get that divorce, now I will stop eat­ ing sugar, now I will change my job etc. It fills me with great joy, because change means evolution and evolu­ tion means a better life for people and for the planet.” “Not a walk in the park” is a current project involving helping various endangered animals, in different parts of the world, for new and better approaches to climate change and nature. Johan Ernst usually takes his experiences to the class­ rooms, “I see directly what is happening, so I think it’s part of my purpose to teach children to take care of our planet and our nature. I feel a great sense of responsi­ bility to teach and inspire children, to act and do the right thing within themselves and in the world. I teach them and adults alike that: ”Everything is possible - The impossible often just takes a little more time.” You rarely find a more engaged and positive man like Johan Ernst, and one can only applaud his life mission: “I am a change promoter and a question asker. Change in all its positive aspects makes me happy. If people make new decisions to better their lives and them­ selves as people, that makes me happy too, because we all benefit collectively. Change and curiosity are the keys to my purpose.” by // Trine Sasha & Regina Severin elevate your life purpose 43

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10/11/15 01:45

Lykke Elizabett

pangaias for people and planet After almost half of a lifetime working in fashion, designer, Brand & Product Manager Lykke Elizabett, is in the heart and process of unfolding her new business platform PANGAIAS. She is here to share the process as a female entrepreneur on a grand mission.


ANGAIAS is a world-vide movement with the aim of uniting fashion impact with human impact. Above all, it is a social mission for the planet and its people that inspires to action towards a better and more sustainable interaction with our Planet, and each other.

“The name “Pangaias” originates from the ancient Greek name Pangaea and means “The entire world.” “Through PANGAIAS platform, we promote responsible­ and fair fashion. Responsible and fair fashion to us, means that the process of designing and manufactu­ ring any given product, is carried out with serious consideration and respect for humans, nature, design and quality. We offer an online platform that communicates and inspire positive action towards a more sustainable lifestyle. We invite everyone to reflect on how their own consumption affects people and planet in the long run. We also make it easier to find and connect sustainable producers and consumers in one easy ­accessible online global marketplace.” Lykke Elizabett, has a rare insider knowledge of the flashy fashion industry, that reveals a some­ times dark side of fashion: “I have been a part of the high-street fashion ­industry for more than 15 years and I have visited numerous factories in China and India. It was not always a pretty sight to be honest! I have ­experienced unfortunate mistreat of both people and the planet, in the pursuit of growth and profit.” “There is a saying in China that:

elevate-magasin.indd 44

“You can see the colour of the fashion season by looking at the colour of the rivers in China.” And it is true. Not something to be proud off. You can properly imagine that if the rivers are coloured red, blue and green depending on the season, then how does it affect our nature and the people working in the industry? It can be quite dangerous and extremely unhealthy for both people and planet. Seeing this situation up close and in real life has made a great ­impression on me and inspired me deeply to try and do things differently. Thankfully a lot is being done to change this situation­ on a global scale. PANGAIAS want to infuse this change, by setting new standards and platforms ­propelling this green change, into something that is for everyone. I believe it’s important to keep ­improving in anyway we can no matter what we do in life. I b ­ elieve in initiating a more sustainable development, p ­ roduction and fair business. All our partners have a build-in sustainable, artisan or philanthropic program, supporting the makers of their products. Together we celebrate a full-circle empower­ ment from beginning to end.”

Reclaim and infuse soul back into fashion “Spending most of my time working around the world I’ve gone to visit artisans in rural areas. Discovering their ancient handcraft skills showed me that the true arts and soul of making crafts and fashion has been lost in a heavy commercialized industry, the big machine! On each continent of our planet you can meet colourful, vibrant artisans who are skilled craft workers and who makes or creates beautiful, soul infused things by hand. Supporting these Artisan makers you also honour a cultural and historical inheritance. Something I believe is worth preserving and treasuring.”

The Artisan Treasure Box “As part of PANGAIAS Platform, we are proud to be launching the ArtisanTreasureBox, which is a new

10/11/15 01:45

Photo: Ellie Mathilde

styles from around the globe. And we bring to you the stories of beautiful, amazing craftsmen and women. We believe you will discover a wealth and richness in culture and crafts and good reasons to join us in our raison d’être.”

and soulful shopping concept. ArtisanTreasureBox is for the conscious woman, who demands high quality style and fashion, and who treasures soulful, unique products from around the globe made by hand and infused with heart and soul. It is a “discover and give back”, subscription-based concept, delivered right at your doorstep.

Living on purpose

By carefully connecting Artisan makers and products with you, we give you access to beautiful and unique

“To me, living on purpose is like bits of a puzzle that over time come together and fit into a bigger picture of elevate your life purpose 45

elevate-magasin.indd 45

10/11/15 01:45

Lykke Elizabett in order to get to feel that particular feeling. I believe it is part of our learning experience in this life and therefore part of our life purpose. To me it has been extremely important to include my passions into my work. I do not function well work­ ing just for the sake of receiving a paycheck. In that sense, I am driven by something greater, driven by a higher mission and a higher purpose. One of my greatest “triggers” is being able to contribute with meaningful change and positive impact for people and planet.”

Rituals of Flow “Low-practically, it works really well for me to have rituals around my work and my day-to -day life. Choosing to eat healthy most of the time and getting enough sleep are both vital elements that help me stay focused and centred in what I wish to create and achieve. It gives me a deeper sense of clarity. In my day-to-day work I have 2 lists. The first is ”to do now” the other is ”to do later” It does not mean that I actu­ ally manage to succeed every day, but it means I am in a constant flow of getting things moving.”

my life. Discovering and living my life purpose is very much a creative process and I believe it is an on-going journey. It is not a constant feeling that sticks with me all the time, but more like a momentous experience of being a powerful creator and contributor to something far greater than me. It is those moments of absolute meaningful aliveness that I collect. Living on purpose, and elevating my life purpose, feels as moving in a natural flow in an upwards spiral. It is a feel­ ing of being in a positive flow that resonate with my own inner truth. When I am in that space of flow, I feel safe, supported, creative, expanded, curious, playful, and joyful. Over the years I have learned that, the more I show up in life, (actively engage in life), the more I challenge my own comfortzone, the more I gain flow and a posi­ tive momentum and that gives me a strong feeling of living a purposeful live. One that I actively creative and feel alive in.”

Start-up advice for dreamers and doers “As a starter I believe it is important to be aware of what it is that drives and motivates you. We all have different triggers. So what is yours? What do you value, is it freedom, is it security? Is it love? We all do “stuff”

What elements are activated in the process, when starting to live a dream? “Overall I believe many of us have tried feeling over­ whelmed by life. Many of us know the feeling of NOT feeling fulfilled. Is this it? Is life really just that? Many of us also know the feeling of being stuck in a system or a box. Often when you choose to really start living­ a dream, it takes a great deal of courage because it means you have to break out of that well-known box. Your box can be a steady income, knowing you can pay your rent each month, a safe job with a decent pension, or something else. We all have different ”boxes”. Living a dream or pursuing your life purpose is very much a choice of direction, more than an airy-fairy pink vision, where everything happens blissfully and in a blink of an eye. It takes dedication and a very strong willpower to be a creator of something new. It takes a willingness to overcome the obstacles.”

Stop standing in your own way “The biggest challenge in the process of building my dream is myself. Old belief systems, that I am not yet

46 elevate your life purpose

elevate-magasin.indd 46

10/11/15 01:45

aware of, are often part of whatever blocks my flow and my ability to move freely in the upwards spiral. So whenever I feel stuck or the process gets bumpy, I try to look inside, I search for whatever it is that might stop me? It can be anything from fear to uncon­ scious self-sabotage. If I get totally stuck, I talk to my mentor or a friend. I ask them to help me see what it is I can’t see at this moment? I seek help to light my shadows and then move on from there. Most times it does the trick. Help is crucial, and I wouldn’t have been able to build PANGAIAS without coaching and mentoring along the way. Setting up a business platform like PANGAIAS is not something that happens overnight. There are every day challenges, such as getting in contact with the right people, getting things moving on a daily basis, setting up a website or ordering goods and not always knowing how to get from A to B. Not enough hours in the day, being a single mum, or finding creative solu­ tions to anything really, when you don’t have a million dollars sitting in the bank. It is fair to say that I have become really familiar with the term ”bootstrapping” (“pull oneself over a fence by one’s bootstraps”) and

experienced in achieving something that sometimes seems completely absurd or i­ mpossible.”

If you can see it you can create it “Keep moving and believe in your dream. Do not let ­anyone tell you it cannot be done. If you feel or get off track, return to centre (your initial inspiration), reboot and continue from there. If you experience difficulties, stop for a moment, breath and then just continue. Flow like water. Find another door that is open. Take good care of yourself in the process, but also be ready to r­ eally ­invest a great, great effort in getting things moving. Know that it is a journey and you cannot know all the stops on the way, that’s why it is a creative process.”

by // Trine Sasha & Lykke Elizabett

Find out more about Lykke Elizabett and her work here: / /


be an extraordinary intuitive speaker perform authentically, with great presence and impact transform yourself and the world though your stories

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Henning Daverne

how to maximize presence with meditation and mindfulness Meditation and mindfulness guru Henning Daverne, holds a background of more than 30 years of expertise in both Martial arts and self-development. He has studied the philosophy behind the Martial Arts, in the East; China, Bali, India, and Indonesia, and continues this with ­minimum one month a year spend in retreats living with yogis in himalayan caves, training with martial arts masters or studying with the teachers and philosophers of the east.


enning Daverne has taught police and ­military forces in unarmed combat and the philo­sophy and wisdom behind the Martial arts, and has travelled and taught all over the world from Chile to Helsinki. He is the Author of four books, recently ‘12 minutes to Success’, and is the founder and the teacher at the Lotusheart Academy, where he trains meditation and mindfulness instructors and leads corporate programs. He is known as one of the leading teachers in Denmark of meditation and mindfulness for the corporate world. Henning Daverne shares with us how very basic it is to obtain happiness and fulfillment, and yet, how hard it is for many of us to just BE.

When you are in contact with your inner presence, it means that you’re available in the now with your full awareness.” he states and continues, with his char­ming Indian accent, that he picked up from his ­numerous visits in the East: “And the more you suc­ ceed in being present in the present moment, the more you’re in contact with your spirituality. The deeper you go, the more capacity you have, as we believe that the mental and spiritual power have much more capacity than the physical strength.”

Wisdom for life

“Presence is the invisible force that gives deeper meaning and value to all aspects of our lives. The unseen something that makes it all matter. It always extracts from your life experience, when you’re not in the moment with your presence but your mind is of somewhere else, thinking about the past in the future, caught up in worries or doubt”, he says and continues with everyday examples that gives us that awful feel­ ing of sadness: “Imagine that you come home from work and you meet your beloved. You give them a big hug while your mind is still thinking about a problem at work. Hugging is the intended affectionate action but there’s something missing and your partner will feel it instantly, you body is hugging but your mind is elsewhere and your hug thus becomes empty of pre­ sence. Or when you look your child in the eyes and she starts telling your about her experiences, and all of a sudden she stops, and you wonder why. Until you understand, that you were not there. Children are the biggest bullshit detectors of all and they always know if you’re present or not. When you are not fully present, the child feels it, and it extracts from that relation­ ship. The feeling of connection and warmth that you could’ve had from that interaction disappears because you are not really there. Likewise in the office every­ one can attend a meeting in the office but when their minds are elsewhere the meeting lacks presence.”

“The training philosophy of eastern martial arts is ­holistic, in the sense that it includes body mind and spirit. The trainings is both physical exercises, and there is mental part which includes strategy, and lastly the spiritual philosophy behind martial arts. Spirituality in this worldview means the capacity for presence in your daily life. So the more you can be present in every situ­ ation of your life, the more you are in contact with your spirituality. After many years as a professional martial arts practitioner, I started having more and more interest in the philosophical, spiritual and mental aspects of the martial arts. Once I was invited to teach our techniques to a class of non fighters and their feedback convinced me that anyone can benefit from this wisdom, no matter what their endeavour. It has since become somewhat of a life mission for me to share this knowledge.”

Be Here Now “It’s so funny, everybody talks about it, it’s become such a buzzword, presence. You can never be anywhere else but in the present. But you can be in the present without presence. Presence is basically about being where you are with your whole being. Body mind and spirit.

It is actually very simple, but because we are so stressed, and it’s invisible, it’s hard to really get the hang of it.

48 elevate your life purpose

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Together alone “Families sitting together watching a movie intend­ ing to spend some valuable quality time together. But one person sits with the phone, another with the tablet and the third one with the laptop checking emails or ­Face­book or texting somebody. So no one is really there. And everybody in the room will feel unfulfilled because something is missing in that picture, they’re not really present together.

“I see it as a general problem, that we are ‘together alone’.

So what happens when everybody closes their devices, and focusses on watching the movie together, slowly a warm feeling of fulfilment grows inside. This is the sen­ sation of being connected, not just with each other but also with yourself. This warm feeling of relaxed content­ ment and wholeness inside is what we call “presence”. Presence is easily available to any individual who has a peaceful mind and it is often available to a group of people who gets absorbed in the same thing together, like a movie, a sports event or similar. Presence is really the invisible ingredient that gives value to every aspect of our lives. Usually we just pay attention to the external actions but without genuine presence in every action,

Henning Daverne

elevate your life purpose 49

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10/11/15 01:45

Henning Daverne you actually miss the biggest and most important part. So ask yourself in any situation, AM I HERE? “ If the answer is no:

Happiness is an inside job “50% of our happiness is hereditary, you can’t change your parents and the ones who have given you a base­ line for your happiness.

• Take a deep breath and you close your eyes. • Hold your breath a little time, while you sense or imagine a pulse in your arms and legs. • While you sense your arms and legs, slowly breathe out and open your eyes. • Keep feeling your arms and legs for some time while you go back to the situation in your life. You can do it a couple of times, it is a wonderful ­ little exercise that helps you to be more present in any ­situation.

We all want to be happy “Behind every goal ever pursued, everything we ever do, there’s a common goal to be happy, to be satisfied, free and fulfilled. And when you start analyzing what it means to be happy, you will find that there is only one place you will ever feel happiness - in your body - and there is only one time you will ever feel happy - now - There is not any­ thing worthwhile in your life you can not do better if you are relaxed while you do it. A prerequisite in order to feel happy, is to be present in the now and in your body. You will have to destress your nervous system and endeavour to find a balance be­ tween yin and yang - action and rest, in your daily life. That’s why and how the journey of life becomes more important than the destination. Enjoy your life while you walk, instead of only focusing on your goal. Why be wil­ ling to postpone joy and happiness in the achievement of a goal? That way, when you reach your goal, you will only feel momentary happiness, and you’ll set another one, still be living in the future. Presence is a constant available source of happiness. Being present, is not about neglecting the future or for­ getting the past. It’s about relaxing into the Now, even if the now is not what you dreamt of. That way you start to appreciate where you are, by expanding the Now which leads to a feeling of deep appreciation and gratitude in and for the present moment.”

Modern science states that only 10% of your happiness comes from the outer things such as money, relations, bodyweight, looks, circumstances, housing, your job situation, whether you’re married or single, rich or poor. Unless you know that only 10% of your happiness comes from your life circumstances you going to try to change all of these things in order to feel and be happy. So pursue all your goals but understand that reaching any goal that pertains to your job, partner, shape ect. is not the key to your happiness. Happiness doesn’t come from changing your life circumstances. It comes when you change your thinking and your perspective. For the best return of investments (time & energy), ­focus on your thoughts, worldview, your actions and your values. Know your values. And act true to them. Learn something about meditation, mindfulness, A.I. and positive psychology. These kind of tools are ­responsible for 40% of your happiness.”

Seeking happiness in the wrong places “So many people are caught up in thought pattern that says if I reach the right goal or if I meet the right person, then I will be happy then I’ll succeed and I’m ready to postpone everything in my life in order to reach that goal. There is a seeking part of each and every one of us that is seeking to connect with someone or some­ thing that will give us a feeling of presence, fullness and wholeness, it might the right partner, body, job, or thing. We believe that by connecting to the right amount of money, relations or outer circumstances, we feel this kind of fullness. That is the rational part of our searching self. The ­problem is that when you think of external objects, things, situations or persons as something that will give you a feeling of wholeness, you are also proclaim­ ing that you are not whole. That you are not enough. So when you’re connecting to other people from the sensation of feeling half, you will still feel half. Limited plus limited always will be limited.

50 elevate your life purpose

elevate-magasin.indd 50

10/11/15 01:45

But there’s a place inside you that holds all the things all the riches that gives you the sensation of wholeness, because it is perfectly whole: Your Presence. Presence in itself is the feeling of wholeness. When­ ever you’re feeling happy, just look inside yourself and you will find, that when you feel happy you feel connected, and whole. Worries and tensions melts away in presence. Nothing in the future can stir your mind, nor the shadows of the past. At that time you’re connected with a part of you that is already whole. So connect with that part of you, and walk more and more in that wholeness every day as you progress with your external goals.”

Meditate, It only takes 12 minutes a day It’s very easy to meditate, there are several ways to help it, a mantra, focus on the breath, or a body scan. It is not so difficult. The challenge is to have the m ­ otivation and awareness of why it’s so impor­ tant, and have everyone do it. That is my mission. Therefore I always suggest you learn meditation in a school where you have a teacher that can help you fully understand the technique as well as the ben­ efit, so that you will continue the practice. I wrote a book called ‘12 minutes to success - meditate to ­become smarter, happier and more peaceful’. For the last 30 years science has shown a lot about the positive effects on the human brain, body and mind by meditation. Your biological age reduces, you become happier, your immune system get strengthened and your mental capacity increases. Up to 2009 those scientific experiments were con­ ducted on people who would have been meditating more than 10 years for 40-60 min. a day. Hennings inquiry was to find out how all these effects could be within reach for all the everyday people who don’t have one hour a day. Along with a research team from Speakers Club and a brain neurologist from the capital hospital of Copenhagen, they found out, that 12 minutes a day, actually produces these effects.

“Now there is no excuse, and It does not matter, what time of day, you conduct this 12 minute meditation, but it’s always good to have a ritual for it, so you know you will do it. Continual practise is what gives you the benefits. A good time to do it is in the morning, after waking up, before breakfast, after your morning toilette, before you leave work, and come home. And before you go to bed. And during the day, during any breaks. 12 minutes is possible for anyone. Meditation is always a good way to wipe your slate clean from the day.”

Do you have a vision? “We have so much knowledge of the workings of the outer world, but so little knowledge that can help us find inner peace and and clear sense of purpose. My vision is to put meditation and mindfulness seriously on the map in Denmark, I would love to see much more of it in schools, in companies, old people’s homes, you name it, everyone can benefit from a good dose of inner peace and a clearer sense of purpose.”

by // Trine Sasha & Henning Daverne

| Fotos: © CARE Danmark |

The feeling of wholeness, freedom and deep inner satisfaction, is never something you can get by ­connecting to something outside of yourself.

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Giv verdens bedste julegave – køb den på

Klimaforandringer har gjort livet svært for indbyggerne i Kasapo i Tanzania. De har brug for hjælp til at tilpasse sig klimaet. Når du køber din julegaver på, hjælper du familier med at plante træer, sikre adgang til drikkevand og få mulighed for at deltage i en spare-låne-gruppe.

Køb din julegave på og giv dem et håb for fremtiden! elevate your life purpose 51

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Pernille W. Lauritsen

Awakening a true heart of bravery An unexpected encounter with her deepest fear, changes the entire course of her life. Within a few years, she goes from insecure university student to bestselling author and ­transformational teacher.


slam the bathroom door. Sweat is dripping down my forehead and my heart is pounding intensively in my chest. The adrenalin level in my blood has exploded in nanoseconds, making my whole body tremble with fear. Last thing I recall, I am in the middle of a personal leadership training. Everything is going just fine, ­ until the teacher tells everybody to walk in front of the room and share our new found life purpose. Life p ­ urpose!! I barely know what that means.

Fear attack In that very second my brain’s fear detector, amygdala, sends an autonomic flight response through my brain. Adrenalin is immediately released into my blood­ stream, my pupils dilate (for better vision), my sweat production increases (to keep me cool in case I need to run), my brain shots down and my thought activity is reduced to a matter of fight or flight. Before my conscious mind even realizes what is hap­ pening, I hear the bathroom door slam behind me. In a split second, I have transformed from a controlled, rather­ intelligent, calm and collected psychology student to a nervous breakdown case, completely out of control.

Escaping a life sentence in prison In my life, I have instinctively avoided situations like this, which could challenge the high walls of my imprisoning comfort zone. But my conscious mind doesn’t know that. I have no idea what is happening to me. Like most people, I have avoided fear so long; I don’t know what’s hit me. Everything is a scary blur. The world famous martial artist Bruce Lee once said:

”To understand your fear is the beginning of really seeing”.

From prisoner to warrior In the next thirty minutes he changes my life forever. He shows me that fear is running my whole life, and that I have a choice. To stay a prisoner or become a w ­ arrior. The choice of overcoming my fear is going to take ­courage, but I know in my heart that this is my chance to break free. I walk back into the room, still shaking, still crying, but this time with a purpose bigger than fear itself. I have just realized why I have to go up on that stage, and my why is growing stronger and stronger with every step I take. The room is watching me silently. I finally get in front of everyone. I fear their judgment, I fear their laughter, and I fear their anger over me wasting their time. Underneath those fears, my biggest fear is that I have no clue, who I am, looking like the biggest shallow fake ever. But my inner warrior has awaken. I don’t care about my fear in this moment. I care about my future, and I know deep in my heart, I have to do this.

Overcoming fear I look straight into their eyes and share my vision for my life. I don’t know much, but this I know for sure. I will live my life being committed, creative and courageous. It hasn’t been like that before this moment. But this is my purpose. This is my future. Everybody jumps out of their chairs and starts clapping like crazy. I don’t understand what’s happening until my teacher comes running through the crowd, swings me around in his arms, and says: “Wow, you are so courageous! Never have I met anyone as scared as you, but you did it anyway.” I look at him, still confused. I don’t feel courageous. ­“Remember”, he says, “courage is not absence of fear. Courage is breaking through fear”.

But I am only 24 years old and further from seeing than I would have ever imagined.

The point of no return

After a few minutes of panic behind the bathroom door, the teacher comes looking for me. He noticed the speed with which I exited the room, and recognized the aura of fear that followed.

Twenty years later, I still recall that moment like it was yesterday. I promised myself that I would never go back to a life in prison, which is what living in fear feels like.

52 elevate your life purpose

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10/11/15 01:45

I was done watching one opportunity after the other fly by me, thinking, “I wish life was different. I wish I was different, I wish I was a cool, fearless person, who had it all together.” My teacher made me realize I had courage. He shed light on one of my biggest talents. No one had challenged me like that before; no one had seen my capacity to escape my own prison. My best friends and family had bought into my story of being shy, and they had given up on me ever breaking out of it.

The deceptive facade of the ego It’s sad, but it happens to all of us every day. We buy into each others facades and miss the opportunity to recog­ nize fear. The more fear, the more façade, and it can even be enchanting. You have to remember that on the outside – just like everybody else – I didn’t look scared at all. I had travelled almost 50 countries, climbed mountains and volcanoes, and sailed across huge oceans. I had intuitively learned to mask my fear, so no one would ever know. Not even myself. Rather than looking afraid, I occurred self-assured as part of my unconscious ­protection of The Zone.

The masks we all wear This is how fear works, it slowly takes over your life, and you mask it with anything available. Fun, laughter, adventure, knowledge. You name it. Without training, you won’t even know how much fear is running your life. Today I know the fearless people don’t exist. Some ­people claim they have no fear, but that’s because the have lived in The Zone for so long, they forgot how it feels to be in contact with fear. But they too will fear their own darkness, loneliness or depression, when they meet it some day. And then it will be ten times worse, because they avoided the contact for so long. Don’t forget, it is easier to meet fear on a sunny day, where you choose to meet it, than on a rainy day when life forces you to face it.

Choices based in love If I could change something in my life, I would have learned how to handle fear at a much younger age than 24. Why? It would have changed so many things in my life if my choices had been based in love rather than fear from early in life. Most people say they don’t regret anything. I recently heard that it’s not true. When we get to the end our lives, our regrets are exactly those opportunities we didn’t take, the relationships we didn’t dare fighting for, the flowers we didn’t pick, the chances we didn’t grap, ­because we were too worried about falling behind. It is such a waste of beauty in life if we don’t learn how to dance with our fear, accept it and use it for it’s purpose. If we don’t learn how to use it, it will certainly use us.

The solution is never hate Gandhi said something very intelligent about fear. “It is not hate, but fear that drives hate”, he said. I take that statement to mean that when we become fearful, we automatically begin to hate the circum­stances or the people in life that make us feel afraid. The solution, however, is never hate. The solution to fear is always love. No matter how cliché this may sound, the only answer to fear is love. elevate your life purpose 53

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Pernille W. Lauritsen Think about a child overcoming his fear of sleeping in the dark. What takes away his fear? His parent’s ­reassuring that he can handle it, that he is loved and that he will be okay. The exact same thing takes fear away in the workplace. The leader reassuring the employees that they can make it, that they are appreciated, that they are supported.

The purpose of fear Since I first met my deepest fear, I have learned to embrace it. To love it and dance with it in every shape and form. Since then I have trained thousands of peo­ ple in doing the same, ranging from top executives to former criminals, to start facing their fear and use it for a creative purpose. One former notorious gang leader I trained had 360 criminal charges behind him. He had been shot four times, and felt he had no fear. After a while he realized­ fear had been the one thing that had driven him to do most of the stuff he had done. He had never seen it ­before, and it was big relief. Why? Because then he could change it.

A heightened sense of awareness Fear wakes us op. Imagine you are home alone one evening, and you suddenly hear someone opening the front door. Your amygdala is immediately alarmed. Your heart starts pounding, blood starts rushing in your ears; your vision is like an eagle’s. Your inner alarm system wakes up in a split second. Just like mine did in that leadership training where I first found my courage. I was so asleep in life that I couldn’t see what was happening. Fear woke me up, but the intensity was so strong I almost ran away. I was lucky to be around an extraordinary teacher. He helped me use fear for its true purpose: To wake us up. That is the spiritual purpose of fear, that is why you should never avoid feeling afraid. Fear will keep you awake and alive in many powerful ways, as long as you learn to dance with it.

Fear and creativity go hand in hand Not only does fear keep us awake. It is an inevitable part of any creative process. In her newest book ‘Big Magic’, bestselling author Elizabeth Gilbert writes about fear:

“If your goal in life is to become fearless, then I think you are already on the wrong path, because the only truly fearless people, I’ve ever met were straight-up ­sociopaths and a few exceptionally reckless three-yearolds – and those aren’t good role models for anyone. Here is how I learned to deal with my fear: I made a decision a long time ago, that if I want creativity in my life – and I do – then I will have to make space for fear, too. Plenty of space. I noticed that when people try to kill off their fear, they often end up inadvertently murdering their creativity in the process”.

by // Pernille W. Lauritsen

Pernille W. Lauritsen leading a workshop for 200 Mindjuice certified coaches in Copenhagen august 2014.

Pernille W. Lauritsen Pernille W. Lauritsen founded Mindjuice ­Academy with the intention of creating l­ eadership and change in society. In the last twenty years she has trained thousands of people in o ­ vercoming fear, finding their life p ­ urpose and creating a business from a larger and more purpose-driven perspective. She coaches ­organizations, leaders, politicians and prisoners and is the author of four books.

She has served as President for ICF Denmark, and was recently chosen to represent 30 c ­ ountries in Europe, the Middle East and ­Africa in the global coaching community. Over the years Mindjuice Academy has s­ upported more than 205 social projects ­created by their M ­ aster ­students. The one p ­ roject ­closest to their heart is Young Role Model Academy, where young people learn to overcome fear and follow their dreams. Go to for more or check out our videos on youtube MindjuiceTV.

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How to Make Me Flourish! by Thomas Skelbo

Også gi ud vet på dansk

“If you liked “Who moved my cheese”, you will love Thomas Skelbo’s book “How To Make Me Flourish”. A simple – yet powerful metaphor told as an inspirational story about passion, purpose, growth and how to raise ones awareness and take responsibility in order to flourish as a person and as a team.” Janet Bray Attwood “Thomas Skelbos “How To Make Me Flourish” is a must read book for everybody that takes their own – and other peoples – personal growth seriously …” Brian Mayne

Find the book and more on and

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Kirsten Stendevad

Are you and your business aligned with the new rules of the game? Femininity will be the operating system of the 21st century, whether you are a man or a woman. Are you ready?


s you probably already know, scientists, ­mystics and trend analysts report that the world is undergoing a paradigm shift of ­dimensions equivalent to when we went from thin­ king the Earth was flat to knowing it is round.

This change can be characterized as a shift from a more yang-dominated era, to a more yin-oriented era, where everything from products to value systems to ways of thinking, working and living are changing in fundamental ways.

Here are some examples: • From local to glocal • From classical mechanical physics to quantum physics • From production to innovation • Fom time management to energy management • From competition to collaboration • From Head to Heart This shift requires an “upgrade” of our mindset, habits and actions, both at home, at work and in the world. Are you fully aligned? Most are not: The majority of people still try to solve 21st century problems with 20th century solutions. It just doesn´t work. In the 20th century, both men and women, and ­especially entrepreneurs, mostly used their “yang” muscles: the rational mind, linear thinking and the strive for power and outer signs of success. It often included hard work, stress, and a sense of feeling ­unworthy if you weren´t immediately successful, all the time. But, as documented in several new studies, and ­described in my upcoming book (Gyldendal Business 2016), Femininity will increasingly be the operating system of the 21st Century. In fact, whereas the 20th century could be characterized as “Masculine”, the creative, fast changing 21st century has been named “The Feminine Century”.

WHAT DOES THIS SHIFT MEAN FOR YOU? This means, that you may be a man, but unless you are able to connect with the feminine essence within you, you are going to find it difficult to be on the lead­ ing edge in your field in the coming years. Because the leadership that is required in the next few decades, is a leadership that brings people together. Such a lead­ ership that unifies and connects, fundamentally re­ quires feminine skills: the ability to have compassion, the ability to listen, the ability to care, the ability to allow people to open their hearts, the ability to inspire, and the ability to accept the natural cycles of life, that include times with still stand, time for maturation, and times with growth. These are all feminine values, whether they are recog­ nized as such or not. And it doesn´t matter if you are a man, Because you have equal access to those values, as long as you chose to give your attention to them. You can still be a strong, decisive man who loves foot­ ball and going out with the guys, but when it comes to being a leader, in this new time, you have to connect with feminine values, which have to do with bringing people together, rather than pushing them a part.

THE CHALLENGE FOR BUSINESSES – and the Solution For business leaders, whether corporate leaders or entrepreneurs, the challenge is to adopt to new rules of the game. So how do you do that? Well, the solution depends on whether you are a man or a woman. Because yes, there is a difference. Also for entre­ preneurs. The modern requirement for men is to connect with their inner feminine, without losing or amputating their masculine. The challenge for women is to reconnect with their feminine, after 5000 years of being told it´s bet­ ter to be masculine. Women now need to reawaken their feminine without weakening their masculine muscles.

THE CHALLENGE FOR ALL OF US – and how to transcend it The challenge for all of us is to remember who we ­really are in a world of increasing distractions.

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We need practices to reconnect with the field of ­unified consciousness, that is our common source of creativity, wisdom and connection. We also need to connect with each other, because the problems of the world are too big to be solved by ­individuals: they have been created by the collective, and need to be solved by the collective. One of the things we can do when we come together at events and online, is to remind each other of the bigger picture and how all the crisis we experience – as individuals, businesses and humanity – can lead to growth and rebirth. We can encourage fellow­ ambitious entrepreneurs, and deliver practical help through connecting each other via our network, ­thereby accelerating every ones journey.

BUSINESS IS THE NEW POLITICS I work as a mentor for entrepreneurs because I believe business is the new politics. I don´t think we can wait for politicians to decide what to do, because they don’t know either. Whereas the entrepreneur has the privi­ lege of being able to follow his or her bliss and create a living from passion and vision. As entrepreneurs we are on an adventurous path where we need to act as leaders, because we cannot afford to be victims. The entrepreneur can chose to fill the world with the great products and services that he or she is missing from the shelves, thereby deciding how our common future landscape should look like. I honor each and every one of you who chose this sometimes bumpy road, that requires us to rise to the level of where we desire to go. I honor all your trials and errors, and your efforts to change history – your own, the business community´s and the world’s. May you be inspired to use your entrepreneurial drive to co-create a world that works for All. May you be supported to the max in your endavours, and may you succeed in developing sustainable success with ­pleasure.

by // Kirsten Stendevad

Kirsten Stendevad Bestselling author, international speaker and ­ trendsetting Scandinavian leadership mentor. elevate your life purpose 57

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Ea Marie

A Lifelong Commitment to Courage There I was on the stage with tears in my eyes. Not only facing my biggest fear, but also facing 700 people that were looking straight back at me. I’m shaking, crying and I don’t know what is going to happen. I feel the anxiety in my whole body, it could not be worse than this – yeah okay it could, if I died on stage. This is the story about how I got inspired to be brave. How Elevate kickstarted my most ­valuable learning journey, and why I’m now in the situation where others feel inspired by me.


was sick with stress, depression and anxiety, and I just lost my job because of it. This was the worst time of my life, and I felt like I would never get my normal life back. No light at the end of the tunnel for me, only the feeling of sadness and frustration. I couldn’t see how I could ever get out of this dark hole. But even more painful was the fact that I had a little 1 year old boy, and I wanted a bright and fun future with him.

At some point I got out of my cave, wanting to do something for myself. I went to a speech by Brian Mayne. He spoke about how to reach your goals and achieve your dreams, by working with yourself and ­using visual goal mapping. I got the feeling that I had to see this guy again. My opportunity came with ­Elevate 2013, where he would speak. I knew I had to go. This was my chance to turn my life around.

Photos by Joshua Tree Photography

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A few weeks after I found myself listening to another life changing speech. This time by a woman who had been sick herself and had found her way back to life. Her story was about being brave, and it touched me deeply. I really, really needed to be brave. But I didn’t feel that way at all. So could I – Ea, really be brave? Was I even that kind of person?

Suddenly people started coming out from the venue, all happy saying: “Wow, he was just the best speaker of them all! His speech was worth the whole investment.” Michael and I looked at each other - did we just miss the best part of the event? At the moment it didn’t make sense to miss the best part. But now two years later, we found out the real reason we met that day.

A few days before I was going to Elevate, one of my loved ones suddenly died. Feeling depressed, and ­crying all the time, I didn’t want to go anywhere - but I knew deep inside that I had to go. Just walk in there, sit down and listen. So I did.

My first experience at Elevate taught me that, I’m the one to decide how the best version of me is going to be. The combination of who I have always been under my fear-filter and what I want to be more of, in order to make my dreams come true. I must be conscious about how I think about myself, my life and surround­ ings as this is what I’m going to attract. “What you think, so you become” remember?

What made the biggest difference for me was… Brian Mayne said:

“What you think, so you become”, He taught me, that how I think about myself, my life and other people, is what shapes me and my life. So if I continue to think negative, I’ll continue to have a negative result. If I choose to be positive, look at where I want to go, why It’s important to me, set my goals and taking action towards that, then new and positive ­opportunities will come into my life.

Seeing others for who they are, without judging. And letting them see me I experienced what happens when we meet new people with an open mind, without judging. Embracing them for who they are and letting them see your true nature – you’ll know when this special connection ­happens. The scary part of that lesson was that I realized I had been judging people before I even knew them. Especially­the business guys in suits. I was actually a bit afraid of them – that they wouldn’t like me, if I was not good enough, smart enough or strong enough.

The decision to be brave was the best choice I ever made Going home from the event, I knew that I could ­become brave. And the first step was to tell myself everyday “I am Brave”. Every time I felt out of my ­comfort zone, I repeated the words. And so I gained more confidence. First by saying ”hi” to strangers in the street, and then...

How I suddenly ended up on stage at Elevate2014 Eric Edmeades spoke about “The Stage Effect” and how stage fright can be eliminated. He was looking for the person in the room that was most afraid of ­standing on a stage. When I realized what he really was ­asking for, I started the ’brave’ mantra in my mind, though I was scared as hell.

“I am brave, It’s my time, I am brave, I am brave”.

But soon I saw their soft side and realized we are all humans with feelings, fears and filters. And many of us fear the same things like not having something to contribute with, being afraid of failure, being rejected or making a fool out of ourselves.

I didn’t say a word, but people around me started look­ ing at me, as if they could feel that something was going on. Then Eric asked ”who of you thinking that standing on a stage is terrifying, would face your fear and join me here?” Me; “I am brave, I am brave, I am brave”. I closed my eyes, while raising my hand. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, what am I doing?”

I met one of them - the guys in suits - in the hall at ­Elevate while the next speaker was getting ready to go on stage. His name was Michael Lassen, and I asked him for help with spelling something in english. We started talking, and what felt like 10 minutes became 2 hours.

Then another girl stood up with her hand in the air, and the voice inside me said “Hell no! Now I made the decision” so I jumped up from my seat. The mic-runner came closer, and my only thought was “Oh fuck!”. And then I stood with the microphone in my hand. elevate your life purpose 59

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Ea marie

The other girl and I was invited up on stage. I felt embarrassed and vulnerable standing on the stage, feeling the anxiety in my whole body. I was facing my worst fear in the spotlight while 700 people where looking at me crying. And it was not for like 5 minutes, it was 30!

What happened afterwards was an eyeopener for me When I went back down, walking past all these ­ people that smiled at me with tears in their eyes, I felt a ­ mazing, relieved and proud of myself. People was standing in queue to hug me, they were smiling, crying and telling me how much I had inspired them, and how I did the thing they were the most afraid of. I showed them that it was possible to overcome the fear. Even kids came for a hug. But Why? I was up there making a fool out of myself, crying my eyes out. How could I possibly have inspired so many by doing that? I realized that when I’m the most vulnerable and facing my fear, I’m inspiring others.

things I’ve experienced in my life, I got the answer. I choose to be true to myself. But being true to my­ self also require courage, cause I was used to please people so they would like me. But I knew it was right for me to make that shift! I stopped being a pleaser, stopped prioritizing other people’s dreams higher than my own, started listening to my body and mind, and ­became true to myself. Of course I soon got both a test of that, and a wonderful confirmation!

Being a Speaker for the first time One day I was asked “Ea, Do you want to speak at this event, telling your story, from heart to heart?” My thought was that it would be amazing, yet I wouldn’t dare to do it. But I knew I had to, if I would learn to speak in public. I said “Yes” even though I was afraid. I had to stop overthinking so Michael helped me with relaxation methods and reminded me that this was not about performance, it was about sharing from my heart. Now was my time. I introduced my speech by saying:

Being true to myself Overcoming my biggest fear made me believe that I could achieve my dreams. But I felt like I had too many problems to get there. Now Michael and I found out why we met at Elevate2013. He could help me with my mind. After a life lesson session with him, I realized that the problems I had was really only symptoms of something much deeper. By digging into the hardest

“I made a very important decision last weekend, to be who I really and truly am, no matter who I’m with. So today you’re all my friends, even though we haven’t met before.”

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And then I started telling my story, and in some weird way, the words came to me, and the story was better than in my manuscript. I was speaking to every one of them, being present, having this intense connection with them. While telling my story, I suddenly saw a guy wiping tears away – and that, was when I realized that I had really touched someone’s heart. The feedback blew my mind. The audience shared with me that they felt inspired, that I was so authentic, being myself. And my presence was so strong, with everyone in the room. It used to be my biggest fear, and now even a professional speaker trainer compli­ mented me for how naturally I radiated on stage. What I learned from this experience as a speaker, was that it went so well was because I was being myself. I was one big smile, until I fell a sleep that night. ­Happy and fulfilled. This was so motivating that I immediately started writing my new speech on how to become brave, and true to yourself. I also made the decision to launch an online summit on “everyday empowerment for women”.

What I ask myself when I’m deciding to be brave: Do I want to do this? Do I dare to do this? Will it positively impact my life and future? Can it help or inspire others? Will it get me closer to my dream? So are you going to be brave now? If in two years I could go from being stressed, ­depressed and anxious, so sick that I never thought I would get well again – to be confident, passionate and more loving to myself than I have ever been in my entire life, what may the future bring? I have shared my story with you, to inspire you and help you realize what you can overcome. It’s your ­journey, and no one but you can choose the path you’re taking.

by // Ea Marie -

Living a creative and connected life Circles for the creative and curious Mentorships with elevate-magasin.indd 61

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Eric Edmeades

How to Think Unreasonably and Long Term Eric Edmeades does’t often do multi-speaker events and was, intitially, reluctant to speak at Elevate2014 until he spoke with his good friend, Janet Attwood. She encouraged him and he decided to give it a try. Eric had so much fan at last year’s event that he has bent his schedule and is flying back ­overnight from Kazakstan to join us in Copenhagen for Elevate2015!


hat motivates Eric the most is enjoyment: “I realize the primary purpose of life is to enjoy it as much as possible.”

“People spend huge amounts of time worrying about their purpose, when I think it is actually so simple, find a way to enjoy your life and be happy and then your passion, your mission, will become more clear.”

“So, now, when I have to make a decision or evaluate a business opportunity, the first question I ask is: Will it be fun?” Eric is all about the moment and how to make it as fun as possible; he does not believe in sacrificing the present for some imagined future. “It is through the pursuit and attainment­ of happiness that I have found my ­various passions in life. I believe that when you focus on enjoying your life that the small actions and ­decisions we make each day will lead us t­ oward discovering and achieving our ­ultimate passions.”

Stop and Smell the Flowers While Eric lives this way today, it was not always like that. In his youth he found himself caught up in the ‘rat race’ of competi­ tion and shallow achievement. “In my late teens and through my twenties, I was really ­focused on achievement, ­success, and more shallow pursuits like the attainment of money. It was only later that I realized that it was much easier to attract the right people and business 62 elevate your life purpose

elevate-magasin.indd 62

10/11/15 01:45

­ pportunities by living a great life. People like o people who are happy, successful and having fun with their lives.” When asked about the hard times, when bad things happens, he becomes rather philosophical. Once, a major business decision, buying a new company in California, did not go as planned and Eric and his lovely­wife, Elise, found themselves facing regular fear and stress. And then they realized what they were doing. “We had stopped having fun. We had let the fear and worry get in the way. And then, once day, we decided to stop. To stop worrying. To trust. And to get back to having fun whenever we could. And we shifted our focus to gratitude for ‘what is’ rather than fear of ‘what might be. Perhaps it is a coincidence but over the next few weeks so many things shifted; so many things improved. We can debate whether or not our shift in attitude contributed to our improved circumstances but we can not debate one thing; we enjoyed our time more and that is what counts.”

triggered by events that are not even close to being life threatening and yet, our physical response is still the same. The heart speeds up, blood pressure rises, sweat breaks out… and all over the fear of a credit card ­statement, for instance.” One of Eric’s key beliefs is that we can consciously choose the emotions that best suit our circumstances but that we have to over come our habits and condi­ tioning in order to do so. “Imagine a business owner… he or she receives some bad news. At that moment the first emotion might be anger or fear but those emotions might not be the more supportive to overcome the challenge. Your body will always choose the emotion that it believes, in the instant of the event, is the best one for the ­situation but today, our prehistoric reactions are often ­mis-matched with the present.” While we have all heard the idea that ‘time heals all wounds’ Eric suggests that we don’t have to wait for time if we take control of our focus.

I asked Eric if this was all just ‘positive thinking’ and he was clear, it is not. He calls is ‘conscious thinking’.

Managing your Emotions

“Positive thinking, in its most shallow form, involves ignoring what is and, often, being in denial. I am ­talking about truly coming to terms with what is going on and finding a way to reconcile and become grateful for it in the present instead of waiting for time make things better.

“At the beginning of the summer my wife and I a ­ rrived home and were almost immediately robbed of 6 of our 7 bags including, of course, all of our cameras, ­computers, clothes, hard drives, money, identification and countless other things. It was devastating, for a moment.

I remember hearing one of my most important men­ tors, the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, suggesting that as bad as things might have gotten in his life at different times that he always remembered that he could go to the grocery store and steal grapes. That always made me smile, even when things were tough.”

As I stood there, seething with anger and resentment, I considered the moment and wondered how anger and resentment could possibly support me. I knew, for instance, that if the criminals were still around that anger could give me the adrenaline, perhaps, to get our stuff back but since they, and our belongings, were gone I didn’t really see the point in being angry.

Emotions, Eric believes, often feel automatic even when they are a choice. They happen so quickly that an illusion is created that they happen to us rather than being chosen by us. “Our emotional responses are supposed to be there to help us,” Eric says, “In early history you might walk around a hill and find yourself facing a hyena. At that point, fear might be a good idea. At least until you get yourself away and safe again. But then you would let it go and move on with your life; you wouldn’t need therapy for the rest of your life because of ‘that time with the hyena.’ Now, those same emotions, can be

And then I realized something; that in time I might look back on this event and see some benefit or even humor in it. That made me wonder: Why wait for time? Why not try to do that now? So I asked myself how this event might possibly be good? What benefit, in the long term, might come of it. At first, these were hard questions to answer but over the next few minutes I realized that I would now be forced to take 2 weeks away from the internet — it would take that long to get a replacement computer — and that I could finally try living without a mobile elevate your life purpose 63

elevate-magasin.indd 63

10/11/15 01:45

Eric Edmeades phone. I realized that I would get a lot more time for kiteboarding and that Elise and I would have much more time together. I also remembered that I had been trying to convince Elise to let me take her shopping for new clothes; now she would have no choice! Pretty soon I was actually really okay with the whole thing.

a full year of his life in the wilds of Africa. He is an ­enthusiastic wildlife photographer, the author of a wildlife book, an adventurer and a practical anthro­ pologist. He believes we can learn a great deal about ourselves by understanding our ancestors and the environments they evolved in.

While the old me would have been seething with ­anger and asking stupid questions like ‘why is the world so unfair’ and ‘why did this have to happen to us’ I was standing there calm, level headed and able to provide the support my wife needed and the clear thinking that the situation demanded.

On both sides of his family, there have been some ­ xtraordinary accomplishments: “My mother’s great e grandfather proposed the formation of the Kruger ­National Park, and my dad’s grandfather discovered the oldest Homo sapiens skull in history, which of course stimulated or supported my curiosity, and in some form, contributed to the creation of the WildFit Challenge.”

So, instead of letting the situation ruin our summer, we spent the next next two weeks we having a great time replacing our things, spending time together and being grateful for our lives.”

Temporal Perception Eric is a highly effective and sought-after executive coach and business mentor. When he works with ­people a large part of his focus is about building, in his clients, conscious awareness; getting very clear about which moments in time they are paying attention to when they are making decisions. Generally, Eric suggests, that when we make poor de­ cisions we do so because we are looking at the wrong moment in time. When we procrastinate we are look­ ing at the present rather than the feelings we would have when the job was done. “Consider, as we do in WildFit, a person who would like to give up a particular food that might not be so good for them. Often, the reason that food is hard to give up lies with a simple problem of temporal perception; they are paying attention to the wrong moment in time. In other words, a person might want to eat a pizza ­dripping with fatty meats and cheese. In order to have that want they have to focus on the first tasty bite and not, for example, on how they will feel in half an hour. Imagine that! What if, the moment you bit into a pizza, you got that tired, dead feeling straight away? I think you might well stop eating so much pizza in that case.”

But as many others like him, he had to take a detour, before unfolding his life purpose with maximum force and energy: “In my late teens and early twenties I was far from healthy. I suffered with a variety of symptoms and struggled with my health. I visited doctors and ­specialists routinely and was on a constant stream of pills, injections and other prescription medication. ­Finally, one specialist informed me that surgery was the only way and so, with some fear, I booked the ­surgery and waited for a better life. And then a friend of mine introduced me to Tony ­Robbins who, in tern, suggested that I make some ­relatively obvious and simple changes to my diet. Over the next thirty days I lost 15kgs and all of my symptoms went away. And that made me curious: How could I spend 10 years visiting doctors—doctors who were getting paid to ‘treat’ me— and get no results and with some basic dietary changes I could get my health back? That curiosity lead me in an Indiana Jone-like ­journey for the truth; countless books, archeology at the U ­ niversity of Bristol, many trips to Africa and, finally, the chance to live with the Hadza bushman in ­Tanzania to get a feeling for what life may have been like for our ancestors.”

Health and Humans

Eric makes a convincing point. He points out that for our of our doctors, medicines and hospitals, humans are the sickest species on earth followed closely by pets, livestock and zoo animals. In other words, we are the sickest and the animals closest to us are sick too.

Born in South Africa, Eric has a serious love for the African bush and has spent, he estimates, at least

“Every species on earth has a diet,” Eric says, making good sense, “And the closer a species is to adhering

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10/11/15 01:45

to that diet, the healthier they should be. If you are a lion you should eat antelopes and zebras; if you are an elephant you should eat bark and grass, and if you are a dung beetle you should eat…. well, you get the point.”

Don’t settle for that; learn business from business people, Theory is great but it will never replace the boots-on-the-ground awareness that real experience will create. It is smart to learn from someone with real experience and real mistakes under their belt.

Of all his business successes, Eric says that he is most proud of WildFit, a company that combines evolutionary­biology with human physiology to create lasting change and significant health improvements for people. With coaches in 6 countries around the world — and none in Denmak yet! — WildFit is playing an important role in the coming food revolution.

Would you rather learn literature from a writing teacher­or a best-selling author? Would you rather learn a martial art from a book-read specialist or from someone with a black belt? Why should it be any ­different in business?”

Business Freedom When asked about why Eric works with Entrepreneurs his eyes light up with passion.

Today, Eric suggests, the school system can often teach entrepreneurial spirit right out of kids by focusing­on solo performance or artificial environ­ ments like cramming for exams.

Eric and his wife Elise.

“I work with business owners because they are a special breed. When I show a business owner how to create more time and money from their business the often end up growing their business further—creating more jobs and economy—and taking on social projects that have a positive impact on the world. Helping one entrepreneur can end up helping hundreds or even thousands more people in the months and years that follow. I love it.” Perhaps this is why Eric has dedicated so much time to traveling around the world to teach his famous Business Freedom Experience, a powerful four-day ‘business ownership’ program that shows business people, prospective business people and executives how to build really effective companies. Eric says,

“Entrepreneurship is the ultimate expression of personal freedom.” “When you decide to become an entrepreneur, you are making a big decision that will have a huge impact on your own destiny, but it could go either way,” Eric warns. “Business, like many things, could be taught much more effectively in school. I remember noticing, when I was studying, that my very first economics teacher was an economics teacher, and had never worked with economics. And in my business class, the person teaching was an educator not a businesswoman. elevate your life purpose 65

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Eric Edmeades “In school, if a student gets help with a project it is called cheating business. No wonder so many business owners end up trying to do everything on their own.

Business Freedom means owning your business ­instead, it seems, of being owned by it.

And now, so many people go out to start a business and end up in some kind of advanced economic ­slavery where they have to be at work even more than an employee. Just two days ago I was speaking to a friend who had to cancel a weekend away because two employees had called in sick; that is not freedom at all. That is self-employment of the worst kind.”

Think Unreasonably

Business Freedom, Eric says, is about making the transition from employment to self-employment and from self-employment to true business ownership. “When you truly own a business with genuine business­ freedom, the business doesn’t need you any more. ­ erhaps ­Perhaps it likes you. Perhaps you can add to it. P you like being there. But the key is that you are there because and only if you want to be there; not because you have to be. And, God forbid, if something h ­ appens to you your business can continue to operate and ­provide security for you and your family. That is f­ reedom.” This all sounds good but for many the idea of business freedom is a far away concept because their business­ is more like a practice. What, I asked Eric, should someone do if the are all alone; how should they start?

Eric is a dreamer and encourages others not only to dream but to be willing to dream unreasonable dreams.

“Be willing to be a little crazy. Be willing to shoot for the stars. You have one life to live; live it fully and leave nothing on the table when you are done.” “I am quite sure that at various stages of our lives our beliefs hold us back. In fact, I am quite sure that what­ ever a person believes is the highest potential they hold, they are just scratching the surface of what is possible for them. I always think of Walt Disney. When he tried to have get funding, from banks, for his amusement parks and one of the apparently said, ‘What do you mean, you want to build an amusement park out there in the middle of nothing, there are not even roads that go there.

“Many people think: I can’t do that, I am a massage therapist, a life coach, a lawyer, a dentist, a doctor. All the more reason you should have business free­ dom! Here’s the thing. What happens if something happens to you? If there is some emergency and you have to take a month off to recover from something? If your business is depending solo on you, you no ­longer have a business.”

Walt’s answer demonstrates why he became so ­successful. He said, ‘You don’t understand, my park is going to be so incredible that the government will build roads to it.

Business freedom is not just about an enhanced ­lifestyle, it is about basic security in life:

by // Trine Sasha & Eric Edmeades

”Two of my favorite clients are dentists in Norway. Over the last year they have been moving more and more towards a level of business freedom. They love doing dental work, giving people great smiles, but what they don’t love so much is administration, ­accounting, hiring people, ordering stuff. Now, they are getting closer to closer to a live where they can simply walk in the door and only do what the love; create great smiles. Because all of the other work is being done by sharp, well trained people operating within good systems.”

And of course they did. In retrospect, this sounds like wisdom. At the time, it must have sounded like ­lunacy.”

Eric Edmeades: One of the world’s leading business and marketing ­mentors. Eric has spoken and consulted for business owners in over 20 countries.

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