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How you can dressed for different specials occasions?

Tips of fashion

Do you think that MONEY is not enough to buy all the clothes, jeans, tshirt, dresses and more?


How you can get dressed for different specials occasions! In this article we have some options to get an idea for how you can dressed for differentoccasions like: 15´s party,formal party, casual day, for a date in the day and in the night,for the beach, when the day is cold, when you go at the work and things like this. For example if you have to get dressed for a 15´sparty you can use a dress with alive colors and hills or something like this:

If you have to get dressed for a formal party like a dinner or something like this you can use something like neutral colors preference, black,white,blue,besh or something like this:

If you have to get dressed for a casual day like get out with your parents or with your

friends at the mall or something like this you can use something like that:

If you have to get dressed for a date with your boyfriend or with you friends that is not formalin the night or in the day you can get dressed like this:

In the night:

In the day:

If you have a trip for destiny at the beach with you family or you friends in the weekend and you do not have an idea for how you can get dressed I give you two:

If the day is very cold and you have to get out to some place and you don´t now how you can get dressed I give you an idea to how you can dressed:

If you have to go at your work and you don’t have a uniform and you want to look formal but maybe you don’t want to use hills or something like this and you want to be comfortable I can give you some idea: You can use this:

With hills:


So this article is more based to take some ideas for how you can dressed daily beautiful and also you can help with this article your sister, your friends, or someone that you know

“how you can dressed daily or for some occasion special”. for

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Beautiful all the time You re so beautiful no matter how you are but if you want to look so much beautiful here are some tips for you: Tips for the face: • Make a mask for eliminate the impurities of the face with honey and flour. • If you have dark circles you can cool water and then put it in the inflamed areas. • If you want to have your skin soft you can put it honey in the areas that you want. Tips for the hair: • If you want to have a beautiful hair or you have it some arid you can put it: mayonnaise, egg, or olive oil for 15 minutes daily, • If you have you hair some fatty you can put it lemon or black tea. Health:

You have to take a 1.5 liters of water daily.

• You have to sleep of 8-10 hours this also help you to risk the breast cancer. •

Eat at the hours suitable.

Do yoga benefits digestive problems.

• Exercise to sweat one hour for a week reduces the risk of heart attack. •

You can eat a banana for win energy.

The broccoli risk cancer.

Tips for strengthen your nails: • Mix two tablespoons of juice of pawpaw and egg and then apply in the nails.

Tips for thin:

Take tea of chamomile.

Consume a teeth of garlic daily and then take water.

• Eating and mix 5 strawberry’s, lemon and water and take this juice daily. So with this simples tips you can do wonderful things in your life such like physic or healthy remember if you keep a rutting you can look very good results!


In this magazin you can find a lot of thing of your interesting about fashion and health for you!!