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Sweet & Raw Pie Mandalas


Copyright Š 2010 Julia Corbett All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means in any media without permission in certified form from the author. First Edition Design by Julia Corbett Acknowledgements Blessings and gratitude for all the flavor tasters of my pies. Thanks for the love and encouragement of my family, friends and my beloved, Brian. Giving thanks to the journey that these delicious desserts have inspired and will continue to grow on this creative flow. To Noni Land, for the space and joyful energies present and continued innovation. To the farmers and producers of the amazing products I am priveledged to enjoy and utilize. To this ever emerging healthy activation that brings higher states of mind and love. And to the perfection within us all, this one universal brilliant light. Bio photo by Jeff Eichen

CONTENTS Story of Sweet & Raw Pie Mandalas 6 Intro to Raw Piemaking 10 Ingredients 12 Tools 26 Edible Decorating 28 Special Techniques 30 Inspirations for Mandala Making 32 FRUIT BASED PIES 36 Blueberry Lavendar Bliss Pie 39 Caramel Apple Pie 40 Concord Grape Pie 43 Banana Caramel Pie 44 Fig and Italian Plum Pie 47 Fig and Strawberry Cream Pie 48 Hawaiian Coco Cream Pie 51 Kumkuat Dreamsicle Pie 52 Lemon Cream Pie 55 Lemon Ginger and Cherry Cream Pie 56 Lilikoi Banana Cream Pie 59 Lilikoi Coconut Cream Pie 60 Lime and Coconut Cream Pie 63 Papaya Coconut Cake 64 Peachy Cream Pie with Blackberries 67 Persimmon Goodness Pie 68 Raspberry Love Rose Pie 71 Rays of Eggfruit Swirls Pie 72 Strawberry Banana Cream Pie 75 Strawberry Field of Dreams Pie 76 Strawberry Lime Cream Pie 79 Wild Banana Thimbleberry Pie 80 Wild Huckleberry Pie 83 CHOCOLATE BASED PIES 84 Berries and White Chocolate Pie 86 Blueberry Passion Chocolate Pie 89 Butterscotch and Cacao Pudding Pie 90 Cherries in Chocolate Pie 93 Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie 94 Chocolate Jungle Pie 97 Chocolate Real Cream Pie 98 Goddess Tulsi Cacao Cream Pie 101 Mac Nut Chocolate Pie 102 M&M White Chocolate Pie 105 Mango Cream and Chocolate Pie 106 Minty Fudge Pie 109 Ruby Pomegranate Chocolate Pie 110 Sproutie Frosted Chocolate Cream Pie 113 Triple Chocolate Pie 114 Tropical Chocolate Vortex Pie 117 SUPERFOOD PIES 118 Cappuccino Ice Cream Pie 120 Cookies and Cream Superfood Pie 123 Immuno Chocolate Berry Pie 124 Pomegranate Acai Cream Pie 127 Spirulina Faerie Pie 128 UNIQUELY DELICIOUS PIES 130 Autumn Pumpkin Spice Pie 133 Chai Spice Pie with Raspberry Jam 134 Clove Spice Butter Pie 137 Durian Blackberry Cream Pie 138 Durian Dream Pie 141 Pecan Pie with Blood Orange Glaze 142 Rainbow Sherbert Live Pie 145 SIMPLE DESSERTS Real Whipped Cream with Berries 149 Berry Cream 149 MacNut Cream with Berry Sauce 149 Eggfruit Ice Cream and Chocolate Butter Bars 150 Caramel and Chocolate Bars 152 Raspberry and Lemond Custard Almond Bars 153 Goji Strawberry Cream and Chocolate Tart 155 Banana and Berries Ice Cream 156 Vanilla Bean Cream 156 Strawberry Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 156 Berry Crème Ice 157 Raw Mint Ice Cream 159 Chocolate Chunk Vanilla Cream 159 Making Chocolate Bars 160 Infused Coconut Oil 162 Chocolate Pudding 162 Chocolate Sauce 163 Honey Butter Sauce 163 Strawberry Sweet Sauce 163 Ingredient Sources 165

STORY: SWEET & RAW PIE MANDALAS Making food that tastes good, brings fullness of energy, inspires the use of whole foods and brings the body into wellness creates a state of bliss in my world. I am a self-taught sweet maker, and absolutely love raw pie and sweet treats. With a little encouragement from the tasters of these treats, who wholeheartedly enjoy my creations, this book has life. The first raw pie I ever made was inspired by a few raw dessert recipes I found in an uncook book. With the intent of sharing these unique and delicious sweets, this pie was created. This yummy treat was a blackberry cashew pie, filled with freshly picked blackberries from the vines on the beach where I grew up, and layered with the goodness of the classic live pie filling of sweet cashew cream. From this beginning, I now share the evolution of my piemaking story in original recipes. I am filled with smiles as I am blessed with the platform to spread these recipes and refined techniques for those that want to make sweets in their own home and desire optimal health. Raw pies are filled with flavor intense ingredients; the highest quality superfoods, local foods and wild foods available. This is essential nutrition, with a variety of minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and energy filled sugars. It is mostly for nutrition that I choose the highest of integrity in ingredients, and the added bonus I receive is amazing flavor. The ingredients used in this book will inspire new possibilities and encourage more full spectrum nutrition when making dessert food. By taking the most optimal foods in for the mineralization of your body you will receive great health in the long term. These are heirloom foods, foods that are close to their genetic origin, harvested straight from the ground/tree/bush and into your mouth, medicinal herbs, ancient foods, and essentially any food grown in properly mineralized soil. These are the berries you pick in your backyard on a hot summer day, the wild lilikoi vine full of delicious fruits in a dense tropical forest, and the citrus trees teeming with ripe fruits picked fresh to eat. Here is my take on quality foods that are procuring greater awareness in the current food movement.

SUPERFOODS: Highest in minerals, vitamins, and phytonutrients, these foods are grown in rich soils and may have medicinal properties. They may be wild or cultivated, but regardless are rich in nutrients. They are generally thought of as imported specialty products, but can also be a broader spectrum of plants. I like to classify superfoods as those that invigorate the health of the body, and increase levels of nutrition, while remaining a food that can be eaten on a daily basis. Some superfoods are cacao, maca, mesquite, noni, chlorella, spirulina, and goji berries. WILD FOODS: Grown without an agricultural system in place, wild foods thrive everywhere. It is essential to know the identification of plants in your area for the gathering of wild foods. Wild foods are generally growing in soil that is rich in nutrients and full of medicinal properties. Find wild foods away from roads, agricultural run off or other polluted areas that may have soil that is high in heavy metals. Favorite wild foods are nettles, miners lettuce, chickweed, huckleberries, and various mushroom varieties. LOCAL AND SEASONAL FOODS: Grown within 100 miles of where you live, is generally considered a local food. That is a fairly large radius, most likely the foods grown here are adapted to the climate you live in. Grown within the natural season of the plant, without use of unnecessary processes and products are seasonal foods. Farmers markets are the best place for a variety of locally grown foods. The best local foods are grown by those that use no chemicals, use composting methods with rich organic materials, and preferably those that use clean water on their plants. My favorite local foods are raw dairy, berries, mixed greens, eggs and really anything in season that appeals to my nutritional needs. Sweet treats, including raw pie, are an excellent vehicle for these amazing superfoods, wild foods and local foods, and are actually easy to make when you simplify the processes of making them. Here I hope to share those processes in a refined and easy to understand format.

Following the path of high quality live food nutrition, your body may take a little time to get accustomed to such flavorful and nutrient dense foods, with the abundance of organic minerals, vitamins and nutrients. This is why I love raw desserts, as an easy eating strategy to entice your taste buds to consume these essential components of the diet. It’s much easier for the body to first start off with delicious live fruits and desserts, since they taste good, so the body can acclimate and assimilate these foods high in phytonutrients, while shifting to a higher raw food lifestyle. There are many reasons why I like to share raw pie, with their heart opening and love filling qualities, they are catalysts of opening mind and true health. People tend to become open and receptive to good things, and with raw desserts, the sweets can function as a tool to a higher, more profound goodness, since they contain a high amount of nutritive energy to be utilized by mind and body. So be open to the clarity and joy that good-for-you sweets can bring. And especially when the maker has given the attention deserved to the integrity of the ingredients and process, and also possesses an art of creation, it can bring about the highest vision and a state of well-being through the food. As I continue to feed myself with sweet treats, in light portions with dense nutritive properties, the mineralization of my body is awakened, and energy and clarity continue to build. What I mean by this is that my body energy levels are able to mirror my thoughts, and ideas, so that I am able to continue having a wakeful mind, where I can process at a rate much more quickly than in previous times. I can’t attribute this completely to raw desserts, but I feel it has been a helpful guide when I desire to have something sweet and I can choose one sweet treat over another. This process develops each day on the road to health. Part of what leads me to the place I am today, in health, is by following my intuitive senses, which is an inherent knowing of what is needed for a harmonious and healthy body. The body will naturally find what it needs when we consume clean foods. With clean foods comes a clarity of mind to make proper decisions, and this awareness will bring attention to the parts that work within the whole, meaning the specific nutrients your whole body asks for. An analysis by a Naturopathic practitioner can be helpful for a specified breakdown of the requirements of your body. And by the use of seasonally fresh foods and locally produced foods, you will be lead to wellness, There is much more to proper nutrition, and the science can be overwhelming and even sometimes irrelevant, so listen to your self, and a greater understanding will naturally unfold.



Farmers market strawberries are the berry of choice in this recipe, full of flavor and juicy to the core. This excellent pie can shine fully with the use of seasonal and local ingredients, and a local dark honey will do the trick to tie the flavors together. The bright colors in this pie are fun to eat!

Coconut Goji Crust: 3 cups coconut flakes 1/4 cup goji berries, powdered 1/4 cup palm sugar, powdered 3 T honey 2 T coconut oil or butter 1 T eggfruit powder 2 T lucuma powder 1/4 tsp real salt 1 tsp fresh lemon juice

Directions 1. Blend goji berries into a powder, then blend palm sugar into a powder. 2. Place all Coconut Goji Crust ingredients in a food processor and mix until combined and crumbly. Press into glass pie dish and chill while making Fig Filling. 3. Place all Fig Filling ingredients in a high power blender and blend until creamy. Pour into pie crust and chill until top is firm, about 1 hour. 4. Grind chia seeds and add all Strawberry Filling ingredients to a high power blender. Blend until smooth and creamy. Pour over Fig Filling and chill 2 hours or longer. Decorate with fresh berries, figs and edible flowers. Note: If you would rather use nut mylk instead of raw dairy milk use brazil nuts or coconut flakes. Use 1 cup nuts to 2 cups water, blend in high power blender, and strain with mesh bag.


Fig Filling: 1 cup chopped fresh figs 2 T palm sugar 2 T honey 1 T yacon powder 1 T lucuma powder 1/4 cup coconut butter, melted 1/2 cup raw milk or nut mylk pinch real salt Strawberry Filling: 1 cup strawberries 3-4 T honey 1 tsp lemon juice 3 T coconut oil 1 T coconut butter 1 T cacao butter 2 T chia seeds, ground 1 T eggfruit powder 1 T yacon powder 1 T MacaForce™ Vanilla Spice 1 tsp noni powder 1 tsp vanilla powder 1/2 cup raw milk or nut mylk




A Hawaiian made pie, the pineapple in this filling is deliciously sweet and non-acidic. Look for a pineapple that is very ripe, but not browning. You should be able to smell the fragrant scent exuding from the bottom of the fruit. White pineapple is a sweet and mellow variety and could be used as well.

Coconut Crust: 2 1/2 cups coconut flakes 3 T honey 3 T coconut butter 1 vanilla bean, deseeded 1/4 tsp Himalayan salt

Directions 1. Pulse all Coconut Crust ingredients in a food processor, or mix by hand until combined and forming a crumbly dough. Press into pie plate and chill while making Pineapple Filling. 3. Blend all Pineapple Filling ingredients in a high power blender, starting with pineapple chunks at the bottom of blender. Blend until smooth and pour into pie crust. 2. Melt cacao paste over double boiler or in dehydrator. Blend all Chocolate Cream Filling ingredients in a high power blender until smooth and creamy. Carefully pour and swirl the Chocolate Cream into the Pineapple Filling, using a chopstick to swirl when all fillings are in the crust. Decorate and chill two hours or more.


Pineapple Filling: 1 cup pineapple chunks 1 cup young coconut meat 1/4 cup coconut water 1/2 cup coconut butter, melted 1/4 cup honey 2 T irish moss gel pinch Himalayan salt

Chocolate Cream Filling: 100g cacao paste bar, melted 3 T honey 2 apple bananas (1/2 cup mashed 2 T coconut butter, melted 1/4 tsp nutmeg, grated 1/4 tsp cinnamon, grated pinch cayenne powder pinch Himalayan salt

About JULIA CORBETT A sweet lover and alchemist of flavors and nourishment. This creative journey into the raw food world has allowed for continual inspiration and playfulness in the kitchen. Raw foods have been a part of my life since 2007, with the introduction to green smoothies and cleansing foods, and has evolved into more gourmet style goodness that can be shared with food lovers of all kinds. The sweet pie making mandalas have been to many places, with a wide variety of ingredient availability to the sparse and unique, minimal style of making treats out of whatever is on hand. Being self-taught, the techniques here have been developed by doing, by testing and manifesting. I love the sharing aspect of sweet making, and hope this compilation of recipes can inspire the same. Love. Bless. Aloha.


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