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2013 CATALYST CEO SUMMIT Women in the Boardroom: The New Normal

Leader to Leader: How to Transform the Boardroom From the Inside Lessons Shared From CEOs and Board Directors on the Many Paths Forward—Find the Ones That Can Work for Your Board


Gender diversity is good for boards and business.

The case for gender diversity is more than just financial—it also focuses on reputation, effective governance, and leadership development.

Intentional Leadership. Have the conviction and vision to drive the change.

Effective risk management depends on diversity, which is a bulwark against groupthink.



Broadly for Talented Directors.

A Woman for Her First Board Seat.

Deconstruct the competencies and expand the criteria beyond CEO experience.

Groom a woman to be part of the director pipeline and actively champion her within your network.




Term Limits for Directors.

Seat Selection Based on Gender.

Women be Considered in Candidate Pools and Slates.

Decide on a reasonable time frame and stagger open seats so the board will have a mix of tenures.

Create fair processes and jump-start gender diversity by mandating that both women and men have a seat at the table.

There are women with the experience you need—insist that search firms find them.

If you don't consider women, you can't select them.





A Seat and Appoint a Woman to It.

A Pipeline for Directors.

The Effectiveness of the Board and Your Work on It.

Out to Other Boards to Offer to Help.

Match your conviction with action by creating the opportunity to increase gender diversity on the board.

Build relationships with talented women before seats become available.

Include group dynamics, individual behaviors, and continuous improvement as part of this review.

Contact other CEOs/Directors and share your experience and how you benefited from increased gender diversity on boards.

Intentional leaders expedite change in the boardroom.

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