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Editor’s and Sound Person’s Journal Written by Jonas Mondua This document consists of in depth notes on the sound and editing process.

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Editor’s Journal Editing overall took me three days to complete. As the production stage was completed over different days, I was only able to edit footage that had been already shot. Therefore if I had access to all raw footage at once, editing would have most probably been finalised within two consecutive days. Reason why I would have been able to complete editing in such a short period of time is simply due to the fact that I am also the director of the short film. Hence I carry the vision of how the short film should visually look like. Additionally, I was present at all shooting days which meant that I was able to work very closely with the cameraperson in order to fulfil the shots and mise-en-scene that work coherently with my vision. When importing all raw footage within my editing software (Premiere Pro CC) I already had in mind which scenes I was going to edit first and also which shots I would use within the final sequence. The only aspect of the editing that consumed the vast majority of time was indeed the rendering of all clips and also colour correction. As I had shot my short film on a Canon DSLR, my raw files carried an immense amount of memory. Luckily my laptop consists of an internal memory reaching 8G of RAM which allowed my processing speed to be above average. However, every time I made changes to a clip, I had to re-render the entire sequence in use- which as a result mounted in a lot of valuable time spent on waiting. Colour grading was not an issue as I already knew what overall tone and mood my short film was to be. Although the stage of colour correction withheld almost 3 hours of my time. This was a vigorous process but a well needed one, as my overall look of the film was boosted dramatically.

Editing Date: Oct 20th 2013 Location: My house, Bedroom Members Present: Myself Editing Start Time: 8:00am

Editing Process: Immediately pulled shots into sequence timeline and finalised scenes with the character Selah. Left synapses between relevant juxtapositions for other scenes, such as Christian’s. Rendered entire work in progress and exported an AVI file. Editing Finish: 1:00pm

Editing Date: Oct 27th 2013 Location: My house, Bedroom Editing Start Time: 8:00am Editing Process: Instantly imported raw footage onto my media browser and began editing the scenes shot with a copy of the script beside me. Rendered all footage that was allocated on my sequence timeline. Exported my sequence into a AVI HD video file. Opened up previous project onto Premiere Pro, then replaced the synapses with the new edited scenes. Rendered entire sequence then exported it as an AVI video file. Editing Finish: 3:00pm

Editing Date: Nov 10th 2013 Location: My house, Bedroom

Editing Start Time: 8:30am Editing Process: Immediately, opened up a new project and imported new footage into my media browser. Pulled selected clip onto timeline to cut and add transitions. Rendered footage and exported it as an AVI video file. Opened up my previous project in order to replace synapses with new edited clips. Rendered entire works in progress, which took a substantial amount of time due to the large amount of memory. Added all audio onto my timeline, as well as my original score. Rendered audio- which also took a long time. Added transitions and Text, including credits onto the sequence timeline. Rendered entire works in progress. Exported the project into an H.264 HD video file- which took roughly an hour. Opened up Adobe After Effects in order to colour grade and correct my footage. Replaced it back into Premiere Pro to export. Replaced my sound into Adobe Audition to mix and master. Then brought it back into Premiere Pro. Added aspect ratio bars before finishing in order to give the short film an anamorphic cinematic feel. Then rendered and exported everything into one H.264 HD 1080p video file which took almost 2 hours to complete. Editing Finish: 7:30pm

Editor and Sound person's journal  

Written by Jonas Mondua

Editor and Sound person's journal  

Written by Jonas Mondua