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MAY 2011

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◄ Cover by Dr. Wally Diehl is a practicing veterinarian and owner of Timberlyne Animal Clinic and Legion Road Animal Clinic in Chapel Hill, NC. He’s admitted he is finally taking the time for photography and more diving. Dr. Diehl has been certified for 40 years, since age 16, and is a NAUI instructor. He has three wonderful sons who all dive, and is married to wife Tara who is an avid diver educated as a marine biologist. Dr. Diehl has a house on the coast and says, “I feel enormously fortunate to have dove these waters here off the coast since 1971. I have traveled all over and this is the most consistently exciting diving anywhere.” Dr. Diehl and wife Tara know the marine environment is rapidly changing and often threatened. He says, “I try to share my photos with others as often as I can so they can enjoy them, be inspired to at least think about what we have and what we can do to protect it.”

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10 Gulf Coast – Shipwrecks, Reefs & Walls of Wonder

Float through history while you explore 19th century shipwrecks. Enjoy the splendor of natural underwater reefs and ledges that are home to every type of sea life imaginable. Marvel at the enormous artificial reefs, manmade but taken over by the very nature driven environment they are now a part of. By Rick Stratton


14 Dubois Park – Discover Historic Treasures

Palm Beach County Ocean Guard Peter Leo had no idea what would happen when he discovered a cannon in the sand during his morning swim but it launched him into the adventure of a lifetime. Now, his find from 20 years ago is helping Peter to help enhance one of his favorite dive spots, Dubois Park. The discovery of a Spanish courier ship leads to Pieces of Eight and the payroll for the Spanish garrison in St. Augustine. By Christopher Fine


18 North Carolina – It’s Like Having the Caribbean in Your Backyard

Miles and miles of 5 to 20 ft. tall underwater ledges full of coral and fossil artifacts create an outline of the area just off shore in North Carolina. A 6-mile ledge and 8-mile compete for the attention of divers from all over the world. Lobster Ledge hints at what you might find while Fossil Ledge is famous for divers finding 6.5-inch teeth from prehistoric 60 ft. long sharks who used to patrol the waters. Join writer Mike Hughes as he steps out on the ledge and jumps into adventure. By Mike Hughes

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May 2011 Vol 1. Issue 5  

Southeast Dive News May 2011

May 2011 Vol 1. Issue 5  

Southeast Dive News May 2011